Legend Of Legends Chapter 170

Chapter 170: The Power of Money 2


Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl


Vera took the Flame Flower Orb from Bebe and held it in one hand. It was a sphere, and inside that sphere there was an eternal flame burning bright white. It looked like it belonged to fire mages.

Vera purchased it and smiled, And give me upgrade stones, five of them.

You want to upgrade it five times?

I need to at least do the basic upgrades.

Each stone was worth 50,000G, so she was spending 250,000G like it was nothing. Junhyuk was dumbfounded, and he understood why the heroes were so happy to see him.

Vera took the upgrade stones from Bebe and used them. She upgraded it five times in sequence and was successful. Junhyuk was dumbstruck again.

It already looked like the item was effective, and she had upgraded it five times. She had a smile from cheek to cheek, and Junhyuk asked carefully, Did it get buffed?

Its basic attack hasnt improved much, but the fire magic damage has increased by 30 percent.

Junhyuk was very surprised. All of Veras magic used fire, so she had increased her damage by 30 percent. She would be more powerful than ever before.

Vera had finished and kept smiling.

We are done. Let go.

Have the other heroes also been here? Junhyuk asked carefully.

Artlan showed a rare smile.

Yes. The three of them have equipped themselves and headed to the same place. They should be up there already.

Vera spun the Flame Flower Orb on her hand and said, Then, as we planned, we will take the lower path, and the first group will move to the center.

Junhyuk watched them get new equipment, and the other three had done the same. This battlefield would be doable. They took the lower path and saw people destroying their tower.

Bater, Regina and Adolphe were damaging it with the riflemen.

There were two heroes, a champion, and fifty riflemen, and they had nearly destroyed the tower. Junhyuk looked back, and his side wanted to move fast, leaving the minions behind.

Artlan, Vera, Junhyuk and Sarang arrived. The minions wouldnt change the outcome of the battle, so he wasnt worried.

What should we do?

Vera smiled brightly, spinning her orb in her hand and said, They havent seen us. We will hit them hard from the start.

She was using her ultimate, and Junhyuk stood in front of her. Artlan held his position for her and her ultimate, meaning to advance at any time. Sarang stood behind Junhyuk. Before the enemies had a chance to see them, Vera would use her ultimate, and Junhyuk and his team would have the advantage.

Is that a relief?

The towers defenses were almost gone, and the enemy was fiercely attacking it. The battle had just started, so if they could destroy a tower, they would have the advantage. However, because of that, they were so focused on the tower that Vera finished casting.

If the enemies had found out beforehand, they might have been able to escape, but the meteors fell from the sky onto their heads while they attacked the tower.

Regina responded first. She moved at high speed. However, she still lost 40 percent of her health in the escape. If she hadnt dashed away, the damage wouldve been much higher. Even though she escaped the impact, she was still getting hurt. Lesser black flames dealt continuous damage, so her health decreased by 2 percent with each passing second.

Junhyuk looked at Bater. He had only lost 25 percent of his health from the Meteor Showers direct hit, but he was also losing 2 percent of his health every second.

Bater turned and ran toward the allies. He wasnt very fast, so he was hit by another falling meteor that took another chunk of his health on impact. Things were going well.

Although he was only a champion, Adolphe had only lost 50 percent of his health, but he was also losing health continuously. The ultimate had been a big success. The enemies had lost half of their healths, so this fight would be easy for the allies.

Junhyuk wanted to kill one of two, so he needed to time his Spatial Slash correctly. He went for Regina since she had the highest probability of dying from the hit.

Adolphe ran and stuck his saw blade on the ground. Suddenly, two blue energy boomerangs took flight. So far, nobody had been able to escape them. As Junhyuk watched the boomerangs, Artlan jumped. The enemies were running toward the allies, so Artlan quickly closed in on Regina and attacked her.

Her ultimate was the most dangerous. To prevent her from using it, Artlan attacked her first. Junhyuk smacked his lips.

Artlan had made up his mind on Regina, so Junhyuk wouldnt be able to deliver the final hit. If he did, Artlan would get angry.

He looked at Baters eyes instead of Regina. Bater had a lot of health, so he wouldnt be able to kill him with the Spatial Slash. He needed to time it right.

Artlan jumped, and the blue energy boomerang tied Vera up. The other boomerang turned and suddenly flew toward Junhyuk. He wouldnt escape from it, so instead he want to put an end to his problem. Bater advanced like a tank and pointed his fists toward Junhyuk. To stop him, Junhyuk felt necessary to launch the force field.

Bater closing in and punched right when Junhyuks force field came out, and Baters fist pounded against it.

The force field  shook, and Bater was pushed off. Junhyuk looked at Vera. She had cast the meteors and was now casting her magic against Bater.

The fire spear and the fire orb made a series of explosion that hit Bater and took 30 percent of his health. He had 35 percent left.

Artlan was putting a lot of pressure on Regina. He jumped on her and dealt his 7-Hit Combo. She was left with 30 percent of her health.

They were both down to 30 percent, but their health pools were different, Bater basically had more health overall than Regina. He and Adolphe turned away from Junhyuks group because they had the force field around them. For ten seconds, nothing would get through, and their attacks had no meaning.

They ran toward Artlan.

Junhyuk saw an opportunity in their change. Artlan had 85 percent of health, and it was from a big pool, but if they focused on him, he could die.

It was a close-quarters battle, and Junhyuk could strike with the Spatial Slash. The shockwaves made concentric circles, and they would deal half of the damage. Time would come for him to act.

Adolphe slashed Artlans back, and Artlan was paralyzed. Regina shot her rifle on him, and Artlan started losing health quickly. Bater came up to him and one-two comboed him. The three were attacking him, and Artlan lost 40 percent of his health. If that continued, Artlan would die first.

Vera cast a firewall. Since she changed weapons, Veras fire magic dealt more damage. Bater and Adolphe stood in the firewall, quickly losing their healths, so they stepped back. Adolphe wanted to finish Artlan off and raised his sword. If the 10-meter blue energy strike hit Artlan, he would lose the rest of his health, and Bater was also attacking him.

Junhyuk wanted to grab a hold of Artlan and teleport, so he was about to move, but Vera said first, Wait. We can kill them both.

She threw a fire spear that would deal 30 percent damage to Bater. He had 35 percent of his health, and she could kill him. Artlan started moving again and launched his saber at Regina. It was a short distance to throw, and Regina couldnt escape.

She was left with 15 percent of his health, and Junhyuk shouted, Sarang!

Sarang shot her electric blast. Before they had the chance to use their powers, Adolphe and Bater were paralyzed. After that, Veras fire spear hit Bater. He was pushed into an orb that had already been set, and it exploded, leaving him with 3 percent of his health.

Junhyuk seized the opportunity and used his Spatial Slash.

Bater was hit in the back of his neck, and his mouth hung loose. It was a critical hit, and the strike created shockwaves. The blood-colored concentric shockwave swept the other enemies away. Bater vomited blood and fell, and the shockwave hit Adolphe as he tried to retreat. Regina was holding her eyepatch and started bleeding heavily. She disappeared.

Artlan was about to behead her, so he stopped and turned slowly.


Im sorry.

He hadnt known that would happen. Junhyuks Spatial Slash had killed Bater, and the shockwave killed Regina. She only had 10 percent of her health left after Artlans attacks. The Spatial Slash delivered a fatal hit, and the shockwave killed Regina.

One hit, two kills.

Junhyuk had only wanted to kill one, but they had both died, Artlan and Veras eyes were changing, and he understood why.

Artlan aimed his saber at Junhyuk and moved to his side.


Adolphe blocked the attack, and Artlan decided on an all-out attack against him. Sarang used her regeneration power on Artlan.

Adolphe had a lot of health left, but Artlans attack was superior. Even without using his power, he exchanged blows that left Adolphe cornered.

Vera wasnt just watching it all. She cast a fire spear at him, and Adolphe quickly lost his health. Artlan lowered Adolphes saw blade with one saber and slashed his neck with the other. Adolphe gritted his teeth and stared hard back at Artlan, and Artlan slashed deeper through him before he had the chance to speak.

He didnt want to listen to Adolphes stupid barking. After watching Adolphe disappear, he turned around, put his head on Junhyuks shoulder and said, I earned a lot because of you, so Im forgiving you.

Ill be more careful.

Use your Spatial Slash as the first strike. Youll have the chance to use it again, so dont save it from now on.

The first strike is honest.

He had sinned, so he just agreed. Artlan laughed at Junhyuk and patted his shoulder.

We won. Take your things, and well move.


Junhyuk picked up the items left by Regina and Bater, and Vera put him in a headlock.

You! What did I tell you?

Sorry! he shouted.

Dont forget it. This was last time, she whispered in his ear.


She patted his shoulder lightly.

OK. But then again, dont be afraid of the last hits. Use your power at important moments.

I understand.

Just like Artlan had said, he should deal the first strike. He had killed two at the same time, so they were murdering him with their glares. Junhyuk picked up Reginas cogwheel and Baters steel bracelet and smiled away from Artlan and Vera.

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