Legend Of Legends Chapter 288

Chapter 288: Training Together 3

Sarang looked around and shook her head.

“It’s interesting. After getting here, I stopped feeling mana coming from the bracelet.”

“Were you feeling the mana from it?”

Surprised, Junhyuk looked at her, and she nodded.

“Mana was leaving the bracelet and making a circle around my heart and disappearing. It was circulating?”

As he stared at her, he said, “Connect with Vera. Maybe she can teach you how to control it.”


Sarang started trying to connect to Vera. Meanwhile, he turned to Eunseo.

“Do you feel anything?”


Not everyone could feel it. Junhyuk, himself, had only been able to feel mana after acquiring the living spirit, and he couldn’t give the living spirit to her. The survival rate for the procedure was too low. If she had died on the battlefield and had her soul grown, things would’ve been different, but now, the living spirit would eat her alive.

Eunseo was doing light stretches. She had one item, a ring. Of course, the ring had both defense and attack boosts, so it was useful, but with just one ring, it would be difficult for her to fight B-ranked monsters.

He turned back to Sarang. She seemed to be focused on something, and he decided not to worry about her. So, he summoned all of his equipment.

He had already told Eunseo everything. Still, as he summoned his equipment, Eunseo watched, astounded. As she watched him through her glasses with beaming eyes, she said carefully, “Your equipment looks so cool.”

“I’m wearing a golden cloak, so be understanding.”

“No! The gold looks very cool!”

He thought wealthy people had a different idea of what was cool. After he gave Eunseo a few warnings, Sarang walked over to him and said, “Big brother.”


“Do you have any mana stones?”

He pulled one out slowly.

“Can I have five?”

Eunseo already knew their value, but he pulled five of them out, worth $100 million total. He did so nonchalantly, to Eunseo’s surprise, and handed them to Sarang, who made a circle with the five stones. She also drew a circle around the mana stones and started writing something down.

Junhyuk stared at her, but Sarang was engaged in the graphic work. She had drawn a magic circle, and he crossed his arms and watched her.

The mana stones started radiating and, suddenly, shone with bright blue light. Then, the surrounding mana gathered around the circle. The radiating lights gathered and attached weaved themselves around Sarang’s heart. The lights were circling around her heart and radiating.

Then, clicking his tongue because of it, Junhyuk saw a dimensional tear, and a twin-headed ogre appeared from it.


He didn’t know how long Sarang would take with what she was doing, so he launched himself and sliced one of the twin-headed ogre’s heads. His damage was extremely high, so he not only sliced a head, but the shockwave generated from the attack sliced the other head as well.

He landed after slicing the head and walked toward Sarang. Shaking her head, Eunseo said, “You dealt with such a monstrous monster so easily.”

He smiled bitterly.

“In any event, I’m only dealing with B-ranked monsters. That’s all. If an A-ranked monster appeared, I would die.”

“What type of monsters are appearing on Earth?”

After thinking for a moment, he answered, “Most of them are the lowest-ranked monsters. But the iron soldiers have dealt with D-ranked monsters. Usually, they are around rank E or F. It’s hard to rank porings.”

Eunseo looked at fallen twin-headed ogre. Ogres were such strong existences, and she hadn’t known he could kill one so easily. He was not a simple champion, but had already gone beyond her imagination.

Then, surrounded by strong light, Sarang opened her eyes wide. The circle of light around her heart had already disappeared, but Junhyuk thought Sarang had changed somewhat.

“What did you and Vera talk about?”

Raising her left her, she pounded her chest and said, “I’ve learned about the magic circle. By creating one around my heart, I can cast magic faster.”

“Use it now.”

Sarang raised her orb, and above it, a blue lightning bolt appeared. Then, she created a lightning arrow from the orb and launched it, smiling.

“My magic attack speed has surely increased, and the circle has gotten stronger and bigger since absorbing all of that mana.”

“You’ve learned a lot.”

Sarang nodded.

“I told her about this place and the bracelet, and Vera taught me it all. She hadn’t done so before because I had no way to acquire mana on Earth.”

Before he had a chance to speak again, Vera connected with him. He could see her face, so he focused on talking to her.

“What Sarang just learned is a lot safer than your living spirit. It has been proven so, so don’t worry about her. I just wanted to let you know.”

“That’s good.”

“You won, so this one is on me.”

“Is that right?”

“Of course! The magic circle is not something I teach just anyone, and that dragon’s charging bracelet is hard to get as well.”

“Is it valuable?”

“Of course! Dragons, as a species, always look down on other species, so it’s always hard to get a present from a dragon. It’s hard to get dragons’ items unless you steal them from their lairs.”

Junhyuk thought, again, that he was glad to be friends with Gongon.

“If she practices the magic circle, her magic will get stronger. Even if she can’t increase her damage in the Dimensional Battlefield, it will get stronger in yours, so make her practice hard.”

“I understand.”

“Then, see you later!”

Vera waved at him and disappeared, and Junhyuk looked at Sarang.

“If you practice the magic circle, your magic will get stronger on Earth.”


Then, two other twin-headed ogres showed up, and Junhyuk looked at them and said, “Sarang, you take the left one.”


Sarang created a blue orb and fired.


Before getting equipped, it had been hard for her to fight B-ranked monsters. But now, because of her equipment, her damage was higher, and she destroyed one of the twin-headed ogre’s heads in one hit.

“Roar!” the ogre shouted, and Junhyuk looked at the twin-headed ogre on the right.

Focusing on the living spirit, he used the Spatial Slash.


The power of the Spatial Slash was superior, and the shockwave took out his twin-headed ogre’s second head.

Junhyuk turned to Sarang, and she cast an electric arrow that took away the other head of her ogre. Sarang watched the fallen twin-headed ogre and extended both of her arms, inhaling deeply.

She closed her eyes for a moment, and when she opened them again, she smiled.

“This is nice.”

Looking at Junhyuk, she said, “Whenever the mana circulates around my heart, I become stronger.”

“Is it difficult to do?”

Sarang tapped her head and said, “You know it! My head is the best.”

He shook his head and said, “Just in case you get injured, drink from there.”

Eunseo walked over to the basin he had pointed to, and looking into its calm light, she asked, “Can I take some of the water outside since it cures everything?”

“Well I’ve never tried it before.”

She thought of taking some out with her and mass producing it, astonishing the world. Junhyuk told her to wait, and he exited the training facility, quickly reappearing with a water bottle. He filled the bottle with the basin water and exited.

Just by looking at the filled water bottle outside, he knew the benefits from the basin water only worked within his training facility.

He clicked his tongue and went back in.

“It doesn’t work outside.”

“Is it for this facility alone?”

Junhyuk nodded, and when three twin-headed ogres appeared, he looked at Eunseo.

“Do you want to deal with one?”


“If you feel that you are in danger, you have to retreat.”

“OK,” she said and ran toward a twin-headed ogre. Junhyuk knew she would have a hard time dealing with one of them because Eunseo’s attack stat was very lousy. She could only trust her power, but he wanted to watch her use it.

Junhyuk sliced a leg of the ogre that came toward him and followed Eunseo, who was staring intently at an ogre.

The ogre swung its tree trunk, and Eunseo ducked. The truth was that among novices, Eunseo’s stats were really high. Before she had become a novice, she had already had an augmentation procedure with the R-Potion.

She dodged the zooming trunk and punched the twin-headed ogre’s hamstring, but her fist just bounced off of it. The twin-headed ogre swung the trunk repeatedly, but Eunseo dodged sideways. However, the ogre had expected her to move and swung his fist at her.

Junhyuk thought she wouldn’t be able to escape, but Eunseo turned translucent and appeared behind the ogre. Then, she kicked it.


One of the twin-headed ogre’s head was destroyed. Even though she didn’t have more items, her power’s attack was extremely high. She had destroyed a twin-headed ogre’s head with a single kick.

But that wasn’t all. The twin-headed ogre wouldn’t die from losing just one head, but it did get angrier, and in its fury, it attempted to punch her.

Eunseo trusted her regenerative ability and raised both of her arms to block the attack. She thought that if she didn’t die from a single blow, she would survive the fight. However, as the fist approached her, she shivered.

Could she block it?

Eunseo was curious about what she could do, but that’s when he showed up in front of her. Junhyuk had teleported, swinging his sword and slicing the twin-headed ogre’s fist. Blood splattered about, but he grabbed Eunseo and teleported away.

“Roaar!” the twin-headed ogre screamed, running toward him, but Junhyuk used the Spatial Slash. The ogre was swept up by the Spatial Slash and fell, in pieces.

Junhyuk turned to Eunseo, and as she wiped the sweat from her forehead, she said, “That was something else.”

“Sorry. I wanted to know if you could withstand the ogre’s blow, but it looked too dangerous.”

Eunseo smiled.

“No. You did the right thing. As I was about to get punched, I thought I was going to die.”

He smiled.

“Then, let me check it out first.”


Junhyuk sent his equipment away one by one. When he had exactly thirty defense, he said calmly, “I am a champion with a lot of health, so I’ll see how much damage that does to me.”

He had never been intentionally hit before, but now was the time to find out. If he received more damage than Eunseo’s health, that would mean she shouldn’t be there.

As Junhyuk prepared himself to get hit by a twin-headed ogre, Sarang walked over to him and smiled.

“Big brother, you could die.”

He shrugged and said, “With my health, I won’t die.”

Sarang nodded to that and added, “You are right. You won’t die. But it will hurt like hell.”

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