Legend Of Legends Chapter 158

Chapter 158: It's a Relief 1


Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl


Kaljaque ran at full force, and Lugos stepped forward from the enemy camp. Kaljaques rush gave off quite a shock, and he could strike three times in a row against Gyulasean or Drakey, dealing heavy damage against them. So, Lugos had to jump into Kaljaques path.

Although Kaljaques actions were stupid, that didnt mean his attacks would be ineffective. Even as Lugos got in position, Gyulsean and Drakey didnt made a move. Both of them had long range attacks, but they still allowed Kaljaque to move in closer. They wanted him to be within the archers range.

Junhyuk looked at Aktur.

If something goes wrong, will Kaljaque just die?

Dont let that happen.

A noble light shone from Akturs blue eyes, and he took off. Junhyuk ran after him, and Kaljaque had already rushed. Kaljaque swung his staff, and Lugos turned black to take the hits.


Lugos was hit by Kaljaque, and Gyulsean quickly dashed from behind him and stabbed at Kaljaque with her spear. She hooked and launched him toward the enemy camp. Lugos was blocking his path, and Kaljaque was surrounded by all three champions. He was also within the range of the castle, so he started losing health fast.

Aktur arrived and launched his bandages. They wrapped around Drakey, and Aktur pulled him toward himself. Junhyuk gripped his swords tightly. They had planned to attack Drakey, but he had a lot of resistance.

With the pull, Drakey lost 20 percent of his health. Aktur summed the skeleton soldier right away, and all three of them rose from the ground. In response, Drakey summoned the tornado at the center of the skeletons.

They had expected Drakey to resist, but they didnt account for his tornado. Junhyuk started getting pulled into the tornado, but he teleported away. He couldnt do anything about the health he had lost, but he wouldnt let Drakey get away.

Junhyuk appeared behind Drakey and slashed at his back. However, Drakey shimmered away, and the sword sliced through empty space.

Absolute Dodge.

Drakey was bent on getting away from them. He was using all of his powers, and Junhyuk knew he couldnt attack the champion for three seconds. Still, he wouldnt let him get away. An arrow zoomed through the air behind Junhyuk, and he turned to dodge, but it hit his shoulder, damaging him.

Drakey wanted to take Junhyuk out before the tornado dissipated and launched the sound wave. His sound wave would deal 30 percent of Junhyuks total health in damage, and Junhyuk didnt want to be hit by it, so he teleported again.

He appeared next to Drakey and swung his sword, but the three seconds hadnt passed yet. Therefore, because of the Absolute Dodge, he sliced through the empty air again.

Drakey ran through an open space. If he went back into the archers range, the plan would fail. Junhyuk thought about using the Spatial Slash when Aktur extended his hands and said sinisterly, Escape? In front of me?

A pool of black ink covered the ground, and hands came out of it to hold Drakeys ankle. Drakey gritted his teeth and turned around holding tightly to his spear. His movement speed was cursed. He couldnt escape, and when he turned, Junhyuk was already there swinging his sword.


When fighting Drakey while without using his powers, Junhyuk had a hard time delivering any meaningful hits. If he wasted any more time, Kaljaque would die.

He started getting worried, and Aktur came over. His skeleton soldiers were still there, and the four of them attacked Drakey at the same time. Thats when Junhyuk found an opening and exploited it, slashing Drakeys ribs.

Up to that point, Junhyuk hadnt been able to inflict any damage on Drakey, but he had just delivered a critical hit that took off 12 percent of Drakeys health. For one hit, it was quite the damage. Junhyuk tried to continue the attack, raising the Frozen Rune Sword, but Drakey blocked it with the spear.


When he blocked Junhyuk, the skeleton soldiers slashed Drakeys back. They didnt deal a lot of damage to him, but Drakey was being attacked from all sides and started losing focus. He could only block Junhyuk and Aktur, so he allowed the skeletons attacks to go through. However, the skeleton soldiers attacks couldnt be overlooked.

Drakeys health fell to 50 percent, meaning that one Spatial Slash would kill him. Junhyuk faced a dilemma when, suddenly, Aktur shouted, You kill him!

Junhyuk wanted to save the Spatial Slash, but this was not the time to do it. He didnt want to let Kaljaque get any deathblows, but he had to kill Drakey and win the battle.

The Spatial Slash cut through Drakeys neck.


It was a fatal blow, and Drakey stopped breathing.

[You killed Drakey and earned 3,000G.]

Drakey was dead, and he turned to look at Kaljaque, who only had 10 percent of his health left. He could get killed at any moment.

Save him!

Victory wasnt assured yet, and Kaljaque had to live, so Junhyuk launched the force field on him.

Come this way!

The force field pushed Lugos back, and Kaljaque escaped. He started running, and Gyulsean shot her arrows at him but missed.

Kaljaque returned, and Junhyuk said, You fought hard.

Aktur stood in front of Kaljaque and said, Drink a potion.

Kaljaque drank it and stared at the enemy camp. Lugos and Gyulsean had retreated, and Junhyuk laughed at them.

They are scared.

Aktur smiled sinisterly and answered, Dont give them time to revive. Time is on their side.


After Kaljaque drank the potion and regained his health, he stepped forward.

Lets go attack right now!

After drinking the potion, he had 26 percent of his health left and dashed forward without looking back. Aktur smiled sinisterly.

This is a good time to use his skills, he whispered softly and ran.

Junhyuk ran after him. The lizardmen were engaged in a fierce struggle, and Junhyuk looked at the castle wall. There were only a few archers, but they were buffed. He couldnt ignore their attacks and he knew it. So, he thought of sweeping the lizardmen away.

Junhyuk ran toward the enemy minions and swung his sword. Lugos and Gyulsean were leaning against the castle wall and didnt have time to respond before he killed a lizardman.

He cut through the lizardmans stomach, and a shockwave spread from him, sweeping the rest of the enemy lizardmen. They fell quickly, and the allied lizardmen got some breathing room.

They looked at Junhyuk running, and he said, OK. While we deal with the enemy champions, you deal with the castles force field.

We dont need them!

Kaljaque ran forward and attacked Lugos. He might even have gained some sense as he used his powers from the start. Junhyuk thought they had a good chance of winning, but Kaljaques health was too low.

Junhyuk ran with Aktur, and Aktur raised his hand forward. The bandages wrapped around Gyulsean, and he pulled her toward him.

The skeleton soldiers cooldown was longer than Junhyuk had imagined, but pulling Gyulsean was already very impressive. Junhyuk and Aktur attacked her simultaneously, but she wasnt just taking the hits. She rushed suddenly toward Junhyuk, pushing him toward the flamewall.

Gyulseans rush pushed her opponent for five meters. He still had to wait to teleport, so he hit the wall, surprised.

The rush took off 20 percent of his health, and the wall took off another 10. He was still on the wall when Gyulsean attacked him with the spear. Junhyuk parried the attack with his sword and moved to block her path. He stood in her way and swung his sword, but Gyulsean blocked it the spear. She was hard to handle with just his swordsmanship.

However, Aktur was also there, and he scratched her hind legs with his nails, giving Junhyuk an opening. Junhyuk took it and slashed at her again.

Gyulsean was quickly losing her health and attacked Junhyuk. He didnt move or give her a path out. Instead, he continued to pressure her with his swings.

She pretended to block his sword, but pushed her spear farther in, hooking it on his back and throwing him. Junhyuk lost 15 percent of his health with the throw, and he hit the wall again, losing an additional 10 percent.

In a moment, Junhyuk had lost half of his health, and Gyulsean took the chance to run by him and away from the wall. However, when she passed him, Junhyuk swung the Frozen Rune Sword at her body. She had a lot of speed, but he had debuffed her. So, her speed decreased, and she couldnt get away.

Junhyuk stood in front of her again, Aktur attacked continuously. Again, she started losing health quickly.

When she had about 75 percent of her health left, Junhyuk felt that the Spatial Slash cooldown was over, and he used it right away.


Junhyuks Spatial Slash cut through her neck, taking 70 percent of her health with it. Aktur stabbed her with his nail. It went through her chest, coming out of her back, and Junhyuk heard a soft voice.

[Aktur killed Gyulsean.]

Junhyuk would have stolen the kill had it been Kaljaque, but he wanted a good relationship with Aktur, so he yielded the deathblow to him.

Thanks, Aktur told him.

Meanwhile, Kaljaque was still fighting Lugos and had lost a lot of health. He had about 5 percent left, and Lugos had 70 percent while the two exchanged blows.

Kaljaque could die at any moment, and Junhyuk shouted, Come here!

He howled suddenly.


Lugos was paralyzed, and Kaljaque passed through him, but the archers shot him in the back. Kaljaque had 1 percent of his health left when Junhyuk was finally able to touch him.

Junhyuk teleported and retreated while Aktur took over the fight with Lugos. They attacked each other, and Junhyuk looked at Kaljaque.

Wait here. You cant die, you know?

But Lugos is mine!

Then, you can deliver the final hit, he said, but he wouldnt let Kaljaque do it.

If Kaljaque rested, he would quickly regain his health. Leaving Kaljaque behind, Junhyuk went toward Aktur and joined the fight against Lugos.

The archers concentrated their attacks on Junhyuk and Aktur, and Junhyuk was losing and regaining health. In any case, he wouldnt allow every arrow to hit him.

Lugos knew he was alone against the two, and his body turned black. He was standing his ground. Junhyuk and Aktur seemed unable to deal significant damage to him, and the enemies could revive as time passed.

They exchanged small amounts of damage, but Lugos was losing his health little by little. However, Junhyuks cooldown was over. Lugos had 20 percent of his health left. Junhyuk had 40 percent of his health left, and he teleported back. As Junhyuk moved back, Kaljaque dashed forward. He had 15 percent of his health and rushed Lugos.

Lugos health was low, and Kaljaque raised his staff. Thats when Lugos stomped the ground.


Kaljaque and Aktur flew in the air, but Junhyuk was out of reach and sliced through Lugos eyes with the Spatial Slash.

[You killed Lugos and earned 3,000G.]

Junhyuk Lee! Kaljaque shouted, still in the air and extending his hand to attack, but Lugos was already dead.

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