Legend Of Legends Chapter 311

Junhyuk had run forward, but Kraken had started retreating while sending the lizardmen thirty meters forward. However, a Spatial Slash could kill them all.

Kraken was retreating, and as Junhyuk watched him do so, he smiled.

“Sarang, touch me.”

She had been waiting for that moment, and so she did. They both teleported over the lizardmen coming toward them. The range of the teleportation had increased by twenty meters, so they closed in fast on Kraken.

Junhyuk hit Kraken with the Spatial Slash, which penetrated its eye. At the same time, Sarang cast Thunderstorm on the octopus, but it wasn’t an easy foe.

When Kraken lost 40 percent of its health because of the Spatial Slash, Kraken flew toward them in a headbutt.


The lightning bolts fell behind him. Kraken had already witnessed the Thunderstorm, so he trusted his senses to escape it, surviving the crashing lightning bolts.

By using his headbutt, Kraken closed in quickly, and once closer, he spewed the black ink toward them both. Both of them lost their sights, and Kraken ran toward them quickly.


Junhyuk heard Kraken bouncing off his force field and learned from that sound. They were both blinded because of the ink, but the ink wouldn’t last as long as the force field.

Once Junhyuk could see again, he looked out. Kraken had to have realized that the situation wasn’t going well for him, so he was retreating. Junhyuk chuckled at the sight and grabbed Sarang’s hand.

“Let’s catch him.”

After saying that, he used his jumping ability, leaping well over Kraken to stand in front of the octopus.

“Where are you going?”

Kraken gritted its teeth. The force field had already disappeared, and Kraken wouldn’t just turn over and die.

The octopus extended its tentacles, but Junhyuk weaved through them to close in. As he did, the tentacles got a hold of Sarang.

Sarang was lifted up, and Junhyuk frowned. If things continued that way, she would fall victim to the wringing power.

Junhyuk gritted his teeth and slashed a tentacle with his sword. The tentacle was cut in half, but Kraken still had her up, and the octopus started wringing her.


He knew the type and the amount of pain she was in, so Junhyuk closed in and stabbed the octopus’ head with his sword. The strike took 6 percent off of Kraken’s health, and the octopus threw Sarang at the wall.

As she bounced off the flamewall, Junhyuk sank his sword deeper into his enemy.

Kraken only had 20 percent of his health left, and as the sword kept plunging deeper, more damage kept piling up.

Junhyuk looked at Sarang and saw her walking away from the flamewall. She was healing herself, the light powder was also sprinkling over him.

Junhyuk started wondering whether he should continue to attack Kraken, but that’s when Sarang shouted, “Big Brother! Step aside!”

She had put her orb forward, and an electric blast flashed out of it to hit the enemy champion. Kraken was paralyzed, and she took the opportunity to run toward it and start beating the crap out of the octopus with her orb.

Junhyuk sighed at the sighed, twisted his sword and pulled it out. Kraken bled to death.

[You’ve killed Kraken and earned 3.000G.]

Sarang didn’t care at all about the fact that he had killed the Champion. She kept on beating Kraken as the octopus faded away. Still angry, she even stepped on the champion, and Junhyuk shook his head.

“He’s gone.”

“This piece of octopus crap! Aargh!”

Junhyuk had also been through the wringing, so he knew. Sarang had gone through it, but she had fully healed herself with a single use of her healing power. The power’s rate of healing was astonishing.

In the end of it, she hadn’t been damaged, but she couldn’t contain her anger. She was trashing across the ground in anger, and Junhyuk tapped her shoulder and said, “Wait here.”

Then, he walked over to the lizardmen and killed them all. The lizardmen didn’t know how to run away, so he destroyed them and the tower with them.

Junhyuk wasn’t at full health, but he had managed to bring the tower down. Once he returned to Sarang, she looked at him and lowered her head.


She cast heal on him, bringing him back to full.

“It hurt like crazy.”

Junhyuk smiled bitterly and said, “I know. I’ve been through it as well.”

She smiled.

“Big brother, how did you endure it?”

“Endure it? I cursed that octopus and beat the crap out it.”

She laughed aloud.

“That’s nice.”

News of Gongon got delivered to them.

[Gongon killed Kilraden.]

Junhyuk looked at her and asked, “Then, shall we get going?”

Once they got on the road to the swamp, they started running, and the sound of an announcement rang in their ears.

[The High-Ranking Sorcerer in the Swamp of Despair has awoken. Lend him the help he needs, and he will give you a reward.]

Hatma’s rewards were always useful, and they could be the deciding factor between victory and defeat.

They kept moving.

“Our combination is certainly strong. If we do it right, we can kill the enemy with a single combined attack.”


“But beware of something.”


Junhyuk thought of Kilraden, whose attacks dealt a lot of damage. She could easily fall to one of the champion’s attacks.

“Kilraden can teleport. Your attack may fail, and he may hinder your efforts. If Kilraden focuses on you, you may die without being able to do much.”

However, if she found Kilraden first, she might kill him outright. Her Thunderstorm could deal more than half of them champion’s health in damage. She could also paralyze him and kill him that way. Both sides were dangerous to each other.

Junhyuk made sure she understood it, and as she listened to him, she smiled.

“I’ll be fine as long as Kilraden doesn’t kill me with a single attack.”

“Right, and I’ll make sure the force field is on you, but be careful. Aside from being able to teleport, Kilraden also has a counter.”

“I will.”

As they talked, they reached the island and saw that Gongon was already there. The hatchling waved his short claw at Junhyuk, who shook his head and walked toward the dragon.

“How did you get here before us?”

Both Junhyuk and Sarang had items that increased their movement speeds, but Gongon didn’t, so Junhyuk was curious as to how he had gotten there. Gongon smiled at his question.

“I brought a new item from home. It has a boost to movement speed, so I got here faster.”

Junhyuk was jealous of the dragon tribe and the fact that Gongon’s items could be used on the Dimensional Battlefield.

Gongon turned to Sarang and said, “You must have nice skills. You killed one even before I did.”

“I was lucky.”

Gongon wagged his tail and said, “Don’t hug me. If you want to give me a piggyback ride, that will be OK.”

Sarang shook her head.

“Not unless you give me the same amount of time to hug you as the time I use to give you a piggyback ride.”

Junhyuk walked over to Gongon and whispered, “Gongon, you don’t walk during a piggyback ride, and if she carries you while hugging you, you won’t walk either.”

“Hm. That’s correct.”

Gongon looked at her, and extended his arms. Then, he tilted his head sideways and said, “I’ll give you equal time. Three minutes for three minutes.”


Sarang picked him up, hugging him in front of her, and started walking. Junhyuk shook his head, following them toward the center of the island, where Hatma was.

Hatma stared at him and said, “You are getting better.”

Junhyuk smiled.

“Thanks for noticing it.”

He knew that he had gotten stronger, but his strength was about the same on the battlefield. However, Hatma had noticed the difference.

The Sorcerer waved his hand and said, “Today, I need an organ from a ten-thousand-year-old centipede.”

“A ten-thousand-year-old centipede?”

“I’ll be waiting for you at the Ents’ Hill. Bring me that organ.”

It sounded dangerous. If it had lived for ten thousand years, it had to be strong, but Hatma smiled at them and said, “You guys will be able to get it.”

Junhyuk finally nodded and looked at the group. Sarang, who was still hugging Gongon, looked at him, and he said, “Let’s go get an organ from a ten-thousand-year-old centipede.”

She asked back, “The centipede’s lived for ten thousand years?”


Gongon said, “If a Virus survives for a thousand years, it will live fore. If that thing has lived for ten thousand years, it must be quite powerful.”

“It must be an A-ranked monster.”

In fact, most of the monsters that had shown up on the Champions’ Battlefield were B-ranked monsters. However, the severity of the task felt completely different. Still, it could only be an A-ranked monster, and Junhyuk would be with Gongon and Sarang.

He and she had fought numerous A-ranked monsters together while training, so they were already used to fighting them.

On their way out, Kraken, Nid and Kilraden appeared in their path. Looking at them, Junhyuk sighed.

They had to be careful of Kraken’s grabs and throws within the swamp. His jump’s cooldown was over, so he decided to make the jump over them to stay safe.

He looked at Gongon and Sarang and said, “We’ll jump over the enemies.”

“Shouldn’t we teleport?”

“We’ll jump instead.”

After saying that, he held Sarang and Gongon at his sides and stepped on the stepping stones. Kraken started running toward him.

Kraken knew of the power of Junhyuk’s and Sarang’s attacks, but they could kill the octopus, especially with Gongon’s help.

Junhyuk knew Kraken would step up to make use of the swamp, and as that happened, Junhyuk jumped as high as he could.

Junhyuk had started on the stone path and jumped over thirty meters, going way above his enemies and landing on the other side, out of the swamp, where he continued to retreat slowly.

“If they stay on the island, we’ll go do our quest.”

He placed Sarang and Gongon down on the ground. They were all out of Kraken’s range, and Junhyuk stopped for a moment.

Gongon took the opportunity to wave his claws at the octopus.

“Scared?” the hatchling shouted, and their enemies went berserk.

Junhyuk laughed and held tightly to his dual swords. Their enemies weren’t done yet, and their attack powers were outstanding.

Whoever delivered the first hit, would likely win the battle, and Junhyuk had the longest range.

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