Legend Of Legends Chapter 87

Chapter 87: The Man Who Shouldn't Be Touched


Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl


The novice knew he only had one power and used it to fight. Junhyuk looked at him nervously, and Jeffrey extended both arms.

Introductions are over. Lets begin, he said.

After Jeffrey spoke, an ox-sized wolf appeared. It was something out of the Dimensional Battlefield, one of the monsters. Junhyuk frowned.

Your power is summoning monsters? Junhyuk asked.

Jeffrey had his arms crossed and said.

Then, lets see your powers.

Junhyuk realized that he had been nervous for no reason. If his power was monster summoning, there was no reason to worry. Junhyuk had been expecting something like Sarangs power. Monster summoning was nothing to worry about.

There were monsters Junhyuk couldnt deal with, but those monsters couldnt be summoned by a novice.

Junhyuk summoned the Blood Rune Sword and the Frozen Rune Sword. After he had summoned his swords, Jeffrey looked worried.

Magic swords?

Jeffrey had been to Bebes store before. He knew how expensive Bebes swords were, and Junhyuk was already wearing armor. Jeffrey couldnt understand where he had gotten the money to buy those swords.

It was almost impossible for a novice to deliver the final blow on a hero. Heroes had very high defense, so it was not possible for a novice to pierce the heroes defenses. Jeffrey had been able to deliver the final blow against some heroes because of his monsters high attack power.

However, Junhyuk had three items. They were not things that the heroes used, but they were still very expensive.

Go! Jeffrey yelled.

The wolf scratched the ground with its paws and ran, but Junhyuk scoffed at the sight. The wolf looked scary, but it was still the lowest ranking monster.

Junhyuk ran and swung the Blood Rune Sword, slicing through the darkness. Red light flashed against the wolfs mouth.


The wolf yelped when the Frozen Rune Sword pierced its neck. It shivered for a while and then disappeared. Junhyuk had dealt with a wolf before, when he only had a basic sword. Now, he was much better equipped. He couldnt lose even if he tried.

Jeffreys eyes twitched after watching his wolf get killed without any resistance.

You wont use your power?

Junhyuk swung his rune swords lightly and said:

If your power is monster summoning, you wont see my powers.

Jeffrey smiled coldly.

Then, what about this one?

He summoned the ten-feet tall gorilla, but Junhyuk had seen one before. It was a monster ranked higher than the wolf, but it was still a low ranking monster.

He had encountered one in the forest with Sarang and had killed it without her help.

The ten-foot gorilla stood up inside of his house.

Crack, crack!

The ceiling light broke, and pieces of the ceiling started to fall. Junhyuk jumped at it, and the gorilla lifted its hands.

The ceiling looked to be about to break, and Junhyuk slashed the gorillas leg.


He swung his swords left and right, slicing both of the gorillas legs. Then, he stepped on the gorilla and cut out its arms.

Grraaarrrgh! The gorilla screamed in pain, and Junhyuk kicked its chin.


When it lifted its head because of the kick, Junhyuk stabbed it with the Frozen Rune Sword. The gorilla shivered for a moment and then disappeared. Junhyuk stood up.

Its disappearing. Is it possible to summon it again?

Junhyuk looked at Jeffrey, who was left speechless by Junhyuks performance.

How many times did you upgrade your swords?

Junhyuk didnt reply and instead sheathed the swords behind his back.

Can you summon anything else? He asked.

Jeffrey hesitated.

You... Are you an expert?


Junhyuk didnt answer the question, but started walking toward Jeffrey, who stepped back as he approached.

If you are the answer from the Rockefeller family, Im seriously disappointed, he said.

When he mentioned the Rockefeller family, Jeffrey stopped.

I wasnt sent by the Rockefellers.

Junhyuk stopped walking and looked at him calmly.

Then, who sent you?

Jeffrey had no answer, and Junhyuk grinned.

You should pay for the house repair, he said.

The ceiling was damaged, and Junhyuk wanted to get reimbursed. He ran and swung the Blood Rune Sword, but Jeffrey summoned a shield.


Jeffrey was launched back, hitting the front entrance. The entrance was crushed, which impressed Junhyuk.

You are wearing the violet armor and now you have a shield?

Jeffrey was too busy to answer. He had lived because of his violet armor and his shield. The armor couldnt stand a heros frontal attack, but it was good enough to withstand the shockwaves they created.

Junhyuk wasnt a hero, and he hadnt expected that type of attack from an expert. Jeffrey felt like his arm was gone and his whole skeleton was shattering.

Junhyuk walked toward him.

How long will you be able to stand it? He asked.


Jeffrey held his hands up to try and stop Junhyuk, but he wasnt interested in stopping. He ran at Jeffrey again and swung the Blood Rune Sword down at him.


Jeffrey broke through the door and rolled on the ground outside. Junhyuk didnt follow him out. He didnt want anybody to see him with his armor and swords, so he stood inside under the shadows staring at Jeffrey. He didnt want to let Jeffrey get away. He was about to swing the Blood Rune Sword when huge wings appeared on Jeffreys back.

They looked like bat wings, and Junhyuk just stared.

You have wings?

The wings flapped, and Jeffrey went up. A huge bat was holding on to Jeffreys back. Junhyuk had only seen the wings at first and made a mistake.

He had never seen that monster, so the bat took Jeffrey away as Junhyuk just watched.

Jeffrey hadnt found out anything about Junhyuks powers.

Is that an expert?

No. Being an expert only meant that a person had two powers. Their souls would be bigger than the novices, but it still didnt make any sense.

Junhyuk hadnt shown any of his powers. He had only used his equipment.

I must be going crazy.

His minions had been no match for him. His minions had withstood bullets, and now they were both dead. It would take time for them to revive.

Next time, Ill get stronger minions.

For the first time, he was looking forward to his next trip to the Dimensional Battlefield.


Junhyuk watched Jeffrey get away, and the car outside also drove off. He sent his armor and swords away and inspected the front entrance.

He could easily lift the front door by himself, but he was angry.

He called himself Jeffrey...

The man had come to another persons house and broken the front door and the ceiling. Junhyuk set the door aside and complained.

This will cost over a thousand dollars!

He was not just some ordinary company worker and he was earning millions, so he didnt feel awful, but he wouldnt forget this incident.

Junhyuk went inside the house.

If the Rockefellers didnt send him, it mustve been the people who got burned, he murmured.

The people who had been watching him first, they might have sent him.

I easily found another novice.

The novices who had activated their powers before Junhyuk were all dead. Only two novices that had activated their powers between Junhyuk and Sarang were still alive according to Vera.

One of them had to be Jeffrey. How did they get hold of him?

The Rockefellers know I have the power to teleport, so someone of similar capacity must have sent him.

The enemies were powerful. They were powerful enough to get a hold of Sarang as well, and they had used an infrared detector on him.

I must warn her.

Junhyuk thought about contacting her again and lay on his bed. The door was broken, so he couldnt practice. He could see the house next door from where he lay.

Next time I see him, I will make him pay for the repairs.

That day, he let Jeffrey get away. He shouldve been able to catch him however. All he had to do was jump.


Doyeol heard Jeffrey was back, so he went to see him in Ilsan. When he got there, Jeffrey was lying on a bed.

What happened?

He had a hard time getting up, and Doyeol laid him down again.

Tell me what happened.

Jeffrey sighed.

That guy, dont go after him any more.

You met Junhyuk?

I didnt see his face.

Doyeol frowned, and Jeffrey explained:

He was wearing armor, so I didnt see his face.


They sell it at the dimensional merchant store.

Doyeol didnt know about the dimensional merchant store, so he was curious.

Tell me more about the dimensional merchant!

Jeffrey knew Doyeol was just a minion and spoke calmly.

They sell stuff, dimensional things. Theyve got a lot of stuff.

What do you need?

Jeffrey shook his head.

They only use pure gold coins, and you know how difficult it is to get those!

He knew a minion was worth one gold coin, so Doyeol smacked his lips. He didnt want the things from the dimensional merchants. He already had a mana stone and a blood stone. The red-colored gem was used on a new project, and he called it a blood stone.

I understand. What does wearing an armor have to do with not touching him?

He didnt use his powers, but he crushed me.

Doyeol froze. He knew about Jeffreys power. Jeffrey had shown him the wolf and the gorilla, and they were immune to bullets and tore steel plates up like pieces of paper!

What happened to the wolf and the gorilla?

Jeffrey looked angry.

They were gone in a flash, he answered.

Huh!? Is that possible?

He thought it would require a large amount of firepower to kill both the wolf and the gorilla, but a person killed both of them!

I guess he is an expert, Jeffrey continued calmly.

An expert?

Experts were people with two powers. Jeffrey only had one power and hadnt been able to handle him. He had wanted to befriend Junhyuk since he had two powers.

He is an expert?

Jeffrey reaffirmed what he saw.

I didnt see his face.

But we knew that was a possibility.

Dont try to force anything on him.

Twelve trained agents had been restrained, and Jeffrey hadnt been able to get close to him. Doyeol wouldnt do anything forceful.

I want him.

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