Legend Of Legends Chapter 218

Chapter 218: Power Activation 2

He raised his speed to the same to be the same as Regina with her speed boost, and it looked like his attack speed was superior to hers.

Junhyuk reminded himself of Regina's remaining powers. She had the petrification stare and the shooting twister left, and he decided he had to get her to use the spinning twister. With one teleportation left, he thought that if he timed it right, he could easily win.

He ran toward her, swinging his sword. Since his attack speed was faster than before, he could switch from defense to offense, landing a hit. Unlike the previous slices, that slash struck true, and Regina frowned.

She was a balanced hero, who had focused on both defense and offense, but even then, his attack dealt damage. However, it only took 5 percent of her health.

Even though that was it did, Junhyuk didn't stop attacking. After his first attack hit her, he continued the fierce flurry of attacks, cornering her, but she still had a smile on her face.

"You can fight."

When she met him for the first time, he had been an amateur, but since then, he had experienced many fights, raising his skills by quite a bit. He worked on his swordsmanship all the time, and every time he died, his soul grew, which also had an effect on his skills. It deepened and raised his understanding.

There was no reason for Regina to be pushed around by him, however. The problem was the debuff. Her attack speed had slowed down, and Junhyuk was looking for opening to attack her.

It wasn't a lot of damage, but the hits kept coming and the damage kept mounting. However, Regina did not think that she would lose, not even one bit. Even if her attack speed had slowed down, that didn't mean her shots had slowed down as well. She could still aim her pistol just fine with her debuffed attack speed, and a bullet pierced his ribs.

He merely gritted his teeth at the pain and continued to attack her.

Probably because he had already experienced death, he was still able to collect himself and swing his sword while seriously wounded, and his attack speed buff was still in effect.

So, kept on pressuring Regina and managed to take off 15 percent of her health.

At that point, the angle is just right for Sarang to attack from castle wall, so she maintained a supporting role. Sarang's attacks weren't as powerful as his, but she was able to do it from a long distance. Meanwhile, Regina had to block her attacks while fighting Junhyuk, and both of them managed to continually damage her.

While fighting Regina, he felt his Spatial Slash return. Without hesitation, he used it. Even if his enemies knew about the Spatial Slash, they couldn't dodge it suddenly in the middle of a battle.

Regina's neck started bleeding, and even more attacks got through. She lost 45 percent of her health very suddenly, and Junhyuk and Sarang had already taken 23 percent of it, so she had 32 percent of her health remaining.

He felt victory would soon be his, and that's when Regina spun in a circle, firing in all directions. Junhyuk didn't think. He just teleported. The shooting twister covered all angles around her, so to avoid it, he had to go up.

The force field had not returned yet, and Regina had expected him to teleport up, so she took her eyepatch off. Junhyuk couldn't escape and fell, petrified, to the ground. At the same time, Sarang cast her electric blast. Regina had wanted to finish him off while he was petrified, but she had been paralyzed as well. Still, the petrification lasted longer than the paralyzation.

Regina ran to him and cut his neck with the cutlass. It was a critical hit, and he lost a lot of health. Then, Regina pointed her pistol at the middle of his forehead and said, "Checkmate."


He couldn't do anything. He continued to receive critical hits, and his health fell by 40 percent. If she had used her power, the damage would've been much higher.

He only had 45 percent of his health left. Unless the petrifaction cleared, she would continue to shoot him, and her continuous pistol shots power was almost ready. If she was able to use it, he would be quickly taken to hell.

She smiled and pointed the pistol at his chest and said, "The gate will be shredded quickly."

She was about to pull the trigger when she got paralyzed again. Sarang had hit her with another electric blast, which had also dealt 5 percent damage to her health, leaving her with 27 percent.

Then, Junhyuk started moving again. He quickly swung his sword, hitting her with a critical hit, taking another 10 percent off her health. Then, he struck with the Blood Rune Sword, which was another critical hit that took another 10 percent of her health.

By that time, she started moving again.

He wanted to finish her, so he pushed himself to swing further, but she blocked his attack with her cutlass. Once she started moving again, she did so with her speed boosted.

Her power was ready, and her speed was back to normal, so she pointed the gun to his chest and fired.

Bang, bang, bang!

The series of shots were nearly fatal, and he lost most of his health. From 40 percent he fell to 5 percent, and Junhyuk clenched his jaw.

Junhyuk had 5 percent of his health while Regina had 7 percent. His attack speed was higher, but he didn't feel confident about not getting host. Still, he would be expecting a lot from Sarang if he wanted her to stay alive and finish Regina. He had to to strike her once more to make things easier.

He attacked her again, but she parried and moved around him with her superior movement speed. Then, he felt a gunshot against his ribs. It went through his lung, and he lost the rest of his health.

He was gasping for air when another electric blast came for Regina, but she dodged it.

Junhyuk had wanted to have been able to deal a little more damage to her. It should've been the right time. He knew how difficult it would be for Sarang to fight her.

Regina turned, and as he watched, he shouted, "Be careful!"

She only had 7 percent of her health, but they couldn't ignore her. Even at that health, Regina could still kill Sarang. With her pistol, Regina could attack from long range.

Even if the castle fell, Sarang had to survive. However, there was nothing Junhyuk could do for her now.


Eunseo didn't know how powerful a hero really was, but after she met one, everything changed.

The riflemen attacked, felling the archers, but when Junhyuk showed up and jumped down from the castle wall, he thought he would solve everything.

However, heroes couldn't be glossed over. Junhyuk had massacred the riflemen, but he hadn't been able to kill the hero.

He'd died, and Regina, although bleeding, was still running toward the gate. That image made Eunseo tremble with fear.

Regina was running while firing her pistol, and Eunseo, scared, hid behind the castle wall and watched as Sarang, furious, kept using electric arrows.

Junhyuk had died in front of her, and she was livid. Eunseo realized that Sarang wasn't just a woman who stood next to him. However, Regina was unbelievable. With her speed, she dodged every attack and shot Sarang on the head.

Eunseo couldn't believe Regina's speed and skill.

Sarang's head tilted back, and she staggered. She had been just out of range of Regina's shot, but Regina got to the gate and started pounding against it.

She was there, alone, but the gate was getting destroyed. At that point, Sarang took a deep breath and said, "Get ready."

Eunseo looked at her nervously, and Sarang stood in front of her and continued, "I will try to stop her."

"Is that possible?'

"With an activation, it's possible," she said.

Eunseo wanted to hear more about the activation. Activations meant power, and Sarang continued, "Going beyond your limit and your desires are key to activating a power."

Those things made a big difference on whether someone activated a power or not, and Eunseo listened to her attentively. When the gate fell, Sarang murmured, "Shit! Why aren't they coming?"

She had told Junhyuk about the hero, but he had been the only one to come back. Perhaps, they had thought Junhyuk would be able to deal with Regina by himself.

But Junhyuk had died, and she was also about to die. She had one revive, but she had never died before, so she was anxious.

"Just let it be one critical hit."

Regina had been pounding at the gate while under attack from the archers, so she had 5 percent of her health left. One critical hit should finish her off, and Sarang wanted to do her best.

When Regina appeared at the top of the castle wall, she smiled at Sarang.

"It's been fun."

Sarang didn't hesitate and used her electric blast, but Regina scoffed at it and used her cutlass to block. It was a simple attack, so the electric blast bounced off the blade.

Regina ran at her and slashed her arm. Sarang had been holding the orb when her arm was cut off, and to push the pain down, she bit her lips. The muzzle of the pistol pressed against her forehead.

"We will win this battle."


Sarang fell, and Eunseo was at wit's end. She had practiced using the sword and shield she was holding at that moment, but those things couldn't help her.

Eunseo resisted being frozen from fear and stared at Regina. She had no interest in a minion, so Regina pulled the trigger, but Eunseo moved instinctively to the side. Regina thought she had killed her, but Eunseo had dodged.

Regina winced. Her health was low, and she wanted to leave before the heroes returned, but the minion wouldn't die.

Eunseo rolled across the ground and gathered herself. She knew that she really could die, and her hairs stood up on her skin. Eunseo had only been able to dodge the shot because Regina had thought it would be easy.

Regina was paying attention now, and her blood-thirty aura was easily palpable. Eunseo felt like a mouse in front of a cat. She couldn't really move, and Regina inched closer, pointing the gun to the middle of her forehead.

Eunseo knew she would die soon, but she couldn't do anything.

"You got my attention now. Think of this as a gift," Regina announced and pulled the trigger.

Eunseo felt time passing slowly. Death was facing her, but she yearned to survive, and her will came to life.


The trigger had been pulled, but Eunseo was no longer standing on her spot. Without Regina realizing, Eunseo kicked the side of her neck.


Regina lost all of her health and disappeared. Meanwhile, Eunseo was so nervous she couldn't calm herself down.

Regina had already lost most of her health, but Eunseo had managed to kill a hero. Then, she heard a soft voice speaking to her.

[You've killed the hero Regina. You have the right to the item she dropped. Are you going to pick it up? Items disappear within three minutes.]

There was a ring sparkling on the ground.

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