Legend Of Legends Chapter 201

Chapter 201: New Employees 3

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The money was transferred to the Swiss bank, and afterward, Junhyuk checked the account by phone. He was able to see that the money had, in fact, been transferred, which showed the impression he had made on the department manager.

Only the two of them were inside the VIP room, and the manager felt the pressure coming from him and almost peed his pants.

"I'm joking. Keep this a secret."

"I'll do it."

Junhyuk said goodbye and went back to work. He headed to the development department, and Elise was surprised to see him when he got there.

"What is going on?"

"Could we talk, just the two of us?"

Elise nodded.

"It's not even lunchtime yet. Shall we lunch together?"

"Sure. I'm buying."

They walked out of the company's grounds and looked for a nearby restaurant. Unexpectedly, Elise looked for a fermented miso soup place.

They sat down at a restaurant with a strong miso aroma, and Elise ordered her soup, looking satisfied. Junhyuk looked at her.

"Do you like this place?"

"Unless one enjoys a culture's traditional food, one can't understand that culture."

Sometimes, Junhyuk thinks she had taken a language pill because she was extremely fluent in Korean. He looked at her calmly and said, "I have a favor to ask."

"A favor?"

He handed her a spoon and filled her cup with water.

"I am not sure what Zaira knows, but I have to spend some money, so I've transferred some money to a Swiss bank account."

"I know."

He knew that was because of Zaira.

"Can you make sure you are the only one who knows about this?"

Her eyes widened slightly, and she stared at him.

"Why do I have to do that?"

Junhyuk shrugged and replied, "I'll bring back many more things from the Dimensional Battlefield to earn some money. If you want to buy those things from me in the future, isn't this a small favor to ask?"

She laughed.

"In other words, I could buy them from you exclusively?"

"If you keep me hidden from other people's attention."

She stared at him for a moment and lifted her spoon, "Let's eat first. We'll talk more later."

He probed her aura and realized that she would do what he had asked. Then, he took his spoon, and together, they ate their fermented miso soup. It had a really strong aroma, and they were satisfied with their lunch. After finishing it, they got coffee from a vending machine and, while holding their cups, they headed back to the company.

Elise took a sip of her coffee.

"If you let me purchase any item you bring back, I will agree to your demand."

"How much can you hide me from others?"

"I can't hide basic stuff. Doyeol is already interested in you."

"Then, what can you hide?"

"I can hide the things you request from here on, like your money transactions," she said calmly.

"Keep my assets hidden, and I'll let you know about other requests."

"Sure. Will do."

"Do you have enough capital?" he asked evenly.

The things he acquired at the Dimensional Battlefield were very expensive, sometimes in the hundreds of millions. She had to have a limit.

"Don't worry," she said smiling, and Junhyuk stared at her quietly.

For a simple scientist, she had quite bit of money. Elise looked back at him and laughed.

"Don't be too surprised. Do you know how many patents I have? And I'm Robotics' Head Researcher and one of its shareholders."

He was seeing a side of her he didn't know. They stood in front of their building, and she smiled at him.

"Lunch was delicious."

Junhyuk waved lightly at her, and when she walked away from him, she said a few more words, "Also, the leaf I bought from you, I learned a few things from it. It's amazing! If possible, I would like the three's seed and fruit."

"I'll look into it."

She waved and headed back to work. Elise went down to the Development Department, and Junhyuk headed to the Administrative Department.

Others had finished their lunch and were on their way back to work. When Junhyuk saw them, he greeted them.

"Was your meal delicious?"


Then, Junhyuk went over the worker's manual and as much as he knew about the job.

Wednesday night.

Junhyuk was wearing his mask, standing next to Sungtae. Sungtae had new, large glasses on and was wearing a backpack. He looked completely different from before.

"This is the place."

"It feels different in person than looking at it in a picture."

"Let's go in."

He opened the door with a key, and they took the elevator to the top. They got to the tenth floor, and Junhyuk said, "This office is mine."

"Ha! Then, let me have the ninth floor."

"Do as you please. With the exception of my office, you may use the building as you like."


"Yes. Save three stories for the supercomputer. We have a lot to do. Also, take care of the building."

Sungtae the notebook he had brought with him.

"For the building's security, I've already looked into some companies. They are expensive, but they'll completely safeguard the building. The most famous security companies in this world are Germany's Stella, America's Special One and China's Yellow Dragon."

"We can't use Stella."

He had fought against Stella before, so he couldn't work with them. Therefore, two companies remained: American's Special One and China's Yellow Dragon.

"So, those two are the only options that work for us?"

"They are pricey, but they are the only ones we can trust. They are skilled at what they do."

Junhyuk clicked his tongue. He trusted neither the Americans nor the Chinese.

"Then, look for Korean security companies, somebody cheap."

"Somebody cheap?"

"Right. We'll just buy the entire company."

"It'll cost you."

"It won't be too expensive."


Junhyuk calmly continued, "The security company will take care of the building, but what about the supercomputer?"

"Brian will install the supercomputer. We are preparing a program to oversee it. If it doesn't work out, we'll have to hire some people. I have some friends from my college days. You should hire them."

"Where did you go?"


Junhyuk felt the discrepancy in both of their educations and clicked his tongue.

"Sure. Do it. Did Brian call?"

"Tomorrow, we will get our things."

"I won't be here tomorrow. Can you do it alone?"

"By the way, can I sleep here today?"

Junhyuk sighed.

"You can. I'll sleep here today as well."

No one could recognize Sungtae because he was wearing a mask, but his safety wasn't guaranteed. It would be better to sleep there and report to work the next day.

"Do you want to play a game with me?"

"What game?"

"A World War game."

Junhyuk trusted his reflexed, so he played the game, but for the next few hours, he lost big to the core of his soul.

At 3:00 a.m., Junhyuk saw container trucks in front of the building. The containers opened and various electronics were taken out.

Junhyuk was looking down from the tenth floor. Brian was standing next to him.

"I got the things you requested."

Junhyuk looked at him, and Brian felt nervous.

"I'll make sure everything is alright, and then I'll wire you the money," Junhyuk said.

"Of course."

They started at three in the morning, and it took them four hours to unload everything. Even so, the speed of the work was amazing. Brian and his team were fast and accurate. Everything was installed and working within those four hours.

They told him the work was done, and Junhyuk and Sungtae stood in front of the supercomputer. Sungtae turned it on and rubbed his hands together, his eyes sparkling.

"Then, shall I begin?"

He connected his laptop to the supercomputer and uploaded something. Junhyuk watched him. Once the upload was done, Sungtae's hands flashed, and Junhyuk pressed his shoulder.

"How is it? Is the computer working OK?"

Sungtae was typing obliviously on the keyboard, but he recognized Junhyuk's voice and said, "Yes, it's working fine."

"Then, I'll wire him the money."

"Ah! Wait a moment." Sungtae's fingers flew across the laptop's keyboard, and he showed it to Junhyuk, "Check it out."

Junhyuk looked at Max's Swiss bank account with all the transferred money and raised his head. Brian looked at the expectantly.

Junhyuk presses "Enter," and the money was wired. He looked at Brian, who checked his smartphone and bowed back to him.

"Whenever, whatever you need, let me know. I can get you anything on Earth."

"An iron soldier?"

Brian broke into cold sweats.

"That's not possible yet."

He had said yet, and Junhyuk realized Brian wasn't an ordinary broker. It was good to know him.

He grabbed Brian's shoulder and said, "As long as you keep it a secret, I will call you from time to time."

"Call me anytime!"

Sungtae was busy typing, and Brian looked at him and smiled.

"Tell him I'll call him later."

Junhyuk nodded, and Brian disappeared with the container trucks. Junhyuk looked at Sungtae, still typing busily, and looked around the main computer room. It didn't look like Zaira yet, but Sungtae would fill things in.

He tapped Sungtae's shoulder.

"Let's do this later."

"I can't go out very far."

He hadn't expected that. Junhyuk shook his head and went outside, taking the subway commonly known as hellway. He was wearing his mask, and the subway wasn't too packed yet.

Eunseo looked at the machine Elise was showing her.

"It's finished."

"Yes, it's finished."

"Can you sweep with just one machine?"

"Yes, you can sweep South Korea with this."

She looked at Elise and asked, "How many would you need to cover the entire world?"

"Measuring by area, we'd need 1,494 machines. We have one already, so we need 1,493."

Eunseo sighed and said, "We need it for major cities. How is the production of iron soldiers?"

"We've increased the production line, but we lack important materials, so there is a limit to production."

"Make as many as you can."

"I will until I reach the limit."

Eunseo nodded and was about to leave when the orb with electrodes attached to it started to move. The machine made a noise, surprising Eunseo, and Elise turned one of the monitors on and said, "A monster attack is expected in a location."

Eunseo looked at the machine and asked slowly, "Where?"

Elise frowned and said, "Seoul Station."

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