Legend Of Legends Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Team Fight 2


Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl


He couldnt depend on Sarangs help anymore. He calmly parried the axes of the attacking minions.

If he was careless, even for a moment, he would die.

Maybe it was fortunate, but the novice was not mounting any attacks. He was just looking for an opportunity to strike Junhyuk, so Junhyuk had some breathing room.

The novice didnt know, but time was on Junhyuks side. He had to endure for two minutes, and his power would return. Then, cutting through them wouldnt be a problem. Of course, maybe he wouldnt have to wait that long.

Far away, Artlan was pulling out his saber from Grangshas chest.

Artlan looked briefly at Junhyuk. When their eyes met, Artlan ran toward Warren in order to help out Vera.

Warren was pushed back by Nudras attack each time he tried to attack Vera, and Vera used her magic to seriously wound Warren every time.

Warren had to attack Vera only once to kill her, but approaching her was not easy. If Vera were alone, she might have already been killed, but she was with Nudra and was able to maintain a certain distance from Warren, using her magic at will. It looked like she was winning.

In that moment, Artlan joined her. It looked like it was the end for Warren. When Warren fell, the novice and the minions would surely not survive.

So, Junhyuk concentrated on defense and repelled the minions attacks. The novice looked at Junhyuk, held his axe with both hands and ran between the minions.

Maybe he was thinking the same thing as Junhyuk: when the heroes died, they could not win. The novice looked to kill Junhyuk first and then run away.

Klunk, klunk!

As he repelled the continuous attacks, JunHyuks face hardened. It wasnt the same as when the minions attacked alone. He felt pressured.

The novice and the minions attacked aggressively. He couldnt handle all of them, and Junhyuk  slowly retreated, but he had to maintain his position. If he loosened his posture, he might die.

The novice pushed Junhyuk around, and there was a sinister smile on his face.

Ha-ha-ha! You are dead!

The novice stomped the ground.


Junhyuk felt his body stiffen as he felt the shock coming up from the ground. The novices power had a shorter cooldown time than his.

The price was high. As he stood there with his body immobile, the novice swung his axe down. As the axe was about to land on his head, Junhyuk was able to move again and jumped backward.

The axe fell down in front of Junhyuk. With wide eyes, Junhyuk looked at the novice with his chest pierced by a saber that was sticking out, and, from behind the novice, he could see Artlan. Artlan pulled out his saber from the novices back and swung it against the minions.


Four minions died without being able to scream. The remaining minions were scared, and Artlan said to Junhyuk:

Deal with them.

Thank you.

After he spoke, Junhyuk ran toward the minions and checked out the inside of the battlefield. 

Warrens eyes were all red and he was attacking. Warren had broad shoulders, and Nudra was having a tough time pushing him away.

Junhyuk attacked the minions, and Artlan asked:

How long has it been?

About thirty more seconds to go.

OK. Then, in thirty seconds, we will deal with that wolf.

Artlan had joined him to help him out, but he still had only one saber. If he had two sabers, he could throw one, but, as he was, he had to get close to Warren. Also, Artlan was wounded. If he got close, he might get killed by the enemy.

At the very least, he needed Junhyuks power, and thats why he had helped him. Junhyuk  could transfer his power to other people, making it even more useful.

If his power evolved again, the cooldown time would be diminished. Junhyuk could change the course of the war. Saving him was not a bad idea, and he should do it.

Meanwhile, Junhyuk killed the rest of the minions. As he gathered his breath, he could see Warren escape from Nudras attacks and about to attack Vera.

He couldnt use his power yet. Junhyuk was thinking about what to do when Artlan jumped up.

He met with Warren in the middle of air.


Warren kicked Artlans saber away and kicked him as well. Artlan blocked the kick with both arms, but his arms began to bleed. Artlan fell to the ground, and Warren also lost his strength and fell. Nudra jumped and kicked Warren, pushing him back.


Warren could not endure the pain and howled in anger. He sensed that the people around him were frozen and the broad-shouldered werewolf jumped forward. His howl had the power to immobilize heroes for a moment.

Nudra couldnt kick, and Vera couldnt use her magic, so Warren ran toward them. He ran on four legs and was getting faster.

Junhyuk extended his hands. He placed a force field around Artlan, and Artlan smiled and ran toward Warren.

Artlan had been in an area outside of the effect of Warrens howl. As Artlan ran toward Warren, Warren stopped running and tried to escape.

Warren, who had already experienced the protective field around Artlan, knew its power.

He ran back, and Artlan threw his saber at him. Warren deflected the saber with his claws, and Artlan picked up his other saber, the one he dropped when he killed Ellic.

Then, Vera was able to move again and made a firewall in front of Warren. Warren slashed the firewall with his claws. Then, Artlan jumped at him and slashed his back.


Warren screamed, turned and threw a punch at Artlan, but his fist bounced off the field. All of a sudden, Nudra flew in and kicked Warrens face.


Warren got stuck in the ground. Half of his body was underground. Then Artlan sliced the wolfs head off with his saber. Warren bled profusely, and Artlan took the head and smiled.

You told me that you would kill me. You werent correct.

Argh! I will kill you!

Warrens head screamed aloud, then thinned out and disappeared.

Warrens death solidified the victory. In any case, minions couldnt withstand attacks from heroes. They were that kind of existence.

Junhyuk sighed and looked around him. The minions who came with Vera had all died. Only the minions at the watchtower, under Nudras command, survived, but they were not many.

Junhyuk saw Sarang running toward him from the watchtower. She realized the battle was over and gave Junhyuk a big hug.

Big brother!

She surprised him a little bit, but he tapped her back and said:

I am OK. Im still alive.

She lifted her head, and he could see her eyes full of tears. She retreated to the watchtower as Junhyuk had instructed her, but she had been worried about him.

Junhyuk tapped lightly on her armor and said:

Its over for now.

Sarang nodded quickly, and that made Junhyuk laugh a little. Honestly, Junhyuk had been worried himself. Everything ended well, and Junhyuk opened his mouth:

Stop crying for now.

Artlan looked at the both of them and saw Junhyuk consoling her.

He has some guts now, having a romance in the Dimensional Battlefield.

And we survived because of his efforts, Vera added.

Nudra came up and said:

Its a good time for them

Junhyuk listened to their conversation and let go of Sarang. He looked at Artlan.

Whats your plan for now?

Artlan spoke calmly.

We have to regain our health. If we stay here, they will come back when they reincarnate.

What happens to this place?

We gained a lot from this place. We will retreat and go back even if it means giving up a watchtower.

Junhyuk was flabbergasted and looked at him.

What about us?!

Heroes could return to the main castle immediately by teleporting, but they were different. If they tried to return to the castle, they would have to walk, and it was not possible for them to wait for the heroes to return.

So, they had to follow the road and retrace their steps, but that was also dangerous. Wolves and other monsters could attack them, and it was a long way to the main castle.

After listening to Junhyuk, Artlan thought for a moment and said:

There is nothing to be done. Follow us. First, we will take you to the dimensional merchants. I will go to the castle and come back to get you.

I understand.

It was safe over at the merchants. Artlan looked at Nudra and Vera.

You two return to main castle and regain your health and come back.

No, I will go to the merchants. I gained a few things to sell, and I will get a new one.

Right! Thats nice.

Smiling, Artlan looked at Nudra:

Old man, go to the main castle. We will visit the dimensional merchants first.

I will go with you.

No. Old man, you should guard the watchtower. When the enemies reincarnate and come back, we wont have much time. Old man, you should guard this place.

Nudra thought for a moment and answered:

Thats a better plan.

Nudra gazed at the minions on the watchtower and said:

Then, can you take them to the merchants?

Thats not a problem.

There were only seven minions left at the watchtower. They werent many, but it was better to have them there, than not have them.


After he spoke, Nudra closed his eyes and, underneath his feet, a magic circle appeared. It was the way to return to the castle. Nudra shoot off into the sky in a rising beam of light. Artlan said:

OK. Lets go to the merchants.


Artlan and Vera took the lead, and Junhyuk, Sarang, and the joining minions followed them.

We should hurry.

He would go to the dimensional merchants and return to the main castle. Then, he would go back to the merchants, and that required quite a bit of time. They wanted to save time, so they moved fast.


Dimensional Merchant Bebe had a smile on his big mouth and said:

Back so soon!? Did you kill many heroes?

Vera had a smile on her face and grabbed her bag.

I will sell you this.

Vera put an earring on the counter. Bebe looked at it and smiled.

Ellic bought it. Do you want to sell it?

Of course!

Bebe thought about the price.

The original price was 80,000G. I will pay 40,000G, OK?

Sure, give me the money.


Bebe pushed his plate forward, and Vera placed her hand on it. A number appeared on the plate, and Vera smiled and said:

Now, you can make it.

After she spoke, Vera took off two bracelets.

Make them into a Red Bracelet of Death.

Bebe took a small box from the counter. He placed the two bracelets inside the box.

Place your hand on the plate.

Vera placed her hand on the plate, and her number decreased to nearly nothing. Bebe smiled with satisfaction and operated the small box.

Wooo, woo, woo!

The small box shone and made noises, and then became quiet. Bebe pulled out a bracelet from the box. The bracelet had a design of a black flame on it, and Bebe smiled:

Its been a long time since Ive seen a Flame Bracelet of Death.

Give it to me.

Vera put the bracelet on her wrist and created a flame on her hand. The fire on her hand was black, and Artlan asked:

Do you like it?

Vera smiled and looked at Artlan.

From now on, just count on me, Vera answered with confidence, and Artlan looked at Junhyuk.

Shop here. Vera and I will go to the main castle and come back.


Artlan and Vera closed their eyes and a magic circle appeared. They soon disappeared into the sky shooting off in beams of light. Junhyuk walked toward Bebe.

Can I find out how much gold I made?

Put your hand on here.

Junhyuk placed his hand on the plate and saw a number emerge that left him stunned: 1200G. It was a number he did not fathom.

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