Legend Of Legends Chapter 239

Chapter 239: Farewell Party 3

Even before the collection team arrived, and despite Eunseo’s worries, they were able to destroy the reforming porings. Once the collection team arrived, they placed all remaining pieces in safe boxes. Eunseo was relieved and finally sat down.

Junhyuk walked over to Elise and asked, “There are 1,720 pieces. Would those add up to its original size if we combined them?”

“No. When the napalm bomb went off, the spot it hit disappeared.”

“Then, we can’t know that all of the pieces have been collected?”

“I’m scanning the area, but there are no more poring pieces.”


He nodded and stepped back. The last time, the poring exploded into pieces where there were no people. This time, however, the pieces had been hard to collect.

Junhyuk looked at Eunseo. She was feeling better and looked back at him.

“The monster attack is over. Let’s finish here, and after, we’ll have your farewell party.”

He looked at Elise.

“Can I use Zaira?”


He went out and looked at his coworkers. They were staring at him, and he spoke calmly, “Now, we’ll do an account of the aftermath of the monster attack. Please, focus.”

After he spoke, the staff divided up the work. The monster attack didn’t only take place in South Korea. Each country had a method of dealing with monsters that needed to be reported along with what problem each country had had.

He assigned the work to the staff and started helping out. He reviewed the videos of the attacks and found no particular problems.

“Still, there might be another novice.”

Novices were appearing faster than ever. There were already thirty of them, but how many would actually survive the Dimensional Battlefield? And how many would survive it every time?

Doyeol was giving the novices information on how to survive, but that only increased their chances slightly. If they were grouped up with horrible heroes, they wouldn’t have a chance.

He wasn’t worried about the fifty countries with iron soldier deployments. None of them showed novice activity this time around. However, things were different for the countries with no iron soldier.

Another novice might acquire powers.

He sent an email with his report to Eunseo and got up. His job was done. However, when he got up, everyone looked at him. Eunseo and Dohee walked out of the office, and Eunseo said, “Get a limousine ready. We’ll have the farewell party.”

Everyone cheered, and Eunseo took the lead. There were two limousines parked outside, and Eunseo looked at him and said, “Take the one in the front.”


He walked over to the limousine and saw that it was still empty. Then, Eunseo got in with Elise.

The car started, and he started feeling awkward. As if she owned the limo, Elise suddenly poured herself a drink. She offered him a drink, but he shook his head, so she took a sip and relaxed.

He had never seen her drink before. When she invited him to her house, she had been tense, so he had never seen her that relaxed.

When he was at her house, she had eaten dinner with her tablet still next to her. However, at that moment, she looked carefree. It was like he was seeing the genius’ weakness.


Eunseo pretended to cough, and once he looked at her, he saw that she was staring at him. Her stare looked anxious, and he smiled.

“Maybe I could get a cup of water?”


Eunseo handed him a bottle, and he asked, “Where are we going?”

“We are heading to our cabin. It’s your farewell party, so it has to be special.”

Elise smiled.

“The cabin in Paju?! I am excited!”

“Have you been there?”

Elise shook head and emptied her glass. Then, she raised the empty glass toward Junhyuk.

“Can you pour me some more?”

He poured her a drink, and Eunseo also grabbed a glass.

“Pour me some as well.”

So, he did. Eunseo took the bottle from him and offered to pour him a drink. He finally agreed to drink, so they all enjoyed a glass together.

The cabin in Paju was bigger than his house, there was a barbeque area set up outside. There were cooks working the grills, so all they had to do was sit, eat and relax. Eunseo offered them seats, and once the already cooked meat came out, they started drinking again.

Eunseo got up and said, “Guardians has just started, but we have a big responsibility.”

Everyone nodded, and she continued, “Junhyuk has been with us since the beginning and helped us big time. Today, he is leaving us.”

Everyone looked at him, and he felt awkward.

“He must have plans for himself, so let us congratulate him,” she finished.

Eunseo looked at him with a smile. She had meant her words. He would changed the course of history.

Smiling, she asked, “Do you have something to say?”

He got up and raised his glass.

“We haven’t spent much time together, but due to monster attacks, we’ve shared life and death moments together. I’m leaving now, but continue to protect the Earth.”

Everyone raised their glasses, and he emptied his.

Soyeon walked over and told him, “You make us feel like we are the Earth’s police force.”

“The fact is that you are.”

The Dimensional Battlefield management was sending higher-level monsters, but Earth has the iron soldier to protect it, along with the novices and their powers. Guardians was at the center of it all, so Earth’s police force sounded right.

Elise walked over and showed him her glass, saying, “It’s hard to find time for a drink!”

He clinked his glass against hers and said, “Next time, I’ll invite you to my house.”

“I’ll look forward to it.”

They drank together, and Soyeon joined them. As more of the women approached him, he started feeling awkward. His male coworkers were staring daggers at him for it, full of jealousy.

Junhyuk clinked his glass against Soyeon’s and drank. Each one of them walked over to him, and he have a drink with each person. Once he had drunk too much, he shook his head to the others that approached him and said, “I’ve had too much. I need some air.”

He got up and left. The male staffers were waiting for that and started to talking to the women as he made his way out. He laughed and looked at the cabin.

He had bought his own house based on practicality, but the cabin was a little different. It looked very picturesque, and decorating it must have cost a fortune. Junhyuk looked around when he heard footsteps heading toward him.

He turned and saw Eunseo approaching. He waited for her, and they walked together.

“It looks so cool.”


She didn’t elaborate, simply walking by his side. They made their way around the cabin in silence. Eunseo liked the fact that she was walking with him, but she didn’t say anything else.

After they had walked for a while, he spoke up, “Elise has a tree from the Dimensional Battlefield in her house.”

Eunseo looked at him.

“The tree exudes mana, which means that we could use it to make more mana.”

Her eyes widened, and he continued, “She showed me the tree and her other research projects.”

“Is that so?”

“Time flew, and I lost track it. I had dinner with her.”

He stopped walking and looked straight at her.

“I apologize for not dining with you yesterday. Give me a chance to make it up to you.”

“I am angry. You didn’t even call me.”

He smiled.

“Shall we go back to the party?”

“Sure. You are the main attraction.”

They walked back to the terrace where the others were drinking. People had had quite a bit of alcohol by then, and they whistled as Junhyuk and Eunseo walked in.

“Are you dating?”

He didn’t have a chance to reply because Eunseo stared icely at the speaker, shutting him up. She walked over to the center of the gathering, raised her glass and said, “If you get drunk and fall before I do, you are a weak person.”

Everyone looked at the worker who had just asked the question, and Eunseo smiled.

“Whoever is still standing after I fall will get a 500 percent bonus next month.”

Everyone cheered as they heard the announcement and started drinking more. Junhyuk shook his head. Eunseo was a novice, and only Tsubasa and Sora could drink as much as she could.

The military had settled in Yeouido, and the collection team was gathering the monster remains. People were moving about busily. They were also working on rebuilding the damaged areas. The alligator had destroyed a store, and the road had collapsed.

However, the alligator wasn’t the only one. The iron soldier had also contributed to the damages. The napalm bomb had destroyed the roads, and its guns had made a lot of damage.

To kill the poring, the iron soldier had gone through five buildings, shooting at will. There had been three casualties from the store that was destroyed, but no other.

The soldiers were blocking the roads, but many people were gathered around the blockades to watch. They were curious, and many of them were students.

A female students who was taking pictures saw a man who turned around slowly after looking at the situation. The man bumped into the student and her cell phone fell on the ground.

“Hey!” The student scowled and shouted, but the man tried to get away.

The student grabbed his arm, and the man turned around. When she looked into his eyes, she lost the feeling in her legs and fell to the ground.

His eyes were entirely green.

The man walked away, and another five followed him. They moved as one. Something was not right, but the student was so scared that she couldn’t even scream.

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