Legend Of Legends Chapter 241

Chapter 241: New Champion 2

Lugos took off quickly, but Kraken came toward them first. Considering the distance, Junhyuk couldn’t just play around. They had to take away Kraken’s remaining 40 percent of health.

He ran at Kraken, and Kraken used its tentacles as whips, and Junhyuk started wondering if those were weapons or part of Kraken’s body. Wanting to find out, he swung the Frozen Rune Sword.


He delivered an attack strong enough to leave his hands shaking from the impact. Looking at his opponent’s wounds, his eyes shone. Junhyuk had dealt some damage, but he also found out that the tentacles were part of his body as well as weapons. So, even though they were sturdier than normal, he’d still be able to damage them and apply debuffs to Kraken through them.

He realized that Kraken’s attack speed had slowed and swung the Frozen Rune Sword nonstop. Having Kraken block with the tentacles was enough to stack the debuffs.

Kraken had slowed down, and Gongon ran toward it. Because the tentacles were slower, Gongon jumped in the air and transformed. He rolled underground to appear behind Kraken and punch Kraken straight on the helmet making a loud bang.

Kraken was dazed, and Junhyuk approached him. However, Lugos was already getting close while enlarging his arms in the process. Still, there was enough time to deliver an attack on Kraken.

He closed in, but Kraken raised its tentacles and vomited black ink from its mouth at it.


The black ink covered the same range as Gongon’s firebreath, and as it covered Junhyuk, he became unable to see.

Thuck, thuck, thuck!

Blinded, he couldn’t see an inch in front of him. Because of that, he got hit three times on the gut, and rolled on the ground, gritting his teeth.

“A tank that deals a lot of damage?!”

Each hit took away 8 percent of his health, so he lost a total of 24 percent. Junhyuk covered his weak spots with the dual swords and stepped back. Meanwhile, Kraken snatched the transformed Gongon in midair and twisted him.

“Arrgh!” Gongon screamed.

Junhyuk tried to brush the black ink off with his hands, but it wouldn’t come out. He was barely able to open his eyes to he sees Gongon in the air, getting twisted like wet laundry.


Junhyuk extended his hand and raised the force field around Gongon. As the force field covered Gongon, Kraken was forced to step back, and Junhyuk went over to support the hatchling.

“Are you OK?”

The transformation had ended, and Gongon was small again. Gongon tried to grab his side, but he was unable to with his short arms.

“Holy shit! That hurts!”

He sounded like an old dragon, and Junhyuk patted Gongon’s back and said, “It must be its power.”

Gongon had already lost 40 percent of his health. Both the ink and the grapple twist dealt an unexpected amount of damage. They were both high-level powers.

It’s true that it wasn’t easy to grapple an opponent, but considering Gongon’s high level of defense, that was an extremely damaging power.

Gongon stared hard and furiously at Kraken, and the octopus waved a tentacle back. Gongon got even angrier at this, and Junhyuk sighed.

“Your heart must be hot, but your head must remain cold.”

He put a hand over Gongon’s head, and the dragon adjusted his tail and said, “I’ll kill that octopus. Lugos is yours.”

“OK,” he nodded. “Considering Kraken’s health at this point, your combos should kill it.”

“I know.”

“Let’s go!” he shouted as the force field disappeared, and Gongon ran ahead.

Kraken swung its tentacles at Gongon, but the hatchling dodged and jumped. He was about to headbutt Kraken, but Lugos also jumped.


Lugos blocked the dragon, but Gongon wasn’t stopping. He inhaled deeply, and Lugos stomped the ground.


The shockwave sent Gongon into the air. In that state, Gongon couldn’t do anything. Meanwhile, Kraken shaped its tentacles like spears and tried to hit Gongon with them.

Thuck, thuck, thuck, thuck!

Gongon was losing health quickly. Junhyuk had lost 8 percent of health with each strike, so Gongon lost 30 percent in no time. Because Kraken had eight tentacles, he could attack from many angles very quickly.

Gongon fell to the ground bloodied, and Lugos attacked him.


Gongon tried to roll away Lugos’ combo, but he still lost 20 percent of his health. Lugos was about to attack Gongon again when Junhyuk teleported to stand in front of the hatchling.


He blocked Lugos attack, but Lugos was buffed, and he couldn’t bear for a long time. Junhyuk started feeling his knees buckle, so he parried Lugos’ attack to the side and slashed Lugos’ leg with the Frozen Rune Sword. That’s when Kraken’s tentacles loomed over him, so he grabbed Gongonn and teleported away.

There was just enough distance between them to escape Kraken’s attacks. Junhyuk lifted the dragon and retreated some more. The Kraken’s tentacles struck the spot where they had been standing.

Looking at Gongon, he looked like a used rag, bloodied and battered, and he only had 10 percent of his health left.

Junhyuk stood in front of him and said, “I’ll deal with them now.”


“Try to regain your health.”

As he said that, Junhyuk took a step forward. Lugos and Kraken did the same. Both of them had received speed debuffs, but if they both attacked him, he wouldn’t be able to handle it.

“Wait here until your powers come back and then help me,” Junhyuk said and ran into the enemy’s range.

The eight tentacles whipped at him and Lugos jumped. Again, Junhyuk was surprised by Kraken. Its tentacles didn’t even come close to hitting Lugos in the process, aiming just for him, whipping dangerously just at him.

Junhyuk counterattacked, and shockwaves expanded from each hit on the tentacles. Every time he hit a tentacle, he debuffed Kraken, which helped him escape the slowed attacks. He stepped forward knowing that his enemies had used their powers and were waiting for them to return. Meanwhile, he would be able to deal with them.

He was extremely focused, and each counterattack on a tentacle also dealt damage to Kraken. The damage was mounting, and Kraken was left with 10 percent of its health.

As he attacked, he visualized the fight coming to an end. Then, he heard footsteps behind him. The fight wasn’t over yet.

He had no chance to say anything before Gongon shouted, “Block Lugos!”

He ran toward Lugos,but Lugos was ignoring him and going straight toward Gongon. Junhyuk scoffed at that and grabbed Lugos’ arm and teleported behind Kraken. With the opening, Gongon jumped and used his headbutt against Kraken. However, Kraken also tried to headbutt Gongon.


[Gongon killed Kraken.]

Then, he heard another voice.

[Kraken killed Gongon.]

“Gon!” Junhyuk shouted, but the dragon was already disappearing.

“Ouch! That octopus’ head! See you next time!”

He watched Gongon disappear. The fight was now single combat, and Junhyuk felt confident that he wouldn’t lose to Lugos. He stepped forward, and Lugos also came toward him.

Junhyuk kept swinging while dodging Lugos’ attacks. By then, Lugos was already debuffed, and the fight was turning one-sided.

So, Lugos used his defense buff power, and his body turned black, but the damage kept mounting. At that point, 50 percent of Lugos’ health was gone.

With the buff raised, Lugos decided to retreat toward the watchtower, so Junhyuk used the Spatial Slash.

Lugos was facing him when the Spatial Slash cut the side of his neck, and Lugos’ mouth fell open. He had lost 40 percent of his health in almost no time.

Like a tornado, Lugos punched him four times in response. Junhyuk took the hits and did something unexpected in Lugos’ mind, he closed in further, pulling out the Blood Rune Sword and sticking it through Lugos’ neck.


He sunk the sword deeper and said, “This is the end.”

After Junhyuk twisted the sword, Lugos lost the remainder of his health.

[You’ve killed Lugos and earned 3,000G.]

He looked at Lugos’ corpse and then at the tower. Junhyuk was out of the archers’ range, and they knew it, so he signaled with his hand, and the lizardmen ran forward.


The lizardmen started to attack the tower, and he joined the fight. The watchtower soon fell, so Junhyuk sat on the rubble attempted to communicate with Gongon.

“How are you?”

“Holy shit! I am so angry! How is it going over there?”

“Haven’t you heard I killed Lugos?”

“I just came out of the room. Where are you?”

“We destroyed the first tower.”

“What do we do now?”


Junhyuk raised the communication with Aktur as well.

“Aktur, how is it going over there?”

“I am fighting Drakey right.”

Aktur and Drakey had been fighting each other for a long time, and they knew each other well. No one was going to win easily.

“I destroyed the first tower, and we met the new champion.”

“What’s it like?”

“It’s an octopus. It can headbutt and shook ink that blinds you. It can also grab and wrangle the opponent. It deals way more damage than Gyulsean.”

“Is that it?”

“As a tank, it’s also more powerful and has higher defense and health than Lugos.”

“That strong?!”

“It died with Gongon. It’s a strong enemy. Hard to deal with.”

On a one-on-one battle, Gongon could deal with it alone. The dragon could dodge all of Kraken’s complex attacks, but tanks usually worked with others when fighting. The team battle would be way more dangerous now.

Junhyuk sighed and said, “The high-ranking sorcerer will spawn soon. I’m moving that way to get to the island first.”

“Do it. You’ve already destroyed the first tower.”

Junhyuk cut communications with Aktur and raised Gongon again.

“Gon, let’s go meet the high-ranking sorcerer.”

“Shall I leave for him now?”

“You can find the island right? The central road connects to high-ranking sorcerer’s island.”

“Don’t be late.”

He smiled at the dragon’s cockiness, but Gongon couldn’t see him at that point.

“Gongon, can you upgrade my communication crystal when we have time?”

Gongon showed a big smile.

“Ch-ch-ch, Ha-ha-ha-ha. I’ll do it, sure. Come quick!”

Junhyuk ran light-heartedly toward the central road.

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