Legend Of Legends Chapter 238

Chapter 238: Farewell Party 2

When the construction ended, they would move to the HQ in Seoul, but at the moment, a dimensional tear had appeared, and monsters were about to come through.

Zaira displayed the footage on the screen.

[Monsters expected on the roof.]

There was a dimensional tear on the roof, but what kind of monsters would come through? So far, only relatively weak monsters had appeared. However, every monster that showed up at HQ up until now had significant more strength than the ones around the world. They had possessed either extreme armor or the sharpest weapons.

Junhyuk was curious about which monsters would show, but only jaguars crossed the tear. They were the same type of jaguars that had destroyed the place last time, but this time there were five of them.

"Are they attacking with numbers?"

Last time, the iron soldier had been on deployment, but this time, the iron soldier was waiting for them and fired immediately.


The jaguars were jumping down from the tear in the sky, and on of them was cut in half by the bullets. However, the other four landed safely. As jaguars landed, they attacked the iron soldier from four different directions, but the iron soldier flew to evade.

The jaguars did not pursue it. Instead, they entered the building. The iron soldier quickly fired at them, but only one jaguar was hit on its hind legs.

"You think everything is over because you are coming in here?" Elise said and looked at Eunseo. "Can I destroy the elevator?"


The jaguars, just like last time, got on the elevator, tearing through the door, hoping to go down the shaft. However, this time there was a camera in the elevator that captured the jaguars on video.

Then, the walls of the elevator opened, and heavy artillery guns appeared through it.


The jaguars had nowhere to go and were being turned into swiss cheese. Junhyuk was impressed.

As elevator came down with the walls covered in holes, but there were no casualties.

"That's really cool!"

The jaguars were prevented from coming down and ended up as rags on the ground. Elise smiled at his comment.

"Don't be surprised yet. Is there any other monster in the basement?"

They heard Zaira again.

[Monsters are currently expected to appear there.]

Elise smiled.

"Come! Come!"

Junhyuk thought she was enjoying all of that like she was playing a video game. The building's defenses were highly developed, and he didn't have to worry. Junhyuk looked at the footage from Yeouido instead. A giant alligator had appeared there, and as it swung its tail, it smashed the cars around it, launching them all over.

The iron soldier attacked the alligator, and the bullets were able to penetrate its hide.

"How many poring pieces do we have?"

[At this moment, 875 poring pieces have been collected.]

"Won't things get worse if we don't gather them all?"

"The military has arrived for support!"

The alligator was immense, and it didn't die easily. The iron soldier had launched the small missiles at it, taking its leg, but the alligator continued to look for people.

It smashed through a convenience store window with its head looking for people. The Dimensional Battlefield Management wanted more people to activate their powers, and there was nothing to be gained by killing the iron soldier, so the alligator had other priorities. To protect the people, the iron soldier grabbed the alligator by its tail, launching it away.

Meanwhile, there was no way to find out where the poring pieces were.

Junhyuk heard Zaira's voice.

[Another monster attacked is expected from the roof.]

He was more interested in what was happening there than at Yeouido, so he turned to look and frowned. Wraiths holding sickles appeared on the roof.

There were three of them, and Junhyuk was stunned. Wraiths had high physical defense, and as the iron soldier fired at them, the shots didn't work at all. Then, one of the wraiths flew up and swung its sickle.

With that single blow, the iron soldier was cut in half.

"What just happened?"

"Ordinary physical attacks won't work."

Everyone looked at him. Dohee wanted to ask him how he know that, but he explained, "I've seen them in games. They are a type of ghost. You have to attack them with an attribute."

"This isn't a game."

Dohee expressed her concern, but everyone murmured among themselves. Elise was shocked.

"They don't even use elevators to get down."

The wraiths just went through walls. They were hard monsters to deal with on Earth. The monster decomposition liquid wouldn't work on them.

"Can iron soldier stop them?" Eunseo asked.

Elise bit her lips and answered, "The laws of physics won't work! I'm speechless, but shockwaves might do the job."

"Can the building withstand the shock?" Junhyuk asked, and Elise nodded.

"Last time I used claymores because the building couldn't handle it, but this time is different."

The wraiths were heading to the basement, and Junhyuk summoned the arm warmers and the Pure Golden Knight items. He summoned everything except for the cloak, thinking that he might have to step in. His attacks had fixed damage and poison attribute, so he was sure he could kill them.

The wraiths entered the basement where the iron soldier was standing guard. The iron soldier extended its hands, and blue energy started gathering within them.

The wraiths flew, and Elise pressed a button.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The walls of the hallway collapsed, but the wraiths didn't mind them. The laws of physics didn't apply to them.

The walls had been collapsed to prevent the building from going down. So, the iron soldier fired the shockwave.


The blue orb exploded, and the wraiths were thrown everywhere. The shock was dampened by the steel walls, so the building quaked hard, but remained standing.

Junhyuk heard the sighs of relief of the people around him and looked at the monitors. In Paju, the same monster with the shell that appeared last time had shown up, but the iron soldier was dealing with it.

Guri had a monster the size of a house. It was an ox and it destroyed three buildings, but the iron soldier had damaged its leg, preventing it from moving any further.

Junhyuk looked at Yeouido and said, "We have to gather all the poring bits!"

Elise nodded and said, "I'm sending a collection team."

"How long will that take?"

"Over ten minutes for them to get there because the roads are blocked."

The collection team was set up in Seoul, which was close to Yeouido, but could they really be there in ten minutes with the roadblocks?

"The iron soldier can deal with the alligator. Why not ask the military to collect poring pieces?"

Eunseo answered, "Fine. Ask the military to do it."

Elise shook her head.

"They aren't wearing any protective gears, so wouldn't it be dangerous?"

Junhyuk agreed. Without protective gear, there was no telling what would happen with the poring pieces.

"I held it on my palm, and it wasn't dangerous, but being that there is a lot of bits, there could be complications."

Elise said, "The poring pieces become dangerous to humans if they get over thirty centimeters big."

"Is it possible to measure the ones about that big?"

Elise nodded.

"How many thirty centimeter pieces are there?"

[There are five of that size and over. Prioritizing collection in the area.]

Elise showed them another feed, and Junhyuk frowned.

"Is it inside that building?"

"They scattered when it exploded."

He kept watching, and the alligator feel down.

[The alligator is dead. Attacking the poring pieces.]

"Don't hurt innocent bystanders."

"Don't worry about the shooting," Elise said.

The iron soldier was inside the building, a lobby center, where a part of the poring was gathering its pieces around it. It was about fifty centimeters at that point and moving quickly. The little poring was moving at about the speed of a grown man, but the iron soldier was much faster.


The iron soldier did not use napalm bombs, but shattered it into pieces all the same.

"They take about two minutes to join into one again. Let's deal with the other porings," Elise said.

The iron soldier moved quickly to locate the other poring, and Eunseo said, "Tell the military to gather the pieces inside the building."

The iron soldier flew to the next building, and a helicopter landed with military personnel that went straight to gather the pieces the iron soldier had just taken care of.

Zaira made another announcement.

[The collection team is five minutes away.]

The team collected the bodies and locked them into safe boxes. The pieces would be powerless, and that monster attack would be over soon.

The iron soldier searched and destroyed large porings, and Junhyuk thought that the deployment of wraiths was something he hadn't expected. Wraiths were immune to the decomposition liquid, so someone had to be watching Guardians.

Guardians had to come up ways to deal with wraiths.

"Too bad."

One of the iron soldiers had been destroyed by the wraiths, and he thought it was a shame.

Elise must have heard him because she said, "The iron soldier was sliced in half, but it did not explode. We can repair it."

Then, she looked at the monitors and added, "We were prepared. Even though we lost one iron soldier, we stopped their attacks."

He looked at the Yeouido feed and disagreed with Elise. The alligator had destroyed everything in its path. Cars were lost along with the buildings the alligator had attacked.

The ox in Guri had destroyed three buildings. The damages had to be in the tens of millions of dollars.

Eunseo looked at the screens and said in a somber tone, "It's not over yet. Stay alert."

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