Legend Of Legends Chapter 213

Chapter 213: Thwarted 3

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Artlan jumped, closed in on Kill and slashed at her. As he approached, Killa pulled out her pistols and shot out the shock wave.


Killa's shock wave pushed Artlan back. The impact was a critical hit, and Artlan lost 45 percent of his health, leaving him with only 15 percent left.

The plan to kill Killa was going from bad to worse. However, she had also been left with 40 percent of her health. At that point, it didn't matter who was going to kill her. Vera's and Diane's attacks could do it, but there was still some distance between them.

Jean Clo rushed, grabbed Artlan and jumped. If he got slammed like that, Artlan would surely die.

Junhyuk ran to the front and looked at Killa, who was already wielding her pistols. If Artlan died there, there would be dire consequences to the allies. However, Junhyuk was not confident he could survive Killa's attack. Still, he couldn't stop running toward her.

While running to the front, Junhyuk focused on Killa. He wasn't sure even if he focused entirely on her, he would be able to survive her attack.

Meanwhile, he disengaged Adolphe, who released two blue energy attacks that were out of his range, but wrapped up Diane and Vera. Seeing that, Junhyuk gritted his teeth and ran.

Killa fired multiple rounds at him, and because Junhyuk was entirely focused on her, he saw the bullets flying toward him. He teleported and escaped them.

The gunshots flew by, and Junhyuk touched Artlan, who was in the air, spinning toward the ground, and teleported.

He had saved Artlan in the nick of time, but he had used all his teleportations in the process. Artlan wasn't entirely safe. At that moment, Killa had retreated and was preparing another shot.

It could kill him.

Junhyuk bearhugged Artlan and rolled on the ground. Thus, escaping Killa's shot. Artlan smiled at Junhyuk and threw his saber.

It struck Killa, leaving her with 25 percent of her health. That was when Jean Clo ran ran at them again, but Junhyuk stood in his way.

Artlan couldn't die yet, and although Junhyuk had gotten stronger, even with the Spatial Slash he was weak in comparison. He was ready to die in Artlan's place, which is why he stood in front of Jean Clo.

Jean Clo scoffed at the gesture and squeezes Junhyuk by the neck. When Jean Clo raised him from the ground, Junhyuk swung his sword and sliced Jean Clo's arm. Meanwhile, Artlan gripped his saber tightly and dashed. If Artlan killed Killa, Junhyuk was confident that the allies would win that team battle.

Jean Clo raised him up higher and chokeslammed him against the ground.


He felt the impact against his back, and without realizing it, he coughed out all the air in his lungs.

"Ugh! Cough!"

Artlan was on his way toward Killa, but Junhyuk had to buy him more time, which meant he had to fight Jean Clo.

Jean Clo was a tank. He had a lot of health and defense, and normal attacks usually dealt less damage to him. Even without using his ultimate, he could deal a lot of damage. That was a hero.

Junhyuk tried to get out of Jean Clo's hold by swinging his sword desperately.


He had managed to cut Jean Clo's finger in the process. He couldn't cut Jean Clo's arm off, but it wasn't impossible for him to lop off fingers. After losing his finger, Jean Clo lost his grip on Junhyuk, who stepped back quickly and pointed his swords at Jean Clo.

Jean Clo's steel jaw opened, and he shouted at Junhyuk, "How dare you!?"

Adolphe rushed and slashed Artlan, leaving him paralyzed, and Killa's shot hit Artlan in the middle of the forehead, and he disappeared.

Junhyuk gritted his teeth, staring at Jean Clo. He still had 80 percent of his health left.

Killa was at low health, but she was fighting from a distance, and Junhyuk didn't have the Spatial Slash ready and couldn't get close to her.

The situation had worsened.

Without Artlan, it wouldn't be easy to deal with Jean Clo, Adolphe and Killa, but he inhaled deeply and thought quickly. When the Spatial Slash was ready, he would kill Killa in one strike. However, the problem was surviving until then. He had to survive both Adolphe and Jean Clo, and Killa was already preparing another shot.

The enemies knew it wasn't good for them to waste time and focused on Junhyuk. Jean Clo aimed for Junhyuk, while Adolphe aimed for Vera and Diane.

However, Junhyuk was more worried about Sarang than Vera and Diane. If it was just Adolphe, he wouldn't be so worried, but Killa was still out there.

He hadn't expected it, but Diane dashed forward while drawing her bow, and Junhyuk realized that Diane was trying to get rid of Killa.

Killa realized it too.

Because of that, she switched her target from Junhyuk to Diane.


Diane turned her torso slightly and got hit on the shoulder. Adolphe tried to stop her, but she moved like a shadow to the side and released her bowstring. In a brief moment, Diane shot five arrows that flew toward Killa, who jumped. Diane watched as her arrows missed Killa and gritted her teeth. Then, she dodged Adolphe's sword strike. She sped up. Diane could get a speed boost even when she was not in the forest.

Meanwhile, Vera threw a firespear at Adolphe so that he couldn't chase her down. He got hit by the firespear and bounced off a fire orb. After the explosions, Adolphe staggered.

At the same Jean Clo was trying to stop Diane, but Junhyuk still stood in front of him. Junhyuk flanked Jean Clo and sliced Jean Clo's leg. His movement speed was superior to Jean Clo's, and he had been able to stop Jean Clo from running after Diane.

Jean Clo turned around and tried to backhand Junhyuk, but Junhyuk leaned back, barely escaping the attack. He took two steps back and repositioned himself.

Jean Clo approached while tapping his own chin, "Right. You want to be killed by me. I'll grant you that favor."

Jean Clo did not waver and extended his hands forward. Junhyuk, who had fought him before, knew that he couldn't cut Jean Clo's arms. He would have to cut him elsewhere, and he knew just the place.

Jean Clo extended his hands, and Junhyuk stepped back while swinging his sword. Suddenly, Jean Clo lost another finger. While cutting fingers wouldn't deal a lot of damage, it would prevent Jean Clo from mounting his attacks.

"Ahhh! I will kill you!" Jean Clo said furiously.

Fury made people blind, and Jean Clo no longer cared about the others. Junhyuk had lured him in while watching Vera corner Adolphe.

Adolphe was a strong champion, but he was weaker than Vera. She circled around him, casting her magic, while Adolphe, who had used all of his powers, couldn't pin her down in one place.

Adolphe changed plans and decided to go after Sarang, but she also didn't just sit there waiting. She ran toward Vera and, while running, she shot an electric arrow at him. Sarang's focus was already very high, so she could cast magic while moving.

Junhyuk hoped Sarang would stay safe and lured Jean Clo toward a deserted place. He was slowed down, making it possible to pull him. However, while Junhyuk did that, Jean Clo rushed suddenly. Seeing that, Junhyuk clicked his tongue, realizing that Jean Clo's rush had a short cooldown.

Junhyuk couldn't escape, and Jean Clo grabbed him by the neck, so he decided to take a chance and cut Jean Clo's thumb.

Jean Clo needed his fingers to keep his grip, but he had lost his thumb, his middle finger and his ring finger, so he couldn't keep hold, and Junhyuk got free. He smirked, and Jean Clo laughed and grabbed him with his left hand.

"You forgot something. I rush to close in on you. Even without fingers, I can still get to you."

Jean Clo grappled him and jumped. At that point, Junhyuk had 70 percent of his health, but he was about to be damaged by the screw piledriver. He couldn't escape. The world was spinning around him, and he tried to stab Jean Clo with the Frozen Rune Sword.

His head hit the ground.


The world kept spinning, and he lost 30 percent of his health, leaving him with 40 percent. However, Jean Clo wasn't done with him. When he grabbed Junhyuk by the head, an arrow went through his shoulder, and he frowned. At the same time, Junhyuk sliced Jean Clo's other thumb off.

Then, he fell to the ground and rolled to escape. Once he turned around, he saw Diane running toward him. She had gotten rid of Killa and was now after Jean Clo.

Jean Clo realized that Killa was dead and lost some confidence. Killa was dead, and only Adolphe and himself remained. The allies had two heroes, Junhyuk and Sarang. He knew that was the worst possible situation and shouted, "Kill Vera!"

Adolphe stopped chasing after Sarang and ran after Vera. Jean Clo tried to join him, but after having used his rush against Junhyuk, it wasn't easy to keep up with Vera. However, that was his only option.

Jean Clo chased after Vera, and Junhyuk smiled, seeing that Jean Clo would need his rush if he was to catch Vera.

He could stop Jean Clo.

The cooldown of the Spatial Slash had ended, and Junhyuk saw that Adolphe and Jean Clo were close, so he didn't hesitate and used his power.

The Spatial Slash hit Jean Clo's neck, generating a blood-colored shock wave that swept through Adolphe, killing the champion and leaving Jean Clo with 40 percent of his health.

The Spatial Slash had taken a lot of his health, and a barrage of arrows was heading his way. Jean Clo was already slow, and now that he had been hit, he used his ultimate. Three blue energy rings surrounded him, but at the same time, Sarang suppressed it, surrounding Jean Clo's body in a blood-colored energy.

Vera cast a fire arrow on him, and the blue energy rings all shattered.

"I will kill you all!" he howled.

Jean Clo was going berserk, and Junhyuk decided not to get any closer. By that point, Vera and Diane could kill him. His regenerative power had been dispelled, but he could still have a rush left in him.

Jean Clo inspected the health bars of everyone in the battlefield. They were all within his rush's range.

Diane was running toward Junhyuk to help him out, so she was really close. Vera was standing up, casting her attacks. When his rush returned, Jean Clo had 20 percent of his health left, and he wanted to kill someone before he died.

He skipped Vera and Diane and chose Sarang. He rushed toward her, and Junhyuk teleported to appeared in front of her. Jean Clo grabbed him by the shoulder, lifting him up and slamming him against the ground.


It was a critical hit, and Junhyuk was left with 5 percent of his health. When Jean Clo was about to punch him one final time, the back of his head exploded.

An explosive arrow had gone off, and a fire spear hit his face. Both attacks struck him accurately, and Jean Clo disappeared, having failed to punch Junhyuk.

Junhyuk sighed, relieved, and said, "I'm sure he regrets that."

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