Legend Of Legends Chapter 130

Chapter 130: Sacrifice 1


Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl


Junhyuk was tied up by Doctor Tulas spider web. He got caught unexpectedly, and the spider web even injured him. Luckily, its main focus was restraining people. If it had been a damage-based attack, Junhyuk would have been half dead.

Doctor Tula started firing missiles, and Junhyuk teleported. The missiles exploded where he had been standing, and Junhyuk retreated behind his allies and raised his sword.

The enemy heroes were getting closer to him, but there was a wall of allies between them, and the allies attacked. The allied heroes targeted enemies with special powers, focusing on Regina first as she had the most dangerous ultimate.

Artlan started moving again, and he delivered a seven-slash combo to Reginas back along with Halos attack. Since they were buffed by the dragons buff, each attack dealt a lot of damage. Reginas health was half gone, but she didnt deviate from her original target.

She dashed at high speed and got between Vera and Diane. Once there, she tried to take off her eyepatch when an electric blast struck her. Regina was paralyzed, and Veras magic and Dianes arrow struck her. It seemed like she would die soon, but before that, she was able to move again. Junhyuk didnt hesitate and used his Spatial Slash.

Reginas neck was sliced and started bleeding heavily. She died without having a chance to take off her eyepatch. After the others had attacked her, she was unable to withstand the damage from the Spatial Slash.

They couldnt relax even after Regina died. The enemy was bent on killing Junhyuk. He had a prominent role in every team battle, and his new power was too powerful. They wanted him dead. Regina had died, but they were still inching closer to Junhyuk.

Jean Clo grabbed Artlan by his leg and swung him toward Halo. The two crashed and got pushed away by the force. Adolphe rushed at Nudra and cut him, paralyzing Nudra while Killa got even closer.

Junhyuk was at the back of the allied formation. For Killa to get him, she had to get in range of Veras and Dianes attacks, but she didnt care.

Doctor Tula fired the flamethrower, and Vera and Diane had to dodge.

At that moment, Killa looked through the scope of her gun and met Junhyuks eyes. The force field was still under cooldown, but he could teleport once. If he teleported, he wouldnt escape the following time. Junhyuk frowned as he analyzed the situation and thought about blocking her attack with his sword.

Killa pulled the trigger, and Junhyuk teleported.

He moved to the side and saw a pillar of blue energy shooting toward the sky. Adolphe was holding his saw blade and had just delivered the thirty-foot slash.

His sword strike traveled vertically, and Junhyuk could move horizontally to avoid his attack. Junhyuk dodged to the side with all of his might and frowned. He could feel what the five heroes and one champion were after.

Artlan jumped and tried to attack Killa, and Halo used his Lighting Flash on Doctor Tula. Killa turned around and blocked the attack with her rifle, but Artlans jump was one of his powers, and she couldnt really block him and stay safe. Halo slashed the doctor, and he started bleeding from his ribs.

Jean Clo stepped forward to block Veras attacks, and Bater rushed by Nudra and stood in the middle of the allied formation and pounded the ground.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The allies didnt stop him and dispersed instead. His ground pound dealt damage and also created shockwaves, so the allies ran. Killa also jumped into the allied formation. She was holding her pistols and was still bleeding from Artlans attack.

Junhyu didnt have any powers left, so he charged toward her. Killa fired continuously, and he tried to block the bullets with his swords. Then, someone appeared in front of him. Junhyuk hadnt expected anyone to come to his aid, but it was Nudra. Nudras speed was high, and he was blocking the attack for Junhyuk.

Nudra was hit by Killa and left all bloodied, but suddenly, light green powder started falling on his head. Sarang had used her healing power on him, and Nudra front-kicked Killa in the chest. She was pushed back, and Junhyuk sighed. She had used one of her powers and not some regular attack. He couldve been killed.

Bater stepped forward. He had simply pushed the heroes away before, but now, he got close to Nudra and one-two comboed him. Nudra couldnt dodge the attack and was thrown back. When that happened, Jean Clo rushed into Nudras spot like a moving tank. Diane shot her arrows at him, but he ignored the arrows stuck to his thigh and kept going until he grabbed Nudra by the neck.

He lifted Nudra up and chokeslammed him against the ground. Doctor Tula quickly approached by using his eight legs. He didnt have any speed-increasing powers, but his regular speed was the fastest among the enemies. When he got close enough, he fired more missiles.

Junhyuk had been alert, and when the doctor came close to him, he quickly dodged to the side.


Although he dodged the original explosion, the shockwaves created by it took some of his health, and his misfortune wasnt over yet. Jean Clo had slammed Nudra against the ground and headed toward Junhyuk. Jean Clo rushed, and Junhyuk watched with extreme care. Jean Clo blocked all of the other enemies vision, and they couldnt see Junhyuk. He was so strong that he was being attacked by the allied heroes and still went after Junhyuk.

As he approach, Jean Clo extended his arms, and Junhyuk held tightly to his swords. He had already run enough and couldnt do it anymore.

Jean Clos gigantic hands got close, and Junhyuk swung the Frozen Rune Sword, slicing his forearm. Junhyuk could cut him deeper than ever before, and that was the result of the buff and the better items. However, he was still weaker than Halo and Artlan, but Junhyuk didnt stop there.

With the buff in effect, his attack speed had increased, and he could swing faster than usual. Junhyuk spun around and slashed Jean Clos thigh. An arrow had already hit the thigh and was left stuck there, and Junhyuk made the wound deeper. Then, he crouched and swung again.

Junhyuk slashed and debuffed him while regaining his own health, but Jean Clo had a lot of health. He didnt look hurt at all. There was no way Junhyuk could kill him with regular attacks.

Jean Clo became furious because Junhyuk continually escaped him. He swung his fists around, and Junhyuk dodged him again. However, Jean Clo finally took a hold of Junhyuk.

He threw Junhyuk up to the sky and jumped behind him. As Junhyuk was falling head first, everyone stared at him. He was the team battles main target. Then, Jean Clo grabbed him out of the air and used his screw piledriver on him.

As Junhyuk approached the ground, a smile appeared on his face. The cooldown was over, and he cast a force field around himself.


With the force field around him, Jean Clo was pushed off. Junhyuk got back in position. He had ten seconds and he knew how valuable that time was for him.

Should I use these seconds to run away? No, he still had to wait for the teleportations cooldown,  so he couldnt run away. The enemies were bent on killing him, and he reminded himself of how dangerous their rushes could be.

Junhyuk was ready to die, but with him risking his life, the team battle had to end in a victory. If they could kill Killa, the allies would have the advantage. He had to kill one enemy, and even if he were killed, they would be victorious.

After winning the battle, they would crush the enemy camp. Junhyuk felt sorry for the allied heroes who had risked their own lives for him, but he had to become a sacrifice. He had made up his mind, so he dashed forward.

The force field pushed the enemies backward. Junhyuk wanted to kill Killa, and the allies saw Junhyuk running to the front, and their eyes beamed. They realized it was not possible to save him anymore. Had he ran away, they could have saved him, but at that point it was different.

Halo knew what Junhyuk was trying to do. Killa had used her jump already, so she had nowhere to go.

Halo closed in on Killa and slashed her. She fired at him, but he ignored her and swung his sword. She hit him on the shoulder and on his ribs, but he slashed through her ribs, leaving a gaping hole.

Suddenly, Artlans saber flew in. She was already wounded on the ribs and tried to block his attack, but her stance was unstable. Dianes arrow hit her in the back, and she winced. She would die soon.

Killa turned and looked at Nudra. He was heavily wounded and the closest to her. She wanted to die with him, so she fired her pistols at him.

Bang, bang!

She had used the shockwave, her ultimate, thinking she could kill him that way, but the force field covered Nudra. The shockwave hit it, but only pushed it back. Nudra was safe.

Junhyuk had saved Nudra in the nick of time, and now, he used the Spatial Slash to attack Killa. Blood poured out of her neck like a waterfall, and her eyes were full of venom, but she was already disappearing.

Junhyuk didnt stop there. He had lost his force field, and the enemy heroes would concentrate their attacks on him. He had already decided to sacrifice himself, but he wanted more before he died.

Junhyuk picked up a small saw wheel dropped by Regina. Just like Adolphe, he had to pick up the loot at all costs.

Seven seconds had gone by, and Junhyuk picked up another item, one that Killa dropped. It was a golden anklet. He checked his surroundings while putting his new items away.

The enemy heroes stared coldly at him, and Junhyuk smiled cooly back at them.

The allied heroes were inside the force field. There were three enemy heroes, Jean Clo, Bater and Doctor Tula, and a champion, Adolphe. The three of them had rushing abilities. and one could ensnare people. They were all gathered in one place.

Bater was bumping his fists against each other while puffing on his cigar. Jean Clo flexed his huge muscles. Doctor Tula fixed his glasses and stared intently at Junhyuk. His mechanical parts twitched eagerly. Adolphe had his saw blade held up high.

I will die, but this team battle belongs to us, Junhyuk told them.

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