Legend Of Legends Chapter 139

Chapter 139: Distorted World 3


Doyeol was watching TV and was surprised by the person appearing on the screen. The aglantas made good enemies for the iron soldiers and were a good reason for the iron soldiers to be introduced. Ordinary weaponry didnt affect the monsters, and police needed to use heavy artillery. With that in mind, the iron soldiers could fight the monsters, and their introduction wouldve been timely.

It wouldve been too bad that the police on the boat wouldve been killed, but as more police got killed, the people wouldve cheered for the iron soldiers. Yet, one man destroyed Doyeols dreams, and he looked at Jeffrey.

Is that the person youve met?


It that Junhyuk?

There a 50 percent chance.

Junhyuk asked him not to reveal his identity, and Jeffrey was completely sure it was him on the screen, but he told Doyeol something else.

Doyeol looked at the screen and said, Leave me alone for a moment, please.


Jeffrey went outside, and Doyeol pressed a button. Elise appeared on screen. She also seemed very surprised.

The events arent unfolding correctly.

When will they get here?

In less than twenty minutes.


Elise was biting on her pen and murmured, The man who is being called the Dark Knight, are his weapons from the Dimensional Battlefield?

What is the Dark Knight?

Thats what they call him on the internet. He is getting a lot of attention.

Too bad.

Right... he ruined the iron soldiers debut.

Doyeol sighed.

What about his weapons abilites?

Im not sure, but the shockwaves know who his friends are. Its worth some research.

Is that right?

He wasnt sure who the man was. He could guess, but he wasnt sure and he wanted to watch some more. The world was experiencing a distortion, and that distortion was bringing about changes to what humans could do. The man they called the Dark Knight had to reveal his identity eventually.

Who is sending out orders?

I am. Where do you want them?

Send them to headquarters.


He sighed, leaned back on his chair and sighed again. He had lost the advantage of people being focused on the aglantas and lost the marketing opportunity.

There must be more.

They were flying from America, and that took a long time. But when they got there, they could be deployed at any moment. He was leaning back on his chair, looking at the TV, when the screen showed the appearance of a new monster. Doyeol jumped out of his seat.


Jeffrey came in, looked at the TV and frowned.

It wasnt just the aglantas.

This time, a huge bear had appeared. When the bear stood on its hind legs, it was five meters tall. The bear didnt appear in Seoul but in Mt. Seolak instead, and there were more than one. The aglantas were the lowest ranking monsters in the Dimensional Battlefield, and the bears were ranked higher than them. The bears were going wild, and nobody could stop them.

Shall I go?

Jeffrey had the power to deal with the bears. He didnt care about the attention Junhyuk was getting, but people were getting killed, and he wanted to help.

No. Soon, I will be able to deal with them my way.

Mt. Seolak had many hikers, and there were already many casualties. It was a mountain, so people couldnt really run away, and they died falling off the cliffs.

Jeffrey looked at the screen and turned around, thinking of Junhyuk. He had thought Junhyuk was an expert, but now his powers didnt look normal. The feed had shown Junhyuk teleporting, and after that, Junhyuk couldnt reach the aglantas, but when he swung his sword, the aglantas died.

He killed them with one strike, but more importantly, he swung from a distance. He could have killed Jeffrey if he really wanted to. Jeffrey had escaped by holding on to the bat, but Junhyuk could have killed him. He let Jeffrey get away, and Jeffreys best idea so far was to make friends with him.


Junhyuk was seating in his car, browsing the internet and laughed.

Dark Knight?

He had been wearing the black armor and black cloak, so they were calling him Dark Knight. The SWAT team had attacked him, but he focused on killing the aglantas. With the dead corpses of the aglantas floating to the surface of the river, and the corpses of the SWAT team members that died appearing, Junyuk was looking even better.

Junhyuk checked the news, saw the headlines and frowned.

Mt. Seolak?

The bears were on Mt. Seolak, and he had seen them before. They werent that strong. Junhyuk could kill them, and even Sarang, with her new weapons, could do the same. The problem was the distance. It would take him at least two hours to get there. If he sped too much, they might find out who he was.

Junhyuk kept searching for an answer on what to do when his burner phone rang. He picked it up and heard Sarangs voice.

Big brother, huge bears have shown up. Arent they ranked higher than the aglantas?

Junhyuk pulled himself together. The Dimensional Battlefields managers were responsible, but he had ruined their plan. Management wanted to produce more champions, but Junhyuk couldnt just watch people die.

He gave up on hiding his powers from other people. The world didnt know his identity and called him by the Dark Knight moniker.

Was it because I killed the aglantas that higher-ranked monsters were there? If I interfered again, would they send monsters ranked even higher?

If they sent buff monsters, he wouldnt be able to deal with them alone. It took at least two heroes to handle one of them.

Correct. Maybe because I killed the aglantas they sent higher-level monsters.

What are you going to do?

He thought it over for a moment.

I should help, but it will be best if I dont have to interfere. If they send higher-level monsters, even the army wont be able to kill them.

You are saying that, but when people are in danger, you always interfere!

Junhyuk chuckled. The Dimensional Battlefield was different from South Korea. He couldnt just watch innocent people die in his dimension. He couldnt let people die when he could save them. Then, he thought of something he had seen in a movie.

Great power comes with great responsibility.

He felt like people were dying because of him.

Do you want me to go with you?

No, not yet.

People could still be tracking him at that point, so he couldnt move around with her.

Just live your life for now. However, if something happens, dont hesitate. OK?

I understand. Be careful.

Junhyuk sighed and decided to move. He started driving and turned the radio on. There was only news concerning what was happening at Mt. Seolak. The army stationed nearby moved into the area. They could stop the huge bears from killing people.

That must be it.

Aglantas were the lowest-ranked monsters, and heavy artillery might have worked on them, but the bears were different. They had thick skin, and the artillery might have no effect. As Junhyuk drove down the highway, he bit his lip.

Can the army stop them?

If the army couldnt do it, the number of casualties would increase, and people would eventually activate their powers. However, a person couldnt deal with those monsters just by activating a single power. Just like him when he first activated his force field, doing it didnt mean he could kill monsters.

But if someone activated a power, that person could run away if he wanted to.

They dont have a plan!

He was angry at Dimensional Battlefields managers again, but he wanted to watch the events unfold. The other countries still had monsters at the lowest tier showing up. South Korea was the only one with monsters at a higher tier, so he thought he couldnt be hasty. Otherwise, he might attract even stronger monsters.

What should I do?! Junhyuk shouted and slammed on the accelerator. He was driving at 180 kilometers per hour.


The army arrived, sealed the area with barbed wires and started evacuating people. Meanwhile, all three bears gathered in one place.

They sent the army in under the commander of the 11th Mechanized Infantry Division. He had a map open in his headquarters and asked, What is the casualty count for sealing the area?

One squad was annihilated. They were buying time for us while we sealed off the area.

Ive lived too long to witness something like that, the divisions commander said, frowning. Is the artillery ready?

The bears are within range, the artillery leader answered.

OK. How about tanks?

Yes, sir.

Then, begin the attack.

The orders had already been given to kill the bears, and there was no need to hesitate. There had already been over a hundred casualties when the order was given.

They had watched as the police couldnt do anything against the fish monsters, so they activated the army.

The 11th Mechanized Infantry Division was given the responsibility. They intended to use the heavy artillery, and if that didnt work, they would get something more powerful.

The divisions commander pounded on the desk.

Attack! he ordered, and the planning officer transmitted the orders to the other officers. The artillery unit began firing, filling the air with noise.

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!

The ground shook, and the noise stopped.

What happened? the commander asked calmly.

The communications officer checked and reported back, The three bears are attacking the artillery unit.

Did we kill any?

All three are wounded, but none are dead.

Which other unit is nearby?

The 20th Mechanized Infantry Brigade, sir.

Evacuate the artillery unit and bring in the mechanized infantry.

Yes, sir.

He gave them quick orders, but the situation wasnt going as he had planned.


The artillery unit thought they could kill the bears when they first opened fire, but the bears were stronger than they had expected. Their skin was burned, and they were wounded in places, but they kept moving freely. The bears ran across the mountain, but got stopped by the K1 88-Tanks.

The tanks fired 105mm rounds at the bears.

Boom, boom, boom!

The artillery unit had fired at a fixed position and hadnt hit any of the bears directly. However, they changed their target and concentrated on a single bear, killing it.


The bear screamed, staggered and fell, but the soldiers did not rejoice. There were two remaining, and while the soldiers reloaded, the bears got dangerously close.

They scratched at a tank and tore the armor plate off as if it were a piece of paper. The tanks fired while the soldiers fired the K6 Heavy Machine Guns, but they couldnt wound the bears, and the soldiers got scared after watching the bears tear the tanks appart

The bears couldnt be dealt with by humans.

One of the bears stood up, displaying its claws when a small missile zoomed through the sky.


There was a loud explosion and flames engulfed the bear. The soldiers were surprised and looked up to see something well beyond their imaginations.

It was a two-meter tall, golden human. There was smoke coming out of its right shoulder, and the iron soldier landed in front of the bear.


The iron soldier extended its arms, and its forearms opened up and fired fourteen tiny missiles toward the bear.

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!

And more flames engulfed the last bear.

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