Legend Of Legends Chapter 179

Chapter 179: Housewarming Party 1


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Editor: SootyOwl


Junhyuk returned to his room and sighed deeply. He had survived that time as well, so he opened the Spatial Bag and pulled out a white lab coat.


Crazy Doctors Coat

Defense +20

Evasion +4%

It can be used in the place of a cloak. It increases defense and evasion. When wearing the coat, people will think you are smart.


The stats were better than what he normally used, but the coat didnt have the absolute evasion skill like the Dark Night Cloak. However, the basic stats were superior, and Junhyuk felt it would be better to change.

He put the Crazy Doctors Coat on and laughed.

Ill wear this and maybe Ill sell the Dark Night Cloak.

His burner phone rang, and he picked it up, hearing Sarangs cheery voice.

Big brother! Dont forget about tomorrow!

I wont! Ill transform and meet you.

OK. See you tomorrow.

Junhyuk hung up the phone and took the coat off, placing it back inside the Spatial Bag. He put the mask on. It covered his entire face, and after putting it on, his face looked cool and sharp. The eyes were narrower, and his lips were thinner. His eyes had a deep, dangerous glint to them. He sharpened his stare and was surprised. He had killed numerous minions and opponents and emanated the killer intent he had accrued through his eyes. Even a serial killer would be scared of that glint in his eyes.

Junhyuk thought no one would bother him in a busy street and took off the mask. He looked at his face and laughed.

A totally different person.

He stretched a bit and summoned his swords. They had evolved. At that point, he couldnt get through the heroes defenses with regular attacks, but when he became more skilled, he would be able to hit them.

Junhyuk teleported to the basement and practiced his dual swordsmanship. Previously, he imagined random opponents, but now, he thought of the opponents he had faced, and his training was much more effective.


Five monitors came on, and Doyeol frowned and asked, Whats the situation?

Elise was on one of them and explained, There are 232 survivors, and weve located all of them. However, those are just the survivors who reported returning alive on the internet. We cant be sure of the number if some of them havent gone online.

Everyone frowned, and Mr. Rockefeller said, They may stay offline, but well find them. Tap on all phone conversations.

Elise frowned and said, Zaira doesnt have the ability to do all of these things. She cant listen to all phone conversations.

Dont worry about that. We dont have the same capability as Zaira, but we have ways to listen in. We just need to listen for conversations about the Dimensional Battlefield. It wont be difficult, Charles said laughing.

Doyeol sighed and asked, Do you know what happened?

According to our investigations, they were summoned to the Dimensional Battlefield, but they refused to follow the heroes from the castle and survived. None of them knows what is outside of the castle, the old man said.

Simply because a hero changed his mind? Doyeol asked.

We dont know that yet. They dont know much more, but we should protect each of them.

He said protect them, but Doyeol knew he meant detain them.

Ill pay close attention to the situation as it develops, Doyeol said.

The screens turned off one by one, and Doyeol leaned back on his chair with a frown. They were all trying to hide the Dimensional Battlefield. Meanwhile, hundreds had come back alive. Theyd written about it on the internet, but Zaira was able to erase it all. If she hadnt, the Dimensional Battlefield would get out to the public. The survival rate was so low over there, this was the first time that many people came back alive.

What is going on at the Dimensional Battlefield?


Saturday morning.

Before going out, Junhyuk looked at himself. He couldnt wear the mask then, so he put it in the Spatial Bag.

Junhyuk didnt take his car. He wanted to use public transportation to mix with other people and, if something happened, hed pull himself out the situation. When he walked out of the gate, his neighbors gate opened, and Jeffrey stepped out. Junhyuk shook his head.

How did you know?

I saw you walking in the garden.

You can see my garden?

Jeffrey nodded.

As you can see, my house has three floors, and I have great vision.

Novices were superior to ordinary people, and Junhyuk smiled bitterly.

What is it? You are waiting for me early in the morning?

You went to the Dimensional Battlefield at ten oclock last night, correct?

Junhyuk couldnt answer, and Jeffrey continued, I must be right.

Junhyuk touched his shoulder and looked at him icely, Maybe you know too much?

I just guessed, Jeffrey said and smiled. Last night, there were over a hundred surviving abnormal narcolepsy patients who went at ten and returned at eleven. Do you know what happened?

Junhyuk thought about what had happened on the battlefield. At the beginning, the heroes hadnt taken any minions. They went to Bebes and went to the Dragons Valley. Near the end, the heroes only took half of the minions to push the central tower and the castle wall. The other half of the minions mustve survived. They stayed safe inside the castle.

What happened to them?

They are arresting all of them.

How did they find them?

Jeffrey showing him his smartphone and said, The internet is being monitored. If someone writes about the Dimensional Battlefield, they erase it and deploy an arrest team.


Jeffrey nodded.

If you put something on the internet, theyll be watching.

Sure. What about the people they arrested? What are they going to do with them?

I dont know that much. They want them to stop spreading the news about the Dimensional Battlefield. Thats all I know.

Junhyuk realized Jeffrey had some skills of his own. Doyeol didnt tell him everything, and Jeffrey had found that information by himself.

Are you going to work?

Yes, even on weekends. I need to demand that they increase my salary.

Junhyuk smiled and waved at him.

If you find out where they are holding those people, let me know.

Are you going to rescue them?

I dont know, but if I know where they are, I might.

Jeffrey shrugged.

Ill look into it, but dont expect too much. I dont want to be Doyeols enemy.

I know.

Junhyuk hailed a cab. He had to meet Sarang that day. The cab took him to Ilsan, and he got on the subway and headed to the meeting spot. Junhyuk got off at Euljiro-1 station and went into the restroom.

He put on his mask and opened the Spatial Bag, changing clothes with the ones he had left in there, and teleported to somewhere else. The distance of his teleportation had increased. Every time he died, his soul grew, and his souls growth helped boost his powers. Junhyuk could teleport through a distance of sixty meters, and he started thinking of other ways to move around the city.

He had transformed, and people wouldnt recognize him. Junhyuk got on the subway again and headed toward Jonggak station.

He had a sharp face, and people avoided him. He got off at Jonggak and headed to a pizzeria. Sarang wanted pizza for brunch, and Junhyuk waited outside the restaurant. Many people passed him by, and a woman walked over to him. She had long hair and glasses, and he thought she seemed arrogant. He thought of Eunseo.

When she came up next to him, she said, Do you have the time?

Dont joke around.

The woman stared at him, and he whispered in her ear, Your health and mana are superior to everyone elses.

Hmm... Doctor Tulas glasses.

Junhyuk pushed her head down.

Lets eat brunch.

They took their seats inside the pizzeria and ordered. He looked at her. She looked mature, but he told himself again that she was still in high school. Then, he looked at her and thought of what Jeffrey had told him.

The minions that were with us, half of them stayed in the castle and returned alive.

Really? How come no one knows about it?

Junhyuk looked around and whispered, They are getting arrested. If I find out where they are, Ill rescue them.

Wouldnt it be dangerous?

Ill take my equipment, and itll be OK.

While geared up, Junhyuks defenses were superior even to an iron soldiers. He had gotten stronger with all the gold he had spent. Nothing could hurt him on Earth. If there was something that could, it wouldnt be a weapon. His attack was beyond anything they had on Earth, so he wasnt worried.

Can I come with you? she asked him.

No, he answered curtly and changed the subject. How are your powers?

Not good.

Dying improves your power.

Are you telling me to die once?

Junhyuk smiled. If Sarang died once, her soul would grow, but he didnt want that to happen.

Im just letting you know.

Anyway, what are you doing today?

Im going to look at some antiques.


He nodded.

If Im lucky, Ill get some items that will help on the battlefield.

Sarang looked at her jujube tree bracelet.

Find me something like this.

Ill work on it.

The pizza came out, and they ate it. The masks didnt get in the way of the food. Junhyuk liked his mask, and it made him comfortable. He didnt have to care about other people. He had gotten that mask because he didnt have any money, but he would get one that changed into many different faces later.

After finishing their meals, they both walked around the Insa District looking for antiques. They entered the third antique shop, and the cube in his watch changed colors.

Found one!

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