Legend Of Legends Chapter 246

Chapter 246: Item Power 2

Gongon was beating the crap out of Kraken, but the octopus used four tentacles to pick the dragon up and twist him by the limbs. Junhyuk wanted to block the attack for Gongon, but he couldn’t do it. However, Gongon had a lot of health. He would feel dirty and nasty after receiving the attack, but it was better for Junhyuk to save his powers.

Gongon got twisted up and shouted, “Argh! You octopus head!”

Junhyuk closed in on Kraken, and Aktur summoned the skeleton soldiers to fight Drakey.

Gongon got slammed against the ground and got up pounding the ground with his fists. Junhyuk let him attack Kraken again because Gongon’s killing intent had risen after the attack.

Lugos was heading toward Junhyuk, and, once close, Junhyuk parried Lugos’ attack. Gongon took Junhyuk’s place and inhaled deeply. With his chest inflated, he dodged all of Kraken’s attacks, but Kraken opened its tentacles and spit out the blank ink, which sprayed all over Junhyuk as well.


Junhyuk was trying to clean his eyes when Lugos attacked him. The cyclops’ armas were enlarged, enabling him to deal high damage. Junhyuk had to teleport away.


The ground shook, and Junhyuk felt the shockwave underneath his feet. Then, he heard the sound of Gongon spewing flame. He took a few steps back, rubbing his eyes, but it didn’t help. Still, that was the only thing he could do at that point. Suddenly, he heard Gongon’s scream.


Junhyuk opened his eyes wide and saw Gongon had been thrown against a flame wall. Firewalls surrounded the path, and Gongon bounces off of one. Junhyuk scowled and ran forward.

Gongon dropped to the ground, no longer transformed, and Junhyuk looked around the battlefield. Aktur and Drakey were taking time to fight each other. There was no reason for him to focus on them, so Junhyuk ran toward Kraken.

Kraken saw him running toward it, but continued to attack Gongon. The hatchling got his vision back, and rolled around to escape Kraken’s attacks. Lugos ran to attack Gongon as well, both of them focused on him.

Gongon has 50 percent of his health, and Kraken has 36 percent left. It was a matter of killing the enemy first.

Once he got close, Lugos stomped the ground.


The shockwave sent both Gongon and Junhyuk into the air, leaving Gongon with 42 percent of his health and not much more than Kraken.

Junhyuk grumbled that his Spatial Slash wasn’t off cooldown yet and parried Kraken’s tentacles.

Clang, clang, clang!

Because he was still in the air, he couldn’t deal with the force of Kraken’s attacks. The same was true for Gongon. Both got launched toward the wall, and when Junhyuk hit it and received the damage from it, he realized that Kraken had gotten used to the Champions’ Battlefield.

When Junhyuk landed, Lugos headed toward him. Even without transforming, Gongon could deal a lot of damage, and he also had a 10 percent buff to his critical hit rate. If they were lucky, Gongon would kill Kraken.

Gongon had to stop their joint attacks. Meanwhile, Drakey was still fighting Aktur.

Junhyuk blocked Lugos and shouted, “Gongon, take care of business!”

“I know!”

Junhyuk attacked Lugos, so that Gongon could pass them by. Lugos was pushed back, and Gongon attacked Kraken. If Kraken couldn’t grab the hatchling, Gongon would have the advantage.

The little dragon dodged Kraken’s grab attacks, but got hit by a whip of a tentacle. However, he still got close to Kraken and, using his short leg, kneed Kraken’s head. It connected, and the blow was a critical hit.

Junhyuk trusted Gongon, and Lugos and him were exchanging blows. They were fighting fiercely when, suddenly, a soft voice made a welcoming announcement.

[Gongon killed Kraken.]

“Gongon! This way!”

“Got it!”

Lugos saw Gongon coming, and his body darked as he ran to the side. He was repositioning himself to fight near Aktur and Drakey, but Junhyuk blocked Lugos’ path.

He swung the Frozen Rune Sword and slashed the cyclops’ thigh. It was easy for Junhyuk to strike at Lugos while he attempted to run away. Lugos slowed down. Meanwhile, Gongon, who had been running toward him, flew like a rocket toward Lugos.


Lugos leaned back to dodge, and Junhyuk stabbed him with his sword. The sword went through Lugos’ chest, but because of the defense buff, it didn’t have a big impact, and Lugos kicked him off.


Junhyuk got pushed back, and Gongon kicked the cyclops’ hamstring. His leg bent in a funny way, and Gongon bit his neck.


Lugos tried to hammer Gongon away, but the hatchling leg go of his neck on time and slammed him with his tail. Gongon was going wild on Lugos’ back, but there was nothing the cyclops could do while the little dragon climbed around his back to attack him.

Even without transforming, he still dealt a lot of damage, and Lugos was left with 35 percent of his health. Due to the debuffs, Lugos couldn’t move well or quickly, so Gongon just kept on attacking him.

Junhyuk dashed forward and said, “Give him to me!”

So, Gongon kicked Lugos’ back hard and ran toward Drakey. He only had 20 percent of his health left. While he knew he didn’t have a lot, Gongon still wanted to help out.

Gongon was being Gongon, Junhyuk thought as he swung his sword against Lugos. Lugos tried to block, but was suddenly hit on the back of his neck.


Lugos disappeared, and Junhyuk turned around.

[You’ve killed Lugos and earned 3,000G.]

Junhyuk joined the final fight, and Drakey had no choice but to ran away. Drakey was strong, and he had the perfect evasion boosts, but he couldn’t fight alone.

Junhyuk laughed at him.

“Does he think he can run away with his speed?”

He saw Drakey had 60 percent of his health left, and Junhyuk wanted to make him slower. So, he ran toward Drakey, and Drakey scowled. He didn’t want to deal with Junhyuk while running away.

Drakey turned around, and Junhyuk displayed the difference in their speeds. Drakey swung his trident, but Junhyuk blocked it with one of his swords. However, Drakey was a very accomplished spearman, and he suddenly released the soundwaves.


Junhyuk got thrown toward Aktur and Gongon, but Aktur had already released his bandages. To deal with that, Drakey used his perfect evasion and started to run away again. After the soundwave attack, Drakey was able to put some distance between him and the allies.

Junhyuk stared at Drakey…

“He is stupid!”

… and teleported.

Drakey stared at him.

“Shit! You are so annoying!”

Junhyuk laughed and blocked the trident attack with his sword. At that moment, Aktur and Gongon finally joined the fight. Drakey couldn’t fight the three of them by himself. He knew he would die, but he also wanted to kill someone before that happened.

Drakey wanted to kill Gongon, so he timed his attack just right for him to attack at the same time Gongon attacked. Drakey’s attack hit Gongon’s armor, but it still dealt a lot of damage even if Drakey hadn’t used a power.

Gongon looked at the trident and at Drakey and said, “You are so weak!”

Drakey was furious. His face was a grimace, and the others started attacking him. Junhyuk slashed Drakey’s back, and Aktur used his claw-like nails against Drakey’s ribs.

Drakey stared at them both, baring his teeth, but his powers hadn’t returned yet, so Junhyuk smiled coldly at him.

“You can’t kill Gon.”

Gongon kicked Drakey in the stomach and said, “You don’t have enough strength.”

Drakey hunched over, and Gongon whispered in his ear, “You aren’t qualified to be a champion.”

Then, Gongon headbutted him, and Drakey lost nearly all of his health.

“One more blow should kill him.”

Gongon stepped back, and Aktur clawed at Drakey. His nails pierced Drakey’s chest.

[Aktur killed Drakey.]

Junhyuk looked at Drakey and then at Gongon and Aktur.

“This is the beginning of the end.”

Gongon and Aktur smiled, and Gongon pulled out a piece of candy from his Spatial Bag and tossed it in his mouth.

“I don’t have enough health.”

“We already destroyed the gate. We have time.”

Aktur looked at Gongon and asked, “You don’t have any potions?”

“Potions?” Gongon sighed. “I could use heal, but I can’t use heal in this place.”

Aktur pulled three potions out from his bag.

“My gifts to you. Let’s all drink.”

Junhyuk drank the free potion and felt his health regenerating.

“By the time we get there, we’ll be at full health.”

Before, drinking a potion recovered his health right away, but now he had more health, so it took time. Junhyuk looked at Aktur.

“Let’s go.”


Gongon had stopped the group with his tail wagging.


Junhyuk laughed, and Gongon got on his back and said, “Then, let’s go!”

The gate was destroyed, and the enemies only had one hope, the giant golem. While there was only one golem, it could still pose serious problems.

Junhyuk looked at the golem and murmured, “We should have brought lizardmen.”

They had moved quickly and left all the lizardmen behind. The enemy lizardmen posed no real problem for the allies, but the allied lizardmen could distract the golem.

Junhyuk tapped Gongon’s foot and said,

“Get off. It’s time to fight.”

“Right, I have the chance to kill that octopus one more time,” Gongon said after landing.

Aktur looked vicious as he asked, “What are we going to do?”

Junhyuk smiled and answered, “Let’s beat the shit out of each one of them.”

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