Legend Of Legends Chapter 174

Chapter 174: Dilemma 3


Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl


Junhyuk inspected the enemies. Jean Clos health was at 6 percent, Killas at 54 percent and Adolphes at 20 percent. Among them, Killa was the most dangerous, but there was no way to kill her. She had the longest range and was in the back.

Junhyuk looked at Artlan. He had 43 percent of his health left.

Jean Clo could already regenerate his health fast, and now that he had Kaloyans buff, he was quickly regaining it.

Artlan looked at Jean Clo and asked, Force field?

Still twenty seconds left.

Its a tough situation, he said and looked at Killa readying another shot. We kill Jean Clo first.

Are you OK without your saber?

Do look after me.

Junhyuk smiled bitterly, and Artlan stopped speaking and dashed forward. He was running empty-handed, and Junhyuk followed him.

Jean Clo knew all he had to do was kill Artlan, and they would win. Junhyuk teleported. Regina had died, and from the spot where she had disappeared, Junhyuk picked up a saber and threw it at Artlan. Jean Clo had already grabbed Artlan by the neck and was lifting him up, and Artlan grabbed the saber and cut Jean Clos forearm. Once that happened, the shot rang out.


The bullet hit the middle of Artlans forehead. It was a critical hit, taking off 30 percent of his health. Junhyuk was very scared. Artlan had 13 percent of his health remaining. If the chokeslam went through, he would die.

Junhyuk ran toward Jean Clo, but Adolphe blocked his path. Junhyuks expression darkened, and he said, Move aside.

I wont.

Adolphe wielded his saw-bladed sword, and Junhyuk took a step forward. He had already used his teleports, so he couldnt help Artlan. He had to deal with Adolphe, but Adolphe had also already used his powers and couldnt get rid of Junhyuk easily.

Meanwhile, however, Artlan could be killed.

Two electric blasts flew in, one hitting Jean Clo and the other Adolphe. Both were paralyzed, and Junhyuk seized the opportunity to stab Adolphes neck with the Blood Rune Sword. Because he was paralyzed, Adolphe allowed the critical hit, losing 15 percent of his health. Junhyuk used the Frozen Rune Sword to slash through Adolphes ribs, and he disappeared.

Artlan was pushing his saber into the middle of Jean Clos forehead. Jean Clo was also paralyzed and couldnt escape the fatal hit. He disappeared, and Junhyuk felt more confident.

The allies would win. Only Killa remained.

However, his confidence disappeared just as quickly as it appeared. Killa had spent a long time on the battlefield and could read the situation. She ran, firing her pistols.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!

The seven shots hit Artlan, taking the rest of his health, and he disappeared. Artlan was dead, and Junhyuk didnt wait around. He dashed toward Killa. Junhyuk still had to wait on the Spatial Slashs cooldown. It was almost over, but he had to stay alive until then.

Killa fired her pistols at Junhyuk as he ran toward her. He knew he couldnt survive if he got hit. She had the highest attack among his enemies and the allied heroes as well. He rolled on the ground, but he couldnt escape her that easily. A bullet grazed his shoulder, and he lost 10 percent of his health. He wasnt expecting to lose that much from the pistols. She was attacking normally and not using a power. So, he looked at her nervously, and she closed the gap between them, placing her pistol against his forehead.

Got you.

He didnt have a chance to reply before she pulled the trigger, but the cooldown for the force field was over. The ivory light covered his body, and the bullet bounced off of it.

Sarang also entered the force field and fired an electric arrow at Killa. Sarangs basic attack didnt do much damage. When Killa was hit by it, she lost 2 percent of her health. She had Kayolans buff and 54 percent of her health remained. If things stayed that way, Junhyuk wouldnt be able to kill her.

He swung his swords. The Frozen Rune Sword quickly slashed her, and Killa lost 5 percent of her health. He continued to attack, and Killa retreated quickly. She couldnt attack him with the force field around him, so she decided she needed to step back. However, Killa thought wrong.

In the last battlefield, Killa lost her boot item, and Junhyuk got it from her. Now, he had her boost in movement and he could move faster than her. Killa had been cut by the Frozen Rune Sword, so her speed had decreased. The distance between them was diminishing.

She realized that retreating wouldnt be easy, but she couldnt let herself be attacked for ten seconds, and Junhyuk had the Spatial Slash. If it hit, it could be fatal, so her life was definitely in danger.

Killa clicked her tongue and turned around. Junhyuk slashed with his swords, and Killa blocked the strikes with her pistols. Meanwhile, Sarang continued to fire her electric arrow.

Killa could deal with Junhyuk alone, but she was letting herself be hit by Sarang. She was losing 2 percent of her health at a time, but if that continued, things could turn dangerous.

Junhyuk was astonished while attacking her. She wasnt attacking, but defending instead, and she was impressive. Junhyuks dual swordsmanship couldnt hit her once. However, Sarang was slowly picking away at her.

Sarang was getting used to her electric arrow and started looking for Killas weak spots.

Killas health was at 40 percent, and Junhyuk realized he could use the Spatial Slash. He needed to time it just right to finish her off, but the force field only had three seconds left.

Junhyuk swung his swords, and Killa learned something from his attacks. He was about to use the Spatial Slash, and the force field had little time left.

She knew the range of his Spatial Slash. It was longer than her own, so she jumped to put some distance between them. She got away from him, but he could still cover the range with the Spatial Slash. Then, she put her pistols away and pulled out her rifle, aiming it at him.

She had jumped away from him, but he could still use the Spatial Slash. He dashed forward as the force field disappeared, and Killa smiled and pulled the trigger. Junhyuk gritted his teeth and turned.


He heard the gunfire and felt like he had lost his shoulder. He avoided a critical hit, but he was extremely damaged. With one bullet, he lost 50 percent of his health. If it had been a critical hit, he wouldve been killed.

Junhyuk slashed with the Frozen Rune Sword, and Killa moved. She thought she could dodge the Spatial Slash completely or at least a critical hit. However, he knew what she was thinking, which is why he swung the Frozen Rune Sword first. The Blood Rune Sword had a greater attack.

He could use the Spatial Slash without swinging his sword, so he used it with the Blood Rune Sword, slashing her neck.


As it happened, she lost a lot of her health, and as she lost health, Junhyuk regained some of his. The Blood Rune Sword dealt a lot of damage, and he regained a lot of his.

Junhyuk saw that Killa has 3 percent of her health left. He had been just short of killing her, and she turned around and closed in on him, brandishing her two pistols. She could kill him that way, but Junhyuks teleport was out of cooldown.

She pulled the trigger, and he teleported. Suddenly, he appeared next to her and started swinging his sword. He could kill her with one hit. Junhyuks attack could deal 5 percent of Killas health, but she turned toward him and smiled.

Bang, bang!

She had placed her two pistols in front of her and fired the shockwaves, her ultimate. Junhyuk bounced away from the shock. He hit a wall, and his health fell to its lowest. Killa walked over and fired her pistols.

He could die, but he wasnt worried about it and teleported again. He couldnt kill Killa at that point and he knew there was nothing else he could do, so he teleported to where Doctor Tula died and picked up the gloves the doctor dropped. Once he did, Killa shot him.

His health was gone. The world started disappearing around him, and he saw Sarang.


Killa had regained 1 percent of her health, leaving her with 4 percent, and Sarang couldnt deal with Killas attack. Junhyuk had health-boosting items, but she didnt have any. She wouldnt survive any of Killas attacks. She had to run.

Suddenly, Sarang fired her electric blast. It was still under cooldown, which meant that she had used her item. Killa was paralyzed, and Sarang fired her electric arrows. Killa started disappearing, and Junhyuk watched it all as his vision turned blank.

The harsh emptiness loomed over him again.



He gasped for breath and looked around. Junhyuk had revived in the white room, and he touched his forehead. He could feel it over himself every time he died, and he didnt want to experience it again.

Junhyuk looked around him and saw the amount he had earned: 102,240G. He thought 30,000G of it belonged to Sarang and inspected his new item, Doctor Tulas glove.


Precise Mechanical Glove

Intelligence +100

Defense +10

Accuracy +50

Doctor Tula made this. It may be his finest creation. The glove itself has intelligence and has supported the doctor. It increases intelligence by 100, defense by 10 and accuracy by 50.


Junhyuk smacked his lips. It would be a really good item for Sarang.

I should give this to her instead of the 30,000G!

Most items were at least 200,000G, and selling them would net him 100,000G., but he wouldnt charge her.

He summoned the Kasha.

Sarang, are you alive?

The Kashas wings fluttered.

Im going to the Dimensional Merchant.

Junhyuk smiled.

Hide in there. I will be there soon.

The allies had died as had the enemies. However, their enemies hadnt picked up any items, so the allies should have the advantage.

Im itching for round two.

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