Legend Of Legends Chapter 155

Chapter 155: You Too! 1


Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl


Junhyuk ran with Aktur. As they got closer, Drakey stepped forward. It wouldnt be good if either Junhyuk or Aktur fell into the swamp.

Ill attack first.

Aktur hadnt seen Junhyuks powers and tried to slow down, but Junhyuk shouted, Just keep running!

Aktur did, and as he run, Junhyuk raised his sword. When Junhyuk raised his sword, Drakey dimmed.

Dont go into Drakeys range! Junhyuk shouted after seeing him.

He is using Absolute Dodge already?! Is he in his right mind? Aktur commented darkly and stopped.

Junhyuk also stopped, and Drakey smacked his lips.

Did they read my mind?

Drakey was still fifty meters from Junhyuk, but he had seen Akturs moves and instinctively used Absolute Dodge. However, Junhyuk didnt attack at all. He and Aktur were out of Drakeys range, maintaining the deadlock.

Drakey stepped back, and Lugos stepped in front of him.

His range might be longer than we imagine.

Junhyuk stopped, and Drakey wondered about his range.

I will take him, Lugos said, smirking at Drakeys observation.

He was confident in his own strength, and Aktur looked at Junhyuk.

Ill take the front, Junhyuk said and used all of his strength to jump.

He jumped over Aktur and landed on a stepping stone. He had jumped over six meters and swung his sword. The enemies saw him swing the Frozen Rune Sword and protected their necks. Then, Junhyuk used the Blood Rune Sword to deliver a Spatial Slash.


Drakey was hit on the side of the neck and started bleeding. He held the wound and staggered. Having already used Absolute Dodge, he couldnt get away. The hit was powerful, and he trashed violently. It was a critical hit, and Drakey lost 65 percent of his health, leaving him with only 5 percent.

Junhyuk ran forward, and Lugos, watching him, raised his weapons. Aktur ran next to him and said, A fifty-meter attack? Thats some power! It also deals a lot of damage!

Drakey only has 5 percent of his health left. One hit should kill him, Junhyuk said, speeding up.

Then, you kill him. Ill take Lugos.

Junhyuk thought of Kaljaque. Kaljaque had killed Lugos when he had no health left and told Junhyuk to be thankful. He shook his head and sped up.

Junhyuk got closer to them, and Drakey stepped forward, summoning a tornado in front of Junhyuk. He couldnt be hit by it. He had regained some health, but he only had 15 percent of his health left.

When he saw the tornado, Junhyuk shouted to Aktur, Come here!

What are you talking about?

Junhyuk didnt answer and instead extended his hand behind him. Aktur picked up the pace and grabbed his hand, and Junhyuk teleported with him.

They passed by the tornado, and Akturs eyes widened.


Drakey saw Junhyuk teleporting and launched the sound wave right away. Junhyuk couldnt get hit by them either, so he teleported again. Aktur became extremely surprised by the continuous teleportation, and Drakey had used all of his powers.

Aktur had a dark smile on his face.

Ill take Lugos, he said, and Junhyuk nodded in agreement.

Even if Lugos came after him, Junhyuk could still kill Drakey.

At that point, Junhyuk had increased his movement speed, and Drakey didnt have any powers left. He moved quickly toward Drakey, but Lugos appeared between them and stabbed with the short spear.

Junhyuk was on the last stepping stone, and he jumped over Lugos, who raised his head to look at Junhyuk. However, Aktur was already throwing his bandages toward him. Lugos was surprised and stepped aside. Junhyuk made the jump and looked back at Aktur. His bandages were on the ground, unable to wrap Lugos.

Are you just messing with me?! Lugos shouted.

While he did that, Aktur closed in, swinging his claw-like nails. Lugos blocked the strike with his weapons, and Junhyuk headed toward Drakey.

Drakey saw him coming and swung his sharp spear, but Junhyuk blocked it and counterattacked. Junhyuk attempted a series of fast attacks and learned that Drakey was extremely proficient with the spear.

It was natural that champions would be skilled with their weapons, with the exception of Kaljaque, and Junhyuk realized he was in serious danger fighting Drakey like that. He only had 15 percent of his health, and Drakey had 5 percent. Junhyuk had more health, but he could be killed by one use of Drakeys powers.

Junhyuk trusted Aktur, but he didnt let his guard down. While fighting Drakey, he distanced himself from Lugos because Lugos could use his feet to create shockwaves that could send Junhyuk into the air.

Drakeys cooldowns were shorter than Junhyuks cooldown for the Spatial Slash. His sound wave only had a twenty second cooldown, and Drakey could use it at any moment. However, Drakey also analyzed things. He couldnt win if the situation continued as it was. Junhyuk was focused, and his sword moved freely. Drakey had a hard time finding any openings.

Drakey was quite skilled at creating chances with his spear, but Junhyuk expertly blocked all of his attacks. It had been a long time since Drakey had fought someone with that much skills. He had been dealing with Kaljaque, who just swung his staff stupidly and ignorantly, or Aktur, who attacked with his nails. Junhyuk was a new revelation to him, but Drakey couldnt retreat. He felt the cooldown was over, and so was the wait.


Drakey opened his mouth and launched the sound wave, but Junhyuk just smiled and raised the force field around himself. The ivory-colored light surrounded his body, and Junhyuk moved forward.

The sound wave bounced off the force field, and Junhyuk closed in and cut Drakeys neck.

[Youve killed Drakey and earned 3,000G.]

Junhyuk turned, and saw that Lugos was still fighting Aktur. Aktur had summoned the three skeleton soldiers and was suppressing Lugos, but Lugos health was still at 50 percent. He was a tank, and it was hard to deal with him.

Lugos watched Drakey die and stomped the ground.


The shockwaves sent Aktur into the air, and Lugos arms doubled in size. Aktur had 80 percent of his health left. Junhyuk had used the Spatial Slash, and the shockwave from had taken 20 percent of Lugos health. Aktur hadnt won yet. It all depended heavily on his weapon.

Aktur slashed him with his nails while Lugos attacked with all four weapons. Without using his power, it would be hard to damage Lugos, but Junhyuk wanted to help him out. Lugos had enlarged his arms, and the swings were coming down on Aktur when Junhyuk jumped in front of Lugos.

Lugos had seen Aktur land and struck, but Aktur was already in the force field by that time.


Aktur was astonished by the field.

This is awesome!

Lets attack him together.

Ill kill him. Hes mine.


Junhyuk knew the cooldown for the Spatial Slash was over and swung at him.


Lugos was hit on the side of the neck and was left with 10 percent of his health.

Junhyuk stepped back.

Is this enough?

Aktur smiled and stepped forward along with the skeleton soldiers. Junhyuk thought he would have a fine time with Aktur. He gave Lugos up and he was sorry to lose the 3,000G, but he had a new ally, and that was good enough.

Aktur finally managed to kill Lugos.

[Aktur killed Lugos.]

Aktur looked at Lugos corpse and then at Junhyuk. His blue eyes looked noble, and he smiled as he stared at Junhyuk.

You took Kaljaque and won. I thought you would be useful, and you surely are powerful. We will make a good team.

Thanks for thinking so.

Aktur asked him, What are we going to do now?

I want to visit the Dimensional Merchant.

Yeah? Go ahead. I will attack the tower on my side.

What about Kaljaque?

It would be nice to concentrate our attacks, but if you can use him, he could stay on your side and put pressure on our enemies.

What if the enemies concentrate on your side?

Dont worry about me running away. No one can chase me down.

Aktur could curse his enemies, slowing them down, and summon skeleton soldiers to back him up. He would be safe.

OK. Ill go to the Dimensional Merchant first and then find Kaljaque. We will deal with the enemies and rejoin you. We need to be together to bring an end to this battle.

Aktur shook his head and complained, Shit! A team battle with Kaljaque?

There is no other way

When I think about it, I feel like it would be better to get cancer.

Junhyuk laughed out loud.

I agree. Do you know what cancer is?

Aktur laughed and said, I took the language pill, so I know. I told you something that you can understand.

Aktur raised his hand.

Then, you take over my struggles.


Wanting to see Bebe, Junhyuk split from Aktur and ran. He reached the Dimensional Merchant and saw Bebe. He was touching his chin when he saw Junhyuk and smiled.

Thats right! You became a champion!

Junhyuk presented his hand.

Tell me how much money I have.


Bebe placed the plate on the counter, and Junhyuk put his hand on it.

It displayed 39,240G.

It was more than Junhyuk had expected. He had killed three champions while at that place and helped killing two more, so he was curious about how he had earned that money.

Junhyuk looked at him, and Bebe shrugged.

When you kill a champion on the Champions Battlefield, you get 3,000G. When you help kill a champion, you get 1,000G. Killing the quest monster gets you 5,000G. The quest monster only appears once in each battlefield, so its a good idea to kill it. Are you still curious?

Junhyuk shook his head. The calculations were correct.

Are you buying anything? Bebe asked.

Junhyuk put the Frozen Rune Sword on the counter.

I want to upgrade it a sixth time.

Twenty thousand gold, Bebe said calmly.

Junhyuk placed his hand on the plate and the 20,000G got taken out. While Bebe was upgrading it, Junhyuk removed his glasses. Bebe finished the upgrade and looked at Junhyuk.

What about the glasses?

Is it possible to change their shape?

Shape changes are more expensive than engravings. The shape changes, but you have to wear it as usual to receive the attributes.

How much?

Ten thousand gold.


But I could make it into any shape you want. I could even make it into a belt. Impressive, right?

How about a discount?

Thats possible. Do you want a discount?

Junhyuk nodded and extended his hand. The plate took out 9,000G, and Bebe smiled like a crafty merchant and looked at Junhyuk.

How do you want it?

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