Legend Of Legends Chapter 135

Chapter 135: Contractor 1


Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl


The white light disappeared, and Junhyuk slowly opened his eyes. He raised his hands and saw that he was still holding the glasses and the mana stone from the Dragons Valley given to him by Vera.

He inspected his body and found the lowest spirit stones used for burning. Junhyuk put the glasses on first. He was a champion, so he should be able to see any experts health numbers. Satisfied, he looked at the mana stone through the glasses.

Suddenly, he heard a voice.

You brought things back from the Dimensional Battlefield.

The person with the voice hadnt made any noise besides speaking, and Junhyuk instinctively summoned his swords and swung at the place where the voice came from. His opponent had seen his face, so he didnt summon his armor, but he had meant to kill his opponent when he swung the swords. Artlan had warned him about getting killed in South Korea.

However, he stopped the strikes just before they hit and saw an unusual person standing there. Light blue bandages were wrapped around his entire body. he was wearing a bowler hat and a trench coat like H.G. Wells The Invisible Man. There were bandages even wrapped around his mouth.

How about putting your swords away? he said.

Who would you be?

The bandages rolled up around his face. He must be smiling.

Nice to meet you. Im the Dimensional Battlefields Chief Contract Manager for Team Three, Agenchra.

Contract manager?

You may call me Contractor.

Junhyuk was still suspicious of him and kept a hold of his swords as they talked, ready to use the Spatial Slash at any moment. Agenchra saw that Junhyuk was still suspicious of him and shrugged. He put his hand inside his trench coats pocket, and Junhyuks sword closed in on his neck.

He moved slowly, and said, Its a notebook. I have to show you something.

Junhyuk gave him some slack. He couldnt escape the Spatial Slash anyway, so he could have some room. Agenchra tore up a page from the notebook and showed it to Junhyuk. The page hovered in the air as if it were stuck to a glass wall, similar to how Bebe showed him the equipment in his book.

Junhyuk could see that he was really from the Dimensional Battlefield, but he could still have ulterior motives, so Junhyuk still kept his swords out.

Agenchra pointed to the torn page and said, Its a contract. Read it.

Junhyuk scanned the page.

Are you kidding?

It was all written in very small letters and it was long enough to fill an entire wall. Agenchra thought for a second and said, Then, should I summarize it for you?

Tell me about the things I could gain and the things I will lose.

Agenchra smiled and lifted his hand. A blue light rose out of his hand, and he pointed it toward the page. Part of the page enlarged.

You have become a champion and satisfied our lowest condition, so I have to pay you a personal visit, he explained calmly.

Junhyuk read the enlarged text, and it was written in a language he had never seen before, but he understood it due to the language pill. The Dimensional Battlefield contractor came because he had become a champion.

Agenchra smiled and continued, You became a champion earlier than we expected. We are surprised.

Surprised? Two hundred thousand people have already died on the battlefield!

Agenchra didnt really care about that.

Weve sent a million people from other places and never got a champion. There are entire dimensions like that.

Junhyuk eyebrows twitched. He realized they were willing to summon the entire population of a planet from a dimension until they got a champion from there. He felt uneasy and he didnt hide his feelings.

So, my dimension has produced a champion. You wont summon anyone else from here, correct?

No, you are wrong.

Agenchra raised his hand, pointing to another part of the contract. Junhyuk looked at where he was pointing, and Agenchra added further, This dimension has produced a champion. That means this dimension may produce others. The experiment will speed up.


Thats not something I can explain, but you will understand soon enough, Agenchra said calmly.



Junhyuk wanted more answers right there and stared hard at Agenchra. He wanted to hear more, and Agenchra pointed to another part of the contract.

You became the first champion from this dimension, so you will get additional benefits.

Additional benefits?

You may attend a private Dimensional Battlefield.

Junhyuk didnt understand and stared at him.

So far, youve gone to the heroes Dimensional Battlefield in a supporting capacity. You may participate in the Champions Battlefield used by champions. Its a smaller arena than the Valley of Death, but you will have unlimited revives there and a higher possibility of activating new powers. You even have the possibility of becoming a hero if you participate.

Junhyuk wasnt expecting that. He wanted a bigger role in the Dimensional Battlefield, but he didnt expect there would be a Champions Battlefield.

Agenchra pointed to another area of the contract.

The Champions Battlefield and the battlefield youve been to are operated by different managers. You will have two two-week intervals of rest in South Korea for each battlefield. That means that if you leave for the Champions Battlefield next week, you will rotate and go to one battlefield one week, and the other the following week.

Junhyuk was speechless. They wanted him to fight every week? Still, the Champions Battlefield had unlimited revives, so that was good.

Since there are unlimited revives, whats the penalty for dying?

You learn fast, and thats an important facet.

Agenchra pointed to another part.

On the Champions Battlefield, you wont drop your items, but monsters will drop their ingredient items. Champions can die, but you will lose gold if you die.


Yes. Each time you die, you will lose 3,000G. When you kill someone, you earn 3,000G.

What happens if I dont have enough gold?

You will go negative. If thats the case, you have to pay it back the next time no matter what. If you dont, each further participation will be taxed compound interest.

Junhyuk was still in shock, and Agenchra continued, On the Champions Battlefield, no one has the advantage. Everyone has three powers, and no one has an ultimate. The fights will be on equal terms. You will be killed and kill and repeat. Unless you are a champion without fighting prowess, you will earn more money there, and like I said, champions dont drop their items on this battlefield.

Junhyuk mulled it over.

OK. Ill participate. Since Im the first champion from my dimension, what happens to the other champions that rise up?

Agenchra was impressed by that question and checked his notebook.

You are very sharp. Every champion may use this battlefield. What I told you before was lip service.

Junhyuk wanted to punch him. He had been duped by Bebe before much like that.

Since you are the first champion, there are some benefits, Agenchra continued.

What is it?

When this dimension produces other champions, youll be able to recruit them.

What do you mean?

Agenchra put the notebook away and answered, On the single Champions Battlefield, you will have the chance to pick your own members. However, that is only if your dimension produces more champions.

Junhyuk thought for a moment.

Do you mean that team members change on this battlefield?

Not every time. Members may change if someone becomes a hero or if a member dies in his dimension.

Junhyuk had gotten a good picture of the Champions Battlefield.

Is that all?

No. When you participate and win, you will get prizes.

Prizes? Junhyuk wanted to hear more.

What kind of prizes?

That changes in each battlefield, but every champion is satisfied with their prizes.

They would fight harder over prizes. Even if it was some random equipment, it would cost tens of thousands of gold. Junhyuk crossed his arms.

What are the contracts conditions?

The conditions are simple. You will do your best to become a hero. Until you become a hero, you will participate every two weeks. You have to make those promises.

What happens if I cant go?

That wont happen.

Junhyuk shook his head.

Every time I go, I lose my soul to abnormal narcolepsy for an hour here, and I have to go every week?

Agenchra pointed to another part of the contract.

On the battlefield youve been to, time in South Korea passes because you are acting as support, but on the Champions Battlefield, time in South Korea wont pass, Agenchra explained.

Junhyuk was surprised again, and Agenchra continued, Its the same for the heroes youve been fighting with and against. When the heroes are on the battlefield, someone may wish to harm them out of it, so time doesnt pass for them.

So, you keep them from being harmed by stopping time.


Junhyuk had no words for the amount of power they had. They could stop time, and he could only guess at what else they could do.

Agenchra smiled and asked, Are you going to sign?

Thats only for the Champions Battlefield, correct?

Of course.

I have one more question.

Ask me anything.

Why do heroes go to the Dimensional Battlefield?

I can only answer that question when you become a hero. You arent qualified for that information yet, he answered.

Im not qualified?

Agenchra nodded, and Junhyuk sighed.

Im trying to become a hero, so let me know the answer when I do.

Good decision.

Junhyuk thought of something else, pulled out the crystal marble and thought of Artlan.

Whats the matter?

He could communicate with Artlan form South Korea now and was overjoyed.

A contractor came by to talk about the Champions-only Battlefield.

Hm. Ive heard about it, but I started off as a hero, so Ive never been there.

Yeah, you are special! Junhyuk didnt say anything.

Should I sign?

They wont cheat you. Listen to everything they have to say. If you want, you may participate. You are responsible for yourself.

Junhyuk slowly closed his eyes. He would make his own decision and be responsible for it. He opened his eyes slowly and looked at Agenchra.

Ill sign.

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