Legend Of Legends Chapter 191

Chapter 191: New Partner 3

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Junhyuk took Gongon to where the enemy had been waiting. Gyulsean and Lugos were present.

After seeing them, Gongon complained, "A centaur? And what about that one-eyed monster?"

"The centaur is called Gyulsean. She is highly-skilled with a spear, and her rush will push you back. In closes range, Gyulsean uses her spear to flip you," Junhyuk calmly explained.

While staring at Gyulsean, Gongon hit the ground with his tail a few times.

"What about that monster?"

"His name is Lugos. He wields four weapons and, when his body turns black, he can cut the damage received by half. For the ten seconds when his arms enlarge, he can deal twice as much damage. When he stomps the ground, the shockwaves can launch you into the air."

"He must be strong!"

"Yes. He is their tank."

"What is a tank?"

"People with high defense are tanks. Some tanks have high attack as well."

Gongon looked them with his huge eyes and said, "OK. For now, I will listen to you, but I will make my own judgements when I fight them."


Junhyuk scoped out the enemy camp and led the lizardmen to the front. The enemies were still standing around their tower.

Seeing that, Junhyuk gave the next explanation, "Do you see the archers on the tower?"


"You don't have to pay attention to them ordinarily, but when you fight enemy champions, they get buffed. And they can really hurt you then. That's why our enemies are staying where they are."

"They mean to fight where they have the advantage?"

"They don't know who you are, so that must be their goal."

"In other words, they are cowards?"

Gongon was smiling and Junhyuk laughed.

"You can think that way."

"So, what do we do?"

Junhyuk pulled out the Blood Rune Sword and said, "If they get hit by something big, they'll come out?"

"Something big?"

Junhyuk nodded and measured the distance between them. As he approached them, the enemies stepped backward. But even if they did retreat a little, they wouldn't get out of the range of the Spatial Slash.

If they withdrew completely, Junhyuk could take the tower.

Finally, Lugos stepped forward. Junhyuk didn't pay him any attention and ran forward, using his Spatial Slash.


Gyulsean was retreating when her neck started spurting blood. She lost 75 percent of her health. Junhyuk was dealing more damage than before, inflicting an extra 5 percent to her, and he stepped back.

The archers shot their arrows at him, but he escaped them and looked at Gongon.

"Gyulsean only has 25 percent of her health left."

"How do you know that? She does look like she is hurt."

Junhyuk smiled.

"You can find everything in the Dimensional Battlefield. It's an item's ability."


Gongon saw Lugos stepping forward and swung his huge head around, using his thick legs to stomp the ground.

"What shall we do?"

Gongon was going with Junhyuk's plan, and he smiled.

"Let's find out what you can do."

Gyulsean was drinking a potion at the back line, and Junhyuk quickly analyzed the situation. Her health was back to 45 percent, and Lugos was standing in front of her like a steel wall.

There were also archers, but Junhyuk wasn't worried.

"Wait twenty seconds."

"Why twenty seconds?"

"I'll be able to use my Spatial Slash again."

The Spatial Slash was fearsome because the enemy had no means to recover from its damage, especially Gyulsean, who had already drunk a potion. Once the cooldown of the Spatial Slash ended, she would die.

At the Champions' Battlefield, buying time was extremely disadvantageous to the enemy. They couldn't stand the situation, and Lugos ran forward. Even though the enemies had the tower behind them, the allies could kill them easily with the Spatial Slash.

Lugos wanted mount an attack when there was no chance of the Spatial Slash being used. He ran forward and Gyulsean ran behind him. They knew they could die in twenty seconds, so they decided to attack then.

As the enemies ran toward them, Junhyuk said calmly, "Wait."

"Until when?"

"Until they are out of the tower's range."

Gongon nodded and hunched over.

"I can wait."

Gyulsean was within range, so she loosened her bowstring. An arrow flew toward Gongon as he stepped forward.


Gongon was hit on the shoulder and grimaced.

"It hurts more than I imagined."

"Of course, it hurts."

Lugos ran toward them. He was not rushing, but he closed in fast and swung his weapons. It was a four-weapon strike, and Gongon had stepped forward again.

Thuck, slash, slash, thuck!

Gongon ran forward bravely, but he couldn't do anything and bounced back. Junhyuk caught him and teleported. They appeared well behind their formation, and Junhyuk checked on Gongon's condition.

He had been hit by an arrow and Lugos' four-weapon strike, but he had only lost 20 percent of his health.

He was frowning and breathing hard, and Junhyuk murmured, "You are stronger than you look?"

Junhyuk had enhanced his defensive equipment, but that was the first time Gongon was at the Champions' Battlefield, and he was practically naked. Even so, they had barely damaged him, which meant that his basic defense was far different from Junhyuk's. What would happen if Gongon wore armor?

When Gongon's size changed, his defense increased. At that point, he would be comparable to Jean Clo defense.

Lugos closed in and swung his weapons, so Junhyuk sent Gongon back and blocked Lugos.


Lugos attacked with all four weapons, but Junhyuk had experience fighting champions, so he looked for an opening and attacked. Even if the attack wasn't a direct hit, he still inflicted continuous, fixed damage. The situation favored Junhyuk.

He slashed Lugos in the nick of time, and Lugos frowned. He lost 8 percent of his health. If they kept exchanging ordinary attacks, Junhyuk would have the advantage, and the Blood Rune Sword would heal his health.

Gylsean was nearby and loosened another arrow. At that time, Junhyuk quickly grabbed Gongon and teleported over Lugos, shouting, "Hit her!"

Gongon didn't hesitate and launched out. He "flew" over twenty meters and struck Gyulsean. She had had 45 percent of her health, but the hit left her with 15 percent. It hadn't been fatal, but the damage was significant.

"Gongon! Breath!"

Again he didn't hesitate, breathing the fan-like flame, which covered Gyulsean.

"Aaargh!" Gyulsean screamed aloud and roasted. Then, they heard a familiar voice.

[Gongon killed Gyulsean.]

Junhyuk now knew how much damage Gongon could deal. He could take away 45 percent of Gyulsean's health with his attacks.

Also, Junhyuk was wearing his armor, and Gongon's defense was about equal to his without having to wear anything.

Gongon looked cute, but he was far stronger than Junhyuk. His powers were a different story, but Junhyuk felt good that Gongon was his ally.

Lugos approached them from behind, but Junhyuk heard his footsteps and turned. Lugos' arms had enlarged, and he swung a hammer and an ax, and Junhyuk wanted to put an end to the battle.

He raised the force field, and Lugos' attacks bounced back.

"Gongon! Transform!" he shouted quickly.

"That's a good idea!"

Gongon grew bigger and swung his fists at Lugos. However, Lugos blocked the attack with his spear.

Junhyuk understood the problem. Gongon had superior physical ability, but he lacked experience, and ordinary attacks wouldn't work. The transformation increased Gongon's might, but he had to use normal attacks. At that point, the transformation was useless.

Gongon allowed an attack from Lugos.


He stepped back, losing 7 percent of his health. That was all Lugos could do.

The cooldown for the Spatial Slash was almost over, and Gongon kept on fighting Lugos.

Lugos could wield four weapons at a time, and Junhyuk himself had a hard time dealing with him. Gongon was fighting him with bare hands, so the results weren't great. Still, Gongon was gaining experience. Even though Lugos had four weapons, Gongon had two arms and two legs, and he swung his tail around. He was getting used to fighting and was able to block Lugos' attack and punch him in the chest.


Lugos staggered and stepped back, losing 10 percent of his health. Gongon had strength.

He could fight like that for twenty seconds, and one hit dealt 10 percent of damage to Lugos' health. The opponent wasn't stupid, but if a hit connected, Gongon could kill someone with that transformation.

"Well rounded?"

He had heard dragons were strong, but it went beyond Junhyuk's expectation.

Lugos stepped forward. His skin was turning dark, and Junhyuk knew that he was trying to run away.

He stood in Lugos' path. The force field had disappeared, but he couldn't let Lugos get away. For his part, Lugos didn't care and ran toward Junhyuk. Because of the difference is size, Junhyuk would be pushed back, but he didn't just stand there waiting for the hit.

Lugos ran, and Junhyuk sidestepped him and slashed Lugos' legs. He didn't deal a lot of damage, but he used the Frozen Rune Sword to prevent Lugos from getting away.

Lugos slowed down, and Junhyuk approached him from behind and slashed at his back with the Frozen Rune Sword.

Lugos was hit on the thigh and slowed down even more. Junhyuk had upgraded the Frozen Rune Sword, and it was showing its power.

He had been hit by three strikes, and his movement speed had been lowered to half, so he couldn't get away. Junhyuk circles around and stood in front of him.

Gongon walked over and stood next to him. The transformation was over, and he swung his tail, tapping the ground. He stared at Lugos.

Lugos looked at both of them, and his eyes widened slightly. He had used two of his powers, but had been unable to make a dent. He also knew that the Spatial Slash's cooldown was over. He wouldn't survive that time.

He had made up his mind and swung all four arms, staring at Junhyuk.

"You killed Gyulsean, so I will kill Lugos," Junhyuk told Gongon.

"Do you get something if you kill someone directly?"

"More gold."


"It's the currency they use in the Dimensional Battlefield."

Gongon looked at Lugos and swung his tail.

"Sure! I get one. You get one. I like it."

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