Legend Of Legends Chapter 193

Chapter 193: Quest 2

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It wasn't fine that they had dropped in the swamp, and there was some distance between the two. Junhyuk extended his hand and shouted, "Hold on!"

Gongon extended his hand, but his arms were too short, so Junhyuk sighed and shouted, "Your tail!"

Gongon turned his body around and extended his tail, but it wouldn't reach. Junhyuk inched closer to the dragon, but Lugos was already upon him, swinging his weapons.

In the swamp, their movement speeds were considerably low. Therefore, they couldn't escape Lugos' attacks, so they used their own weapons to block, sinking them deeper into the swamp.

Then, Junhyuk used the powers he had been saving. He teleported and hugged Gongon first. Then, he used the jump skill. He jumped high and went over Lugos. Once he landed, he let go of Gongon.

Gongon shook his head and body to get himself clean and bared his teeth.

"You dare make me fall into a swamp?"

Junhyuk placed his hand on Gongon's head, who turned to look at him, and he said, "Don't get excited during battle. Make your chest hot, but keep your head cool."

Gongon didn't say anything else and was no longer furious.

Junhyuk knew the dragon could normally remain furious and not have to calm down. He was a dragon and powerful enough to crush his regular opponents with his powers even when furious. However, things were different at the Dimensional Battlefield. There, everyone had limits placed on their powers. Dragons were weaker than in reality, and heroes were weaker than in their own dimensions.

So, Gongon couldn't trust his powers too much and run around mad. In the battlefield, other champions could kill him.

After Gongon calmed down, Junhyuk said, "Let's go."

He had been waiting for that, so he smiled and ran.


Lugos blocked him with all four arms, but some of the damaged pierced through. Junhyuk ran toward Lugo, and just before Junhyuk got to him, Gongon breathed fire.

The two attacks hit in a combo, and Lugos lost 30 percent of his health.

Lugos swung his weapons toward Gongon, but the dragon had made up his mind and transformed, blocking Lugos' attacks.

After he transformed into the larger form, Gongon had difficulty fighting as a full-scale dragon. He kept on fighting Lugos until Junhyuk arrived.

Meanwhile, Junhyuk looked for the right moment to slash Lugos' leg. When cut by the Frozen Rune Sword, one also lost attack speed. Even so, the transformed Gongon kept fighting Lugos and started getting used to his fighting technique.

If Lugos lost some attack speed, Gongon could pummel out attacks.

Lugos could feel the danger, and his body darkened.

Thunk, thunk, thunk!

Only half of the damage went through, but the three-hit combo hit, and he lost 15 percent of his health. Lugos steadied himself, and Junhyuk strafed to his back and swung the Frozen Rune Sword again.

After the cut, Lugos lost more of his attack speed, and Gongon seized on that. Despite how he looked, Gongon had a natural fighting sense. After Lugos lost some attack speed, Gongon's attacks landed on him directly.

Lugos started losing health quickly. Even while cutting the damage in half, each hit cost him 5 percent of his health, and he only had 45 percent left.

Lugos was looking to counterattack and swung his weapons right as Gongon's transformation ended. The dragon had been over three meters tall when Lugos started his swing, so he ended up slashing the empty air, leaving himself wide open.

Junhyuk seized the opportunity and cut Lugos' back, putting him at 39 percent health. His Spatial Slash was out of cooldown, but he was waiting for Lugos' body to return to normal, so he ran toward Gongon.

The diminished Gongon swung his tail to attack, but his stance was different form when he was enlarged. All of his claws and tail were used for both powers when transformed, but now Gongon could only headbutt, use the claws on on his feet and tail to attack normally, leaving himself wide open as well. He exposed himself to a hammer attack, but Junhyuk grabbed him and rolled on the ground.


Lugos slammed the hammer down, and Junhyuk saw that his body started turning gray again and used the Spatial Slash.

The side of Lugos' neck was cut and started gushing blood. Then, his body disappeared.

[You killed Lugos and earned 3,000G.]

Junhyuk was still holding Gongon when he said, "Killed him."

"You did well. Now, do we go meet the sorcerer?"

Junhyuk nodded and, still carrying Gongon, started to run. He crossed the stepping stones and met with the high-ranking sorcerer. Hatma was tied up, and Gongon asked when he looked at him, "Hey, can I untie you?"

Hatma looked at dragon and then at Junhyuk.

"What is this hatchling? Is today his first day?"

Junhyuk nodded, and Gongon frowned. He went over to Hatma and kicked the roots of the tree.

Hatma frowned, and Gongon said, "You are just a sorcerer. What are you talking about? I could kill you."

"Ha-ha-ha! Just a sorcerer?!" Hatma bared his teeth and said, "If I weren't tied up, I could beat the crap out you."

"Do you want to die?"

They exchanged a flurry of words, and Junhyuk thought of what Hatma had told him before. He was a very powerful sorcerer. To Hatma, Gongon looked cute and laughable.

So, Junhyuk butted in and stopped the arguing.

"We are here to help you."


Hatma seemed uncomfortable, and he looked at Gongon and asked, "What is your name?"

"Ha-ha! Are you qualified to know my name?"

Hatma stared coldly at him and said, "Remember this: my name is Hatma, who was called by thunder. You are just a hatchling, unaware of anything. When you return to your place, ask the Dragon Lord. Ask him about me, and the Dragon Lord will know who I am."

"Ha-ha-ha! Don't make me laugh. You remember my name."

Junhyuk lifted Gongon and looked at Hatma. He looked at them and said, "This time, bring me the golem's nucleus.

"The golem's nucleus?"

"Right. Follow this road, and you will meet a golem. Destroy his nucleus and bring me the remains."

Junhyuk looked at road and asked, "Doesn't this road lead to the Ent?"

Hatma laughed.

"It depends."

Junhyuk shook his head.

"I'll back."

"Do so."

Junhyuk thought about leaving Gongon behind, but decides to take the dragon with him, just in case something was guarding the golem. He lifted the dragon in a hug and crossed the stepping stones. It wasn't an issue to move with Gongon like that. Considering the dragon's movement speed, it was better that way.

"What kind of quest is this? Just killing a golem?" Gongon murmured.

"It's not just a golem. I fought an Ent before, and it was strong."

"Laughable. It's only an Ent?"

Junhyuk sighed and said, "Let's go."

He ran for a while and saw the place where the Ent had been. It had turned into something like a public cemetery. Junhyuk looked around and let go of Gongon.

"Where is golem?" the dragon asked after stomping the ground.

"Somewhere around here."

Gongon inhaled deeply and shouted suddenly, "Bone Golem! Come out! Don't make me wait!"

Soon, skeletal hands came out from the ground of the cemetery, and skeletons surrounded them.

"They look scrappy," Junhyuk whispered.


Gongon started to run around, headbutting skeletons and slamming his tail against them, smashing them to pieces.

Junhyuk joined in and destroyed the rest. The skeletons were all gone, and the bones gathered in one place.

Chuk, chuk, chuk, chuk!

They rose up into a four-meter wide at the shoulders, five-meter tall golem. It looked awkward, and Junhyuk smacked his lips.

"Where is its nucleus?"

Gongon looked at the golem and complained, "I can't do much here."

What he had meant was that if he were his normal self, he would easily find the nucleus. Junhyuk ignored him, gripping tightly to his swords.

The golems giant fist swept the ground, aiming at Junhyuk, and he yelled, "Dodge!"

However, Gongon shook his head and ran toward the golem.


The fist hit him, and the dragon bounced back.

"Gon!" Junhyuk shouted.

Once he landed, Gongon gritted his teeth.

"Shit. It hurts!"

Junhyuk laughed. Gongon had lost 10 percent of his health. He hadn't been wise, but know Junhyuk knew how strong the golem's attacks were. Still, he had looked pathetic flying in the air.

Junhyuk moved forward, and the golem swung at him. With the huge fist coming at him, Junhyuk teleported and appeared on top of the golem's shoulder. He didn't know where the nucleus was, so he wanted to attack every place where it might be.

He hit the golem hard on the head.


The blow created a shockwave, and the golem's head was smashed, but the golem swung its arm, aiming for Junhyuk. He jumped down from the golem's shoulder as the golem twisted around, attempting to elbow him.


Junhyuk blocked the blow, but still bounced back. He was just getting up as Gongon rushed the golem and headbutted it.


The golem's leg shattered, and it leaned forward. Gongon transformed and low sweeped the other leg.


It shattered, and the golem fell forward on the ground. Junhyuk stepped forward.

The golem was getting shattered, but it was also healing quickly.

As the transformed Gongon bore into the golem, he shouted, "Where is damn nucleus?!"

Junhyuk had been wondering about that too. He was also destroying parts of the golem, but they couldn't find the nucleus, and the golem was regenerating quickly.

Gongon breathed on the golem, burning its chest, and the golem punched the dragon in return. Gongon rolled on the ground from the impact, and the transformation ended. He looked damaged as he got up.

"Junhyuk, do you have any ideas?"

Junhyuk stepped back and said, "What happens when the nucleus is destroyed?"

He could generate a shockwave for that, so he sent his swords away and raised his fist.

"There is no other way. We will beat the crap out of him."

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