Legend Of Legends Chapter 271

Chapter 271: Private Hunting Ground 3

Junhyuk did some of his CEO duties and went home. He wanted to check one thing out. His soul had grown very big, so he could control the living spirit. However, that wasn’t good enough. He wanted to spend more time focusing on the living spirit as well as on increasing his powers.

Pulling the dimensional tear coordinates meant summoning monsters, so he had to be able to wake up even while he was training with the living spirit and be aware of his surroundings.

Junhyuk wanted to train focusing on these things.

At first, the sprouting trees didn’t give off much mana, but since they were in an enclosed space, there was now plenty of mana gathered in the facility, so he took a seat and relaxed, focusing on the spirit. During that time, he checked on whether he could do other things as well.

Previously, the living spirit wouldn’t move, but now it was different. The living spirit was responding to him, and when it moved along his arteries, he could focus on other things. That had to be because his soul had grown. If not, he wouldn’t be able to work on his arteries and stay awake.

The living spirit did things by its own. There was a difference between it responding to his will and it being autonomous. It was absorbing mana on its own and running through his arteries, and Junhyuk wanted it to stop. At that, the living spirit responded in the most ferocious way.


Nevertheless, he was able to pull the living spirit into his gut. Then, he tried to get up.


At the current stage, suppressing the living spirit and waking up took him three minutes, but he had to be able to do it in less than ten seconds.

“I have a long way to go.”

Junhyuk sat comfortably and started to order the living spirit around. It had been suppressed by him, so now it was rebelling against him, ferociously absorbing more mana while rushing through his arteries, and Junhyuk summoned it to his gut again.

The living spirit responded to it more riled up than the first time, but he was able to push it to his gut. It took him two minutes and forty-five seconds.

“Whew! Do you wanna do this?!”

Junhyuk made up his mind and focused again. The living spirit started moving, and he suppressed it a few more times. Forgetting about the time, he focused on his training.

Unlike before, he had gained a sense of time even while he was training. Sometimes, he had to split his mind in two, but usually, he maintained it as one to fully focus on training. He trained for two days continuously before finishing. While training, he didn’t even eat.


Junhyuk teleported to his house, ate a light meal and turned on the TV. There was nothing special on it, so he shook his head and focused on the living spirit instead.

He knew the spirit responded his movements, but he didn’t know whether it responded to his powers. Just now, when he teleported, the living spirit did not move.

That couldn’t be good. Junhyuk felt that for him to get stronger, the living spirit had to respond to his powers, so he focused on the living spirit and teleported again. It was for a short while, but he felt the spirit growing and returning to its original size. When he arrived at the training facility, he frowned.

“Something is weird.”

The living spirit had responded, but he wasn’t sure if the spirit knew what was happening. So, he teleported again. This time, he focused entirely on the living spirit and felt it move. Then, he measured the distance he had teleported.

“The distance didn’t increase, but I learned something new.”

The important thing was that the spirit was responding to his powers. If he learned more about it, he would be able to improve his powers.

Junhyuk ran one more experiment. He focused on the living spirit, but stopping and waking up took twelve seconds. He needed more practice.

He sat down and focused on the spirit and waking up and trained hard until he was able to do it in less than ten seconds.

After that, he relaxed and set up the crystal orb given to him by Vera. Then, he connected with her through the communication orb he already owned.

Soon, he could see Vera’s face.

“Yahoo! I can do it because I am magician, but how did you do it?”

“I met a hatchling on the Champions’ Battlefield, and he adjusted it for me.”

“Ugh! He must surely come from a magic tribe if he did it like it was nothing. I spent a lot of time on mine.”

Junhyuk smiled awkwardly.

“I have a question.”

“What is it?”

He picked up the crystal ball.

“You didn’t tell me how to operate this.”

“Ah! That!” She smiled and continued, “It’s simple. Just twist it.”

He twisted the crystal orb, and lights shot out of it.

“After you start it, you’ll only be able to stop it after a day. To stop it, twist it in the opposite direction.


He knew it would take a while for it to stop after he started it, but he didn’t care about that. He usually spent many days training at once anyway.

Junhyuk might be summoned to the Champions’ Battlefield while training, but he looked at the crystal orb and murmured, “Except for the monsters that are transported at the same time by a different dimensional tear, if the monsters are summoned here, I can deal with all of them.”

Even if they sent stronger monsters, he was willing to go against them.

Junhyuk looked at the crystal orb with the power to pull dimensional tear coordinates and closed his eyes. If something happened while he focused on the living spirit, he would know through the orb.

He felt the spirit absorbing the mana around him and travelling through his arteries. He focused on it, and it travelled once through his arteries and returned to his gut. Then, he got up and said, “Shall I practice teleporting?”

He focused on the spirit again, but when he made up his mind to teleport, the spirit dispersed, so he focused harder. Up to that point, he had focused on using his power first, but now he changed the order. By focusing on the spirit, he learned a lot. Each time the spirit grew, his understanding also grew, and his teleporting distance increased little by little.


He opened his eyes and looked around to find out that he had teleported to a distance beyond expectations. He was in the air, and his teleportation just now had covered a hundred meters.

The living spirit was influencing his powers, and he realized he could increase them. Before landing, he teleported again. Due to experience, he didn’t forget to focus on the living spirit, and as he returned to the training facility, he balled his hands into fists.

“This is it!”

So far, he had only used his powers the way they had been activated. But now, he was able to will his powers to grow, and something had changed. The battlefield limited his powers, but things were different there.

“This is the first step toward becoming a hero!”

The teleportation distance had increased, and he wanted to check on his other powers. If the Spatial Slash had been influenced, it would be even more powerful.

However, because the living spirit was responding to his teleportations, he wanted to focus more on teleporting. The Spatial Slash would require a target.

The teleportation’s cooldown remained the same, and he took a seat. The living spirit was going through his arteries, eating mana and growing larger.

Junhyuk couldn’t relax. He would make the spirit grow, and in turn, the spirit would make his powers grow. It would not only boost his strength, but also his powers.

He felt the spirit slowing down and opened his eyes. He wanted to teleport again, and the spirit dispersed. It was something he had learned while teleporting. That time, he covered another hundred meters and he started getting used to it.

Before landing, he teleported again and returned to the training facility.

“Whew, I can’t fly.”

If he continued that way, someone might see him up high, so he thought about which direction to teleport to avoid people seeing him.

However, suddenly, the crystal orb started shining. He noticed the light flickering and looked at it.

A dimensional tear had appeared, and monsters were coming.

“What kind of monsters will they be?”

He summoned his equipment and looked ahead.

The iron soldier had been deployed, and Elise operated her tablet and murmured, “Ten o’clock at night and in Hongdae”

At that time in Hongdae, the streets were packed with people heading to nightclubs. They were all out drinking, and many younger people were there. If ordered to disperse, would they?

From now on, they decided to broadcast a warning as soon as a dimensional tear was detected. Since the poring incident, the president’s office had asked for cooperation, and in a situation like this, the police and the fire department would be deployed to carry out the disperse order.

Elise looked at the Hongdae CCTV feeds and frowned. The siren went off, and the orders were given, but the drunken college students didn’t respond. A few of them even shouted back and stayed there.

“Just as expected.”

But, the iron soldier arrived on time. Elise was looking at it when Eunseo appeared on another screen.

“Not counting Korea, how many countries have the dimensional tear detector?”

“Right now, the United States, England and China.”

Elise didn’t have enough detectors, so only those three countries had them.

“Are those countries responding?”

“Yes, all three countries are responding to the tear.”

“What if it’s a poring? Do you have a plan?”

“I don’t have any plans against porings yet. We are still working on a way to kill it instantly.”

“We have to hurry with the evacuation.”


Elise wanted to call on the military, but she didn’t.

Soon, the iron soldier made another announcement, and the lesser drunks got a hold of those who were plastered and vacated the area. The poring incident had resulted in thousands of deaths, so now they were running in a panic. Some people were trampling others as they ran away.

Zaira spoke up.

[The dimensional tear will appear in three, two, one. Dimensional tear appearing.]

Elise looked at the screen and frowned. The monsters appeared, but they disappeared just as suddenly.

“What? What just happened?”

[The monsters have disappeared.]

Elise was shocked and shouted, “What about the other countries? US, China, and England?”

[The areas with the dimensional tears are engaged in battle.]

Elise frowned. What was happening?

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