Legend Of Legends Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Dimensional Merchants 3


Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl


After they left the trading post, they moved quickly. If they had encountered heroes from the opposing side while in the forest, it could have been dangerous. They were not trying to set up a trap, so they had to face their enemies in the frontline. If the opposing side was in fewer numbers, it would be okay, but, if it the enemies outnumbered them, then they would get killed.

Artlan and Vera took the lead and sped up, and the rest of the group spoke less and moved quickly. They also realized the precarious situation they were in.

As he followed the lead, Junhyuk became impressed with their senses. The sky had no markings to tell directions, yet the heroes always moved quickly.

As they followed the lead, Sarang did not speak, but then she called him:

Big brother.

Junhyuk turned, and Sarang looked around and asked:

By the way, when will it end?

Ive told you. We have to win.

What do we have to do in order for us to win?

Junhyuk thought it over and answered:

We have to destroy their watchtower and castle.

How long does it take?

Last time, it took a month.

Sarang stiffened. She worried about whether she could survive for a month while being so drained.

Junhyuk whispered to her:

Since you are a magician minion, dont step forward, protect yourself with a shield and attack when you see an opening. Your power works well against enemy minions.


I dont know what Vera taught you, but you should think about it over and over.

Sarang nodded. Vera had taught her how to enhance her magical power, and she should think about it. She was overcome by the emotions surrounding her, but she reminded herself of what Vera had taught her.

Junhyuk stopped talking and contemplated the changes in his body. He had exercised his muscles, making himself stronger, and now he carried a runestone and became even more powerful.

His strength depended on his item, but he wanted to keep that strength. He prepared his muscles and moved fast.

At the end of the forest, there was a river glistening softly.

Junhyuk stiffened while Artlan said:

You first.

Artlan allowed the minions to cross first, and Junhyuk was relieved. They did not know about the existence of aglantas, so they took big steps on the stepping stones.

As if theyd been waiting, the aglantas showed up, but, this time, Artlan stepped forward. Artlan ran and swung his saber, and the aglantas fell into small pieces.

Artlan had to be thinking that he needed to save as many minions as possible. Junhyuk turned to Sarang.

Dont worry and cross.


He remembered the last time, how they had lost all minions, but, this time, Artlan took care of business. He was relieved. They crossed the stepping stones carefully, and Vera stepped behind Sarang and spoke to Junhyuk:

Are you OK?


It would only take ten seconds if he was crossing alone. Junhyuk looked at the others crossing and stepped on the stepping stones.

Artlan had slaughtered the aglantas and was already on other side of river.

The dead aglantas blood spread across the river, bringing in more aglantas. Junhyuk jumped before the aglantas could get to him. The aglantas flew toward him, but he had already crossed the river.

Junhyuk looked behind him and saw the aglantas bustling over the stepping stones. He did not have to use his power and was relieved.

We move.

Since theyd crossed the river, they were in allied territory. There were no boundaries in the forest, but the enemy did not cross into allied territory easily. If the enemy had, they would be met by their troops and would be unable to escape.

When Artlan made his surprise attack, it had been successful, and they had gained a lot, but they had also risked many lives.

They moved quickly inside the forest. Monsters showed up from time to time, but Artlan and Vera killed them easily. Then, Artlan and Vera motioned to make them stop.

The group stopped, and Artlan scoped out what was taking place outside of the forest.

As expected, they are in the middle of a fight.

Artlan looked at the group.

There were six minions, the magician minion Sarang, and Junhyuk. Artlan calmly explained the situation:

Ellic and Grangsha are attacking the watchtower.

It was possible for heroes to reincarnate, and they were already there.

Nudra is holding off their attacks, but it does not look easy. We go in right now.

Artlan looked at Junhyuk:

Ellic is there. I will fight him. When I start the fight with Ellic, put a force field around me.

I understand.

Artlan wanted to deal with Ellic instead of letting Junhyuk do it, there was no reason for him to turn Artlan down. Artlan looked at Vera.

We will deal with Ellic first. Nudra can handle Grangsha.

Vera looked out and said:

We should move quickly. They might be hiding somewhere.

I know. We move at full speed.

Artlan was thinking about dealing with Ellic first by using Junhyuks force field. He looked at the group and said:

Minions, move when we move and attack the opposing minions around the watchtower.


After he spoke, Artlan pulled out two sabers and said:

Im going.

Artlan left the forest, and Junhyuk followed him. As soon as he got out of the forest, Artlan jumped up and fell on Ellics head.


Artlans saber and Ellics hammer clashed against each other, and, at that moment, Junhyuk enclosed Artlan with his force field. They fought each other. Vera stepped forward and shouted:


The minions ran forward, and Junhyuk joined them. He had a lowest level runestone, but he was not worried about the opposing minions.

I will earn 41G.

After he made the forcefield, he could not use his power. Only his physical prowess remained.

Junhyuk ran toward the opposing minions and saw his own minions encountering the opposing forces.


The minions were used to using their shields, so no minion died from the first attack. Junhyuk took the right flank and attacked the enemies.

Before an opposing minion had the chance to react, Junhyuk stabbed him through his neck and stepped back. He did not stop there and stepped forward.

Junhyuk saw an opposing minion holding an axe turn around to face him, and he held on to his runestone and swung his sword.


The minion could not stand the pressure of his sword and the axe went down. Junhyuk stepped forward and swung his sword.


He was able to slice through the enemys armor, but if he kept using his strength that way, he would get tired soon.

The enemy minions concentrated their attention on Junhyuk as he stepped back. The enemies let out battle cries and attacked him, but his own minions defended him with their shields. It was more like Junhyuk had gone behind the shield wall, rather than his minions stepping forward.

An energy bolt flew by and smashed an enemy minions head.

Junhyuk realized Sarang was giving him support and stepped forward.

There were twenty enemy minions.

Artlan and Vera were fighting Ellic, but Ellic was so strong he did not fall so easily.

That meant the remaining enemy minions were the responsibility of the eight remaining people.

Junhyuk tried harder. He saw an enemy minion about to attack the shield wall. The minion lifted his axe, and Junhyuk stabbed him with his two-handed sword.

The shields were held up high, so he stabbed the enemy minion between his eyes. The enemy fell, and Junhyuk realized that what he had just done was quite a safe way to attack.

He could still attack from behind the shields. If he had a spear, it wouldve been better, but he could still use his sword.

He stayed behind the shields and stabbed from time to time, killing enemies. What could be easier?

The minions holding the shields also felt better as Junhyuk decreased the number of enemy minions. Sarang also attacked, and the number of enemy minions decreased quickly.

There were seven enemy minions left. He felt victory was at hand, but something changed.

A group from the left side of the field of reeds had discovered them and were running to engage them.

Artlan! Junhyuk saw them before Artlan did, and he shouted. 

Artlan was fighting Ellic. Warren was coming from far away along with ten enemy minions.

Ellic was near death, but he was holding out. Maybe, he had been waiting for Warren.

Ellic tried to run away slowly, and Artlan shouted:

Vera! Lets kill Ellic so we will get help from the watchtower!


A huge fire wall appeared behind Ellic, and Artlan threw his saber.


The force field disappeared. Artlan was wounded, but still launched attacks. Ellic realized he could not escape, so, holding his axe, he ran forward.

Artlan looked at Ellic going toward him and jumped up. Ellic was crossing underneath his feet when a flying saber stabbed his back.


With his back sliced, Ellic swung his hammer violently, as though he was having a seizure. He looked fierce, and Artlan stepped back. Ellic lifted his hammer.

Vera! Step aside! Artlan shouted as he moved to the side, and Ellic dropped his hammer like lighting.


Ellics hammer clashed against the ground, creating shockwaves. He still had a lot of strength left, even though he was dying. The minions staggered from the shockwaves.

Ellic moved forward while everyone was off balance, went through the firewall and jumped toward Warren.

He was near death, but he was not dead yet. While Ellic ran away, Artlan threw his saber at him. The saber struck Ellic on his back like a lighting bolt, and Vera threw a fire spear at him.


Ellic fell right in front of Warren, who ran on his four legs and howled:

Hooooowl! Warren howled loudly and ran toward Artlan. Artlans face was devoid of expression.

Can you make a force field?

We have to wait thirty more seconds.


Ellic had inflicted heavy wounds on Artlan and Vera just before he died. Furthermore, Artlan had lost one of his sabers by throwing it at Ellic.

The other side only had one extra person, but it was still a dangerous situation.

We will retreat.

If they retreated to the watchtower, the archers would give them cover fire. They had to trust the archers and retreat.

As they fell back, they heard Nudra shouting:

Be careful!

Artlan turned to look, and Grangsha was shielding his body and turning. Grangsha was turning on the spot, and his sickle was flying everywhere.

Whats he doing?!

Artlan took his saber and jumped toward Vera. Vera stepped back while Grangshas sickle became larger. Grangsha swung his sickle faster than Artlan and Vera could escape.


Artlan and Vera were already tired from Ellics attacks, and Grangsha devastated them. The shockwaves had thrown Vera and Artlan off guard, but they were not the only ones.

The minions staggered from Grangshas shockwaves, and then the enemy minions swung their axes. 

Four minions died from the enemys attack. The shockwaves did not affect the enemy minions. They were able to stand firmly on the ground.

Junhyuk staggered from the shockwaves, but, since he was a novice, he was able to stand his ground.

He stood in front of Sarang and looked at the enemy.


Artlan and Vera were wounded and stepped back. Meanwhile, Warren had joined Grangsha.

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