Legend Of Legends Chapter 351

As Junhyuk ran toward the Tokyo Tower, he learned something else. A-ranked monsters were aware of everything within the monster area. The Black Turtle had seen him approach and sent the flying snakes toward him. The turtle itself was extremely large, and it destroyed the buildings around it as it headed Junhyuk’s way.

“City Destroyer,” he said in one phrase and looked back. Behind him, packs of turtles appeared, but the teams of experts and novices could deal with them.

Junhyuk wanted to distance himself from the allies, so he used some mana and triggered acceleration. He did not use it a full force, but he moved faster than a speeding car and advanced.

Junhyuk was closing in fast, and as he did, he changed weapons. The Wolf Warlord’s claw swords were effective, but to kill the Black Turtle he would need something with more attack power.

Wielding the Blood Rune Sword and the Frozen Rune Sword, he smiled.

“I am different now.”

His damage had doubled since the previous time, and he thought he might even be able to cut through the Black Turtle’s dense shell.

As he approached, the flying snakes folded their wings and dove toward him. They fell from the sky like meteors seeking him. Junhyuk used more mana and prepared a single-point explosion. He couldn’t use anything better than the single-point explosion against flying enemies, so he swung the Blood Rune Sword toward them. The meteor-like flying snakes dove fast, but he was using acceleration, so he could even see the details on their faces accurately.

With things like that, his sword slash a snake’s forehead, and the shockwave extended everywhere.


A blood-colored spherical shockwave extended from the point of impact, and all snakes swept by it fell from the sky like rain, dead. He ran through the spherical shockwave, and with that single blow, he took down twelve snakes.

The flying snakes continued to pressure him, but he couldn’t use the single-point explosion again. Instead, he swung his swords against them.

The Blood Rune Sword was superior to the Wolf Warlord’s claw. He felt no resistance of friction as he slashed them. With every swing, a snake fell. They dove at him like meteors, but he cut each of them down, and every strike left a shockwave behind that killed more.

Junhyuk thought about what Artlan had told him, that each swing created a new path for the sword. Now, however, he was growing in a different way from what Artlan had taught him.

Without a specific sword path to follow, he swung to kill, creating his own swordsmanship. In the beginning, Artlan had taught him to control his muscles, and now, he was creating his swordsmanship because of it.

He had absorbed the living spirit and, because of that, he did not need to exert himself, swinging his sword freely.

Once he destroyed the flying snakes, he did not have a chance to gather his breath, however. The Black Turtle was already near him, and it breathed out a poison cloud.

Junhyuk maximized his acceleration and jumped on the wall of a nearby building. He wanted to kick off the wall toward the turtle’s shell, but a shadow appeared above him. Looking at what it was, he clicked his tongue.

“Where were you? You are on their side now?!”

The remaining war wolves reappeared to attack him. He looked at them and smiled.

“We had to meet sooner or later.”

As Junhyuk ran up the wall, the war wolves dropped from the roof. He knew the task at hand wouldn’t be easy. The war wolves clawed at him, but he dodged their attacks, swinging his sword in return. The war wolves, however, knew about his strength, so they kept a certain distance from him.

Junhyuk was running up a twenty-two story building while slashing the falling war wolves. The war wolves were four meters tall, so he had to slash through them to pass them by. If he confronted them for long, he’d probably fall.

The Black Turtle raised its head, and he looked at it. The Black Turtle would also have to kill the war wolves if it wanted Junhyuk dead.

It breathed out poison again, and Junhyuk grimaced, speeding up before teleporting above the Black Turtle’s shell. He looked at its sneak-headed tail. It moved fast.

Junhyuk’s piercing stat was very high now, so the Black Turtle became one of the easier A-ranked monsters to deal with.

On the shell, the snake-headed tail lunged at him. Junhyuk dodged the attack and ran. The snake hit the shell, sliding off of it easily and attacking him again. As he looked at it, it moved in a flash, as fast as his acceleration.

Junhyuk stopped dodging and raised his sword. He felt he needed to cut that tail off.

Junhyuk looked at the snake coming toward him, quickly slithering across the shell. He could see it, but his body felt sluggish.

He breathed fast and stabbed forward. Considering the speed and size of the head, he could still be hurt. As the snake opened its mouth, trying to swallow him whole, he seized the opportunity.

Junhyuk swung the Blood Rune Sword, piercing the ceiling of the snake’s mouth.


Junhyuk used the Spatial Slash before diving to the right. A shockwave from the Spatial Slash triggered on impact, expanding horizontally and beheading the snake. His piercing stat had increased along with his damage. The snake’s head slid next to him, and he swung his sword at it again.

He destroyed the rest of it, killing the snake-like tail.

Then, the Black Turtle raised its head slowly.

Junhyuk teleported again as a thick poison cloud covered the top of its shell. He appeared beneath it and stabbed the Black Turtle from below.

Without using any mana, he was able to stab through the lower shell, piercing it with his sword. However, the Black Turtle was massive, and his sword was very small in comparison. It had felt like he had pricked it with a needle. Nevertheless, the shockwave triggered, cutting through the Black Turtle’s insides.

The shockwave cut through the Black Turtle’s stomach, and it started staggering.

Boom, boom, boom!

Junhyuk dodged the Black Turtle’s stomps. It was going crazy and it rushed toward him as it saw him.

The remaining war wolves also saw him, rushing toward him.

Surrounded, Junhyuk smacked his lips and triggered his jump skill.


The Black Turtle smashed through the building behind him, and the debris fell on it. It was no longer moving. The shockwave had damaged it heavily from within. That meant that the Black Turtle’s shell was dense and protective, but its insides were soft and fragile.

When the Black Turtle died, the war wolves started to run away.

Junhyuk laughed. Whenever an A-ranked monster died, the others knew to flee. Before another one appeared, Junhyuk wanted to see the dimensional tear.

With his piercing stat raised, he had easily killed the Black Turtle. The Wolf Warlord had been a more bothersome enemy than it.

Junhyuk ran fast and reached the dimensional tear. He looked up to where it was floating in the air.

The spatial tear and the dimensional tear were special.

As he watched it, he teleported to it and triggered acceleration. He only floated in the air for a short while, but because of acceleration, he used his spatial sense to look inside the tear, feeling the energy within it.

The composition of the space around it was the same as the tear. Through the hole in the space, the energy was working to maintain the dimensional tear open.

Junhyuk could understand the situation. It was only for a short time, but he felt birth and death repeat in a loop between the dimensional tear and the space surrounding it.

Junhyuk raised his sword.

Spatial Death.

What would happen? Was it possible by a human? Junhyuk had been curious, and his curiosity had birthed another curiosity.

He stabbed the border of the dimensional tear and felt something on his sword. Stabbing it was different than just looking at it.

The birth and death of space. He felt everything through his sword.

Focusing on the birth and death processes, he shivered. With acceleration triggered, he could perceive many things at once.

Junhyuk teleported again, maintaining his position in the air and focusing on what he was feeling through his sword.

The birth and death of space. He felt that death would be possible, but birth would not.

Spatial Death.

Junhyuk remembered the feeling of death as he fell to the ground. He continued thinking about it as he fell. The energy on his sword, from the death of space, was related to dimensional decay.

A strong wind gusted out of the dimensional tear, and a being with two wings came out of it. It was only five meters tall, but its aura was like none other. It was a Harpy Queen.

Junhyuk was still thinking as the Harpy Queen descended on him fast, like an eagle diving for prey.

He raised his head, feeling the danger coming toward him, but his mind was still filled with thoughts of space. The death of space. His own expectation told him it was possible.

That expectation ramified, and those ramifications became will. He wanted to kill the space between him and the Harpy Queen.

And as he willed it, he made it reality.


The sudden death of space. As the space died, it tried to fix itself. The area affected had died, but the surrounding area tried to fill the void left by it.


The debris around him was sucked into the dead space, and the Harpy Queen tried to fly away. However, the space was sucking everything in, including its wings.

If it had lasted longer, the Harpy Queen would’ve been sucked inside it whole, but spatial death did not last long. The surrounding space filled the area of the space that had died. The process had only broken the Harpy Queen’s wings, and the monster fell to the ground.

When the Harpy Queen tried to get up, it felt someone on its back. When it turned to look at what it was, it saw Junhyuk looking down at it.

“I did not know you would show up,” he said and beheaded the Harpy Queen.

Its head rolled on the ground, and Junhyuk looked toward the sky. He saw the dimensional tear far away. He had been inspired by it, and that inspiration had borne fruit.

Spatial Death.

He had activated his ultimate.

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