Legend Of Legends Chapter 267

Chapter 267: Defeat 2

Dense darkness. He found his ego in that place and travelled through the darkness. Feeling the same every time, Junhyuk didn’t want to experience it again.


The bright light covered his vision, and he slowly opened his eyes and felt the ring in his hand. Junhyuk opened his hand slowly and looked at it.

“It wasn’t a dream.”

A legend candidate’s item. He smiled wide and checked it out.

Kranshel’s Eye Ring (Unique)

Magic Attack +30

Magic Defense +30

Health +300

Evil influences Kranshel’s Eye Ring. It has been upgraded, attaining a new level and becoming more powerful. Magic attack and defense increase by thirty, and health increases by three hundred.

The ring boosted both magic defense and attack by thirty and increased health by three hundred. It was hard to believe that a ring had so much power.

“Is this the power of a unique item?”

It was the first time he was seeing that type of ring, but as he held it in his hand, he sighed.

“But it boosts MAGIC attack and defense.”

Junhyuk wanted physical boosts, not magic boosts, but he decided to wear it anyway, so he put the ring on his finger. He would take advantage of the magic defense and health boosts and he could always sell it later.

“I’ll find out how much it costs later.”

At that moment, he couldn’t visit the Dimensional Merchant, so he couldn’t sell it even if he had wanted to.

As he stood by the exit, he heard the soft voice announce him.

[Champion Junhyuk Lee deployed.]

As he opened the door, he saw the heroes. They had been waiting for him, so as soon as they saw him, they asked, “Did you kill him?”

Junhyuk showed him his hand, and the heroes saw the ring.

“You killed him!”

Diane walked over and hugged him, and he smiled.

“Your hand.”

“He-he-he, what’s the matter?”

She caressed his butt and left, and Artlan walked over and patted his shoulder.

“You did well. You killed a hero and picked up his item. Tuelus is weaker now.” Then, he turned to the group and continued, “But the situation isn’t so good.”

Everyone nodded, and Artlan kept going, “We now know the difference in our powers, and we can’t defeat them like this.”

Even though they had used five ultimates, they had only managed to kill one hero.

“What are we going to do?”

“The archers on our wall won’t help us, so we’ll give up the gate and fight with the golem. If the golem falls, and we don’t kill anyone, we’ll head inside the force field.”

Vera scratched her head and said, “This makes me angry.”

“We can’t lose any more items.”

Losing items meant they wouldn’t have a future.

Artlan continued, “I don’t care if they are legend candidates. I still have to give them some nice payback, so we’ll be patient this time.”

Diane smiled and said, “Then, wait here. I have to go visit a place.”

“You know it’s dangerous.”

“If I run, do you think they can catch me?”

Artlan frowned.

“Be careful.”

“I will.”

Diane waved at them and left.

“Then, we wait here?” Junhyuk asked.

“Yes. All the towers are gone, so it won’t take long,” Artlan said and added, “Use this time to focus on your training.”

Junhyuk nodded. He had to train with the living spirit, and the Dimensional Battlefield had plenty of mana. So, Junhyuk and Artlan left, heading outside the castle. There, Junhyuk took a seat, and Artlan stood behind him, saying, “Just watch the living spirit taking in all the mana. However, don’t let it overpower your willpower.”


Junhyuk inhaled deeply, and as the mana surrounded him, the spirit started moving fast. He could feel the living spirit’s energy.

As he focused, he felt the spirit passing through his arteries and veins, but he had a harder time following the spirit through his veins. However, because he had been killed thrice, his soul had grown quite a bit, which enabled him to follow it. Otherwise, he would not have been able to do it. He had also already experienced the spirit passing through his veins, so he had an easier time following it.

Junhyuk felt the warm energy on his back and opened his eyes while the living spirit went back to rest in his gut. Looking around him, he saw the five enemy heroes and their minions.

He easily spotted Tuelus first. The hero was staring intently at him, so Junhyuk waved. Tuelus saw the ring on his finger and tried to rush out, but Aak prevent him from doing so.

Aak looked at the allies and showed them a fist.

“It’s been long time since there were two kills at our expense.”

Tuelus grinded his teeth.

“Why are we talking? Let’s kill them!”

Junhyuk held his swords in his hands and kept an eye on Tuelus as he stepped back. The heroes moved toward him, and he used the Spatial Slash.

The sword flashed across Tuelus’ neck, and the hero groaned.

“Argh!” His eyes became different, and he said, “This little shit!”

Aak held Tuelus back and ran toward the allies.

“That was a cool move!”

Aak looked extremely ferocious, and Junhyuk regretted having attacked.

“Don’t overdo it,” Artlan told him.

Artlan threw his saber at Aak, who blocked it with his arms and kept on running. Junhyuk thought Aak’s tanking ability was astonishing every time he saw it. Jean Clo was dangerous, but Jean Clo was just a regular car by comparison.

Vera hit Aak with a fire spear, and Artlan said, “Junhyuk, teleport us back to the wall.”

“Right away!”

He teleported with all the allied heroes, and the enemy heroes pressed on under the archers’ attacks. The allied heroes had participated in the battle, so the archers were buffed and attacked. However, the enemies were very strong. Tuelus’ machines fired flare bombs, and many archers got killed.

Another enemy hero, one who had a right mechanical arm and a left demonic arm, ran toward the allies and raised his right hand. From the tips of his fingers, bullets sprayed out, killing the archers.

The two were attacking at long rang, so the others rushed forward to sweep the minions. Keros was swinging his massive sword among his enemies, and each swing left spraying fountains of blood in its path.

Sarang was standing at the wall and asked, “Should I attack?”

“No, you stay back,” Vera said, and Sarang turned to Junhyuk, who nodded at her. Outnumbered, she sighed and left.

Junhyuk watched the battlefield. It wouldn’t take long for the allied minions to be massacred.

“Where is Diane?” he asked.

“She isn’t here yet.”

He was relieved to hear that. If she had been killed, she would have already reincarnated. So, he went back to scoping the enemies.

“Can I hit him again?”

“That would be nice.”

Junhyuk searched at Tuelus among the enemies, but Tuelus’ attention was fixed on him. It wouldn’t be easy to land the Spatial Slash.

Junhyuk took a few steps back to get out of Tuelus’ line of sight. Artlan and Halo shielded him, and he used the Spatial Slash from behind them.

It landed on Tuelus’ neck, and Junhyuk looked at the heroes and said, “Let’s go back.”


He had used the Spatial Slash twice and taken half of Tuelus health. Another opportunity to kill Tuelus showed itself.

The allied heroes stayed with the golem as the gate was getting destroyed. At that moment, Diane walked out of the respawn point.

“Whew, I am not too late!”

Junhyuk looked at her, and Diane showed him her hand. She was holding seeds, three in total.


“Sorry I’m late. I had to get these.”

“Did you risk your life?”

“I planned to run away.”

Junhyuk laughed very hard. He was grateful that she had done that in order to get him those seeds. At that point, Diane stretched her hand toward him.

“You will pay for them later. They destroyed the gate.”

Junhyuk didn’t care about the gate, and he suddenly hugged her tightly.

“Thank you.”

“You still have to pay me.”

He smiled brightly at her and said, “My butt will always belong to you.”

“Oh! Really?”

He turned and saw the enemies. It wasn’t the time for jokes.

Diane patted his butt and said, “Don’t die.”


The heroes stood in front of him, and Junhyuk said, “Artlan told us not to die anymore. Let’s retreat to the force field.”

“I know that. Don’t worry,” Vera told him, and he smiled and looked at the enemies coming their way. Their minions were taking the lead, and there were at least two hundred of them.

He could kill all of them, but if he did, the enemy heroes would kill him in process. So, the minions clashed against one golem, and Aak drew the other golem’s attention.

Artlan looked at them and said, “Kill Tuelus! Don’t you die!”

He ran toward Aak. However, his defense wouldn’t help much against these enemies. Three of their powers could kill him, and the enemies might focus on and combo Artlan. However, Artlan had a plan of his own to retreat.

Tuelus attacked Artlan with ten flare bombs.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

Artlan blocked it with his saber, but still received some damage. Then, Aak punched at him.


Aak might not have used a special attack, but his attack pushed Artlan back. Meanwhile, Junhyuk was waiting for the right moment.

The hero with two different arms attacked Artlan from long range. In no time at all, Artlan lost half of his health, and the other allies joined the attack.

Diane’s arrows and Vera’s magic headed toward Tuelus, and while Keros blocked one attack, the arrow still hit. The explosive arrow went off, and Tuelus staggered.

Meanwhile, Halo attacked Aak, and Junhyuk watched the state of the battle.

He had to stop any potentially dangerous attacks by himself. Aak kicked Halo and pushed him back, taking a big step forward. Then, while in the center of the allies, he stomped the ground.

Junhyuk knew that that stun attack would be enough to kill all of the allied heroes, so he quickly raised the force field around everyone and blocked Aak’s shockwaves.

From within the force field, Artlan shouted, “Counterattack!”

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