Legend Of Legends Chapter 273

Chapter 273: Hunting 2

His entire body was wrapped in bandages, and he was wearing a fedora. His trench coat was fluttering. It was the Dimensional Battlefield manager.

Junhyuk pointed his sword at the manager and asked, “Is your name Agenchra?”

“It’s an honor that you remember me.”

After Agenchra arrived, the space stopped shaking, and everything around him stopped. Junhyuk realized that time had also stopped and smiled bitterly.

“Why are you here?”

Agenchra looked at the numerous monster bodies on the ground and scowled. Then, he pulled out a small pocket book and started writing on it.

“Look, you were asked a question. Now, answer it.”

Agenchra closed his pocket book, looked at Junhyuk and said, “You look very different from before.”

Junhyuk nodded. He was much stronger now. He had the living spirit and, through his trees, he had been getting mana and getting a lot stronger than before.

Agenchra stared at him.

“But you have a ways to go before you employ an expedient method like this.”

“What are you talking about?”

However, Junhyuk knew he couldn’t continue go on like that, and that it would be dangerous for him. Still, he didn’t express an agreement with Agenchra. Having the manager there meant that the Dimensional Battlefield might want to impose sanctions on his activities.

Agenchra continued calmly, “With your ability right now, you wouldn’t be able to deal with monsters above A-rank. But we are running an experiment, and soon, the sequence of monsters that will appear will become stronger. If this continues, you will have to deal with A-rank monsters.”

Agenchra’s eyes shone bright blue.

“And there is a 98.7-percent chance that you will die.”

Junhyuk agreed with his survival rate. It was very realistic.

“You mean I have a 1.3-percent chance of surviving?”

“Yes, it’s possible. There is a 1-percent chance that you will lose two limbs and survive, and there is a 0.3-percent chance that you will lose only one limb, survive and also win.”

“You mean I can’t keep my limbs and win.”


Junhyuk crossed his arms and stared at Agenchra.


Agenchra felt his hostility, but the bandages around his mouth rose into a smile, and he said, “I must tell you one thing: the objective of our experiment is to develop a hero.”

Junhyuk stared at Agenchra, and Agenchra continued, “You are trying to get stronger, and we like that fact, but your actions are rather ignorant, and I must tell you to stop. That’s why I am here.”

“Stop my actions?”

Agenchra kept smiling as he said, “From now on, there is no need to pull the coordinates to this place. We will send monsters here without your effort.”

Junhyuk was curious about what else Agenchra would say, so he just stared at him.

“I will also fix a few things in here.”

“Fix a few things?”

“We will only send B-rank monsters to this place, and we’ll increase the number of monsters.”

Junhyuk looked around him and said, “I don’t have enough space in here for that!”

If twin-headed ogres appeared in large numbers, he wouldn’t be able to deal with them, but Agenchra continued, “I’ll increase the space in here, enough for your fights. A depth of forty meters and a radius of a hundred meters, would that be enough?”

Junhyuk just stared at the manager, speechless.

“Going by your dimension’s time, normal monster deployments occur from six in the morning until eight at night. From eight till ten at night, we’ll send you monsters. One type every five minutes. Each time you kill that type, we’ll send you more.”

He stared at Agenchra and asked, “What is your condition?”

Agenchra pointed at the crystal orb Vera had given him.

“From now on, don’t use that thing anymore.”


“I’ve already explained it, but that thing interferes with our experiment. For our experiment, we will impose a sanction on the usage of that thing.”

“By whose orders?”

Junhyuk released his killing intent, and Agenchra laughed and said, “I am doing you a favor.”

“How is that a favor?”

Agenchra extended both arms and answered, “If you continue to interfere with our experiment, the Dimensional Battlefield Administration will step in. I stopped them from coming here because I had talked to you before.”

“The Administration?”

“They oversee our forces.”

The Dimensional Battlefield Management oversaw time and space by themselves. The administrators also oversaw their forces. He was no match for them.

Curious, Junhyuk asked, “How strong are they, these administration people?”

“Each of them can kill S-rank monsters by themselves.”

“Comparable to heroes?”

“They also step in to contain heroes who have broken their contracts.”

They killed heroes? Junhyuk didn’t know how strong heroes were outside of the Dimensional Battlefield, but he clicked his tongue. If the administrators went there, he wouldn’t survive them.

At least, he knew he couldn’t deal with them yet, so he relented.

“Fine, but I have a condition of my own.”

Agenchra smiled and extended both arms wide.

“If I can be of help, I will help you out.”

“Sure. I want these.” Junhyuk tapped on a tree and continued, “I need them to train. It’s an absolute necessity. I planted some seeds from the Dimensional Battlefield, but I heard planting them here lessens their quality. So, bring me trees from the battlefield and plant them here.”

Agenchra touched his chin and pondered over the request, “In order to do what you’ve requested, you’ll need more space.”

“Is that possible?”

Agenchra looked at him and smiled.

“It is possible.”

“OK. Also, I don’t want anybody to have access to this place. Can you make that happen?”

“After I finish expanding this place, it’ll be an entirely different space. Only those invited by you will be able to come in here.”

“Only by my invitation?”

Agenchra nodded.

“Only those with your permission will be able to enter.”


He no longer cared about Vera’s gift. Right now, he couldn’t deal with A-rank monsters, so his job was to prevent them from coming to Earth. He also didn’t want any visits from the Dimensional Battlefield administrators, but he wanted to get everything he could until they said no.

Agenchra opened his pocket book and showed him his hand.

“Then, I will begin the spatial expansion.”

Junhyuk saw Agenchra transferring something. From Agenchra’s fingertips, blue rays of light covered every direction, and the space started growing. It stopped at sixty meters tall and with a radius of two hundred meters. Seeing that, Junhyuk couldn’t keep his mouth closed.

From the corner of the space, many trees started growing. Junhyuk stared at the manager, and Agenchra continued with the transfer. Twenty trees in total were transferred to the new space, and Agenchra put his hand down.

“The space wasn’t big enough. I wouldn’t be able to plant any more trees!”

Junhyuk had gotten mana from three trees, but now he had twenty, and the trees had been transferred directly from the Dimensional Battlefield, so their mana content was entirely different from the ones he had planted.

The living spirit was going wild, but he suppressed it. At that point, he was able to do it. His willpower was enough to push it down, and Agenchra smiled and continued, “Do you like it?”

Junhyuk nodded slowly and said, “Sure. I like it.” Looking at the manager, he added, “I have a question.”

Agenchra nodded, and Junhyuk asked, “As for the experiment, if I see any monsters around me, can I kill them?”

“Yes, of course. But as I told you last time, whenever a monster is killed by you, we’ll send an even stronger one.”

Junhyuk didn’t continue. He clicked his tongue while staring at the manager.

“So, the Dimensional Battlefield Administration only wants one thing?”

“Yes. Do minimize your presence during this experiment.”

“If I have to interfere, it’ll only result in stronger monsters?”


He had thought that killing monsters in his space would help people, but the Dimensional Battlefield Administration didn’t want that happening. They wanted more people activating powers and they weren’t going to stop.

Junhyuk wanted to become a hero. That was his plan, and he had to do it quickly now. He couldn’t do anything about the Dimensional Battlefield Management.

“I understand. Are you done with your business here?”

“Then, I’ll confiscate this from you.”

Agenchra took Vera’s crystal orb and put it between the pages in his pocket book and closed it. It wasn’t only a pocket book, but also a Spatial Bag.

Agenchra looked at him and said, “I helped you because you were most cooperative. It’s just my token of gratitude.”

As a token of gratitude, he had expanded the space magically. Junhyuk shouldn’t refuse such displays of gratitude.

Agenchra looked at him and tapped his fingers. Suddenly, a small platform appeared from the ground. On it, there was a basin with enough liquid to cover to palms.

Agenchra looked at the platform and said, “This is my personal gift to you.”

“Gift? What is it?”

“It’s a regenerative fountain. When you drink from it, it’ll refill two minutes later.”

“What does it do?”

“It replenishes your health and mana consumption.”

Stunned, he stared at the manager, and Agenchra looked at him and smiled.

“You are trying to become a hero and you are dedicated and passionate. This is my gift.”

Junhyuk stood in front of the regenerative fountain and looked at Agenchra.

“I should drink this while I deal with B-rank monsters?”

Agenchra nodded and opened his pocket book again.

“Right now, you are totally unprepared to deal with A-rank monsters, but when you improve, I’ll send those your way.”

“Who will be the judge of that?”

Agenchra smiled and answered, “We will be the judges.”

Management was far beyond his imagination, and he answered, “Fine. About these bodies” Junhyuk pointed to the pile of monster corpses. “Can I keep them?”

“Sure. These are just for show. We don’t care.”

Junhyuk thought for a moment and asked, “Do you know of a way to move them?”

“You mean the corpses?”

“Yes. For instance, a Spatial Bag.”

Junhyuk wanted more from Agenchra, and the manager smiled.

“There is a special Spatial Bag for cadavers, but it’s a single-sized container.” Agenchra showed him a small crystal orb. “Unlike other Spatial Bags, this doesn’t have the capacity to differentiate between objects. It just gathers and spews everything.”

Junhyuk thought he would gain the Spatial Bag for free, but Agenchra didn’t give it up easily. So, he thought of something and asked the manager a question, “How much can I put in it?”

“As far as bodies, you can put in as many as fit into this space. But when you put bodies in it, you have to take them all out before you put anything else in it.”

Junhyuk smacked his lips and extended his hand. This time, Agenchra placed the crystal orb on it and took a step back. Then, he took off his fedora and bowed before Junhyuk.

“OK. I’ll see you again when I become a hero.”

Agenchra smiled and suddenly disappeared, and Junhyuk looked at his surroundings. He had gotten a training facility beyond his wildest dreams, and things were a lot less dangerous than before. He wouldn’t be encountering any buff monsters.

As his hands balled into fists, his eyes glittered.

“I’ll take full advantage of this.”

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