Legend Of Legends Chapter 141

Chapter 141: Guardians 2


Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl


Even after the monsters appearance, time passed normally, and it was time to report to work. On Monday morning, Junhyuk headed there.

The shoot for the broadcast had been scheduled for that week, but all the world was talking about were the monsters, and no one knew what would happen next. Celebrities who had been scheduled for the shoot declined to participate, so the broadcast was postponed indefinitely.

Junhyuk listened to what had happened and nodded. It wasnt the time to be making a movie, and he understood that.

The Han River monsters and the Mt. Seolak monsters, after those two events, no more monsters appeared in South Korea. If the monsters kept appearing endlessly, they would have sealed certain areas off, but no more monsters showed up.

However, the possibility made people even more nervous. No one knew when or where the monsters might show up next, and people were afraid, so they started seeking someone to save them. The Dark Knight and Guardians were hot subjects when it came to that.

Guardians placed an iron soldier in South Korea and deployed fifty iron soldiers to countries around the world. There were monsters all over the world, and some hadnt been killed by the armies of those countries, or their responses had been too slow. In the end, the iron soldiers killed all of the monsters. The lowest-ranked monsters couldnt deal with the iron soldiers firepower.

Junhyuk reported for work, but he had nothing to do because the filming had been postponed indefinitely, so he watched the iron soldiers killing monsters on the internet. He didnt know much about them, but he could end up meeting and fighting one. At least, he thought so.

The Rockefeller family owned the iron soldiers, so he was preparing himself in case he had to fight them and analyzed the iron soldiers astounding abilities online.

One iron soldier carried twenty-eight small napalm bombs, and their palms opened up to a 14.5mm anti-aircraft rifle. Their destructive power was astonishing. The iron soldier made sure the enemy didnt approach by keeping its distance, and its long range firepower was just amazing. It also responded very quickly.

Junhyuk could only teleport twice, so he started thinking he would have a hard time if there were more than three iron soldiers. If the iron soldiers gathered in one place, he could kill them with the shockwaves, but if not, he would have a tough time.

Junhyuk was going over strategies to fight the iron soldiers when his office phone rang. He picked it up, and it was Eunseo.

Please, come to my office.

Ill be right there.

He hung up and headed to Eunseos office. Sukhoon was inside with her, and Junhyuk was surprised when he saw them. Ordinary people didnt have health above twenty, and people didnt usually have mana. Eunseo had twenty health and ten mana.

The glasses read soul power. People said strong bodies embodied strong souls, so people with stronger constitution on average had higher health, but still, Eunseos health was unexpected, and she also had mana.

He couldnt call her a novice, but among minions, she would put up a fight. Maybe she could be a magician minion. As soon as he saw them, Junhyuk greeted them, and after, he thought about her. Sukhoon greeted him as well and offered him a seat.

Filming is cancelled. You must feel bad.

He felt just fine. That only meant he could train some more.

Im OK.

Sukhoon looked at Eunseo and then asked Junhyuk, What do you think of Guardians?

Guardians? They are our defense against the monsters.

They had established Guardians and announced it the day before, and the world was already going wild over it. When the soldiers were deployed, they could actually stop the monsters.

Sukhoon smiled and said, Right. Guardians is like that. I dont know when my brother thought of Guardians, but with the iron soldiers, the world is a different place.

The monsters appearance had already changed the world, but Junhyuk didnt express his opinion and merely agreed with Sukhoon.


So, what Im saying...

But Eunseo cut him off, I will tell him.

Yeah? You will?

She fixed her glasses and looked at Junhyuk.

Guardians will be operated by the lowest number of personnel possible. We just need researchers and repairpeople. We dont need anybody else.

It was where they housed the iron soldiers, and Eunseo continued, I will take the position as Guardians CEO.


Guardians CEO position couldnt just go to anybody. It was natural for the position to go to a family member, but Junhyuk hadnt expected that.

Sukhoon shrugged and said, Surely, she is capable of becoming a CEO. She is a good manager.

Junhyuk stared at Eunseo. She was crippled from the waist down, but she still had her charisma. No, the truth was she had even more charisma than before. She would do a great job as their CEO.


She adjusted her glasses and looked at him.

Will you transfer to Guardians with me?


Junhyuk hadnt imagined that at all. He was shocked, and Sukhoon continued calmly, ST Capsule owns Guardians. When you transfer, you wont quit your job as the companys model. However, you would just be bored here, so you should go and establish Guardians with her.

Junhyuk wanted to smile bitterly. Even he knew he didnt fit in with the Strategy Planning Department. He had more fun doing advertising jobs and hanging out with people. The people in the Strategy Planning Department saw Junhyuk as someone who had been hired as a marketing ploy.

He was an internet sensation, and thats why he became an employee. Then, he saved Eunseo from an accident. However, after joining the department, he worked mainly as a model. He thought it over for a moment. Should I go to Guardians? He was still under contract for his model work, so he couldnt quit.

Junhyuk stared at Eunseo. Why did she call for me? The only information Ive given her is that I am fluent in ten languages.

What will I do there?

Guardians was established with a moments notice. We must begin from the start. We have to meet with government officials for adjustments and send documents to countries worldwide. It wont be hard to get the cooperation from other countries, but we have to have the agreements on paper.

It concerned making stepping stones for the company. Junhyuk thought he could do more with Guardians, but he didnt want any overtime work.

I feel positive about the transfer, but make me a promise.

What is it?

I wont do overtime work.

Sukhoon laughed hard.

Ha-ha-ha! I really like you. Right. You should speak your mind when necessary.

Eunseo adjusted her glasses and said, I guarantee normal work hours.

What about salary?

The salary will be the same, and you will continue to work as ST Capsules company model.

I will appear on ads and get paid extra?


Junhyuk nodded. The extra money meant hundreds of times the regular annual income. He made good money while working as a model, so he wouldnt refuse it. Then, Junhyuk thought about the mana stone he had brought back. If he sold it, he wouldnt even have to work anymore. He was tempted to do it, but he put it on hold. He could afford anything he wants now, so he shouldnt be greedy.

Where is the company?

We need a laboratory, so we will renovate a factory in the city of Paju.

When do I transfer?

If youve made up your mind, just sign the contract. You will transfer when you are ready, and Ill take care of any other issues.

Junhyuk hesitated and asked, When I get there, I can see the iron soldiers?

Yes, that will be part of your job, but you wont give them orders.

If he could see the iron soldiers up close, he would learn more about them.

Ill do it.

Junhyuk had decided, and Eunseo pushed the contract forward. He read it quickly and signed it, giving the document back to Sukhoon, who asked, Why are you wearing those old glasses? You are the face of our company.

JUnhyuks glasses were round-shaped, and he deserved that comment. Next time he visited the Dimensional Merchant, he would change their shape just like the Pure Golden Knight Elders boot.

He felt the need to wear sharper-looking glasses.

Eunseo took the contract from Sukhoon and said, The transfer is complete. Spend today packing your belongings. We will have a goodbye party tomorrow. Starting on Wednesday, report to work at Guardians headquarters.

Junhyuk got up from his seat, bowed and left.

Eunseo, why dont you take someone more capable? Sukhoon asked her.

There are plenty of capable people already.

At that point, Junhyuk was on the verge of becoming an icon. Guardians would have plenty of complaints about his hire, but Junhyuk would silence all of the critics. He was already famous around the world and he would help them meet different people from many countries. They would say that it was all because of Junhyuks starpower, but that power couldnt be ignored either, and he would learn how to do his daily assignments.

Eunseo adjusted her glasses and said, You should have taken the CEO position. Im sorry.

You shouldnt be sorry. Doyeol didnt think I would do a good job.

Sukhoon wasnt disappointed. He didnt want that kind of responsibility yet, and Guardians wouldnt bring in any profits.

Ill be going.

Sukhoon saw Junhyuk packing his belongings. As Junhyuk finished, people walked over to him, and he smiled and explained things. The people were left surprised. Some of them were envious, but most were sincerely happy for him and shook his hand.

Sukhoon murmured, Why does Doyeol want Eunseo and Junhyuk?

He understood Eunseo becoming a CEO, but he didnt understand why Doyeol wanted Junhyuk to accompany her. It was a secret to Eunseo because Sukhoon had merely mentioned his name, and Eunseo agreed right away and had him transferred. However, Sukhoon was still curious.

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