Legend Of Legends Chapter 156

Chapter 156: You Too! 2


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Any shape?


Can you make it contact lenses? Will I have to take them off?.

Items arent supposed to be taken off, so you wont feel uncomfortable even if you dont take them off.

I could wear them to sleep?


Then, make the lenses.

Bebe pulled out various potions and said, But remember one thing: when you become a hero and die, you will lose your item regardless of whether youve fixed it somewhere or not.

I understand.

Bebe poured some type of magic liquid on the glasses and sprinkled magic powder over them.

Do you want me to make round lenses?

Just regular lenses.


Bebe held the glasses and clapped his hands.


The glasses disappeared, and Bebe had two lenses on his hand.

Ill put them on for you.

He thought Bebes hands would be too big for Bebe to put them on him, but Bebe did it well. Junhyuk closed his eyes a few times and smiled.

This is really comfortable!

I made them the same color as your eyes. You wont have any problems and you can also wash them.

Thank you.

Its business. Dont thank me.

Junhyuk was set to go back to the battlefield when something came to his mind.

Im trying to bring items from my dimension here. Is there an item to detect such items?

You mean a detector?

Junhyuk was staring at Bebe full of hope, and Bebe nodded.

Sure. I have everything here.

How much is it?

Its really expensive.

Bebe opened a book and explained, Look at these. Items have powers on the battlefield. This detector looks for items in a ten-meter radius. More expensive detectors cover a larger area.

What about the ten-meter radius detector?

A hundred thousand gold. Cheap isnt it?


Think about how it helps you bring things here from your dimension. Ill even buy the things I find useful from you.

Ill use the useful things myself.

You are right, but there is a limit to how many items you can carry. You could sell them and earn money and, with that money, upgrade your items. Thats the first step to becoming a legend.

A legend? Junhyuk asked, and Bebe thought he was too nonchalant.

Why are heroes fighting like hell?


Items are expensive, and they are looking for ways to become stronger. But most importantly, they are trying to become legends. Becoming a legend means that you are superior to everyone. The Hall of Legends will have your name etched on it, and heroes with their names at the Hall get special rewards.

Junhyuk finally learned why the heroes were fighting and advancing through rounds. He didnt know what the special rewards were, but they had to be impressive for the heroes to be fighting like hell.

Junhyuk showed him his hand.


Sure. You dont have a lot, so you have to get the 9,000G detector.

Is it possible to upgrade it?

It is.

Ill get it.

He wanted to do his own legwork, so Junhyuk put his hand on the plate, and 9,000G was subtracted. He received a five millimeter cube in return.

How do I use it?

When you find something, it changes color. Within one meter, it will get red, and you will know what kind of item youve found.

One meter? Would I know which item to pick out without the detector? He had a chance now, unlike before. And what about within a ten-meter radius? That he couldnt do. He would have to keep focusing, and he couldnt do that the whole time. It would be nicer to own the ten-meter radius detector, but it was better than nothing. He could also upgrade it. It would be expensive, but he could start now.

Junhyuk took the cube and said, Ill go earn more money.

Do it. Ill have more things here.

I look forward to it.

Junhyuk was about to go out when Bebe threw a rock at him. Junhyuk caught it, and Bebe smiled.

Its a bonus.

What is this?

A return stone.

Junhyuk was surprised by the return stone, and Bebe smiled.

Its rechargeable. Each return is 500G. Not much at all!

How many times has it been charged for?

Basically, it has been charged three times. Three charges allow for one return. However, when you activate it, you cant be attacked for ten seconds. After you use it, you have to recharge it.

It must be expensive. Why are you giving it to me?

It is expensive, but I dont think you will die. So, you will use the return stone a lot. Youll have to recharge it many times. Im investing on you.

Thank you. Ill make good use of it.

Junhyuk bowed toward Bebe and headed outside. He had to find Kaljaque. Just the thought of it made him start getting a headache, but he still had to do it.

He had been running for a while looking for Kaljaque when he heard a soft voice.

[Guylsean killed Kaljaque.]

Junhyuk stopped running. He had a full-blown headache.

Why this troll!?!

He took out the return stone not expecting to use it so soon, but he had to meet Kaljaque upon his revival. The world turned white, and Junhyuk was standing in the room where he had started. He opened the door and went out. Kaljaque was very angry.


Kaljaque spouted out quickly, Good thing you are here! I had the buff so I fought and died. They attacked me. There were two of them. They are cowards.

The two of them were together?

No. One of them came out of the forest.

That was a relief. If Kaljaque had trusted his buff too much and fought two of them from the start, Junhyuk would have slapped him. He sighed instead.

First, we will stay at our tower and join Aktur. Then, well push for the enemy camp.

Good thinking.

Kaljaque propped his staff on his shoulder.

Lets go.

Kaljaque took the lead, and Junhyuk followed him and became curious.

The enemies had to reincarnate, and it had to take time. Where did you meet them?

Around the enemy tower.

Junhyuk wanted to ask why he had gone there, but he remained patient. If he asked, his headache would grow.

This time, listen to me carefully, and we will kill them both.

If we can kill them, I will listen to you.

Junhyuk wanted to say that he had to listen to him anyway, but he didnt say it. Their tower was destroyed, but Lugos and Gyulsean were not there.

He pulled out his communication device and thought of Aktur.

Aktur, do you see champions on your side? We cant find any?

Drakey is here alone! Be cautious.

Right. We are advancing now.

Drakey was over there, so there could only be two champions on his side. There was no need to worry.

Lets go to the tower.


Kaljaque wasnt thinking much. They moved past the broken tower and followed the path, running for a while until they found the enemy tower.

Gyulsean and Lugos were at the enemies second tower. The buffs had already ended, and it was time to fight again. So, Junhyuk looked at the enemies and whispered, I can attack from fifty meters away. I can attack before Gyulsean attacks, so when we get closer, take the lead. When Gyulsean gets blocked from long range, rush and take Lugos. I will kill Gyulsean first and help you kill Lugos.


Then, lets go.

Kaljaque dashed forward first, and Junhyuk followed him while unsheathing his swords. They ran together, but the enemy response was different from before. Before, Gyulsean would have attacked with her long range attack, but now, Lugos took the lead and was closing in. Gyulsean was behind him, keeping herself hidden. Junhyuk laughed hard.

Good thinking!

Lugos could survive Junhyuks attack. Junhyuk could only take 40 percent from Lugos health, but he didnt care and used his Spatial Slash anyway.


Gyulsean had been hiding behind Lugos, so she had to be confident. Then, she was hurt and screamed. When Junhyuk heard her, he shouted, Now!

Kaljaque rushed forward, and Lugos turned black. The two clashed, and Junhyuk passed by them and jumped. As Junhyuk was about to pass by Lugos, an arrow flew in his direction. However, Junhyuk teleported, getting closer to Gyulsean. His teleport had gotten him just shy of reaching her.

Gyulsean shot again, and Junhyuk raised his sword.


The arrow bounced off, but it still damaged him. Junhyuk gritted his teeth and got closer, and she pulled out her spear.

Gyulsean only had 30 percent of her health left. As Junhyuk approached her, Gyulsean stabbed at him with the spear. They exchanged blows, thinking about when the other side would use its powers.

If neither side used its powers, Junhyuk would have the advantage. He had dealt the first blow, and his opponents health was greatly reduced.

Drakey was skilled, but Gyulsean was also a great spear user. Since her lower body was that of a horse, he could call her a lancer. She was really good. He couldnt deliver any significant hits or knock her down. Gyulsean wasnt letting him get any closer either.

Then, Kaljaque ran toward Junhyuk.

Ill help.

Junhyuk wanted to shout at him to stay put. Kaljaque couldnt help, and Lugos attacked him from behind. Even so, Kaljaque went over. He got closer to Gyulsean and howled.


Gyulsean was paralyzed.

You did well!

Kaljaques power worked better than he expected, Junhyuk swung his sword at the paralyzed Gyulsean.

The attack created a shockwave that deal some damage to Lugos, who had been chasing Kaljaque. The important thing, however, was to kill Gyulsean first.

She had 20 percent of her health left, and three seconds was enough to kill her.

Junhyuk wanted to attack her with a combo, but Kaljaque was already raising his staff behind her back. Junhyuk stabbed her once, and Kaljaque stomped the ground.

Boom, boom, boom!

Junhyuk watched as Gyulsean slowly disappeared.

[Kaljaque killed Gyulsean.]

That was the second time, and Junhyuk was really angry. Kaljaque just smiled and said, I helped you. Now, lets kill Lugos.

Kaljaque moved toward Lugos, and Junhyuk stared at his back.

Is he doing this intentionally? Kaljaque might be intentionally keeping an eye out for the deathblows. The troll might be more intelligent that he thought, and he wanted to check. Is he doing it on purpose or was he just born that way?

Then, Ill kill Lugos.

Do it.

Junhyuk saved his Spatial Slash and ran toward Lugos.

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