Legend Of Legends Chapter 212

Chapter 212: Thwarted 2

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Ever since he first came to the Dimensional Battlefield, things had never been more peaceful. At that moment, all he had to do was look out for an enemy who was not coming and be cautious. There was nothing else to do.

Eunseo tried to speak to him a few times, but he only gave her short answers. He told her there would be more opportunities for them to have a discussion, but that, at that moment, they had to focus on the frontline.

After that, Eunseo also remained silent. Instead, she also focused on the horizon ahead.

Junhyuk was a bit aways from Eunseo, looking ahead. He didn't know how the enemies were moving and couldn't guess it. Because of that, he was feeling frustrated.

"Doctor Tula's ultimate is not so bad."

The other's ultimates were extremely powerful, like in most cases, but Doctor Tula's ultimate involved scouting ahead by sending out tiny spiders. Up to that point, the allies hadn't thought much of Doctor Tula's ultimate. Now, the enemies were acting strategically and displaying the ultimate's superiority. The enemies were probably looking at the allies like ants playing in the palm of their hands.

The allies were moving as a group, so they would be safe, but a hero might get killed.

Junhyuk focused to communicate with Artlan.

"How is the situation?"

"Right now, enemies have appeared on the lower and upper path, but three of them are unaccounted for."

"Maybe they are preparing an ambush?"

"We can't ignore that possibility. We will send one out for the lower and upper path each, and the other three will continue center. Even if there is an ambush, we should be OK."

Junhyuk had lied in ambush himself. Waiting in the reed field and ambushing the enemy was something he had done many times before, so there was the possibility of the allies receiving massive casualties.

Perhaps, the enemies were attacking each tower to attract attention, but it was hard to say if that was the case. The enemies could destroy a tower with just one here. They had done it before.

Previously, the enemies had sent just one hero to destroy the golems and the castle, so the allies couldn't let their guard down.

In order to block their attack, the allies had to move, placing themselves on defense, even if they had killed the dragon.

"Perhaps it's a good thing the enemies are waiting in ambush?"

"Why?" Sarang asked him.

Junhyuk pointed to the horizon and said, "If the tower is already under enemy attack, even if the allies run fast, they won't be able to reach it in time. What if the enemies drop the tower and come this way?"

"They should return."

"Right. The heroes could return, but how many of them should return? And what if the allies are already skirmishing with the enemy?"

"Return would take time and we could lose the castle in the meantime!"

Junhyuk nodded heavily.

"Without heroes, it's almost impossible to defend the castle on our own. It'll be difficult to buy more time as well."


Junhyuk could deal with one enemy hero, but if more of them showed up, he wouldn't be able to do much.

He looked at Eunseo, who was scouting the surroundings, and murmured, "When the enemy minions show up here, we'll have to send out our minions to meet them, but that won't be easy."

He looked at the minions inside the castle. There were many of them in wait, but if they went out to meet the enemy, they would be killed. If the enemy got there, Junhyuk would have to send them out. However, he still had issues, psychologically, with ordering them to their deaths.

Junhyuk looked ahead.

"If we see an enemy, we must report back to the heroes to let them know how many enemies are here."

As he spoke, all of a sudden, there was movement in the forest to the right of the central road. A group appeared. Even in plain sight, they were approximately a hundred, but the minions weren't the problem.

Junhyuk scouted nervously and saw three heroes and Adolphe. At that moment, he quickly made his report by using the communication crystal, "Jean Clo, Killa and Bater are here. Adolphe as well."

A brief moment of silence passed, and then the reply came, "Vera, Diane and I will return. Hold the castle."


There was an enemy attacking each of the towers, which would be Doctor Tula and Regina. That meant Nudra and Halo were dealing with them. If the allies fought with the backing of the tower, they wouldn't be killed.

Junhyuk stood on the castle wall and looked at the enemies running toward him. Jean Clo and Killa were taking the lead. Bater's eyes emanated complete killer intent while looking at Junhyuk.

Killa's range was extremely long, so she could kill the archers from where she was. Junhyuk had to do something about it.

He raised his sword and pointed to the enemies.

"When they are within range, I'll buy more time with the Spatial Slash."


Sarang scoped out the enemies nervously. Even if the enemies ran quickly, the allied heroes should return first. Without Junhyuk, the castle would've been attacked without the allies' knowledge. However, Junhyuk was there.

"We should halt their advance."

They were within a hundred meters of the castle, and Junhyuk had his sword in hand, gripping it tightly. Once the heroes closed in, they sent their riflemen.

The minions had stop the riflemen. If not, the riflemen could destroy the wall in no time. Junhyuk couldn't use the Spatial Slash against them either at that point.

He kept thinking. When the riflemen closed in, the archers started attacking. The archers' range was longer than the riflemen's, so they started picking them off one by one."

"Thinking of it now, the riflemen are pretty lame."

They were long range units, but they couldn't kill the archers at that point. However, they could get to the bottom of the wall and attack the archers from there. There was a definite difference between the allied and enemy armament.

All of a sudden, a voice boomed out, "Open the gate!"

Junhyuk turned back and saw Artlan, Vera and Diane. The gate opened, and the heroes took a hundred minions with them outside.

Once out, Artlan shouted, "Attack!"

The minions raised their shields and ran forward, toward the riflemen, and Junhyuk looked at Sarang.

"Let's go."


Both of them started at running, and Eunseo shouted after them, "Be careful!"

Junhyuk nodded to her as he headed out before the gate was closed again. The minions were already in full battle mode.

Artlan lead the heroes, and Vera and Diane followed.

Junhyuk thought of the allied combination and compared it to the enemy combination and frowned. Vera and Diane were weak. If enemies closed in, the two would have a hard time staying alive. Only Artlan could fight up close with the enemies. On the other hand, Jean Clo and Bater could fight up close.

Junhyuk thought he was key to the allied combination. He smacked his lips and inspected the frontline. If Artlan could lure just one enemy, the archers would help in the fight.

Jean Clo and Bater both stepped forward, and Artlan stopped running. Both of them could rush, so Artlan calculated the distance and stepped back. If either of them rushed after Artlan, he would find himself in a difficult position.

While Artlan retreated, the enemies headed toward him. Looking at the whole picture, the enemy line was moving forward, and Junhyuk walked toward them. He wanted to kill Killa first, but there were other enemies who posed more imminent danger.

Jean Clo and Bater were at the front, but if Junhyuk could get help from the archers, he could kill them both. As the enemies approached him, Junhyuk didn't hesitate to use the Spatial Slash.

While Bater was running with Jean Clo, a gash opened on his neck, and a red shock wave extended out from it. Jean Clo was injured by the shock wave, but he was so strong that he could ignore it. Instead, he sped up, rushing toward Artlan.

By rushing, he put himself within range. Once he grabbed Artlan's neck, the archers attacked him.

While under attacked from the archers, Jean Clo turned around and choke slammed Artlan. After being slammed against the ground, Artlan got up quickly, but Bater finally caught up and hit him hard on the back.


Artlan staggered, and the allies launched their attacks.

A firewall appeared behind Bater, and Diane shot at him continuously and accurately. After Junhyuk used the Spatial Slash on Bater, everyone concentrated their attacks on him.

Artlan turned and hit him with the seven-strike combo. A fire spear hit him, and Bater got pushed back, hitting a fire orb behind him. The three barraged him. Bater had lost a lot of health after Junhyuk's Spatial Slash and Diane's continuous arrows hit him in a row.

The drill arrows' 50 percent boost to attack had succeeded. Artlan's seven-strike combo and Vera's series of explosion had wounded him further, and Bater only had 10 percent of his health left.

All of a sudden, he looked like a used rag. That only happened because the heroes and Junhyuk had upgraded their equipment in the last battlefield.

Artlan still had 70 percent of his health, and the allies were winning. Bater could feel the danger and attempted to retread. Then, a shot rang out.


A bullet went through the firewall and hit Artlan in the middle of the forehead. The shot was a critical hit, and Artlan lost 30 percent of his health. Meanwhile, Junhyuk couldn't let Bater escape.

"Get him!" he shouted, and Diane shot a single arrow that flew out and hit Bater.

His health was near the bottom, and when Sarang heard Junhyuk's shout, she fired an electric blast.


Jean Clo and Bater were hit by the blast, and Bater disappeared. Sarang was nervous. She felt guilty she had killed a hero at the last minute, but Vera whispered in her ear, "You did well."

At that moment, the important thing was to kill them quickly. Another gunshot rang out, and Junhyuk raised the force field around Vera. With Vera at the center of the ivory-colored light, Artlan also entered.

The bullet ricocheted off the field, and Sarang healed Artlan back to 60 percent of his health.

An enemy had been killed, and Artlan had only lost 40 percent of his health. Junhyuk thought they were winning.

The archer's attacks pushed Jean Clo back. A single exchange had cost the enemies one hero, and they winced.

Junhyuk watched them retreat and asked Artlan, "What do we do now?"

"We don't need the archers. Let's close in while the force field is up."

Artlan took the lead, and the rest of the group followed him. At that point, the enemies knew their attacks would work, so they retreated.

They didn't go far though. They were confident that they could kill Artlan and massacre the others after.

Vera's and Diane's attacks were high, but they couldn't do anything against Jean Clo and Killa's combination.

Junhyuk watched them retreating and asked, "Should I slow them down?"

Using his Spatial Slash with the Frozen Rune Sword would slow the enemies down, and Artlan nodded.

"When the force field disappears, do it in one go. I'll jump in and take care of the rest."

"Should I aim for Killa?"

Artlan nodded, and Junhyuk gripped the Frozen Rune Sword tightly. The force field faded, and Junhyuk made his move.

While Killa ran away, her neck spurted out a fountain of blood, and a pure white shock wave extended out from it, slowing the enemies down. Artlan jumped.

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