Legend Of Legends Chapter 171

Chapter 171: The Power of Money 3


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Junhyuk quickly inspected the items.


Madness Gear (Socket Item)

Attack Speed +5%

Attack +10

Simply socket the item to a bracer, and it will increase your attack and attack speed. Its expensive, and its effectiveness is well known. Attack speed increases by 5 percent, and attack increases by ten.


He could socket it to his gauntlet, and it would increase his attack and attack speed. Regina usually dropped socket items, and he was grateful.

He could sell it to Bebe, but he would only get half the price, so he wanted to use it for himself. The boost in attack was as good as a Pure Golden Knight Bracelet. It wasnt a set item, but Junhyuk was happy, and he inspected the steel bracelet as well.


Iron Walls Steel Bracelet

Defense +40

Health +300

Essential for any tank, it gives the wearer high health and defense. It increases defense by forty and health by three hundred.


Junhyuk had no intention of becoming a tank. His ideal hero was Artlan, who was a balanced type, and attack received a bigger focus in balanced heroes. Thats if he could become a hero. In the current situation, he picked up the dropped items and wore them. If he sold them to Bebe, he wouldnt get much out of them.

Junhyuk put the Iron Walls Steel Bracelet on and felt his health increasing.


He socketed the Madness Gear on his gauntlet and made a fist. He had killed two heroes with one attack. He had experienced a lot of danger in his life, but he could now earn a lot more. Junhyuk smiled with satisfaction and looked back. Artlan and Vera were killing the remaining minions. He looked at the allies tower. Its force field was nearly gone.

We dont have any minions with us, but we will destroy the tower. Sarang has a regenerative power, so we wont lose any health.

Junhyuk nodded and went toward the enemy tower. It had no riflemen, just archers, and it would be easy to take it down.

Artlan attacked first, and the rest of them followed him. Sarang used her health regeneration on Artlan, and they were all topped up while destroying the tower.

Their towers force field was almost gone, but it was still standing. The allies were winning.

Artlan looked at the destroyed enemy tower, pulled out a crystal ball and closed his eyes. He was communicating with the other heroes, and Junhyuk just stared at him.

Then, he opened his eyes.

In the upper area, only one enemy hero appeared, so they killed him and destroyed the tower. They want to meet us in the center, so lets go.


Three had attacked one and killed the hero. Junhyuks group attacked two, so there had to be another two in the center, and attacking the center would mean killing all enemy heroes.

Both groups had destroyed a tower. The allies were winning, and they had to hurry. They ran toward the central tower. The heroes from the upper path would join them. As the group ran, they saw the other heroes by the tower.

Their tower was already destroyed, and Junhyuk smacked his lips.

Thinking about it, the first tower was nearly destroyed.

If two enemy heroes came this way, the tower wouldve been destroyed. Artlan and Vera had been together, and the other allied tower was almost destroyed. It was bound to happen without any allied heroes in that place.

Junhyuk looked around, and Diane walked over to him and slapped his butt.


He covered it with both of his hands and looked back. Diane was just standing there, smiling at him.

I earned a lot because of you.

He thought he had a chance, so he pulled out the Twin-Headed Ogres Umbilical Cord.

Artlan told me you want to enhance your bowstring? How about this?

Diane took it, looked it over and smiled.

I couldnt find any when I was hunting. You got one?!

Do you want to buy it?

She blinked.

You want money from me! Are you selling it?

He smiled and pulled the cord from her hand.

If you dont want it, its fine.

Junhyuk turned around, and Diane gave out a hearty laugh.

You cant take a joke. Ill buy it.

He turned around smiling, and Diane summoned her plate.

Put your hand on it.

He did, and it displayed his gold: 19,240G.

He had gotten items instead of money for killing the two heroes. He only got money when he helped in killing a hero, so he hadnt gotten much this time around. However, he got two more items, so it didnt matter much. Still, it was better to have more money, and he wanted to upgrade his equipment.

Then, the number shot to 79,240G, and Junhyuk looked at her. Diane smiled at him with her eyes.

I gave you some more.

Its not just some!

Dont worry. I needed the item.

Junhyuk was curious about how much they had bet on him, and Halo walked over and pushed his helmet down.

They destroyed the central tower and retreated.

Artlan thought for a moment and said, Two isnt enough to kill a dragon. Well destroy their tower and find a buff monster.

We are five. Its better for us to go kill the dragon now, Halo suggested, and Artlan nodded in agreement.

It might be too early, but its still a good idea. What do you think?


Everyone agreed, and they dashed out to destroy the tower. With five heroes on one tower, it was too easy. They pulverized it quickly and headed toward the Dragons Valley. Junhyuk looked at Vera.

Can you give me another mana stone?

You want things from the Dimensional Battlefield?

Yes. If you have anything else other than mana stones, Ill take it.

You are greedy.

Nudra said, Dont take too many things from the Dimensional Battlefield.

Junhyuk looked at him, and Nudra continued, If you find things from the Dimensional Battlefield in your dimension, it means the distance between the two is decreasing.

What do you mean?

Are you the first champion?


Then, theyll send monsters there.

How did you know? Junhyuk asked.

We are heroes, so it doesnt concern us, but when champions rise, they send monsters to make more champions.

Junhyuk nodded heavily.

Its a mess. They started with low-ranking monsters, so I killed them. But they sent stronger monsters.

Right. It isnt easy to deal with the administration. Dont do too much, or they will send even stronger monsters.

Junhyuk had learned his predictions were right, and Nudra continued, When you take things from here, the distance between the Dimensional Battlefield and there will decrease. More monsters will appear in your dimension as a consequence.

The appearance of monsters increases just by taking things from here? he asked.

Sarang was listening and said, Iron soldiers need to use mana stones to deal with the monsters!

Nudra smiled bitterly.

From a snakes venom, you can make its antidote. When there is a problem, there is a solution.

What about it? When you take things from here, more monsters will show up. To deal with those monsters, you need more things from here, Vera said.

Junhyuk nodded, and Vera whispered to him, The lowest-ranked spirit stones can be used to kill monsters.

Is that true?

Spirit stones burned everything, and Elise might be able to come up with a new weapon by studying them.

Junhyuk wanted more things from the Dimensional Battlefield. He would sell them, and they would research them to help them fight monsters in the future. He would put the things in the Spatial Bag, and they would come up with new ways to fight monsters.

He saw the Dragons Valley from far away and looked at Sarang.

This time, you take some.

Really?! I can?

Mana stones could be worth $700 million, and Sarang was nervous. Junhyuk smiled at her.

You are qualified to own one, but dont sell it. Keep it. Monsters will appear, so sell it when you have to.


She smiled, glad that she would own something worth $700 million.

Vera looked at Junhyuk.

The mana stones come from the Dragons Valley, but there are other things out there as well. You can find bloodstones from the buff monster Wolf Warlord.


He could also get a nice amount for bloodstones.

Diane, who had been listening, asked, Why are you taking stones back?

What should I take back?

She touched a tree.

This tree is different from what you see in your dimension. It can produce things on a completely different scale.

Will there be more monsters if I take this back?

Diane laughed aloud.

It could happen, but it will help you more than it hurts.

She broke off a twig and gave it to Junhyuk.

Take it back with you.

He took it and put it in his Spatial Bag, and her eyes widened.

Really?! When did you get a Spatial Bag?

It was the reward from the Champions Battlefield.

She smiled and looked at the trees.

Dont just take anything you want. Ask me about the trees. If not, it may be dangerous for your dimension.

He became nervous about what she had said, and Diane slapped his butt loudly.

Just take what I give you.

He knew the heroes would have the most knowledge. They gave him a mana stone and told him where to find bloodstones. If he had time, he will go after the Wolf Warlord and take the bloodstone with him. Dianes gift might also be expensive.

It was a good thing he had a good relationship with the heroes. They talked and arrived at the Dragons Valley. Junhyuk looked at the group.

We dont have any minions with us?

Why? Scared?


Minions could only draw the dragons attention at the start. There was no reason to be scared, and Junhyuk didnt have to take the lead.

Then, lets go?

Artlan lead the group to the narrow entrance of the Dragons Valley. The dragon was sleeping. Junhyuk learned something new. He was a champion now, and his soul was bigger, so he learned that the dragon was really dangerous. He could see it much better now.

Artlan stepped forward.

Weve upgraded our equipment. Kill it before the enemy gets here.

Artlan dashed forward, and Junhyuk followed him. A small spider was watching all of their movements at the Dragons Valley.

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