Legend Of Legends Chapter 172

Chapter 172: Dilemma 1


Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl


Artlan took off, and Halo ran after him. Vera went further in and readied her meteors. The dragon was raising its gigantic body, and Junhyuk gulped. He couldnt believe the dragon was actually limited. That was Kaloyan, the dragon.

Junhyuk relearned that dragons were supreme existences, summoned his dual swords and stared at it. Sarang put her hand on his back.

He looked at her, and she asked smiling, Big brother, are you scared shitless?

You sound so pretty, he said to her and felt his nerves ease. Looking at the dragon again, he added, Thats a restrained dragon. Im scared of what it might do at our dimension.

Even funnier to him were the heroes who were hurting the dragon. In a one-on-one combat-situation, heroes couldnt kill a dragon, but when there were many heroes, they got it done. Those were heroes.

Junhyuk watched them and knew he was still far from being one of them. He had to get stronger.

Artlan and Halo got the dragons attention. Artlan had raised his health, while Halo had increased his attack. The dragon was bleeding profusely, and Halo was certainly different from before.

The dragon didnt stop bleeding. It looked like Halo had equipped himself with a damage-over-time item. Halo swung his sword quickly, so adding damage over time would be the most effective.

Nudra protected Vera, and Diane was waiting with her bow drawn. She had to have bought new items, so her attack would be critical to the dragon.

Artlan and Halo kept the dragon occupied while Vera cast Meteor Shower. From the sky, inflamed meteors fell and hit the dragon hard.


The dragon roared, beat its wings and swung its tail. Artlan jumped, and Halo lay on his stomach on the ground.

The dragon had a lot of health, and it wouldnt have been killed even if all meteors had hit it. Now, it was going wild, but Diane winked at Junhyuk.

I got something as well. Look.

Diane loosened the arrow, and it flew across the empty air. The arrow shone with two moonlight glows. When it hit the dragons eye, the moonlight energies rushed into it.


The dragon stomped around, and Diane moved, smiling at Junhyuk.

What do you think? Its killer, huh?

What was that?

The arrowhead gets two additional energies, and each energy deals an additional 10 percent damage. I got that kind of item now. Its more expensive than an ordinary weapon, but I got it because of you.

Every attack dealt an additional 20 percent damage. It was definitely not an ordinary item, and Diane was one of their main attackers. If she got such an item, she would be the most dangerous hero.

Junhyuk turned to looks at the valleys entrance, and something appeared from it. It was two huge fists. He quickly extended his hand, but Diane was hit in the back before he could get to her. She bounced to the front of their formation, and Junhyuk launched a force field around her.

Baters rocket punches hit her, but she wasnt dead. She had lost 70 percent of her health, however. The enemies were surprise attacking from the rear, and Bater wasnt alone.

Junhyuk had launched the force field, and bullets ricochet off of it. Those were certainly from Killa.

We have enemy heroes at our backs!

They didnt intend to steal the dragon, but were instead attacking while the allies fought the dragon. Unless the allies got out of the valley, they would also be attacked by the dragon. The enemies had joined forces with it.

Killer timing, Junhyuk complained, and Sarang stood next to Vera.

We have to block the entrance.

What are you talking about?

Please, cast your firewall!

Then, Bater and Jean Clo ran through the valleys entrance. They were big and had the highest health, so they dashed to block the allies way out.

Sarang cast her electric blast on the two of them, and both were paralyzed. Then, Vera cast the firewall, dealing continuous damage. The flames dealt the highest damage, and Bater and Jean Clo started losing their health.

Kill Bater! Vera shouted.

She threw a fire spear, and Diane shot five arrows that were covered by ten moonlight glows.


Veras fire spear hit Bater head on, and he staggered. Thats when Dianes arrows all hit him along with the ten moonlight energies. Vera had also already set a fire orb, and there were a series of explosions. Bater suddenly lost half of his health. Considering Baters health was very high, Vera and Dianes weapons were putting an amazing damage display after the upgrades. They would be able to kill him before the forcefield dissipated.

Junhyuk kept an eye on Jean Clo and grabbed Vera and Diane and teleported. The enemies were coming through the entrance, and the allies were now in their path. Jean Clo tried to avoid the firewall, but he couldnt because the force field was blocking his path. So, he continued to take damage.

Bater retreated after seeing the force field, but Junhyuk used his Spatial Slash as Bater was stepping back. Like Artlan had said, the enemy lacked regenerative powers, so it was a good idea to use the Spatial Slash more frequently.

The Spatial Slash hit the back of Baters neck, and he vomited blood. The strike created a shockwave that swept through the others.

Bater lost 20 percent of his health. He had already lost half of his health, so now he had 30 percent left. Sarang regenerated some of Dianes health, bumping her from 30 to more than 50 percent.

The allies had the upper hand, but two heroes were fighting the dragon. Things could turn at any time.

Artlan read Junhyuks mind and shouted, Block them for a moment! Well kill the dragon first and give you support.

It wasnt easy to kill a dragon. Veras and Dianes ultimates had hit the dragon hard, but it still had a lot of health left.

The force field and the firewall were blocking the entrance, and Diane fired five more arrows. They zoomed out with ten moonlight glows and hit the people trying to enter the valley. Bater had 20 percent of his health left, and Nudra moved out.

He was covered by the Rising Dragon and front-kicked Bater, who was pushed back and left with 5 percent of his health. Nudra was now on the enemies side and extended both hands. Gusts wooshed out of his hands, pushing back Jean Clo and hitting Bater, who disappeared.

The enemies had surprise attacked and almost killed Diane, but the allies managed to kill Bater first with their concentrated attack. Their powers had grown exponentially. Junhyuk witnessed the power of money and looked at the enemies side. They kept coming, and the force field disappeared.

It was time to fight head on, but his side only had three heroes. They were fewer in number and also lacked a tank who could take the lead and block. Jean Clo tapped his still chin and approached.

You got us at the beginning.

Junhyuk realized his situation wasnt great. Artlan and Halo were fighting the dragon, and the dragon was coming their way. He saw the dragon approaching and thought of something. Dragons breathed in a straight line, so it would be nice if the dragon decided to breathe fire on the allies.

He pulled out a crystal and spoke to Artlan.

Lure the dragon so it can breathe our way!

Good thinking. Wait few more seconds.

Dont let them get away from the valleys entrance. Stay close to me. We must teleport, he whispered to his group.

OK, Nudra said.

Nudra had the highest health among allies, so he had to take the front. Vera and Diane attacked. During their cooldowns, the allies used their normal attacks, but since the upgrade, even their normal attacks were deadly.

Jean Clo ran ahead first, and the attacks were focused on him. Noise of gunfire sounded out from behind him. Killa had the longest range, and Vera staggered and stepped back. Killa dealt absurd damage. Vera had been hit once, but she lost 25 percent of her health.

Adolphe stepped up and struck with the 10-meter blue energy. The allies had gathered in one place to block entrance, so the blue energy could be deadly.

The Spatial Slash was under cooldown, but Diane shot an arrow with two moonlight glows.


Adolphe was hit, and the activation of his power was cancelled. She had just bought them more time.

Regina took Baters place and pulled out her pistol and cutlass. Junhyuk realized something: Doctor Tula wasnt there.

Where is he?

Junhyuk looked for him, but Doctor Tula was coming down from one of the walls. When he saw Junhyuk looking for him, he fired the spider web.

The doctor had aimed for Nudra, so Nudra was tied up, and Jean Clo grabbed him and jumped up. He started spinning in the air while someone shot Nudras back. Nudra could end up dying.

Junhyuk realized the cooldown for the Spatial Slash had ended, but he couldnt attack Jean Clo at that point. He looked for another target for his power. He could do the most damage to Killa, but he couldnt kill her with one hit.

While he thought about what to do, Adolphe stabbed his sword into the ground. Two blue energy boomerangs flew out, one wrapping around Vera and the other around Diane. All allied heroes were tied up.

Junhyuk stopped hesitating and used the Spatial Slash. It traveled toward Doctor Tula, hitting the his neck in a critical hit. Doctor Tula had focused more on attack, so his defense was low, and he lost 40 percent of his health. The shockwave from the strike swept through Regina and Adolphe.

Then, Jean Clo finally slammed Nudra against the ground.


Nudra got up staggering, and Junhyuk heard Artlan, Its time.

Nudra! Junhyuk shouted.

Nudra launched a whirlwind that sent all of the enemies back toward the entrance. Then, he retreated over to Junhyuk. All of the heroes touched him, and he grabbed Sarangs hand. Junhyuk turned to look and saw the dragons firebreath heading their way. He teleported, and the dragons breath covered the valleys entrance.

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