Legend Of Legends Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Victory 2


Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl


Junhyuks mouth was dry. If this continued, Artlan would die for sure. Even if he died, this Hanta would still be a success, but he could not let him die.

There was a difference between all five of them surviving and letting one or two die. Later, when they had to attack the watchtower, they might have a more difficult time.

It was almost time to use his protective field again, but Artlan had gone away to deal with Libya, and was too far away to receive protection from Junhyuk.

Junhyuk gripped his two-handed sword and said:

Cover me!

After he spoke, Junhyuk ran, and the opposing minions ran toward him to block him. Usually, he would deal with them by stepping back, but now, he didnt have the time.

Junhyuk ran, and an energy bolt flew in from behind him, knocking down a minion.

One of the two minions attacking him went down, and Junhyuk seized the opportunity and swung his sword.


The opposing minion blocking him was slain. Junhyuk took a step forward and scanned the other minions.

There were two minions. They lifted their axes to show they would not to let him pass, but Junhyuk swung his sword.

He had trained while at the dimensional merchants, and had become effective. He stabbed through the shortest distance. A minion was lifting his arm, and the sword sliced his neck. It was a simple stab, but it was fast.

Junhyuk closed in and pushed the headless minion with his shoulder. The lowest level runestone gave him enough strength to launch the minion, and the minion flew toward the other minions, knocking some of them down.


Then, a minion swung his axe in front of Junhyuk, who stopped the axe with his sword.


The axe bounced off and, using the rebound force, Junhyuk stepped on the minions heads and attacked. There were fifty minions in the opposing team, but they were not forming a single line, and he did not have to step on many of them.

There were two remaining. As Junhyuk attacked, they both swung their axes. One of them attacked his head, and the other attacked him at the waist. Junhyuk slid to avoid both attacks, and the minions went by him.

Junhyuk got up and killed both minions.

The problem was that his ally minions were fewer than the enemy minions. The fight was unbalanced.

Junhyuk moved his head quickly. He had to put his protection on Artlan as soon as possible and start saving allied minions.

Warren and Minota were both attacking Artlan. Warren couldnt use one arm, but he attacked quickly while Minotas destructive power drove Artlan into a corner.

Warren attacked and sliced Artlans chest and back, and Minota tried to step on Artlan while Warrens nails flew in.


He aimed at Artlans eyes, and Artlan seemed unable to stop the attack. Junhyuk did not waste any more time and used his power.


Artlan really thought he had died, but, at that moment, he watched Warrens nails bounce away. Artlan saw the ivory-colored force field in front of him and swung his saber.

He sliced off Warrens elbow. Blood spilled on the force field when Artlan shoulder-checked Warren.

Warren staggered and stepped back. Artlan placed his saber in its sheath and positioned himself. One attack. He would use his energy to attack. He would use the force field.

Minota looked at him, laughed and bent down. Artlan was protected by the force field, and Minota would rush forward to cover the distance.

Minota got ready to rush toward Artlan when Nudra showed up. Nudras front kick changed the direction of Minotas rush.

Minota went by Artlans side, and Artlan pulled out his saber.

Warren was surprised by Artlan and stepped back. Halo quickly sliced Warrens back, and Warren couldnt move. Thats when Artlan used his highest level skill.


Artlans saber went through Warrens chest, and blood was dripping off of it. Warrens chest opened, and he collapsed to the side, leaving Artlans saber soaked in blood.

Halo and Nudra passed by Artlan and ran toward Minota and yelled:

Move aside!

The field did not have much time left. Artlan saw Minota rushing toward him, trying to kill, so he jumped up.

Artlan moved to a place where Grangsha was alone, facing Diane and Vera. With just one attack, Artlan swung down on Grangshas head.


Grangsha thought of it as an opportunity to kill a very tired Artlan when the field disappeared. As Artlan dropped to the ground, the field disappeared.

Grangsha smiled with satisfaction and swung his sickle. If he could kill Artlan and then escape, there would be other opportunities.

Artlan guessed what Grangsha had been thinking and dodged. Grangshas sickle went through the spot where Artlan had been standing when a firewall burst forth.

Grangsha swung his sickle against the firewall, and Dianes hand loosened an arrow.


Junhyuk had knocked three minions down while running through the enemy line, put a field around Artlan and run.

The enemy minions decided to kill Sarang, the magician minion, and moved toward her. Junhyuk realized that he didnt have enough time to get to Sarang, so he stabbed a minion who had his back exposed, and stepped on his back and jumped. Then, he stepped on another opposing minions shoulders.

It wasnt easy to step on the minions shoulders, especially on a battlefield like that, but Junhyuk was able to find his footing and run.

Then, he arrived at a spot where a minion had dropped his shield and been hit by an axe on his head. He had been the last minion to protect Sarang. Junhyuk jumped.

Sarang was overwhelmed by the attacking enemy minions and couldnt move. Junhyuk landed in front of her and gripped his sword tightly.


It took one attack to split a minion in half. With that attack, the opposing minions stopped their advance. Junhyuk seized the moment and swung his sword. He killed three minions at once, gathered his breath and said:

Are you okay?

What? Yes! Im OK.

Sarang no longer felt overwhelmed. She felt her knees shaking, but was able to hold her own. Junhyuk had come back, and he should be able to protect her.

With his entrance, more enemy minions were split in half.

Junhyuk stood in front of Sarang and said:

Lift your shields and dont give in an inch. I will decrease their numbers!

Since Junhyuk had taken a language pill, everyone understood what he was saying. The surviving allied minions lifted their shields and made a wall. The enemy was closing in with them.

They hadnt learned to do that, but their will to survive made them come up with a shield wall. As soon as they made the wall, Junhyuk ran along one side. A minion trying to avoid the shield defense ran to the side, meeting Junhyuk. Junhyuk struck the enemy minions axe attack and, using the rebound force, stabbed him through his neck. The enemy minions were now responding to Junhyuks movements.

Ten enemy minions ran toward him at the same time. Junhyuk saw them, but did not move back. Instead, he ran toward them. He trusted the effectiveness of his new defensive runestone.

Three axes went toward Junhyuk while he ran.

They aimed at his head and both sides of his waist. Junhyuk had been training, but he still couldnt stop three attacks at once. He first struck the axe aiming at his head. Dropping his elbow, he struck one of the axes aiming at his waist and twisted when an axe grazed him.


The axe transferred quite a force to him, but his armor did not break. The defensive runestone had twice the strength of a minions shield.

Junhyuk stretched out his body and stabbed the minion who had been aiming at his head through the neck. He grabbed the minion who had been aiming at his waist by the neck. He held on to the enemy minions thick neck and threw him against a minion standing to the right of him. When they collided, he stabbed them both with his sword, penetrating both of them.


Junhyuk skewered two enemy minions and quickly pulled out his sword when he saw other minions running toward him.

Do enemy minions feel fear?

He was showing he was superior, but they didnt seem to mind what was taking place. Their eyes were filled with anger and madness. They were drooling through the sides of their mouths and looked like they were willing to throw away their lives to kill Junhyuk.

When he entered the Battlefield of Dimensions for the first time, they had scared him, making him stay behind his shield, but the situation was different now. Facing his enemies, Junhyuk held fast to his two-handed sword.


An arrow struck the center of Granshas forehead, and he fell over. Veras meteor attack had decreased his strength, and he wouldnt be able to survive a shot to the forehead.

Grangsha fell, and Artlan got up expressionless. He was seriously wounded, but still alive. Only Minota remained. If they took him out, this Hanta would be a complete success.

Artlan turned his head and saw Minota rushing toward Halo, bouncing him away, and running away.

Where are you going?

Artlan threw his saber. Minota must have felt the saber flying toward him and moved aside. Despite his big size, Minota was able to dodge the saber, but taking time to do so was his big mistake.

Nudra was ahead of Minota, and front-kicked him.


Minota bounced toward Artlans direction from the shock. Artlan ran toward him empty-handed, Minota thought that he might as well kill Artlan, and turned around to face him.

Wooo, woooo!

Minota cried out like an ox and ran, but, soon, there was a firewall in front of him. As soon as the firewall appeared Artlan moved to the side.

Artlan could die if he was hit by Minotas rush. He had only run toward Minota to distract him. It was a nice trap set up to make Minota think he could hill Artlan. 

Suddenly, Minota broke through the firewall. Diane shot her arrows at him. Five arrows flew off in a row, each hitting Minota. Minota, even after being hit by arrows, did not stop rushing.

They thought that Minota shouldnt come close to Diane and Vera and went to their rescue.

Vera and Diane saw Minota lifting his front paws and dodged to the left and to the right. Minota took advantage of the open space and escaped.

He ran toward where the minions were battling.

Artlan realized who Minota was aiming for and shouted:


Junhyuk was slaying minions and lifted his head. His eyes met Minotas.

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