Legend Of Legends Chapter 256

Chapter 256: Hostile Power Activation 2

When Junhyuk ran out, Sora sighed, relieved, but Elise said something that worried her.

“Weren’t there five original infected?”

They turned around and saw the person who had had broken arms and legs get up. Having activated a power, he was completely healed.

Sora and Elise didn’t know what kind of power the person had, and Elise said from behind Sora, “We have to kill that thing before it’s fully awake?”

“Can we kill it?”

“It doesn’t look very benevolent.”

Sora raised her massive sword, and the man opened his eyes and looked at her. His eyes were green, and Sora rushed off toward him. When she got close and swung her sword, the man raised both of his arms.


The impact created a strong shockwave, and the man bounced back and hit a wall. Sora felt her hands tingling and frowned, running at him right after. Before the man could raise his arms again, Sora’s sword went through his stomach.


She pulled it out and stepped back. It all happened within one second, and her palms were bleeding, torn in the first attack. The green-eyed man got up again.

His stomach wound didn’t seem deep, but he was still bleeding. Elise clicked her tongue.

“His power must raise his body’s defense!”

Sora’s power was extreme speed. She could deal damage by using it, but the power itself wasn’t an attack power. She hadn’t dealt a lot of damage, and the man had a defensive power. Because Sora had used her power, she was waiting on the cooldown. That’s when the green-eyed man came at her, but at that point, even his arms were green.

When Elise saw that, she murmured, “Is that power from the poring? Why is he green?”

She was curious, but Sora looked at her and said, “That kind of defensive power is different from my speed in that it lasts longer, so move toward the door.”

Sora had some understanding of the enemy’s power. He had raised his defense, and it could last up to ten seconds. Because the enemy’s power was defensive, Sora wouldn’t die in one hit. However, the enemy wouldn’t get hurt by her either.

Elise opened the door and saw Eunseo heading in.

“Stay out. He has a power and he is hostile.”

Eunseo frowned.

“Can’t Sora kill him?”

“He has a defensive power, and although Sora used her speed to attack him, he’s still fine.”

Eunseo’s frown deepened.

“Just run away.”

“It’s dangerous.”

“It’s fine. It’s a defensive power.”

Eunseo pulled out a pistol, and Sora wanted to tell her that a pistol wouldn’t work, but Elise grabbed her arm. Elise shook her head and took a few steps back. Sora walked out of the room with her.

After the two left the room, Eunseo closed the door and fired the pistol.


The man blocked it with his forearm. It wasn’t even scratched. However, although he had a incredible defensive power, he was still a novice. Eunseo ran at him, and the man did the same toward her, punching at her at the same time. His fist slowed down, and Eunseo appeared behind him and kicked him.


His defensive power didn’t matter. He couldn’t be compared to a hero. Any novice would die in a single hit.

The man’s neck was broken, and he fell to the ground, his eyes no longer green. Eunseo inhaled deeply. She could only counter attacks. Nevertheless, her counters were really strong.

Junhyuk looked at them and raised the Frozen Rune Sword.

The force shield made by one of them only protected one side. Compared to Junhyuk’s perfect defense, it was of lower rank.

They each had powers of their own, and the four of them moved in unison. Dealing with four powers meant it was akin to dealing with a hero. However, their healths were those of novices, so they were like pieces of paper.

He wasn’t interested in the others’ powers. They wouldn’t talk to him, and their green eyes posed a threat.

Junhyuk saw some people watching him, and he tightened his grip on the Frozen Rune Sword. The bystanders were ten meters away, so any shockwaves wouldn’t hit them. Junhyuk was about to swing his sword when one of the men extended his hand and fired a green beam of light.

The beam was about the size of the man’s forearm, and Junhyuk took the hit with his body. He could’ve raised the force field, but he didn’t want to show off in front of a crowd. Also, he already knew the beam wouldn’t kill him.

A hero’s attack wouldn’t kill him, so a novice had no hope of doing it. They didn’t have any items either. However, when he got hit by the beam, he frowned. He kept getting damage after the hit. Feeling the damage stack, he made up his mind.

They were of no help.

The man who raised the force shield got hit on the side of the neck. A pure white light shockwave expanded from the strike. It carried an ice attribute, and the surrounding area was frozen over. The green-eyed people fell, but they died without even bleeding.

Junhyuk looked at his sword. He had used the Spatial Slash and, in doing so, he felt something strange. From the arm he used for the strike, he felt his vein pumping larger quantities of blood.

The pathways were responding to his power, which meant that he was more powerful than ever.

“I’m not sure about the Dimensional Battlefield yet, but I’m definitely stronger here.”

He looked around and saw a big crowd watching him. However, because they had also been affected by the EMP, their cell phones weren’t working.

He teleported away, but the spirit pathways didn’t respond to him doing so.

Junhyuk appeared in Eunseo’s office. He was alone, so he looked out the window, down into the street, and saw that the crowd didn’t approach the bodies. Then, he went to the basement.

Elise, Sora, Eunseo and Dohee were standing in front of a body.

“Did something happen?”

Elise answered him, “One of the first infected people woke up. He had a power.”

“What kind of power?”

“A defensive boost. He was able to negate Sora’s attack.”

He stared at them.

“How did you deal with him?”

Elise looked at Eunseo and answered, “The CEO got him.”

He looked at Eunseo. Her power only worked as a counterattack, but the damage was absurd.

“We have to go outside,” he said.

“The four novices!” Elise exclaimed and ran out. Sora followed her.

Eunseo looked at Dohee and said, “Protect Elise.”



Dohee went out and Eunseo asked, “Do you have an idea of what happened?”

He shook his head.

“I’m not sure. Maybe the poring activated their powers.”

Eunseo took a moment to think and said, “Only the original infected activated powers. If others do it as well, this will become a serious problem.”

He nodded his head.

“Then, there will be many people with powers.”

He didn’t like it, and Eunseo said nervously, “The situation isn’t over yet.”

He looked at the people who were brought in. There were more than forty people still alive lying there.

“What if they all activate powers”

They were likely to be hostile, so what shall they do? There was no way to restrain them. They hadn’t figured out how to negate powers yet. Elise need more time and materials to figure out how to suppress powers.

Junhyuk was shaking his head when Elise came back. Dohee and Sora were carrying scattered body parts.

He looked at her, and Elise smiled.

“These are well preserved. I can use them for research.”

Junhyuk told Elise what he was thinking after her comment. “About the poring-infected hosts, if they activate their powers, won’t that be a big problem?”

Elise touched her chin and said, “Their powers can’t be explained by the laws of physics. There is no way to stop it for now.” She looked around and added, “The EMP originated here, so this room won’t be of any use. We have to move to Seoul HQ.”

Eunseo agreed, “That’s a good idea.”

Elise continued, “I wasn’t expecting an EMP attack on Korean soil. Guardians has to spend some more money.”

“Don’t worry about that.”

Eunseo completely grasped what an EMP attack could mean. She had to spend more money to prevent another situation like that.

Elise looked around. “Prepare to move now and quickly. I need more time to get my things ready to move out.”

Eunseo nodded.

“I’ll call for a helicopter. Evacuate the employees first. The traffic must be clogged in Seoul right now.”

They were cleaning up after the poring incident, so there was no other way. They had to move to Seoul.

Eunseo left with some of the others, and Sora and Junhyuk remained. Elise looked at her and said, “Sora, you have to move out as well. Go pack. Junhyuk will remain here.”

Sora looked at him and left. After Elise sent her away, she told him, “After seeing the original infected activate their powers, I can come up with a few theories. Porings can infect people, assimilate their knowledge and activate their powers.”

Junhyuk frowned at that. Poring could keep corpses moving, and now they could activate powers? He couldn’t even guess at what the Dimensional Battlefield management was thinking.

“But the other hosts aren’t wake yet. It takes some time for the poring to activate powers.”

“You are only guessing, and making guesses like that can be dangerous.”

“I know.” She continued, “When the hosts wake up, I need to find out if they have activated powers. During that time, keep me safe inside the Guardians Seoul HQ.”

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