Legend Of Legends Chapter 221

Chapter 221: Painful Victory 3

Jean Clo was hit by the saber and got pushed off, falling to the side. Meanwhile, Regina turned around and aimed the muzzle of the gun at Vera, who had little health left. Regina's normal attack could be fatal to her, and Vera was still petrified.

Junhyuk wished that Sarang was there with him at that moment. He thought about that for a moment and then started attacking. He swung his sword from far away, and Regina dodged instinctively, but he didn't use the Spatial Slash. He swung again, and Regina used her boosted speed to move from the spot. However, he still hadn't used the Spatial Slash. She stared at him as he came closer.

Junhyuk swung the Blood Rune Sword at Regina's head, and she scoffed, blocking with her cutlass, but at that moment, the Blood Rune Sword flashed.


She thought she had blocked the attack, but he had used the Spatial Slash, and it went through her neck. At close range, the Spatial Slash was even harder to parry.

Regina was injured and retreated quickly while shooting at Vera, who could move again. It was a normal attack, so Vera rolled on the ground to dodge it, but as she got up, she saw Jean Clo standing there.

She had rolled toward him, and he tried to kick her. Vera decided that she couldn't escape the attack, so she cast a fire spear from short range.


Jean Clo got hit in the face, but he managed to kick Vera's stomach. Both sides got pushed away, but Junhyuk caught Vera in his arms.


He thought he had saved her, but a gunshot hit Vera, and she started disappearing. Against his chest, she smiled at him and said, "You must win."

"I'm thinking the same thing."

Vera disappeared, and Junhyuk ran at Regina. Diane read Junhyuk's mind and shot an explosive arrow at her.

Regina parried the arrow with her cutlass. Meanwhile, Junhyuk closed in on her and swung the Frozen Rune Sword at her thigh. Both attacks connected, and Junhyuk hit her pistol with his sword.

If the gun pointed at him, even if Regina's speed was debuffed, Junhyuk wouldn't be able to escape the shot. He tried to stop Regina from aiming at him, while Diane flanked her and used her multishot.

Regina used her boosted speed to get away from the attacks, but she was still hit by seven arrows, and half of her health remained.

Even without Vera, the allies could still win. However, someone was laughing at Junhyuk's hope and grappled Junhyuk's waist. Then, the world turned upside down.


Junhyuk felt dizzy and tried to get up. Jean Clo had backdropped him, and Junhyuk staggered while he tried to get up getting up. Then, Jean Clo tackled him and dropped him again on the ground.

He mounted on top of Junhyuk, smiled and said, "What can you do?"

Then, he raised his fist, but at that moment, Junhyuk teleported.


He appeared behind Regina, while she exchanged attacks with Diane. From behind her, he swung his sword at her neck.

Because he had teleported and swung his sword, it worked almost like the Spatial Slash and caught her off guard. Regina couldn't do anything and received a critical hit.

Junhyuk saw her losing 10 percent of her health and smiled with satisfaction, but Regina turned around like lightning, swinging her cutlass. Junhyuk was barely able to parry it. He blocked the sword, but at that moment, her pistol went off against his chest.


He turned away as fast as he could and avoided the critical hit. He could teleport, but if he did so against a normal attack, he wouldn't be able to do it against her power.

Junhyuk did not have time to pay attention to his injuries, however, because Jean Clo went after him with Adolphe running at his side. If they attacked him together, Junhyuk wouldn't be able to handle it. Artlan wasn't there, so the situation was dire for him.

Diane looked at him with sympathy and shoot multiple arrows. Adolphe got hit by the multishot and got pushed back. Seeing that, Junhyuk used the Frozen Rune sword on him.

He was able to hit Adolphe twice, creating two pure white shockwaves. Because of that, the enemies gathered in the center of the shockwaves were debuffed twice. After that, Junhyuk didn't feel it necessary to remain in that spot, so he teleported to stand next to Diane.

When she saw him, she smiled and said, "Don't shake your butt in front of me."

"Honestly, how can you joke now?"

Diane smiled again and readied an arrow.

"Get ready! Here they come!"

There were two heroes and a champion, and Junhyuk couldn't handle them alone. It was impossible. The enemies ran toward them, and Junhyuk felt the pressure of their killer intent and held tightly to his swords.

Jean Clo's health was at 40 percent. Regina's was at 45 percent; and Adolphe's was at 55 percent.

By fighting the three of them, Diane's health wasn't important. What was more important was that she could attack without duress. Even if Diane had a lot of health left, she would lose it quickly if attacked.

Junhyuk ran forward like a soccer goalkeeper who wanted to cover all the angles. He was willing to make that sacrifice for Diane.

Jean Clo laughed at him.

"Right! Come here!"

Jean Clo had his arms extended while running toward Junhyuk, and he suddenly thought of Vera. It wasn't Vera's bosom he was running to, and the thought of landing on Jean Clo's chest terrified him. However, he had to do it.

"I don't give a shit!"

Junhyuk cursed and ran as fast as he could. He thought he would be fighting Jean Clo, but Adolphe rushed him and slashed Junhyuk.

Junhyuk raised his sword, but the slash came right after a rush, and Junhyuk was paralyzed. Once in that state, Jean Clo approached smiling and merely passed him by.

Jean Clo was more focused on killing Diane than dealing with Junhyuk.

After passing him, Jean Clo used his rush, and Diane shoot an explosive arrow. The arrow flew toward the middle of Jean Clo's forehead, but he smiled and used his ultimate.

He was surrounded by the blue energy rings that protected him from the arrow while he regained his health.

Junhyuk couldn't do anything. Regina went over to him and aimed the pistol at his temple while Adolphe swung the saw-bladed sword.

Right at that time, he could move again, so he quickly spun to the side. Regina's shot grazes his helmet, and the saw-bladed sword missed him.

While spinning, he raised both of his swords, one sword aimed at Adolphe's neck and the other aimed at Regina's ribs.

Both of them hadn't expected Junhyuk to be able to move again and were shocked by him. Regina dodged his sword, but Adolphe's neck got pierced. His eyes widened, and Junhyuk took a step toward him, twisting the sword. The wound opened, dealing additional damage.

Adolphe slashed upward, but Junhyuk escaped the attack, swinging his sword. Then, he rolled away to escape Regina's attack. While on the ground, he turned around and hit the saw-bladed sword away and slashed Adolphe again. Adolphe's head fell on the ground.

Regina and Adolphe's combined attack had failed, and Junhyuk had utilized small openings in the enemies' defenses to kill Adolphe.

Adolphe was dead, but Jean Clo rushed against Diane and slammed her to the ground, and Regina moved to join him. If Diane couldn't get rid of Jean Clo, the joint attack from him and Regina would kill her.

Junhyuk ran as fast as he could, closing in on them. However, Regina had her gun pointed at Diane.

If Diane died, the allies wouldn't win.

Then, a shadow covered Regina from above. It came down on her, swinging a saber at her back. It was Artlan.

Regina was cut, and Artlan used the seven-strike combo against her. Her strength was gone. Killing Regina had been a success, but Jean Clo still remained.

His health was back up to 80 percent, and he didn't seem to care about Artlan's appearance. Jean Clo had stomped Diane and was raising his fist. The giant golem was still after Artlan, and Jean Clo wanted to finish Diane off first.

Somehow, she managed to dodge his fist and loose arrows at close range. He managed to dodge the first, but he couldn't escape the seeking arrows, so he got hit on the chin and pushed back.

Dien rolled out to escape his foot and shot five arrows as soon as she got up. They all hit Jean Clo's chest, and he was pushed back again. However, he grabbed her in the process and swung her toward Artlan. The two hit each other and both staggered. Jean Clo closed in and punched them.


Junhyuk swung his sword at Jean Clo's elbow. He was interfering, but Jean Clo did not forget about his targets. Jean Clo grabbed Diane and jumped, using the screw piledriver. Artlan turned around. The situation wasn't good. The golem came from behind him and kicked him, and while Artlan did block it with the saber, he was still launched off, rolling on the ground.


Jean Clo slammed Diane against the ground, and Junhyuk swung his sword at him again. While it might not be possible to save Diane, he still wanted to attack Jean Clo as much as possible.

The slash was a critical hit, and Jean Clo couldn't ignore him anymore, but he still wanted to kill Diane.

Diane rolled to escape and loosed more arrows, but Jean Clo was faster and kicked her. He grabbed her neck and slammed her against the ground.

Diane finally lost all of her health and disappeared. Through all this time, Junhyuk had kept attacking him, so Jean Clo now had 45 percent of his health. He turned to look at Junhyuk and smiled.

"You hurt me," he said, and extended his hands at Junhyuk. He cut Jean Clo's hands, but he crouched and tackled Junhyuk in response.

The shock of his back against the ground made him cough his mouth open, and Jean Clo mounted on him and smiled.

"It's time for payback."

Jean Clo was about to pound him, but Junhyuk quickly stabbed at the hero. Jean Clo scoffed and grabbed his arms and pressed them both against the ground.

"Ha-ha-ha-ha. What are you gonna do now?"

"I don't want to do it with a man!"

Junhyuk headbutted him, but soon regretted that decision, crying out. His back was on the ground, and his headbutt didn't do much.

Jean Clo raised him by the waist and headbutted him.


His skull shook, and he couldn't see. Jean Clo was about to do it again when Artlan showed up from behind.

Slash, slash!

Artlan's saber cut through him twice. One of the slashes was a critical hit, and Jean Clo bled profusely, but he still headbutted Junhyuk again.


Junhyuk couldn't see, and Jean Clo grabbed him. All of this time, Junhyuk hadn't picked up the item Killa had dropped.

At that moment, Jean Clo got up, and Artlan's saber seemed to be dancing on its own. Junhyuk looked for the giant golem, but it had already been destroyed.

"So cool!"

The giant golem had chased after Artlan, and he had killed it by himself. Vera's meteors had done their job, but he was still impressive.

Junhyuk turns to look, and saw Jean Clo grabbing Artlan. Then, he lost his sight entirely.


Endless darkness. Junhyuk travelled through it and slowly opened his eyes, which really surprised him.

"What happened?"

So far, he had been lucky because he hadn't died that much. On that battlefield, however, he had died many times. Death was always followed by emptiness, and he didn't want to experience that emptiness. He pulled himself together and opened his eyes to see a familiar surrounding.

"I died and things ended?"

While reviving, the victor had been decided, and he had returned to Earth. He shook his head and got up. Suddenly, he felt dizzy and leaned against a wall.


Everytime he died, he had to travel through that endless emptiness. Even though he was a champion and had a bigger soul than before, the experience was still hard on him. Ordinarily, he would just get up on he returned, but now he was having a hard time doing so.

Junhyuk gathered his thoughts and breath.

"I'm losing my mind."

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