Legend Of Legends Chapter 262

Keros looked at Artlan running toward him and smirked while moving his giant sword. Even though Keros was moving slowly, Artlan couldn’t let his guard down. He threw his saber.

Keros looked at the saber flying toward him, and his eyes widened. However, he blocked it with his sword, and Artlan grabbed it on the bounce back. Seeing that, Junhyuk clicked his tongue.

“What was that defense?!”

“What are you talking about?” Vera asked.

“Even though he blocked the attack, he only lost 5 percent of his health,” Junhyuk answered.

“What about it?”

“Artlan used his power, but he lost only 5 percent of his health.”

Vera frowned and said, “Then, maybe he’s a tank?”

Junhyuk understood it then. Tanks could endure with their superior defense, and counterattacks worked well for them.

Artlan closed in, and the two fell into close combat again. Keros fought extremely well against the sabers, and Junhyuk remembered that he still had unused powers.

Artlan had used the seven-strike combo, but had gotten himself injured. At least half of his attack had returned to him, and he lost 7 percent of his health. No one was sure about Keros’ defense. Even though 20 percent of Artlan’s attack had gone through, it felt like it had done nothing to him.

Artlan got really close to Keros to attack him, thinking that because of the extremely close range, Keros would be at a disadvantage with his sword. Artlan was comfortable fighting at that range with his sabers, so he had to be gaining ground.

However, Keros was calm. His defense was extremely high. His weapon looked absurd, yet he was a tank.

Artlan was waiting to seize the opportunity. The counterattack had a long cooldown, and Artlan was planning to use the seven-strike combo on Keros again when its cooldown was over.

The cooldown ended, and Artlan started slashing again.

Slash, slash, slash, slash, slash, slash, slash.

Keros defended the strikes, but the damage still went through. Artlan didn’t hesitate and attacked again. The cooldown on his throwing power had also ended, so Artlan launched it at close range.


The two sabers returned to Artlan, and Keros swung his giant sword at him roughly. Artlan had to step back, and a glint came over Keros’ eyes. Keros stomped the ground and jumped toward Artlan.

Keros stomped the ground and jumped toward Artlan. He rushed, and his pauldron slammed against Artlan, who blocked the attack with his sabers, but he still took damage.


When he got launched away, Artlan knew that something was wrong. Even though his attack stat was high, he still had the highest defense among the allies, but Artlan lost 20 percent of his with that attack.

Keros raised his sword up high and slammed it down.


When the sword hit the ground, red lights fanned out from the place of impact. The fan-shaped shockwave passed through Artlan, and he was pushed back, grimacing. He lost another 30 percent of his health.

For a tank, Keros dealt unsurpassed damage.

Including the reflective damage along with all the rest, Artlan had 43 percent of his health left. Keros’ damage was too high. Artlan was struggling, and Keros ran toward him.

“You think I’m a tank?”

Artlan grimaced, and Keros pointed his giant sword forward. Artlan ran toward him, and an opening appeared on Keros’ sword that released red lights toward Artlan.

The shrapnel from the giant sword covered Artlan, flying toward him like a hurricane, and Artlan grimaced. They had already seen three powers, which meant that had to be his ultimate. Keros couldn’t be a tank, and it was possible that his ultimate would kill Artlan.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

Artlan wanted to know the power of Keros’ ultimate, which meant that he would take it head on. However, an ivory light covered his body, and the shrapnel bounced off.

Artlan turned to look and found Junhyuk standing there, so he clicked his tongue and looked forward.

The red lights disappeared, and Keros stared at the force field.

“Ah! This is the renowned force field,” he said. Then, he turned to Junhyuk and nodded as if to greet him. “That’s the friend who is winning in the Champions’ Battlefield.”

He stared at Junhyuk, and Junhyuk felt threatened by it. Keros looked at him like wild game, and Junhyuk’s hairs stood up.

Artlan appeared between the two and said, “Sorry. This is a brawl now. Let’s fight as a team.”

He ran forward, and Vera took off, following him.

“Let’s begin!”

Keros looked at them both and turned to retreat. Already aware of the force field, he did not wait around.

The enemy was running away, and Artlan said, “We don’t have much time.”

“Don’t worry. I’m here.”

Vera threw a fire spear, and Junhyuk waited. Keros stopped to block the spear.


The sword released red lights, and the fire spear died off. Vera was inside the force field, but she was still shocked.

Keros was astounded.

“That field is better than my counterattack. The reflective attack didn’t work.”

Then, the man next to Keros laughed hard.


Keros looked at Junhyuk and said, “We’ll kill him four times.”


Keros had taken his eyes off of him for just an instant at his partner’s response, but when he looked back at Junhyuk, he didn’t find him. Keros thought he was short and was hidden by Vera and Artlan, but suddenly, he felt a prick on his neck.


Keros groaned loudly, and a shockwave extended out with him in the center. He held his neck.

“A Spatial Slash?”

It dealt a lot of damage. Keros hadn’t seen it coming and hadn’t been able to respond to it.

“No, was he invisible?”

Keros thought he had disappeared and somehow hit him.

“This is why assholes with teleport powers are hard to deal with.”

Keros put pressure on his neck and added, “I’ll kill him.”

“You are greedy.”

“You deal with that magician!”


“Don’t let your guard down. They have a champion with them.”

The force field died out, and the man raised both of his hands.

“Debuff them.”

The man created two orb-shaped machined that spun around as if they were alive. The man extended his hand. The fight had to continued. Vera prepared her magic, and the man said, “The force field is gone. Introduce yourselves.”

Vera was about to curse, but Artlan held her back.

“We are nearly within the range of their watchtower. Stop here.”

Vera grimaced, looked at the man and popped her knuckles.

“Get out here, and I will listen to your sorry story.”

“I don’t need the watchtower anyway.”

Artlan made a signal, and everyone moved back. Junhyuk was frowning, and Artlan asked him, “What’s wrong?”

“Keros. His defense is absurd.”

“I know.”

Junhyuk shook his head.

“The Spatial Slash only took 20 percent of his health.”

“He is stronger than Jean Clo?”


Artlan smiled bitterly.

“Sturdier than Jean Clo, and deals more damage than regular damage dealers. It has to be because of his items, but it’s still astonishing.”

They talked. Meanwhile, the man walked closer and said, “My name is Tuelus.” Tuelus introduced himself and extended both of his hands, adding, “This side is Sol, and this side is Luna.” He looked pleased. “You will remember these names.”

Vera shook her head.

“You are a funny one and full of shit.” She turned to Artlan and asked, “When do we begin?”

Artlan looked at Junhyuk, who raised two fingers. Artlan nodded and said, “I’ll get you more time.”

“Who is my target?”



Junhyuk positioned himself, and Artlan moved forward. Keros also stepped forward, and Vera smirked, murmuring, “You are still here.”

Sarang nodded. Their enemies were impressive. They didn’t know about Tuelus yet, and the suspense was mounting.

“Don’t overdo it,” Junhyuk told Sarang.


He thought that the enemies were stronger than the allies. If they pressed the allies, he and Sarang could both die, so Junhyuk made a decision. The force field was gone for now. They had witnessed Keros’ powers, but they hadn’t seen Tuelus’ yet. At that point, he couldn’t be sure if they could survive this battle. However, their enemies didn’t know about her.

Keros looked at the allies and ran toward them.

“Let’s begin.”

Artlan ran toward Keros, and Vera ignited a fire spear. Without the force field, Keros could counter, placing Vera in danger.

She threw the fire spear at Tuelus, but Keros blocked for him, getting hit by the spear.


Vera could deal a lot of damage, but Keros only lost 10 percent of his health. However, he had already lost some health. With the damage Artlan had inflicted on him, and Junhyuk’s Spatial Slash, after Vera’s attack, Keros was left with 53 percent of his health.

There was only a 10 percent difference in the proportion between Artlan’s and Kero’s healths.

Junhyuk was thinking about attacking Keros, but Keros attacked Artlan suddenly. If Artlan retreated, Keros would attack Vera directly, so Artlan grimaced and parried with his sabers.


Artlan is thrown backward and lost 20 percent of his health. Then, Keros raised his sword, ready to released the fifteen-meter, fan-like shock wave. Artlan could die at any moment.

Artlan had been thrown toward Junhyuk, who touched him and Vera while Sarang touched his back as well. He teleported.


The shockwave extended from the ground, and the sight of it made Junhyuk sweat cold. The combo would’ve killed Artlan.

Junhyuk thought he had saved Artlan, but blue bullets made of light rushed in his direction.

Thuck, thuck, thuck!

Artlan tried to parry with his saber, but there were more than ten bullets flying toward him, and he had already used all of his powers. Artlan was dying, and Tuelus was smiling while he stood behind Keros with Sol and Luna in his hands.

“I told you You will shudder.”

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