Legend Of Legends Chapter 206

Chapter 206: Unexpected Meeting 2

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Junhyuk looked at the woman behind him. She was a bit taller than the other minions, and her health and mana were higher as well. From underneath her helmet, he could see her face. He gulped.

"Am I right? You are the dark night from the Han River."

Junhyuk changed his voice and said, "Correct. Aren't you Guardians' CEO?"

"I'm Eunseo Kim. Nice to meet you."

Junhyuk was completely taken by surprise upon meeting Eunseo in that place. Sarang rushed behind him and stood next to him to see Eunseo's face.

"Ah! She is Guardians' CEO!"

Eunseo turned her head to look at her, but Sarang's armor had a full helmet that covered her head, so Eunseo couldn't see her face.

He looked at Sarang and said in the different voice, "Can we talk for a minute?"


Junhyuk extended his hand toward Eunseo, who was approaching him. She stopped, and he put his arms around Sarang's shoulder and took her away.

"Call me Max."



"Does it mean anything?"

"It's my other identity."

Sarang cocked her head slightly.

"Oh! You have another identity?"

"It cost me $10,000."

"Nice! Get me a new identity too."

Junhyuk held his head with his hand and said, "Then, your name will be Catherine."


"Wait a minute."

He pulled out the communication crystal and felt for the five heroes, then, he said, "I have a favor to ask."

"You are out? Let's go right away!"

"Our cutie! We'll be there soon!"

Someone sounded cheerful, and Junhyuk smiled bitterly.

"In this battlefield, please call me Max. And Catherine for Sarang."

"Cutie, show me your butt!" Diane said, and Junhyuk sighed and cut off the communication. In any event, the heroes would support him. They had to have earned some money, and that was a good thing.

Junhyuk and Sarang walked toward Eunseo. She was holding a sword and a shield, feeling anxious. He was feeling conflicted.

Junhyuk knew how important Eunseo was. She was Guardians' CEO, the same in charge of fighting monsters. ST Capsule's Doyeol could replace her if he wanted to, but for the sake of humanity, she had leaked information on the Dimensional Battlefield. She had to return alive and in one piece.

He looked at her and said, "My name is Max. This is Catherine."

"Nice to meet you."

"Just remember one thing..." Eunseo looked at him anxiously as he spoke. "In this place, more than anything, concentrate on surviving. Stay alive no matter what."

He had been able to share his true feelings with her, and Eunseo nodded heavily. Junhyuk was about to speak again when the castle's door opened, and people rushed inside.


He hears Diane's voice and was relieved. It looked like she was going along with his request. Diane ran up to him and slapped his butt before he had a chance to respond. Junhyuk just shook his head.

"You are in a good mood."

"That's right! I've earned a lot this time as well."

"How much did you make?"

"The odds were lower than last time. Last time, your team had lost ten times straight, so the odds were high. This time, people bet on your side, but I earned three times what I bet."

"Three times... You must be happy."

"Yeah. The odds were only three to one, but I bet ten times more than last time."


"The investment was different, so I earned more money."

Junhyuk was in shock and stared at her. That had to be more than fun for her. Artlan walked over and put his arm around Junhyuk's shoulder.

"So Max, is there a reason?"

He understood what Artlan was asking and introduced Eunseo to him.

"She stops the monster attacks in my dimension. Her name is Eunseo Kim, and she's Guardians' CEO."

Eunseo was in front of two-and-a-half meter tall heroes, and she bowed carefully. Artlan looked at her and clicked his tongue.


"I have to send her back in one piece at all costs."

"At all costs?"


"If you want, let her stay in the castle. Then, she will live," Artlan said nonchalantly.

Junhyuk looked at Eunseo.

"Stay in here so that you will return alive."

Eunseo shook her head.

"No. I will go with you."

She held tightly to her shield and sword, and Junhyuk shook his head.

"To be honest, you are a minion, and minions serve only as targets for bow practice. The enemy can easily kill you, so stay here."

She swallowed dry.

"I want to know more about this place. Please, let me go with you."

He was feeling conflicted because he felt her desire, and Diane shrugged.

"She is strong-willed. Don't ignore her willpower. Max, let's take her." She patted Junhyuk's butt and added, "If you protect her, you will save her."

"If that's the case, I can't fight earnestly."

Artlan laughed.

"That all depends on what you want to do."

Junhyuk sighed and looked at Eunseo.

"Can you follow my instructions at all times?"


He was still feeling conflicted, and Artlan said, "We don't have time for hesitation."

Junhyuk sighed and nodded.

"Let's go."

Artlan stepped forward and signaled to the minions with his hand, saying, "From here to there, follow me!"

Artlan and Diane took the lead, and Junhyuk, Sarang and Eunseo followed them. Junhyuk walked next to Artlan and asked, "Why did Diane come instead of Vera?"

Diane heard him and replied, "I volunteered, and Vera is moving with Nudra."

"How is the front?"

"Halo is taking center, and we'll head below."

"I heard you earned some money. Shouldn't we go to the Dimensional Merchant?"

"We'll take the tower first and then head to the merchant. Last time, we got our new items, and the situation favored us. This time, after the first battle, we'll head to Bebe's and, then, we'll kill the dragon and push center."

Junhyuk thought about the previous time, when they had tried to kill the dragon, and everyone was killed except for him and Sarang. The enemies had Doctor Tula watching the allies, and he was dangerous.

The allies had a plan, and no one knew how it would unfold. Unlike the allies, the enemies could keep surveillance on the allies.

They were on the move, and Eunseo was moving cautiously. She was feeling anxious, and Junhyuk sighed. It would have been better if she had stayed in the castle, but she wanted to see the Dimensional Battlefield, and he thought things might change if she learned more about the Dimensional Battlefield.

Something bright red was shining in the forest.

He didn't know what it was, but a wolf the size of an ox suddenly came out of the forest. It pounced on the minions, who were frozen in fear. However, Eunseo raised her shield and her sword to protect herself. It wasn't easy to wield a sword and a shield, but she did it effortlessly. It was possible that after hearing about the Dimensional Battlefield, she had trained to do so.

Junhyuk stepped forward and slashed with his sword, killing the wolf in one blow. The strike created a white shock wave that swept the area, and the minions started murmuring, "The Dark Knight is for real!"

He ignored what he heard and looked at the minions. They had teamed up with Eunseo, and they were lucky for that. They wouldn't be used recklessly.

"Your shield will protect you from danger. If you don't use it, you will be killed. Pull yourselves together," he told them.

Everyone nodded, and Artlan said, "Hurry."


Junhyuk sped up after Artlan. The minions trusted him more than the heroes like Diane and Artlan, so they quickly followed behind him.


Artlan looked at the tower over the bridge and grimaced.

"Strange. Are they not here?"

Diane shrugged and asked, "What should we do? The minions aren't there, so we can destroy it easily."

"OK, let's attack first."

There was no reason to bypass an empty tower. Towers were too important.

Artlan unsheathed his sabers and shouted, "Attack!"

The minions were too nervous to respond, and Artlan stared at them coldly. Junhyuk stepped forward. He ran, and the minions followed him.

"Raise your shields!" he shouted, commanding them.

The minions lifted their shields, Junhyuk thought that was a good opportunity to teach them about the Dimensional Battlefield. Instead of using the Spatial Slash, he just ran. There were archers on the tower, but they weren't buffed, so their attacks wouldn't be fatal.

"Focus on defending with your shields," Junhyuk shouted at the minions as they screamed around at the incoming arrows.

They started to use their shield, but five minions had been lost from the first archers' volley. The others, however, were defending themselves well.

Arrows flew out from the allies' side, five arrows to kill five archers. Diane's archery was like that of a goddess. Artlan jumped over the minions and attacked the tower.

The tower's force field shook, and Junhyuk used the Spatial Slash.

The minions were cautious, but there was no reason to let the archers live. Junhyuk's Spatial Slash created a shock wave that swept through the rest of them.

After the archers had died, only the tower's force field remained.

"Destroy the tower!" Junhyuk shouted.

The minions ran at it and started pounding against it. Junhyuk looked around. He wanted to make sure the enemies had really given up the tower.

Diane came up to him and caressed his butt. She was patting it like it was a baby's butt, and Junhyuk smiled bitterly.

"From now on, use your Spatial Slash to kill the archers."

"Don't we have to catch the enemies?"

Junhyuk could use the Spatial Slash to kill heroes, so he wasn't sure about using it to kill archers, but Diane shot an arrow at the tower and said, "When archers are buffed, they are troublesome. Use it well."

He was standing next to Diane and watched the tower fall. The archers' attacks had killed five minions at the start. Two other minions had been injured.

Sarang walked over to them and showed them her hand. From it, she sprinkled a light green powder over them, and the two got up suddenly.

Artlan and Diane were surprised and walked over to her.

"Sa... no, Catherine, what did you do?"

She posed with her hands on her waist and said, "My power has evolved. Now, I can heal two at the same time."

Diane wrapped her arms around her, hugging her, but Artlan wanted to know more.

"Do you heal for the same amount?"

"I'm not sure. I was only treating animals, and they all got better."

"Right. Well, congratulation on evolving your power!"

They both complimented her, but then, suddenly frowned. Upon seeing that, Junhyuk got nervous.

"We head center," Artlan said.

"What happened to Halo?"

"He's been killed."

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