Legend Of Legends Chapter 274

274 Unlimited Hunting 1

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He took Agenchra’s crystal orb and gathered the bodies within it. The next time it took something else in, it would have to spew them out. However, it was very spacious, and more bodies could fit in it.

Next, he checked the basin. He was exhausted at that point, so he used both hands to take some water and drink from it. Then, he felt his health and mana recovering.

The basin was better than he had expected.

“A regenerative basin.”

He could make money off of it. Junhyuk leaned against the altar that contained the basin and looked around. Staring at the twenty trees, he thought of something.

Some of them were exactly the same as the trees from the Dimensional Battlefield, so he could sell their leaves to Elise.

After that, he pulled out the communication crystal suddenly and connected to Diane.

“This is so nice! My cutie pie! You asked Vera for this?”

“No, but I have something to ask you.”

“What is it?”

“It’s about the leaves from the Dimensional Battlefield. I want to pick them from the trees.”

“You’ve planted the seeds I gave you?”


“You can’t just plant them! When the soil is different, they won’t grow as well.”

“I have trees that are exactly the same as the trees in the Dimensional Battlefield, but I want to know if the leaves are different.”

“Oh! Where did you get the trees?”

After hesitating a bit, he told her.

“You can only pick one leaf from each tree like the one I gave you last time. Also, you can only collect them once per month. You’ll have to wait, but that’s the way it is.”

He could only pick one leaf per tree per month, but he had seventeen trees from the battlefield, which meant that he could get seventeen leaves per month. Each leaf was worth $100 million, so he could make $1.7 billion per month as long as he could sell them.

His eyes were full of vigor. If Diane had been in front of him then, he would have grabbed her hands.

“Is there a way to tell?”

“Yes. I am an elf, so I can tell just by looking at a tree.”

Junhyuk frowned, and because Diane could see him, she laughed hard.

“By the way, you have a living spirit, correct?”


“Then, there is a way. By using the living spirit, you can enhance your senses. Enhance your vision and look at the tree to find the leaf with the most energy.”

Junhyuk cheered at what she had just told him.

“Thank you! I will surely find it.”

“Then, do well in the Champions’ Battlefield. I trust you.”

“I will do my very best.”

He cut off communications with her and connected to Artlan next.

“What is the matter? Vera’s crystal didn’t work?”

“No. It worked just fine.”

“And you have time to talk to me?”

“That’s correct.”

Artlan read the expressions on his face and said in a somber tone, “Tell me in detail.”

Junhyuk sighed and explained it all to him, and after hearing the story, Artlan laughed loudly.

“That’s nice! You aren’t ready to kill a buff monster yet.”

Junhyuk wanted to complain at Artlan, but he had a question to ask him at that moment.

“Diane told me that by using the living spirit, I can enhance my senses. Can you teach me how?”

“What?! You can’t control the living spirit yet?”

“I can control it with my will, but I don’t know how to use it in detail yet.”

“Hm. It’s possible by simply making your will known to the spirit. Send the living spirit to the organs that control your five senses.”

As he heard that, Junhyuk transported the living spirit to his eyes. When he opened them again, he was extremely surprised. His sight had improved tremendously.

“You must continue improving your senses at all times.”

“By the way, when I use my dual swords, the living spirit can only infuse itself to one. Is there a way to have the living spirit attached to both swords?”

“No. That’s a limitation of the living spirit. You can send it anywhere you want, but not to two different spots at the same time.”

Junhyuk frowned.

“But I can have it in parts of my body.”

“Oh! You can do that! But that is the limit. So, go beyond what the spirit can do. That’s the only way.”

“I understand.”

Junhyuk finished talking to Artlan and walked to a tree. There, he focused his enhanced vision on the leaves, and only one stood out to his eyes. However, he couldn’t decide whether it was really superior to the others or not, so he walked over to the tree and enhanced his sense of smell. Then, he was able to tell which leaves were superior and which were inferior.

There were two leaves that stood out, and he smiled.

“One is ready now, and the other should be ready next month?”

He focused the spirit on his fingertips and looked for the leaf that had more life. There was only a small different, but he was able to pick up on the most minute detail by using the living spirit. So, he picked a leaf from the tree. After taking in the scent of the leaf again, he smiled and walked over to the next tree and picked a leaf from each of them.

By the end, he had picked seventeen leaves. Looking around, he realized that monsters would be arriving the next day, but at the moment, he was calm.

Junhyuk smiled and teleported. He had boosted his teleportation to a hundred meters with the help of the living spirit, but he couldn’t get out, so he looked around and grimaced.

“What?! Where is the exit?”

Junhyuk thought the space had simply expanded, but it was, in fact, entirely different from before.

“Agenchra!” he shouted, and a tear opened in space from which Agenchra stepped out.

“Do you have a complaint?”

Junhyuk had wanted to display his anger, but the sudden appearance of the manager, which he hadn’t expected to happen, made him forget his feelings. A moment later, he realized that there was no exit.

“Agenchra! There is no exit!”

Agenchra touched his chin and said, “I didn’t tell you? This place can be entered from anywhere. It’s a private space made only for you.”

Junhyuk was surprised. That this place could be entered from anywhere meant it was highly complex.


“You command ‘enter’ and ‘exit.'”

Junhyuk looked at Agenchra and said, “You should’ve told me.”

“I’m sorry. Do you need anything else?”

“When I exit, where do I go?”

“You will be where you entered. I don’t know where that is.”

He nodded.

“OK. Then, I’ll exit,” he said and, suddenly, he was on the first-floor bathroom in his house. Junhyuk laughed and smiled. “That’s a relief!”

He had gotten all bloodied while fighting monsters, so he got in the shower and washed himself clean. After he came out, he decided to see Elise immediately.

“Even she can’t buy them all at once!”

She might pay him in monthly installments, and he thought that maybe he should look for other parties to sell to and who could pay him.

Still, he had given Elise first bid, so he had to see her.

After walking out of his house and hopping on a cab, he murmured, “I should get a car.”

He had bought a car under Max’s name and another under his company’s name, but he didn’t own a car in his own name. As he thought about getting one, he closed his eyes, and the cab headed to Guardians HQ.

Junhyuk told the receptionist he was there to see Elise, and Sora walked out to greet him. While she guided him, he asked, “What happened to the monsters?”

“I am not sure about what happened to the monsters in South Korea, but the ones in foreign territories were all killed.”

“That’s a relief.”

When he got to the basement, he stared at Elise, who leaned back on her chair and looked back at him.

“What is going on?”

Junhyuk looked at Sora and said, “I want to talk to her alone.”

Elise looked at her, and Sora left. They were alone now, and he pulled up a chair and sat right in front of her.

“I have a question.”

“What is it?”

“How much money do you have?”

Elise became very interested and crossed her arms, staring at him.

“Beyond your wildest imagination.”

He pulled out a leaf, and her eyes sparkled. It was a necessary component of the Dimensional Tear Detector.

“You paid $100 million for this,” he said.

“Correct. It’s worth it.”

Then, he pulled out the remaining sixteen leaves, and her eyebrow twitched.

“You got a lot.”

“I can get you the same amount every month,” he said, and she laughed brightly.

“Shocking! Are you growing some trees somewhere?”

He simply stared at her, keeping his face stoic.

She smiled and said, “This time, I can pay you for these, but I’ll be a middleman next month and pay for part of them. However, I have a special patent on the technology for the use of these leaves, so no one else can use them except for me.”

“What do you mean by you will be the middleman?”

“Many can pay for these. They are a necessary component of the Dimensional Tear Detector. Right now, only the US, England and China have detectors, but other countries want one of their own.”

She smiled.

“But they can’t do anything with it in leaf form. What they want is the Dimensional Tear Detector. So, next month, sell me the leaves, and I’ll make the detectors and sell those.”

“What’s my take?”

Elise talked to Zaira, and some information appeared on a screen nearby.

“One detector costs $300 million, and each leaf can make up to five detectors. There are other components that cost $200 million. Each leaf will bring $500 million in income, and I’ll pay you $300 million for each of them.”

“You mean you’ll take $200 million as the middleman.”

Elise shrugged.

“My technology is worth that much.”

Junhyuk laughed. She was willing to pay him three times to original price, and he shouldn’t refuse her offer.

“What about the contract?”

Elise gave Zaira an order and picked up a document from the printer. He signed it, and she signed it, and each kept a copy.

Looking at her suddenly, he asked, “When you sell things made from this month’s leaves, you’ll have more than enough money to buy from me!”

She grinned at his realization and said, “You aren’t just going to sell me leaves.”

He laughed at her. By considering the things he would sell her, she had decided to make money this way. Junhyuk stared at her calmly. He was selling things to her, and she was creating new technology with those things and becoming even wealthier, which meant she could shake the billionaire world.

“I do all the work, and you are the one making money.”

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