Legend Of Legends Chapter 245

Chapter 245: Item Power 1

Junhyuk heard Gongon’s voice.

“It’s ready now.”

The hatchling dropped the communication crystal, and Junhyuk snatched it out of the air.

“Can we see each other’s face?”

“Let’s find out.”

When Junhyuk used the communication crystal, he could see Gongon, and Gongon could see his face as well.

“Ha-ha-ha! When you see my face, you can also see my feet,” Gongon laughed.

“That’s because I am giving you piggyback ride.” Junhyuk smiled and expressed his gratitude, “Thanks for upgrading it.”

Gongon shook his head.

“No need. I’m studying how this process works to learn more about magic!s Crystals work through dimensions, and I want to meet whoever made this and pick at his brain.”

“Right… we are here.”

Junhyuk had given Gongon a piggyback ride all the way to the dimensional portal.

“Let’s go in.”

Once they went inside, they saw Bebe, and Gongon jumped down. He ran toward Bebe and sat on the counter. Bebe smiled and was about to slap him down when Gongon shouted quickly, “I am here to buy more candy!”

Bebe laughed and extended the plate.

“How many do you want?”

“I want to sell you something first. I worked hard on it this time.”

Bebe looked at the item, and Junhyuk listened in carefully.

“What is that?”

“I asked for materials from my father and I made a BIG Spatial Bag! It’s twenty meters! Ha-ha-ha-ha!”

Bebe looked surprised and checked it out, astonished.

“I haven’t seen this time of bag in a long time.”

“How much will you give me for it?”

“A hundred thousand gold.”

Junhyuk’s eyes widened. The price was crazy high, but he was more surprised by what Gongon said next.

“Each candy is 20G, so give me 50,000 pieces of candy.”

Bebe was also shocked, and he looked at Gongon and asked, “50,000 pieces? Really?”

“My father told me to bring him back some candy. Only 20,000 of it will be mine.”

“That’ll still last you a while.”

“No, considering the melting speed, you can’t save them for long. Also, because of the materials that went into making that bag, I can’t make another one.”

“OK. Do you need anything else?”

Gongon shook his head and pulled out five swords from his Spatial Bag.

“These swords of renown in your world?” Bebe asked.

“The lord made these.”

After inspecting them, Bebe said, “These are high-quality swords. I’ll give you 200,000 for each of them.”

Junhyuk was shocked again. Bebe was purchasing them for 200,000G, which meant that he would sell them for 400,000G, and Gongon was selling them all.

The hatchling earned 1,000,000G.

“I want the Kali breastplate and the Kali shoulder plates. I need those two.”

“You’re after the Kali set?”

“He is a living dragon legend. He’s the strongest dragon in all dimensions!”

“You are very knowledgeable.” Bebe gave him the items and said, “It’s 500,000G for each.”

“I know. Nice doing business with you!”

Gongon put the two items on without transforming, and they fit him nicely. The dragon smiled.

“I want to fight.”

“Enjoy them.”

Junhyuk shook his head and headed over to Bebe.

“Do you have anything of the Pure Golden Knight set?”

“No, nothing.”

He thought about his options for a moment and asked, “Is there a Pure Golden Knight Armor?”

“There is one. Why?”

“Then, I won’t enhance my current one.”

“If you buy a new armor, you’ll have to sell your current one.”

Junhyuk nodded. He shouldn’t rush buying new things now. His goal was to save more and buy better items later. Not wanting to buy anything else, Junhyuk looked at Gongon, and the hatchling smiled at him.

“Shall we go?”

“Do your new items have a set-item effect?”

“The two-item effect is kinda small. My critical hit rate increases by 10 percent.”


Junhyuk felt like that was a good boost, and Bebe explained further, “The dragon Kali is a new legend. Considering his power, the set-item effect is just right.”

Junhyuk shrugged and looked at Gongon.

“You got stronger. Let’s go?”

“Sure. Let’s destroy some towers.”

He and Gongon crossed the dimensional portal and moved out. They were headed to the second tower in the lower path. While they expected their enemies to show, they didn’t meet anyone.

They found that curious, but they still destroyed the tower. That’s when Aktur connected with them.

“The first tower in the upper path is gone, and all three of them are coming this way. What do you want to do?”

It would be hard to deal with all three at the same time, and Junhyuk took a moment to think.

“We just destroyed the second tower. Can you hold them there?”

“I’ll try. Why can I see your face?”

“I had it fixed. If you get in any danger, run away. Don’t die.”

“I know. I’ll hold them here.”

“OK. We’ll destroy their castle.” He looked at Gongon and said, “Get on.”

“Will do!”

Gongon jumped on his shoulder, and, giving Gongon a piggyback ride, Junhyuk ran as fast as he could. If they attacked the enemy castle, their enemies would have to return.

“Gongon, let’s focus on the archers on the wall. I’ll use my Spatial Slash, and you use your firebreath.”


He threw Gongon up and used the Spatial Slash right after Gongon took off. Gongon’s firebreath covered half of the castle, and the shockwave from the Spatial Slash swept the rest of the wall clean.

Junhyuk swung at the incoming lizardmen. There were many of them, but they were no match for him. He was the best at what he did, and what he did, even better than heroes, was massacre minions. After quickly dispatching all the lizardmen, he looked at Gongon and shouted, “Destroy the gate!”

They were pounding at the gate when, suddenly, they heard Aktur’s voice.

“They’ve all returned.”

“We’ll retreat. Come to the lower path, and let’s meet on the first tower.”


After they cut off, Junhyuk pounded at the gate some more. It would take ten seconds for their enemies to return, and even after that, it would be a total of thirty seconds before they reached the gate.

Junhyuk wanted to destroy the gate and retreat.

“Do your best.”

Gongon transformed and pounded at the gate, which shattered quickly, but they saw the enemies heading their way.

Junhyuk turned, ready to run.

“Gongon, can you go back to your original form?”


“Do it!”

Gongon was small again, and after Junhyuk gave him a signal, the hatchling climb on his back again. Junhyuk ran away with the three enemies chasing after them.

There was a large gap from the start, so the enemies couldn’t catch up immediately, but it was a long way to the first tower. It would take him a few hours with Gongon on his back.

“Yeah! Run!”

“I’ll drop you.”

Junhyuk gritted his teeth and ran. Meanwhile on his back, Gongon wagged his tail diligently.

He ran for a while before seeing Aktur heading toward him. Junhyuk was very glad to see the mummy.


“You came.”

“Yes! I exhausted!”

He threw Gongon at Aktur, but Gongon pirouetted in the air, landed standing and said, “Riding piggyback is not that easy.”

“Do you want to die?”

“Ha-ha-ha-ha! Give me another ride next time.”

Gongon wagged his tail, looking in the enemies’ direction. They had also run at full speed and were catching their breaths.

Junhyuk inhaled deeply while looking at his enemies.

“Aktur, so glad that you are still alive!”

“Sure.” Aktur looked at the enemies and said, “With Drakey’s absolute evade, they are three tanks.”

“That’s right. Drakey is also a tank.”

Gongon laughed.

“Even if they are sturdy, if we pound them hard enough, they will die.” Gongon bumped his fists against each other and asked, “Who do you want as the first victim?”

“Who do you want to beat the shit out of?”


Kraken was better than Lugos as a champion, but it was very different from Drakey, so it was hard to compare the two.

Junhyuk looked at Aktur and asked, “Can you hold them off for a while?”

“Even Drakey? But you know his power!”

“I know,” Junhyuk said and looked at Gongon. “We’ll kill Drakey first.”

Gongon shook his head.

“As you know, octopus-head also has a long-range attack.”

“And it can rush.”

“True. Kraken can damage anything within five meters of him immediately.” Junhyuk sighed and asked, “What should we do?”

Gongon stepped forward.

“I’ll be the tank.”

Both of them looked at the little dragon. Gongon was about as tall as their waists, but he said he wanted to be the tank, and that made them laugh.

Kraken had a ten-meter reach with its tentacles, but Gongon looked at Junhyuk and said, “I am different from before.”

Junhyuk nodded. Gongon had new items, and they were both defensive items. They had to have increased his defense, so Gongon was definitely stronger now.

The little dragon stepped forward and said, “I’ll go.”

He finished the sentence and sprinted forward. Looking at his enemies, Junhyuk used the Spatial Slash, hopping to apply the debuff with the first attack. Kraken got hit in the eye, and the shockwave spread out from there. The others were debuffed and slowed down.

Suddenly, a whirlwind rose beneath the three allies, and all three were launched in the air. Kraken flew toward Junhyuk, who raised the force field around Aktur, negating Kraken’s rush.

As Junhyuk landed, he ran forward and shouted, “Gongon! Let’s kill Kraken.”

“I was waiting for you to say that!”

Gongon transformed ready to showcase his increased damage. The hatchling flew as a beam of light toward Kraken, slamming it with his head. The impact echoed all around.


Ordinarily, his rush dealt Kraken 17 percent damage to its max health. However, the new items increased the chance of critical hits, and Kraken lost 44 percent of its health. Gongon was still transformed.

He grabbed Kraken’s tentacles and pounded the octopus with his fists. Kraken couldn’t escape.

Doosh! Doosh!

Kraken attacked Gongon with some free tentacles, but the damage was insignificant.

“Item power!” Junhyuk shouted out and ran into the scuffle.

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