Legend Of Legends Chapter 259

Chapter 259: New Power Activator 3

Screeech! Crash!

Junhyuk was ignoring traffic lights in four-way streets and driving past them. There was a loud, sharp noise followed by the sound of a collision, but he ignored it all and kept driving. When he arrived at Guardians HQ, he drove through the gate and rushed inside.

He had destroyed the gate and ignored the security guards coming out of the booth, going straight to Elise’s lab. When he saw Elise, Sora and Eunseo standing outside the building, he slowed down the car.

“What happened?” he asked as he got out of the car.

“Eunmi activated another power,” Elise answered.

“What kind of power?”

An expert would have extraordinary strength, and he had to know what kind of power it was.

Elite showed him the footage on the tablet and explained, “She used the green foam to make a spear. It’s really strong. She was able to destroy the wall with it.”

“So, she’s not able to do it without the power?”

“Correct. Without it, she can’t.”

“For how long does the power last and what’s its cooldown?”

“She can use the green foam for ten seconds, and the cooldown is about thirty seconds,” she answered.

After receiving information about the power, he started planning what to do next. Junhyuk wasn’t worried about dealing with an expert. Both his health and strength were superior to hers.

However, he turned to Elise and asked, “Why haven’t you killed her yet?”

“I have to do some more research on her.”

Surprised by her answer, he asked, “She has lost her ability to reason and she has an offensive power. Why do you want to research her?”

Elise nodded calmly and answered, “It’s precisely because she has lost herself. If we can restrain her, and she recovers her ego, it’ll be the first time we’ll be able to run tests on an expert, and it’s possible she could be cooperative.”

Junhyuk shook his head.

“Then, you are asking me to catch her alive?”


He sighed and added, “That’s difficult even for me.”

“It’s possible.”

Junhyuk stared at Elise, and she tapped on her tablet. He got a message on his cell phone and looked at it.

“It’s a contract fee. Catch her alive, and I’ll double it.”

He would get $10 million and he knew that wasn’t insignificant. Considering the time involved, it was a lot of money.

Junhyuk sighed.

“You think I’m here for the money?”


He looked at the group. Elise, Sora, and Eunseo shouldn’t die. He had received a call from Zaira, and that’s why he was there. While Elise did want Eunmi alive, he turned to Eunseo.

“Do you want her alive?”

Eunseo nodded heavily.

“We have to know more about her condition. It’ll help us counter porings.”

He sighed deeply and looked at Elise.

“Pay me three times that amount.”


“When I take her down, is there somewhere I can put her in?” he asked.

“Don’t worry.” Elise smiled and added, “I know of her power now, so we’ll act accordingly and place her somewhere she can’t escape, but we’ll need to start on construction.”

Junhyuk sighed again.

“Fine. I’m going in, but I have a condition of my own.”

“What is it?”

“Don’t film me in any way.”

Elise stared at him for a moment and said, “OK. Zaira, turn off all the cameras inside.”

[All cameras have been turned off.]

“Raise the walls,” he said.

Elise tapped her tablet and added, “Be careful.”

“I’ll be back.”

Once inside, he summoned his equipment. He didn’t summon his armor nor his cloak, but he summoned everything else.

After seeing her power, he could get guess at its damage. Her power was like Gongon’s transformation, but its damage didn’t seem to be based on a rate of her original normal damage. That was why she was able to destroy the wall without any equipment.

“It must have a set amount of damage.”

He was thinking about that when he saw Eunmi. She was not holding a spear.

When he that one of her eyes was green while the other was completely white, he sighed.

“And they are hopeful?!”

Junhyuk didn’t think about it anymore. He realized he wouldn’t need his weapons as the expert didn’t have any herself. Eunmi’s health was at 550 and her mana was at 700. He could beat her with his bare hands.

“Eunmi?” he spoke up first.

She didn’t answer. Instead, the green foam seeped out of her, and Junhyuk didn’t hesitate. He teleported behind her and punched. A green orb appeared and crashed against his fist, breaking apart. Then, Eunmi turned around and swung her arm.

He was expecting a spear, but the foam had turned into a sword. She was able to shape the foam at will.

Junhyuk turned his body, dodging the swing. He had fought heroes before, so an expert didn’t pose him much danger. He was unimpressed by the attack, but suddenly, thorns grew out of the sword toward him, and he teleported away instinctively, frowning.


She could shape it however she wanted, but the range was limited to four meters.

Junhyuk considered himself lucky to find out about her power that way. His body got slight goosebumps, but he couldn’t use the Spatial Slash because he wanted her alive. Even the Spatial Slash’s basic damage would kill her.

Junhyuk was thinking about dodging her for ten seconds when she ran toward him. She wasn’t that fast while holding her weapon, and he could use the force field, but he didn’t want to show Eunmi all of his powers yet. Elise had ordered Zaira to turn of the cameras, but he also didn’t complete trust Elise.

He knew he was curious, so he wanted to use as few powers as he could.

Junhyuk thought about the poring. Her weapons would damage him much, but he was worried that they might infect him. He didn’t want to put himself in danger, so punched a wall.


The punched had made a hole, and he picked up the pieces of the wall.

“This is not like a pillow.”

Junhyuk threw a piece the size of his head, and it sped off like lightning.

Eunmi sliced it with her sword, and he kicked the other pieces on the ground toward her.

Slash, slash, slash!

He could control his muscles completely, and his kicks were accurate. The small pieces of rock flew toward her, and she blocked them with the sword. There was only about six meters between them, but she couldn’t advance. If she let her guard down, she would die from the debris.

When Eunmi’s power ended, and she lost her sword, he ran at her. Junhyuk closed in extremely fast, and she leaned back to dodge. However, she was unable to escape him.

He punched her on the chin, and she staggered. Then, he punched her again, but this time on the ribs.

Junhyuk broke her ribs, but he didn’t care. The two attacks sapped her health, and she fell to the ground while he stared at her. She was regaining health, but she would be out for a while. Junhyuk could restrain her at any time, so he grabbed the back of her neck and dragged her out.

Outside, the women were waiting for him.

Elise saw Eunmi and was relieved.

“Take her to the iron soldier hangar.”

Junhyuk nodded, and she walked next to him and asked, “How did you get her?”

“I hit her. She is in need of medical attention.”

She didn’t die, but she didn’t look good either. So, Elise took a moment to think and said, “I’ll give her some medicine. When do you think she’ll wake up?”

He saw that she was slowly regaining health, but he didn’t know when she’d open her eyes, so he merely shrugged.

Elise spoke up again.

“Can an iron soldier restrain her?”

Junhyuk thought it over and said, “Be careful with her second power. It has a four-meter range and it will kill you.”

“I’ll arm the iron soldier with rubber bullets.”

“Sure, but don’t get close to her, at least not within four meters.”


Elise thought she could handle the situation, so he didn’t say anything else and just took her to the hangar. The other employees weren’t aware of what was happening. Only Eunseo knew.

Once Junhyuk got to the hangar, he said to Elise, “If she has lost her ability to reason, you must restrain her. Her power is dangerous.”

“You should stay here till she wakes up,” Elise said.

“I don’t know when that’ll be.”

Elise smiled.

“She’ll wake up soon.”

He looked around and saw an iron soldier.

“Where are the rest of the iron soldiers?”

“The EMP damaged their circuits, but that’s considering it was an extraordinary EMP.”

Junhyuk agreed. Powers were inherently something that was impossible by Earthly means.

Elise pulled out a syringe and gave it to the iron soldier. It injected the contents into Eunmi, and she regained some of her health quickly.

Junhyuk watched as her health went up to thirty, and Eunmi groaned and worke up. She could open her eyes, but she couldn’t get up.

After looking around, she asked, “Where am I?”

One of her eyes was back to normal, but the other was still green.

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