Legend of the Asura Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Radiant Sacred Dragons Tear

Is there really no way? The Heavenly Dragon Emperor had a face like dying ashes as his hands holding doctor Huang unconsciously tightened.

Doctor Huang grimaced in pain, but did not dare say a word about it. He said in a difficult voice, This lowly minister is helpless..Princess Shui Yues illness has already reached her bone marrow, this lowly minister truly cannot do anything..Princess Shui Yue..it is hard for her to live past tonight.

......This one, understands. The Heavenly Dragon Emperor seemed like he had lost all his strength. He had a depressed face as he released doctor Huang and weakly waved his hand, You can all leave, let this one stay with this ones daughter.



Yes..Yes, emperor. Please forgive this ministers leave. Doctor Huangs balls almost exploded in fear from the Heavenly Dragon Emperors roar and he quickly left.

The Heavenly Dragon Emperor walked in front of the phoenix jade bed with heavy steps and gently stroked his daughters pale face, feeling like he had wronged his daughter too much. If he normally cared about his daughters condition, matters would not have reached this point of no return.

Royal..father. Will Shui Yue..really..die?

The Heavenly Dragon Emperors hand trembled. He lovingly looked at his daughter and he forced his lips into a smile, How could this ones precious daughter die? Look at you now, cant you even speak? This means that your illness will soon be cured.

Royal father is..lying. Shui Yue knows...this..is called the light..before the dark. Her voice was like a weak wind in a deep valley which tugged the emperors heartstrings. He could not resist as his eyes gently closed his daughters eyes and tears fell like broken strings of beads from his old eyes.

Sleep good daughter. If this one says you wont die, nothing will happen to you. No one has ever disobeyed this ones orders.

Princess Shui Yues aura became weaker as she went into a deep sleep. It was as if..she would not awaken again.

How could this one let you die, you are this ones only daughter

A clear jade bottle appeared in the Heavenly Dragon Emperors hand and he carefully opened the stopper. He took a greedy and reluctant sniff of the smell wafting out..After a while, he gave a soft sigh. A drop of purple liquid slowly floated out of the jade bottle and that drop went into Princess Shui Yues lips.

Seeing the qilin blood slowly dissipate on his daughters lips, the Heavenly Dragon Emperor finally revealed a happy and relieved smile.

This one..can finally be a real father.

Yaoer, is it you?

Feng Yaos ingame name was Yao Dreams of Loving Winds, it was a name that was a bit strange. After Feng Yao ordered Yao Yao to go out, he immediately called her.

The communication device in the game was a band around ones wrist. As long as one knew the other sides name, they could call them and the other sides communication device would sound out which nearby people could hear. For private communications, one needed to think of the other sides name and then communicate with thoughts.

The wristband had another function which was to see the time in reality and in the game. To put it bluntly, the communication device was a watch that could be used to call others.

......Its me. Big brother, did you leave that special map already? Feng Yaos soft voice was filled with happiness.

Un, I just did a quest and I couldnt communicate with others. Yaoer, what are you doing? What level are you now?

Im level 6. Earlier I was watching little monsters dange and now Im doing a troublesome quest!

Watching monsters dance? Feng Xiao broke out in sweat. Were there monsters that could dance?

Work hard, Yaoer! The sooner you leave the Beginner Village, the sooner you can adventure with your incomparably handsome big brother! Feng Xiao said with a happy smile on his face.

Un, I wont fall behind big brother by much...Thats right, big brother, what is this Appraisal Skill? Is it very powerful? Feng Yao asked like a little dummy. After all, she had not played games before and in her free time, she mostly thought of her big brother.

Eh..How to say this. It is indeed a very powerful skill, but it isnt related to us players. Feng Xiao replied. The Appraisal Skill was the special skill of the NPCs in the appraisal shop, player could not learn it.

Its like this big brother, then I wont do this troublesome quest then. Its good I asked big brother, otherwise I would have used a lot of time to learn this useless Appraisal Skill. Its better if I go level up.

.....Wait a minute, what did you just say? Learn the Appraisal Skill? Is there someone that wants to teach you Appraisal? Feng Xiao thought he had misunderstood something.

Un, I received a hidden quest from the village chief and he said he would teach me the Appraisal Skill after I finished the quest.

Feng Xiao: ......

What did learning the Appraisal Skill mean? That would be a large pile coins on a large pile of gold coins..If they could start an appraisal shop, they could only gain without losing. No investments and only profits. The amount could be imagined just be looking at the terrifying amount of people outside the Heavenly Dragon Imperial Citys appraisal shop. Especially when they reached the mid and late stages of the game and there were more high level equipment, the speed of earning money would make ones blood boil.

This damn charm, even NPCs took the initiative to give hidden quests.

Yaoer, you definitely cannot give up this quest. This Appraisal Skill is one others can only beg for and never get.. Feng Xiao quickly explained. He had almost thrown away the pie that had fallen down from the heavens.

......Un, big brother, then Ill continue doing this quest. Feng Yao never went against her big brother and would not ask why. The dependence and trust she had in him was blind and solid.

What kind of quest is it? Is it very hard?

Its just very troublesome. The village chief lost an important purple necklace, so he wants me to collect the fangs of 30 monsters so he can create a scroll to summon the necklace back.

Purple necklace..Yaoer, what number is the Beginner Village youre in? FEng Xiaos voice suddenly became strange.

Its number 99999, its a very good number.

.....Its very good. Feng Xiao scratched the non existent cold sweat. It really was that village chief, the Purple Jade Clear Heart Necklace he had found for him just three days ago had been lost already. He still said it was a treasure that was worth more than his own life, wo pei! I think youre throwing it around like a toy every day.

But the difficulty of this quest was not low. In the Beginner Village that was short on variety of monsters, who knew how long it would take to defeat 30 kinds of monsters.

Turning off the call with Feng Yao, Feng Xiao thought something and a golden sword appeared in his hands.

He could unlock the Xuanyuan Swords second seal now.

The absorption and release of liquids from the Spiritual Jade Bottle was controlled by ones mind. A drop of purple liquid slowly came out of the bottle and fell onto the Xuanyuan Sword. It was immediately dissolved and a purple light enveloped the entire sword, shining for around half a minute.

Without any accidents, the Xuanyuan Swords second seal was successfully unlocked. The golden glow around the sword became brighter and the aura released by the sword became stronger as all of its stats increased by a level.

Sealed Xuanyuan Sword: Unknown Grade

Requirements: None

Attack speed: Ordinary

It has recognized a master. It cannot be traded, dropped, destroyed, or stolen.

A golden thousand year ancient sword. Legends say that this sword was bestowed upon emperor Xuan Yuan by the gods to defeat Chi Yous unrivalled divine sword. It is a divine sword that contain infinite power to cut down demons. Currently in a sealed state.

Seals unlocked: 2/7

Stats: Physical Attack +200, Physical Attack +20%, HP +200, MP +200, four basic stats +20, Luck +20, Accuracy +10%, Critical Attack +5%, 5% chance to block attacks, 3% chance to break weapons, 3% chance to shatter armour, 2% chance of instant killing.


Xuanyuan Sacred Flames: Support Skill

Basic Level. Uses the sacred flames of the Xuanyuan Sword to increase the users fighting spirit. It will greatly increase the users abilities for a certain amount of time.

Effects: Attack Power +100% and Critical Attack +100%. Lasts for 20 seconds. The user will be in an invincible state for the first two seconds of using this skill. Can only be used once per day.

Dominating the World: The Xuanyuan three forms. The Xuanyuan Sword explodes with dominating might and ignores all things in the world, to launch a world defying exterminating attack at the enemy.

Effects: Single target attack and ignores all defence, dealing 5000% damage. Causes all enemies within a ten meter range to fall into a 1 second fear that stops them from moving and makes it so they cannot attack. It can only be used once a day. Because of the users insufficient abilities, the user will fall into a weakened state for three hours and HP, MP, attack, defense, evasion, and accuracy will fall by 70%.

It truly was incomparably strong, especially the Xuanyuan Sacred Flames. The duration had been doubled and there was an extra absolute critical attack state!

And Dominating the World had changed from all stats falling down to being able to keep 30% of his power, it wasnt like only having 10% of his strength remaining like before. Even if Feng Xiao had 30% of his strength, he was still much stronger compared to normal players that were at the same level as him.

Big brother Feng, youre really powerful. You used only four days to complete an almost impossible quest. I thought that it would take many, many years before you could complete it. Waner is liking you more and more.

How could that be, how could that be, I was just lucky. Feng Xiao awkwardly said. Xuanyuan Waners sweet voice made him unconsciously become humble.

However, being able to obtain the qilin blood really was luck and it was heaven defying luck.

No! Its destiny. Xuanyuan Waner honestly said, Big brother Feng truly is a chosen person, Waner is more and more confident on this.


Speaking of this, Waner, what is the way to unlock the third seal?

The Purple Lightning Qilin had said before that each Xuanyuan Seal would be more difficult to unlock. The second seal was already this abnormal, so what would the third seal need to unlock. Feng Xiao was a bit nervous after all, if it wasnt for that strange situation, he would not have been able to find the qilins residence even if he reached level 500.

The third seal requires...Requires.. Xuanyuan Waners voice suddenly became unnatural, Big brother Feng, this condition is even harder than the qilin blood, you have to prepare your heart.


To unlock the third seal, you need the Radiant Sacred Dragons Tear..


Feng Xiaos head almost hit the ground.

Ascends system, I want to stab you.. This condition was too abnormal, they were simply making it hard for people. Not to mention the Radiant Sacred Dragons Tear, even a rabbits tear was impossible to obtain! Would they cry if you wanted them to cry?

The Radiant Sacred Dragon, almost every 23rd century game had its existence and it would be the final boss. In Rebirth, it was only second to the Sacred Beast Azure Dragon and was the three strongest divine beast with the Giant Golden Dragon and the Demonic Dark Dragon in the Dragon Clan.

Wanting to find its tear, their head must be kicked in the head.

.....My little Waner, regardless if I can find it or not, how will I make it cry? Has anyone ever seen a dragon cry?

Probably not..


.....Waner, you better tell me how to unlock the four other remaining seals. Feng Xiao weakly said.

Big brother Feng, I can only see the condition after unlocking the previous seal.

Fine then! No matter what, the next target is finding the Radiant Saint Dragon! But, its a good idea to level up first.

Un, perhaps this young master will be lucky again and the Radiant Sacred Dragon will obediently reveal itself like the qilin

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