Legend Of Legends Chapter 127

Chapter 127: Champion 1


Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl


Killa knew Junhyuk was a bothersome opponent, but she also knew that he didnt have an item that increased speed, so she would catch up to him eventually. Even if he teleported twice, she was confident that she would get to him. At that moment, she had the opportunity to get rid of Sarang, and her goal was to kill them both anyway.

Killa watched Junhyuk leave her range and prepared to fire at Sarang. Junhyuk had used his teleportation twice already, so he wouldnt be able to come to her rescue anytime soon.

Killa got in position and aimed her rifle at Sarang. She also saw Junhyuk stabbing the empty air well outside her range. She wanted to laugh at him, but something flew toward her neck, and she quickly stepped back.


Something had slashed her neck, or at least, it felt that way. Soon, she started bleeding heavily and realized her injury had been critical. She wasnt wearing any protection around her neck, so it was a good spot to deliver a critical strike.

Killa grabbed her neck and stared at Junhyuk. He was already running toward Sarang.

Did he activate another power?


Junhyuk realized that he had been overcome by emotion and slashed at something, and Killas neck was bleeding heavily. She didnt see it, but he definitely did.

Junhyuks sword teleported and appeared in front of Killa, slashing her neck. The neck was bleeding heavily, having been sliced wide open. He had attacked her alright. It was a critical strike, and Killa was holding her neck. Meanwhile, Junhyuk ran toward Sarang.

On the way, he could feel things change within himself. He had activated a new power and he felt for its cooldown time. His strike could teleport and hit his opponent.

Spatial Slash?

Junhyuk quickly realized this power was a new power. Killa had the longest range among the enemies he had seen so far, but his new power had an even longer range. His new powers attack also teleported, so his enemies wouldnt have a chance to react.

He didnt know if the enemies would be able to block it or not, but it was still a new power. And it was an attack power, so the cooldown was very short.

Maybe thirty seconds?

Regular attack powers usually had twenty-second cooldowns, but considering the strength of his new power, he would have to wait longer. Still, depending on how he chose to develop his power, he could shorten the time by practicing.

Junhyuk caught up with Sarang and grabbed her hand.

Killa retreated, letting Sarang get away from her.

Big brother, did you just activate a new power? she asked.


Junhyuk looked at Killa and tried to guess the range between them. After activating his new power, he could feel its range, and she was within it.

There is no need to run now, he said, standing in front of Sarang.


I can kill her.


Killas attack stat was enormous, and she could kill Junhyuk with one regular shot. Her range was even longer than Veras, but now Junhyuks was longer still.

His attack had a thirty-second cooldown, but Killa didnt know that, and there wasnt any need to tell her either.

By that point, she had used all of her powers. She could jump to close the distance, but her jump also had a cooldown. So, they faced each other. Killa gritted her teeth and dashed. She knew he was out of her range, so she had to get closer.

Junhyuks attack was powerful, but he had to use his power, and she knew he had to wait on the cooldown. She had to kill him before the cooldown was over.

She closed in on him, and saw Junhyuk smiling coldly while raising his sword. She felt goosebumps. He could kill her. Champions could kill heroes, and she couldnt let him become a champion. Even his new power was of exceptional rank.

She had to kill him for good in this battlefield. If she killed him twice, he wouldnt become a champion, so Killa dashed, risking her life in the process.

She got him within her rifles range, but she didnt stop. Instead, she pulled out her pistols. Her rifles attack speed was low, so she chose the pistols. They were enough to kill him.

She was closing in, but Junhyuk didnt move. He was finally within her range, and she took aim and fired at him.

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

She thought he had decided the fight, but the ivory-colored force field appeared around his body. She had only been thinking about his teleportation, and in the meantime, the force fields cooldown had ended.

The force field lasted for ten seconds, and Killa frowned. She didnt know what his new powers cooldown was and had gotten too close. Still, she understood how impenetrable his force field was and started running away. Her pride had been hurt by a champion, but she had no other recourse.

Junhyuk watched Killa running away and asked, How much time do you need?

Im ready.

Then, cast it.

Sarang cast an electric blast that hit Killa, leaving her paralyzed. She was nervous. She wanted to gain some distance, but they had gotten her. Killa turned her head to look and saw Junhyuk and Sarang approaching with the force field around them. Her mouth felt dry. They would kill her.

Junhyuk kept some distance while walking toward her, but she didnt have much time. Junhyuk raised his sword, wasting time, and Killa could move again and started running.

He didnt try to quickly close in on her. The force field would disappear, and his Spatial Slash wouldnt be ready right away, so he let her get away again.

The force field disappeared, and Killa pulled out her rifle. He was right within her range, and she wished he still had to wait some more and aimed at him.

Junhyuk swung his sword, and Killa, surprised, dodged to the side. However, nothing happened. Killa had been duped, so she took aim again. She would kill him with one shot, but Junhyuk swung again.

This time, Killa ignored him. She didnt want to be made a fool of again and allow his attacks cooldown to end. He guessed at what she would do and pretended to attack her at first. She thought he was wasting time again and pulled the trigger, but her eyes widened.

Something sharp touched her neck. It felt cold as she pulled the trigger, but the bullet never came out. The world turned dark, and she only saw Junhyuk coming toward her. He had a huge smile on his face, and Killa knew she had to inform the others about his new power. Junhyuk had to be killed.

Killa died and left an earring behind, and Junhyuk picked it up and inspected it.


Obsidian Earring

Attack +20

Poison Damage +20

It looks like a black cats eye, and it was made out of obsidian by the Meow Tribes shaman. It increases attack and poison damage by twenty.


Just this one earring could increase his ability to inflict damage by a lot. He liked it. His attack had increased by twenty, and it also dealt twenty poison damage. He already had the Wind Lizards Leather Arm Warmer and, with this earring, he now dealt forty poison damage. He also already had the Pure Golden Knight Elders set items, which gave him the ability to inflict fifty fixed damage, so he could deal a total of ninety damage without caring about the enemies defenses.

He didnt want to sell his new item, and he looked at Sarang.

Well go see Bebe.

They would be safe inside the Dimensional Merchant. When they walked back to Bebes place, they saw the minions fighting each other. Junhyuk and Sarang joined the fight, and it turned one-sided. The minions couldnt scratch them.

Junhyuk took the surviving minions inside the store through the portal. When Bebe saw the two of them, he asked surprised, What happened? What about the heroes?

They are all dead.

You two survived!?

Junhyuk nodded.

Ive activated a new power.

Huh? Already? Bebe laughed out loud and said, You will soon meet that person.


Youll know when you do, he said and didnt elaborate further, but he asked, Do you need anything?

Junhyuk nodded and pushed his hand forward.

Can I check on how much I have?


Bebe placed the plate on the counter and placed Junhyuks hand on it. A number appeared: 55,240G.

Junhyuk smiled at the amount and placed the Blood Rune Sword on the counter.

Upgrade it for the last time.

Bebe nodded, and subtracted 40,000G. That made Junhyuk feel unwell. It was a lot of money, but he had to get stronger.

Bebe pulled out the ingredients they were different from the last upgrade and poured a black liquid on the sword, covering it entirely. After that, he sprinkled a silver-colored powder on it and hammered it hard.


With a loud noise, the sword lit up and soon faded. Bebe was satisfied and smiled, but the swords shape had changed. It had a fuller in the middle of blade. The inner side of the blade was silver, and the outer side was black.

Finally, it emanated a soft, blood-red energy. Junhyuk swung it lightly, and it felt better than before, so he inspected it.


Blood Rune Sword (Rare)

Attack +160

Drain +20%

When absorbing the owners blood, attack speed increases by 10% and movement speed increases by 5%. Can stack three times.


Bebes Basic Longsword had been synthesized with the Blood Sword. The seventh upgrade made it a rare item, further upgrades were possible by using special stones. The attack power had increased to a hundred and sixty. When the owner wounded an opponent, the sword would heal the owner by 20 percent of the attack.

When it absorbed the owners blood, the attack speed increased by 10 percent, and the movement speed increased by 5 percent, but it would only stack three times. The fourth attempt could result in death.

The swords attack had increased, and the drain abilitys power was surprisingly high. It all depended on the damage he dealt and the 20 percent increase. Because of all of his items, he could deal even more damage.

Junhyuk smiled with satisfaction.

How can I get in touch with the allied heroes?

Bebe was surprised by the question and pulled out a marble.

You need a communication item.

How much?

Nothing was free in that world, and Bebe smirked.

Its 10,000G, but you are a VVIP now, and you get a 10 percent discount. So, 9,000G.

The price was too high, but there was no other way. He had to contact the others and rejoin them.

Junhyuk was left with 6,240G.

When he pulled out all the things he had to engrave, he felt like crying. He had the Steel King Jaxs Chain, the Barbarian Belt and the Obsidian Earring. It cost him 6,000G total, and he was left with 240G.

Im poor.

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