Legend Of Legends Chapter 188

Chapter 188: Meeting 2


Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl


Junhyuk was having a hard believing that that crock of a person was who Eunseo had sent him to meet. The interesting thing about him was that he had ten health and twenty mana. 

Still, Junhyuk didnt feel like he had come to the wrong place, so he gave the guy the USB-drive. 

The man took it and tried to close the door, but Junhyuk kept it open. The man hesitated for a moment while Junhyuk checked the inside of his house. There was only a light from a computers monitor and no other. However, including the computers in the living room, there were a total of five computers. 

What, what do you want? 

Junhyuk looked at the man calmly. He is wearing his mask, so he looked naturally mean, much like a cold-blooded killer. 

Do you have anything to say? 

The man looked at Junhyuk and said, Youll be able to see it tomorrow at ten oclock, so be sure to deposit the money. 

Tomorrow at ten oclock. OK, Junhyuk said and placed his hand on the mans shoulder. Name? 

The man grimaced and asked, Why do you want to know? 

Junhyuks lips twitched. As his lips move up, the man got nervous and answered, Sungtae Kwak. 


He had already revealed his name, so he answered obligingly, Twenty-three. 

Military service? 

Ive done it. 

He had a baby, boyish face, but he had already been in the army. Junhyuk pushed his hand forward. 


Sungtae showed him his ID, and Junhyuk looked over it and returned it to him. 

I will remember you, so dont do anything funny. 

He didnt only speak, but gestured threatenly with his body as well. Junhyuks soul was much larger than other peoples, and Sungtae was afraid. Sungtae was about to pee his pants, but Junhyuk stopped there and tapped his shoulder lightly. 

Then, I will check back tomorrow at ten and deposit the money. 

Concerning the deposit, Eunseo had to know about it. She had to have made the contract herself. However, he didnt tell her about the deadline of ten oclock because he feared Zaira might find out about it. 

Junhyuk stepped aside, and the man closed the door and locked it from the inside. 

Junhyuk pretended to go up the stairs, but carefully eavesdropped instead. He could hear Sungtaes voice from inside of the room. 

Whew! I almost peed my pants. His eyes were scary! 

Junhyuk chuckled and quietly left that place. At ten oclock the following day, he would know what Sungtae was capable of. He had a lot of computers, so it had to concern that. 

What is he up to? 

Elise was in charge of the computers. She had Zaira, and Junhyuk knew how capable Zaira was. Zaira could do anything, and Junhyuk couldnt understand why Eunseo hadnt used Zaira. 

He shook his head and headed home.


In the morning, he reported to the temporary HQ and waited for ten oclock. There were some applicants, and Junhyuk told them to go eat lunch and return by two oclock. The new employees would be taking over Junhyuks tasks, so he had time find out what  would happen at ten oclock. 

At ten, he went on the internet and was significantly surprised. 

What is this? 

There was only one thing on the internet. Every news website and every TV channel only showed the news. It was about the Dimensional Battlefield. Junhyuk checked every portal on the internet, and every single site he visited had information on the Dimensional Battlefield. 

It had been translated in a few different languages, and some foreign sites were also covered with information on the Dimensional Battlefield. 

This is impressive! 

Zaira could easily do that because she was a supercomputer, but Sungtae didnt have a supercomputer. He had only a few computers, so the results were surprising. 

Was it for fun? 

At ten oclock, the internet had been covered with information, but it only took five minutes for it to disappear, and Junhyuk was curious. 

Zaira, did you do it? 

[You dont have authorization.] 

Junhyuk chuckled and raised his hand. 


That was even more shocking. If Zaira was behind that, it took her only five minutes to delete the contents from the internet. 

He wanted to see Sungtae again if Sungtae hadnt already run away. He shook his head and browsed the internet. Portal sites worldwide had been hacked by him, but there was no mention of him. 

Someone had been in charge of it, but his name didnt appear anywhere online. Junhyuk searched the internet for five minutes, and he just wasnt there. Then, Junhyuk looked at something else. 

People will find out about the Dimension Battlefield. 

The internet no longer had information on the battlefield, but there were no other supercomputers like Zaira anywhere else. 

Hard copies couldnt be stopped. People would talk among themselves. It wouldnt be like on the internet, but mouth-to-mouth gossip also travelled fast. Soon, everyone would know about the Dimensional Battlefield. 

Why did she do it? 

Sungtae had done that, and Eunseo was behind him. Junhyuk thought Eunseo had found out about the Dimensional Battlefield because of Sora Shin. She hadnt used Zaira to spread the news, which meant that Doyeol had been against the idea. He finally understood the situation and leaned back on his chair. 


Leaning back on his chair, he thought for a moment. Sungtae Kwak, Junhyuk had been looking for someone like him. 

He hasnt run away yet, Junhyuk said and concentrated back on his work. 


After lunch, only three people showed up. Soyeon was among them. 

Junhyuk smiled at her. She sounded collected and she hadnt given up on finding employment. 

Eunseo looked at them and said, Nice to see you all. You had all received high marks on your interviews. Thank you for coming again. She handed Junhyuk some documents and continued, All three of them have passed. Starting Monday, report to the Administrative Department. Until the reconstruction is over, report here for work. We will move to Seoul soon. Be aware of that as well. 

Yes! the three of them answered loudly. 

Eunseo looked at Junhyuk and said, Give them a tour of the company and tell them what you do. You may divide the workload among them. 

I understand. 

She left, and Junhyuk looked at the new employees. 

Follow me. 

Junhyuk took them to each floor and told them what they do. In fifteen days, they would be moving, so he didnt go into a lot of detail. He took them to the Administrative Department. There were six desks there, and Junhyuk said, Pick a desk and take a seat. 

The people took their seats, and Junhyuk told them what they would be doing. There wasnt much to do, but as he spoke, everyone paid attention. Junhyuk went over their applications and divided the work between them.  

Among them, Sukjoon Shim had superior foreign language skills, so Junhyuk gave him foreign cooperation documents and explained what he had to do. 

Junhyuk already knew what to do with the new employees, and dividing the work did not take a long time. 

Giyil Kim was next, and Junhyuk told him about the monitors the Administrative Department was responsible for, and he told him about the monitors that controlled the iron soldiers deployment. Giyil paid close attention to it all. 

At last, Junhyuk looked at Soyeon Shin. 

And Soyeon, you will be doing this job. 

It was the new assignment, the specimen administration work went to her, and Junhyuk smiled and continued, Then, review your individual jobs. After that, you may leave for the day. Monday is your first day of official work, so dont be late. 

Yes! they answered him mightily.  

Soyeon was still standing there, and Junhyuk said, Go have a drink with your coworkers. Dont stand around here. I havent forgotten about buying you dinner, dont worry. You may leave. 


She bowed to him and looked into her bag, pulling out a box of banana milk for him. Then, she headed to the elevator where the others were. Junhyuk laughed and drank the banana milk. He gulped the sweet liquid down and threw the empty box in the trash can. 

Time is passing slowly today. 

He wanted to go see Sungtae Kwak, but time was at a standstill. Junhyuk sat down on his chair and told Zaira, Show me something on dual swordsmanship. 

He had asked Zaira for that before, so she quickly showed him some footage on dual swordsmanship. Junhyuk watched the footage, and soon, five oclock came around. He went into the CEOs office and told her he was leaving. Eunseo nodded, and Junhyuk headed home. 

From his house, he teleported outside while wearing his mask. Junhyuk tried to get a cab and murmured to himself, When they move to Seoul, should I buy a new house like this one? 

He could do it. He had plenty of money. But it was still an annoyance. 

I could still use this house. 

Junhyuk used public transportation to get to Sungtaes house. He headed to the basement and eavesdropped. Inside, he heard the sound of a computer, which meant Sungtae was still in his apartment. 

Junhyuk knocked. 

No one answered, and Junhyuk said calmly, Open the door. If not, I will destroy it. 

No one answered, and Junhyuk grabbed the door knob and twisted it by force. 


The handle broke, and he went inside. The computers were the only things turned on, and there was no other sound. No one was inside. 

Junhyuk looked around and walked slowly. The place was very quiet, and Junhyuk found a room with the door closed. 

He walks over and said, Sungtae Kwak. 

A small whimper answered him from inside, and Junhyuk stood in front of the door, Come out. I want to speak to you. 

No one answered, and Junhyuk grabbed the doorknob. Suddenly, a hole appeared on the door, and Junhyuk felt a gunshot. He kicked the door, breaking it down, and Junhyuk saw two men in suits. 

Sungtae was tied up. Junhyuk had seen those two men before. They were R-agents. Sungtae had a lot of skill, but they had gotten to him. 

Junhyuk entered the room and heard another gunshot. They were about to shoot again when he ran at them. The R-agents aimed for him, but Junhyuks speed was buffed, and he was moving too fast. 

He was already behind an R-agent when he hit the agents wrist, making him drop his pistol, followed by a kick to the agents neck. Junhyuk saw the other man aiming for him and also grabbed the agent by the wrist and snatched the pistol away. Then, Junhyuk stepped on the agents knee. 


Junhyuk knew they had regenerative abilities, so he didnt give them a chance. He wanted to hurt them more. They could probably reattach their limbs if they were torn apart. 

An agent tackled him, and Junhyuk grabbed him by the shoulder and kneed him. The agent fell down, and Junhyuk stepped on him, breaking his leg to pieces. Then, Junhyuk grabbed Sungtae. 

Can you walk? 

What? Yes! 

Junhyuk untied him. 

Pick up your stuffs if you need anything. You must flee from this place. 

Over there! 

Junhyuk turned around and saw the R-agents regenerating and standing up. He laughed at them. With a cold stare, he smiled, and the agents shivered. 

Move aside if you want to stay alive.

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