Legend Of Legends Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Ganking 2


Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl


The minions running toward him had not been trained. So, their attacks were not very well coordinated. Instead, they had aggressive characters, so they did not retreat.

The minions movements were certainly menacing. When he was a minion himself, all he could do was defend himself with a shield, but, now, he could see their movements.

The problem was that Junhyuk had never handled a two-handed sword before.

If Junhyuk had trained with a two-handed sword, it would have made it easier for him to deal with the minions. However, he could control his muscles and he did not require extra training to use his skills like before, and since his strength and speed overwhelmed the minions, all he had to do was remain calm.


He parried an axe of a rushing minion and, using its rebound force, he stabbed his opponents neck. Junhyuk remembered that his sword had gotten stuck once before, so he attacked with speed and precision.

The minion grabbed his open neck and soon fell to the ground. Junhyuk stepped back.


The axe fell where he had been standing. Junhyuk saw the axe get stuck on the ground and stepped forward quickly and stabbed at another one with his sword, but minions were not stupid.

The minion standing to the side of Junhyuk parried him. He did not challenge the minion who parried his sword and stepped back again.

He wanted the gold coins from killing them, but he also didnt want to die. The two minions were only worth one gold coin. If he continued to fight them, he could get hurt or end up dead, and it would be a mistake.

So, Junhyuk did not push himself further.

As the minions watched Junhyuk step back, their spirits rose. It looked as though Junhyuk had a superior power to the minions, but as the minions pushed him away, they got excited, and Junhyuk calmed himself down.

There were seven minions left, and they swung their axes at him, and, as he escaped their blows, his confidence grew. Their movements could not escape his eyes, and he was extremely focused and able to dodge their attacks at that moment.

All he did was parry their attacks with his sword and stab when he saw an opening in their defenses, but he was delivering deadly blows. The number of minions decreased quickly. Junhyuk looked at the remaining three minions. Then, he heard Artlans voice:

Are you not finished yet?

As they listened to Artlan, the minions became stiff with fear. Even though they were aggressive, they had their limits. In front of Artlan, they were like frogs in front of a snake.

Junhyuk looked at their frozen faces and stepped forward with a bitter smile. A swing is a big motion and may create an opening for the enemy, but a stab is not a big motion. However, when stabbing, he had to aim at the enemys weak spot. If not, he might not hurt his enemy.

Still, he was showing a high level of concentration, so he stabbed at the remaining minions necks and sheathed his two-handed sword.

What happened to Grangsha?

He is dead, of course.

Artlan showed his antique-styled bracelet and said:

I dropped something expensive.

How much did it cost?

This? 32000 gold coins.

You must not be feeling well.

Vera appeared from Artlans back and said:

Not feeling well? Do you know what he lost?

When minions died, they fell into a coma state in their worlds. When a soul died, its body did not wake up, but heroes like Artlan and Vera were different. They reincarnated even if they died in the Dimensional Battlefield.

Instead, they lost things theyd bought with their gold coins, and thats why they didnt die and they killed.

Vera went over to Junhyuk, opened her arms and gave him a big hug. Vera was so tall that his head was buried in her chest, making him unable to breath. He wriggled, and she laughed.

Has your power evolved?

Yes, now let me go!

Vera let go of Junhyuk and said:

For a novice, you are doing your part.

Junhyuk smiled bitterly.

What are you going to do?

Vera looked behind her.

Lets leave this battlefield. News of this battle is already spreading.

Vera looked at Artlan.

They mustve found out about Artlans ganking*. They will be coming here soon in massive numbers, so lets move.

I understand.

Junhyuk also wanted to move away from that place. He picked up the gold coins on the ground, and Vera looked at him and said:

By the way, looks like youve practiced the things that Artlan taught you.

I want to return alive this time as well.

Vera smiled and looked at Sarang.

Hm. Who is this child?

We ganked together. She is a minion.

Vera went over to Sarang. Sarang was five feet, two inches, and Vera was six feet, five inches. Sarang looked up, and Vera curved over her. Vera looked into Sarangs eyes and said:

You are a child with skill.

Junhyuk was surprised.

Can she become a novice? He asked her.

No, Vera shook her head and continued. Did you know there are many kinds of minions?

Like the minions on towers who are archers and ordinary minions?

Correct. There is one more kind of minion. They are very rare. Vera took out a cane from her robe. What is your name?

Sarang looked at Junhyuk. He nodded and she answered carefully:

Sarang Kim.

I am Vera. Take this.

Whats this?

Sarang took the cane with care, and Vera stared at her and said:

Focus on this.

There was a jewel on top of the cane. Sarang looked at it and concentrated, but nothing happened. Vera placed her hand on Sarangs head.

Focus again.

Sarang focused her mind, and the jewel on top of the cane began to glow. Vera stood behind her and touched her shoulders.

Do you feel the stored energy?


Try throwing it. Target that tree.

Sarang could not think of an answer. She only thought about throwing the energy against the tree. She was holding the cane, and a frozen light the size of a fist flew off and hit the tree.


The noise died off, and a scar the size of a fist was left on the tree from the collision. Junhyuk was surprised and asked:

What is that?

Vera rested her head on Sarangs head and replied:

This child is a magician minion.

Junhyuk had only met ordinary minions carrying swords and shields. The archers stayed on the towers and castles, and he had never seen a magician minion and had never thought about it.

Sarang was surprised at what she had done.

Vera rested her elbows on Sarangs head and looked at Junhyuk.

This child, do you know her?

We came here together.

She was the only surviving minion from his group and she was also Korean. Vera looked at Junhyuk and said with a smile:

Even though she is a magician minion, she can only use basic energy bolts. So, may I teach her more things?

Artlan looked at Vera with a blank stare.

Whats come over you?

Youve taught Junhyuk well. I want to teach someone of my own.

His force has increased since he became a novice. The things I taught him cannot help him yet. I only taught him how to use his body, and I did not teach him swordsmanship.

Vera laughed aloud and replied:

I only plan to teach her how to handle mana. We will be moving together, so its the least I can do.

Can she survive?

Vera looked at Junhyuk and said:

Junhyuk will protect her.

Sarang raised her wide eyes and looked at Junhyuk. He smiled. He was not in a position to help others, but he had to give an answer.

I will do my best.

Vera hugged Sarang from behind.

Anyway, magician minions do not go to the front. There are so many minions already for the front line.

There were only fifteen minions left of those who had fought the battle with Vera, but they could still make barricades.

If it had been the first battle for these minions, they would not know how to make barricades, but these minions were different. They had already been in a battle for survival and they knew how to use their shields.

Vera clapped her hands and said:

Lets go. We should move away from this place.

Artlan took the lead.

We will go back to that forest.

Again? Junhyuk asked, surprised. Artlan smiled.

This time we will trap them.

After he spoke, Artlan moved and Junhyuk followed him. Vera had her arm around Sarangs shoulder and walked behind them.

There were also fifteen minions following the lead.

He could empathize with the minions. Junhyuk was glad Vera had liked Sarang. After he had activated his power, his other skills also went up. He could overwhelm the minions. Also, Artlan had taught him well.

If Vera taught Sarang well, her survival rate would surely go up.

They walked for seven hours without rest, and came to a stop. It was a place full of reeds. Junhyuk couldnt tell what kind of plant it was, but its height was over ten feet. He couldnt even see Artlans head above them.

Artlan walked between the plants, and everyone else walked behind him. Taking a place in the middle of the reeds, he took a seat and said:.

We will rest here.

How long do we have?

Vera answered in Artlans place:

This is a shortcut to the Valley of Death. If they move quickly, they will come this way. We will trap them here.

They planned to do a surprise attack in that place, and Junhyuk nodded. He sat up and collected his breath. Meanwhile, Vera explained many things to Sarang. She also showed Sarang a few things.

Artlan had taught Junhyuk how to treat each part of his muscles, and, now, Vera was teaching Sarang the basics of magic. Junhyuk wondered if Sarang would be able to use her magic once she returned to her dimension.

Junhyuk looked at them, and Artlan asked him:

How many gold coins do you have?

Junhyuk counted the gold coins in his pockets and replied:

I already had 780G and, from hunting and killing minions, I collected 19G. That makes it 799G.

Artlan shook his head in opposition.

Last time, how many gold coins did you collect?

About 80G.

Where did you get the rest of the gold?

I dont know.

Artlan looked at the minions and said:

When the heroes died, did you land an attack?


It depends on your contribution based on your level. You are a novice, and benefits come with it.


Yes, heroes go after each other because of the equipment. When you help, you get paid with pure gold.

Thats why I have more than I thought.

Yes. Last time, you barely touched them, so you did not get paid much, but this time you were able to help me, so your contribution went up. You will collect a lot more coins this time.

Junhyuk asked:

How much?

Then, Vera told Sarang to practice on her own and went to them. Vera heard their conversation and said:

It depends on your contribution and on your level. If you take a decisive role in killing an enemy you can get paid 500G, but you only helped out, so it will be between 200 to 300 coins.

Vera sat next to Junhyuk and continued:

Is that about over 1000G?


Junhyuk looked at Artlan and asked:

You can buy useful things with 1000G, right?


Artlan unwrapped the sash around his waist. There was jewelry inside the sash, and Artlan looked at it and said:

You will be able to buy one piece of jewelry in here.

Junhyuk was impressed. He already knew what it meant to own one piece of the jewelry.

Dimensional merchants sold it. Each piece carried power that enhanced and empowered the level of the pieces owner. It was a chance to enhance his survival rate, and there was no reason to hold on to gold coins.


Ganking - To kill, ambush, or defeat with little effort; used in online games.

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