Legend Of Legends Chapter 207

Chapter 207: Unexpected Meeting 3

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Junhyuk thought Halo had upgraded his equipment to the point where he couldn't be killed. They had to have hit him in a weak spot.

"How many were there to kill Halo?"

"Everyone was there."

"All five of them had pushed center?"


It was a gamble for the five of them to move as a group at the same time. They might take center, but they would lose top and bottom. In any event, they would get the first center tower, but they wouldn't take the second.

That meant they would lose a couple of towers from other places, and considering everything, they wouldn't benefit directly. However, they seemed to be trying too hard. They had to be doing it to find a way out of their losing streak.

"They might know where we are going!"

"They have Doctor Tula."

"So they might counterattack us!"

The five of them had already destroyed the center tower, which meant they could turn around at any time. The allies couldn't keep track of them, but the enemies could track the allies with Doctor Tula's help. They could go in whichever way they wanted. Even if two heroes went to help Halo, if the enemy had five heroes waiting, they would be in a tough spot.

Artlan thought it over for a moment.

"Then, let's return first."

Junhyuk couldn't hide his anxiety.

"If you do that, we'll be in danger!"

Artlan looked at Junhyuk and then turned his head to glance over at Eunseo.

"We'll take a right and kill a buff monster on the way."

The buff monster was far from center, but they had time until the enemies got to the second tower. Halo would revive, and Vera and Nudra would join him. They could hold them off until the rest of the allies got there.

Diane smiled.

"OK! Then, let's go back."


Junhyuk was grateful. Ordinarily, the heroes would have returned by teleporting. He could also do it, but without the heroes, the minions would all die, and he couldn't lose Eunseo in that place.

They ran toward the Wolf Warlord. Once they got there, they saw the Wolf Warlord's shining eyes. The minions all froze in fear, and Junhyuk stared at them. If they stood stupefied like that, they would all die.

"Raise your shields!"

The minions raised their shields, and ox-sized wolves rushed at them. There were only five wolves, but they were quite dangerous.

Junhyuk stood in front of the minions and looked at Artlan and Diane. They were already attacking the Wolf Warlord.

They were dealing more damage than before, and their attacks were quickly injuring the Wolf Warlord. The subordinate wolves rushed at Junhyuk, and he ran at them.

Thinking the enemy might show up after them, he decided to save his Spatial Slash.

Once Junhyuk closed in on the wolves, they scattered. The one in the center of the formation rushed at in. It got close and lunged, attempting to bite Junhyuk, but he dodged the sharp canine teeth and swung the Frozen Rune Sword.

He sliced the wolf in half, generating a pure white shockwave. Two of the wolves were within range and froze to death. The other two weren't near enough.

Sarang fired an electric arrow at one of the wolves. Nowadays, Sarang's attacks also dealt more damage, and a hole appeared on that wolf's head.

Only one remained.

The wolf ran toward the minions, and Junhyuk teleported. He appeared behind the wolf's head and stabbed down its neck. A gash opened, and blood splattered all over the minions.

Unlike at the tower, blood had covered their shield, and the minions were scared. Meanwhile, Junhyuk completely beheaded the wolf. They watched him filled with fear and respect, looking like they were putting their entire trust on him.

He turned around to look at the Wolf Warlord.

The Wolf Warlord was in terrible condition. He wouldn't have to step in.

Diane and Artlan worked well together. She paid attention to detail and aimed for the Wolf Warlord's weak spots, so Artlan had an easier time dealing with it. The Warlord tried its best, but in the end, Artlan's saber cut its head.

[You've killed the Wolf Warlord. For the next couple of hours, your health regeneration rate will increase by 10 percent. Whenever you strike an enemy, the enemy will lose 10 percent of their movement speed. The slow effect can stack three times. If you get killed within that time, your enemy will take your buff.]

A purple ring appeared underneath Junhyuk's feet, and he looked at the other members of the group. Artlan approached him.

"I told you about it last time, didn't I?"

"Told me about what?"

Artlan threw him a bloodstone. Junhyuk took it, and a gleam came over Eunseo's eyes, but she stayed where she was.

"There are high quality bloodstones around the Wolf Warlord. She told me to give you some when I got it."

"You mean Vera?"

"That's right."

"Thanks! Could I get some more?"

Artlan laughed.

"You can pick some up. They are over there. But the one I gave you is the best one."

Junhyuk walked over to where Artlan had pointed and whistled. There were bloodstones strewn around like they were pebbles. He only picked up the ones he liked, but he still picked up a lot of them.

The only one that was worth hundreds of millions of dollars was the one Artlan had given him, but he could also make money from the others. Junhyuk put them all in the Spatial Bag, and Eunseo walked over to him.

"Do you know what you've just picked up?"


She tried to elaborate, but Junhyuk raised his hand to stop her.

"We could talk later, but now we have to hurry."

Eunseo bit her lips and didn't speak more. She was surviving because of his help. At the same time, Artlan regretted losing time.

"We have to get to the second tower before the buff runs out, so we have to run at full speed."

Junhyuk had an item that increased his movement speed, but it was different for the minions. If they were to keep up, they'd have to run with all their might.

"We can't rest here. Run!"

Artlan took the lead, and Junhyuk followed them. The minions ran behind unaware of anything. They reached the second tower breathing heavily after having run for an hour.

They could see the others.

There were three heroes standing next to the tower and another five heroes and a champion opposite of them as well as enemy minion riflemen.

Eunseo gathered her breath and protested, "But they have rifles?!"

Junhyuk nodded.

"You can block their bullets with your shield. Don't worry."

She looked at the enemy camp and raised her shield, realizing that it was her only protection there.

"The enemies are over-exerting themselves. When the team battle begins, you have to be careful," he explained calmly.

"What's a team battle?"

"An all-out frontal assault."

"What should I be careful of?" she asked hesitantly.

Junhyuk pointed at Bater and his huge fist, "That's Bater. He can slam his fist against the ground and create a shockwave with a twenty-meter radius. If you are within range, as a minion, you'll be killed. So, be careful."

The minions were hearing him as well and focused on his word. Junhyuk was speaking to all of them.

"That's Doctor Tula. His flamethrower and small missiles are dangerous. That's Killa over there with the double pistols. Those can generate shockwaves that will kill you. So, be careful."

He was telling them that they could be killed easily, and Eunseo realized how hard it was. Junhyuk had told her to stay in the castle, and he hadn't been joking.

"That's Adolphe, and he has a ten-meter slash, so stay out of his range. Regina shoots everywhere. Stay out of her range," he continued.

Eunseo summarized what she had heard, "In one phrase, stay out of the Heroes' ranges."

"Correct. Stay far away."

Eunseo stepped back, and the other minions did the same. At the same time, Junhyuk steps forward. He couldn't really engage in a fight near the minions, so he and Sarang stood together, and Vera walked over.

"I made more money because of you."

Junhyuk smiled.

"That's nice," he said and looked at Halo. "How is it going?"

"I got killed. The five of them came after me, and I did not have a way to survive."

"Now, it's payback time."


The allies had the advantage. The second tower was nearby, and it could help. The enemies had to know that too, but Jean Clo stepped forward and said, "We never cared about the tower. Let's go."

"Be careful. We've lost so far, so don't sound so confident," Regina said, and Jean Clo closed his mouth while she checked on her weapons.

"If this situation continues, they won't come out. What are you thinking?"

"We'll push them first and then pull them," Bater said, pounding his fists against each other, and everyone agreed.

He stepped forward, and the others supported him. Jean Clo did not stay at the front. He remained behind Bater and scoped out the field. They were making their plan.

Junhyuk stepped forward, saying, "Be careful." And Bater rushed.

He went after Artlan, who seemed frozen, and Jean Clo followed after him. Then, Jean Clo grabbed Artlan by the arm and used a giant swing to launch Artlan toward the enemy camp.

Bater smiled, satisfied, and raised his fists. He was about to pound the ground. Junhyuk wanted to step in, but Nudra was already on him, landing a front kick.

Nudra's attack pushed Bater back, but Jean CLo grabbed him by neck, lifting him up. That's when Junhyuk extended his hand. While Nudra headed against the ground, Junhyuk touched him and teleported.


Jean Clo's empty hand smashed against the ground, and the allies counterattacked.

Artlan was already within the enemy camp, so he jumped high up and drop-slashed with his sabers.

Chink, chink!

Bater blocked the attack, and a giant firewall rose between the two. Bater and Jean Clo had been isolated by it, and Junhyuk smiled.

Without even speaking, the allies had attacked like clockwork. It was time for more.

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