Legend Of Legends Chapter 196

Chapter 196: Siege 2

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Gongon sucked on the candy and turned his head to look at Junhyuk.


"You can buy other things with gold. Why are you buying candy?"

Gongon smiled and put his short front arms on Bebe's plate.

"Charge it."

Bebe smiled and said, "Paid." Then, he gave the dragon a hundred pieces of Andes Tribe candy. Gongon took them and placed them inside his Spatial Bag. At which point, Junhyuk became very surprised he had one of those.

"Gon, you have a Spatial Bag?!"

"This is just the basics. I'm a dragon with significant magic control," he said, smiling. "Even though I'm hatchling."

Junhyuk grabbed his head and asked, "How big is it?"

"This? It's not that big. The length, width and height are all ten meters, so it's a thousand cubic meters."

Junhyuk's mouth hung open. It was extremely impressive.

"Do you have another one?"

Gongon ate another piece of candy and said, "I have three others that I made. One has five-meter measurements, another one has seven-meter measurements and the last has nine-meter measurements."

Junhyuk sighed deeply.

"You can make more when you return?"

"Sure. It requires special materials, but I could get those," Gongon said while eating another piece of candy. "My father can provide me the materials."

"If you sell one, you could get a lot of gold," Junhyuk said evenly.

"What?! Really?"

The dragon looked at Bebe.

"Give them to me, and I'll tell you the price."

Gongon pushed two of the bags forward.

"The seven-meter and the nine-meter ones."

Bebe looked at them and smiled.

"You must've made this when you were an amateur. They are very rudimentary."


"However, they are still valuable. The seven-meter one is 100,000G, and the nine-meter one is 200,000G."

Junhyuk's eyes shot wide.

"What did you just say?"

"The seven-meter one will sell for 200,000G, and you already know I only pay half the price."

"But if you keep spending gold…"

"So? There are only a few beings who can make Spatial Bags."

Junhyuk felt sick to his stomach. He had risked his life to earn gold, but Gongon had done it while sucking on candy.

"I'll sell them," Gongon said calmly.

He extended his hand over the plate and easily earned the 300,000G. Then, he opened the book and said, "Give me this one."

"Only a few people know of it. It will suit you."

"I knew it just by looking at it. This weapon is for a dragon, and when I transform, it will as well."

"So, is this what you want to buy? It's 300,000G."

"That's right! Give it to me quickly!"

Junhyuk clicked his tongue. A 300,000G weapon had to be useful with a price like that. Gongon's attack stat was already high, but he became even stronger.

Bebe gave him the weapon. It was a claw small enough to fit into Gongon's hands. It was very small, but it still cost 300,000G, which left Junhyuk speechless.

"Would you buy the five-meter one?"

"Show it to me."

Gongon handed him the bag, and Bebe clicked his tongue.

"I can't buy this. It's too rudimentary."

The dragon twisted his mouth and said,"You aren't buying it?"


So, he looked at Junhyuk and asked, "Do you want it?"


"It's not as useful as the other ones, but it will still work. Take it," Bebe said nonchalantly.

Junhyuk extended his hand, saying, "Gon, I love you."

"You don't have to love me," Gongon said, smiling and wagging his tail slowly.

"We are all equipped, so let's go!"

Junhyuk took his new Spatial Bag and stepped forward, but Gongon stopped in front of the portal, so he picked up the dragon, and they walked out.

Gongon's body was shaking as he looked around and complained, "Is that really safe?"

"It's safe. I haven't been hurt so far."

"Is that so?" Gongon shakes his head and added, "Let's go! Where are we going?"


Junhyuk pulled out his communication crystal orb and called Aktur.

"Aktur, we just came out. Where are you?"

"I'm taking the upper path."

"Let's meet at the second tower of that path then."

"Yes, sure."

"You are talking to Aktur?" Gongon asked.

Junhyuk nodded, and Gongon closed his eyes but complained, "My telepathy won't work. How are you doing it?"

"With this," and Junhyuk showed him the crystal orb.

The dragon shook his head and said, "You communicate with that?"

"Right. I can even use it to communicate with another dimension from my dimension."


Gongon was really surprised. He went back inside the portal. Different from before, he was unafraid that time. A moment later, he walked out with a communication crystal in his hand.

"How did you buy it?"

"I didn't have enough money, so I sold a few things I owned. Bebe didn't want to buy anything other than the Spatial Bags at first, but I got this for cheap. It was a good deal."

Junhyuk didn't know why Gongon thought the crystal was that important, but he listened to the dragon.

"OK. Now, time to move. If Aktur comes across our enemies, he will be in danger."

Gongon raised both of his arms, and Junhyuk looked at him and said. Like a child, Junhyuk held him to the side of his torso.

"Let's go."

Gongon had another piece of Andes Tribe candy on his mouth and was sucking on it while wagging his tail. The piece of candy cost 20G, but Gongon didn't care about it. He was completely shameless.

Junhyuk had risked his life to hunt heroes to earn his gold, but Gongon had earned his by selling his Spatial Bags. He had received 300,000G at once, so 20G was insignificant to him.

Junhyuk took Gongon and headed to the second tower. There, they met up with Aktur, who was taking the tower down.

"What about the enemy?"

"No one there."

"They aren't after us. Are they preparing for a siege?" Junhyuk mumbled, shaking his head.

"I think so. Only the siege remains," Aktur said evenly. "Unlike towers, the castle's gate can only be broken through by us, while the archers attack us from above with their arrows."

Junhyuk smacked his lips and said, "We'll destroy the tower before moving on."

Aktur shrugged. "Right. We have to do what we must," he said.

The second tower crumbled, and Gongon extends his arms toward Junhyuk, but Junhyuk ignored the dragon.

"We aren't in a hurry. They'll be waiting for us."


Gongon smacked his lips and followed him. Aktur looked at the dragon and then at Junhyuk, saying, "Don't give him a bad habit."

"What?!" Gongon frowned, and Junhyuk smiled bitterly.

"Relax. Aktur is still sore about the last partner he had."

Gongon ate another piece of candy and said, "Pick me up instead."

Junhyuk sighed and placed Gongon on his side.

"Why do you like being picked up?"

"Dragons are wise, and I don't have to exert myself to move that way."

"Like a carriage?" Junhyuk asked, smiling bitterly.

"It's not like that. You are special," Gongon said, staring at Junhyk. "Can you give me a ride on your neck?"

"That's fine."

Junhyuk started to run. Aktur, who wasn't interested in the conversation between them, also picked up the pace, and they soon arrived at the castle to see their enemies standing in front of the castle wall.

All three enemy champions and their lizardmen were there.

Gongon said, "I can destroy the castle's gate with one firebreath."

Junhyuk put him down and touched his head.

"Don't forget, we have to pull one before you can fight."

"I know, I know."

Gongon extended his short front arms, and the claw on his hand shone brightly.

"Time to use it."

Junhyuk had been expecting it too. Gongon's attack stat had already been high without a weapon, so Junhyuk expected good things from him after he acquired the claw.

Aktur looked at the enemy camp.

"What shall we do?"

Junhyuk thought for a moment a. It was dangerous to go into the enemy camp, but it was also dangerous for Aktur to pull an enemy champion out. Most of them had longer ranges than him.

"You should pull them over here," Gongon said, looking at Aktur.


"Then, bring us the two-headed monster. The centaur will die from mine and Junhyuk's attacks anyway."

Aktur looked down at the dragon, "He has absolute dodge. When he uses it, I can't get him."

"Then, bring us that four-armed monster."

Aktur looked at Junhyuk, who smacked his lips in reponse.

"Lugos can't run away, so it would be a good idea."

"Then, just like last time."

Junhyuk looked at Gongon.

"I have to go in anyway to kill Gyulsean. They will attack me," Junhyuk said.

"How many hits can you take?"

"Even with my defensive power, I can't be hit more than twenty times."

"Can the enemy tie me down?"

"Drakey has a whirlwind that will lock you down."

Gongon thought for a moment, and then hit Junhyuk's chest with his tail.

"Then, you should save me."

"You speak so carelessly."

Gongon looked forward, and Aktur said, "Then, let's begin."

They would kill Gyulsean first and pull Lugos toward them. There was no issue.

Junhyuk had picked Gongon up to his side and started running. On his right hand, he held the Blood Rune Sword while on his left he held Gongon.

Gyulsean readied an arrow after seeing them. She knew what Junhyuk was trying to do. She couldn't withstand the Spatial Slash followed by Junhyuk attack, but Gyulsean wanted to deliver some hits in the meantime.

Junhyuk saw her. He could kill her without being hit, but carrying Gongon was problematic.

"I'll take a hit."

Junhyuk used the Spatial Slash, and Gyulsean's neck spurted blood. The shockwave went through the enemy champions and their lizardmen. Those lizardmen within range all disappeared.

Junhyuk picked up the pace.

Gyulsean let go of her bowstring. The arrow hit Junhyuk on the shoulder. He was wounded, but he kept approaching the enemies. When he was within range, he shouted, "Go! Gon!"

Gongon wanted to try his headbutt, but Lugos stood in front of him, so Gongon used the firebreath instead. After Gongon's flames, Gyulsean disappeared. She had just managed to hit Junhyuk on the shoulder with an arrow.

[Gongon killed Gyulsean.]

Killing a champion was good, but arrows rained down from the sky. The archers had been waiting for them, so Junhyuk teleported and picked up Gongon from behind.

Lugos and Drakey rushed toward them, but Junhyuk teleported.

Boom, boom!

The two struck the ground while Junhyuk took Gongon out of the range of the archers.

"You did well!" Gongon shouted, and Junhyuk smiled and placed him on the ground.

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