Legend Of Legends Chapter 189

Chapter 189: Meeting 3


Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl


The R-agents crouched nervously. One man pulled a knife from his ankle, and the other pulled a knife from a holster on his chest. Junhyuk looked at them and clicked his tongue. 

They were both highly trained. Even though they were scared, they didnt withdraw.

He looked back. Sungtae was standing behind him with his face in the open. They knew it now. Junhyuk wanted to move with Sungtae in future, and he had to make sure he could. 

He looked at the R-agents. One of them was moving toward the fallen pistol, and the other is walking toward him. 

He slowly walked toward the man heading his way, and the man swung his knife. The man was highly trained, but he was facing Junhyuk. He grabbed the knife with his hand, and hit the man on the ribs. 


R-agents had high regenerative abilities, but they didnt have a lot of defense. Junhyuks hit had damaged him, and one blow had destroyed the mans internal organs. The R-agent vomited some blood, and Junhyuk grabbed his head and slammed it against the ground. 


The head caved in and blood splattered everywhere, but Junhyuk didnt care. He was wearing a mask, but they knew what Sungtae looked like. For Sungtae, Junhyuk had to take care of the business at hand. 

He raised his head, and the other agent had already picked up the pistol. Again, it wouldnt work on Junhyuk, so he laughed at the situation, but the agent wasnt aiming at him. 

Junhyuk dove instinctively. 


With a light sound, the bullet traveled toward Sungtae, but hit Junhyuk, bouncing off his back. Sungtae had been its target, and Junhyuk had rescued him. 

He pushed Sungtae under a desk and ran toward the agent. Even though the agent realized that the gun didnt work against Junhyuk, he couldnt give up his strongest weapon. 

Thuck, thuck! 

Two bullets flew out, but Junhyuk didnt flinch, running and punching the agent instead. The R-agent dodged the first punch and tried his knife. However, Junhyuk punched the agents neck and palm-struck the agents jaw. 


The jaw cracked, and Junhyuk slammed against him, elbowing his nose as a follow-up. The agents face caved in, and Junhyuk slammed him to ground. Looking at the pools of blood on the ground, Junhyuk grimaced. 

Artlan had told him not to hesitate to kill in order to preserve himself, but that was the first time he had killed humans in cold blood, and his heartbeat went up. 

He looked at the two fallen men and said, We have to get out quickly. Get your stuffs. 


The two men had died right in front of Sungtae. Junhyuk had killed them to save him, but Junhyuk had done it with his bare hands, and he was terrified. 

He gathered his things quickly, and Junhyuk said calmly, No one must see you. Pick up only the things you need, and erase the other materials. 


Junhyuk stared at him coldly, and Sungtae shivered and quickly packed his bag. He packed a notebook and external hard-drive, and then quickly wiped his computers. 

Im done. 

Within five minutes, Sungtae had finished packing. Junhyuk nodded, summoned the Pure Golden Knights set, and told him, You may leave first. Wait for me in front of the door. 


Sungtae left, Junhyuk destroyed all of the computers with his fist. 


After that, he walked over the broken pieces, destroying them further, and looked at the R-agents. Their heads were smashed in, but they were still moving. Thinking of it, their bodies had been burned, but they had regenerated. They wouldnt die. 

Junhyuk clicked his tongue and looked down at the R-agents. 

I warned you to step aside. 

He could use the Spatial Slash, but he didnt want to leave any evidence, so Junhyuk returned the Pure Golden Knight Boots and stepped on one R-agent. 


The damage he dealt was different from just stepping on them. The R-agents head exploded, and he kicked the other agents head as well to make sure their health hit zero. Then, he placed their corpses in the Spatial Bag. He would have had a hard time cleaning the scene at that place if he hadnt. 

He picked up a few pieces of paper and rolled them up. He turned on the gas stove, and lit the papers on fire. Then, he threw the burning pieces of paper on the ground. 

This should be enough, he said. 

There wouldnt be bodies, and the flames should take care of the remaining evidence. 

Junhyuk walked outside and saw the smoke billowing out. 

Did you just commit arson? Sungtae asked nervously. 

Run, if you dont want to be caught as an arsonist. 

Sungtae was about to cry, and Junhyuk ran with him, grabbing Sungtaes wrist and running for areas that were empty of people. They ran for a while and grabbed a cab. The cab took them to Sillim District, which was full of motels. Junhyuk rented a room, and the motels owner looked at them judgingly, but they ignored him. Once in the room, Junhyuk went into the bathroom while Sungtae sat on the bed. 

There was some blood spatter on his clothes, and Junhyuk took a quick shower. He got some training clothes from the Spatial Bag and walked out.  

Sungtae was trembling, and Junhyuk said, Go wash yourself. 

Sungtae turned to look at him and asked, Did you kill them? 

They knew what you look like, so I had to kill them. 

Junhyuk sounded nonchalant about killing people, and Sungtae was nervous. Meanwhile, Junhyuk sat on a chair and repeated, Go wash yourself. 


Sungtae ran to the bathroom, and Junhyuk pulled out some clothes from the Spatial Bag for him to change into. Junhyuk turned a chair backward and sat leaning forward on the backrest, thinking about what to do. 

First, he had to rid of the bodies. 

Corpses wouldnt decay inside the Spatial Bag. But he didnt want them there with his valuables, so he thought about dumping them in the ocean. 

I will need a boat. 

He would get a seafaring boat and leave no evidence. Then, he would tie the bodies to something heavy and dump them. 

Shit! he cursed.  

Killing them hadnt had to do with his survival, but he had already done it. 

It was for Sungtae. 

If they had gotten to Sungtae, who knows what would have happened to him. He reminded himself that it had been to save someone. While he thought about it, he gripped the chair so hard, he broke it. 

Junhyuk sighed deeply, and Sungtae walked out. He was wearing a bathrobe, and Junhyuk pointed toward the bed with his chin. Sungtae sat down, and Junhyuk threw him the clothes. 

Put these on. 


Sungtae did so very obligingly, and Junhyuk continued calmly, Today at ten oclock... did you get paid well? 

I got the money promised to me, he answered. 

How much? 

A hundred thousand dollars. 

A hundred thousand dollars? 

Sungtae smacked his lips and said, Ive been sending viruses all over the world and was in control of a hundred thousand computers, so thats how I did what I did. I thought I could last ten minutes, but the supercomputer was too much for me. It got rid of it all within five minutes, but I still earned my money! 

Junhyuk stared at him. 

You only got paid $100 thousand for that? 

What? Sungtae couldnt speak, and Junhyuk smiled at him. 

I will make you an offer you cant refuse. 

Sungtae was nervous, but Junhyuk continued, I will buy you a supercomputer, and you will work for me. I will pay you an annual salary of $500 thousand. 

A supercomputer costs an astronomical sum. 

This time, a supercomputer stopped your work. How much does a supercomputer like that cost? 

The materials themselves cost a lot, and a supercomputer like that costs hundreds of millions. 

How about $200 million, Junhyuk said nonchalantly, and Sungtae nervously did a spit-take. 

I want a $1 million annual salary. 

Junhyuk smiled coldly, and Sungtae asked carefully, Then $800 thousand? 

Junhyuk stared at him, and Sungtae asked again, Then, $600 thousand? 

Junhyuk got up, and Sungtae shouted out, Ill work for $500 thousand, but you need to get me a supercomputer! 

How much do you think youll need? 

A hundred million. 

Can we purchase it anonymously? 

I can get the hardware through a special supplier. I didnt have the money before, but with it, it wont be a problem. 

Junhyuk walked over to him and placed his hand on Sungtaes shoulder. 

Ill pay $300 million for the supercomputer, and your salary will be $1 million. 

Th-thank you. 

Junhyuk looked at him and added, For the time being, stay here. Ill prepare accomodations for you. How much space will you need for a supercomputer? 

At least a three-storied building with 3,600 sq. feet. 

Sure, Ill get it ready, he said and took a thousand dollars out of his wallet and handed it to him. I dont know how long it will take. Take this money and dont use anything that can be traced. 

I cant live on that amount for a month. 

Junhyuk thought Sungtae wasnt an ordinary person even if he looked dumb. His life was in danger, but he still negotiated his salary and he wanted more money for now. Junhyuk gave him another thousand dollars and the number to his burner phone. 

If you need anything, call me on this phone. 


Junhyuk walked to the door, but turned back and said, Dont even think about running. Think about what they will do to you if they catch you. 

I wont betray you. 

I will contact you on the weekend. Meanwhile, get in touch with your supplier for the supercomputer. 


Junhyuk was about to leave when he stopped again, Just in case, erase all your information from the internet. 

Ill wipe everything. 

Junhyuk had nothing more to say and walked out. He had a lot to do. First, he had to purchase a building. After he spent the $300 million, he would have $300 million left. He would look into a 3,600 sq. feet, three-storied building. 

If possible, he would get a place near a subway station, but that would be expensive. Still, he was willing to spend some money. 

I need to bring back a mana stone next time. If not, I will go homeless. 

There was the possibility that he wouldnt get any mana stones. Last time, he had been unable to bring one back, but he would bring one back, or a leaf. It wouldnt be too difficult. 

From now on, he needed more money. He had thought he had a lot of money, but as he started spending it, it went away at incredible speed.

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