Legend Of The Mythological Genes Book 3 Chapter 417

Volume 3 Chapter 417 Humanity Would Win For Sure

The gigantic wall could be used for obstruction and also destruction!

This mechanical monster might be terrifying and had a huge body, but it was nothing compared to the gigantic steel wall.

It was terrifying for ants to shake a tree.

But what would happen if a mountain were to crumble on a tree?

Even if it was a gigantic tree, it would most probably shatter from the impact.

Even though the mechanical giant's body was exceptionally tough, if such a huge object like the gigantic wall were to crumble on it, the impact could surely engulf it completely.

This was the only ray of hope seeing the mechanical giant rushing over.

Feng Lin's heart stirred when he thought of this.

The situation was extremely tense. After careful consideration, this seemed to be the only way to turn the situation.

The people of the attacking team were already on the verge of collapse.

At this moment, they had no time to think further. He had to act immediately!

He no longer hesitated and let out a roar, "Don't resist it head-on, that would only be sacrificing yourselves in vain. Try your best to blast the gigantic wall apart!"


"Destroying the wall? How can we do this?"

"If the wall is gone, wouldn't the Great Wall University be directly before the mechanical giant? There would be nothing to obstruct it then!"


Everyone in the attacking team wasn't willing to give up their position so easily. They wanted to defend it to the end.

Feng Lin's voice rang out once more, repeating his command. His spirit force also transmitted his message to everyone's mind.

"The power of this mechanical giant is too great. Given our strength, we would only be courting death if we fight it head-on. Don't sacrifice yourself stupidly for a moment of impulse. The giant wall is a dead object, if it couldn't block the giant, it's no different from trash. Since that's the case, we might as well make use of it to heavily injure the giant instead. Attacking formation, all of you have already done very well. Now, just obey my orders and destroy the gigantic wall to heavily injure the mechanical giant. And next, leave everything to our killing formation team!"

"Making use of trash?" Some people fell silent after hearing that.

When they saw the mechanical giant rushing over like the wall wasn't a factor at all, they couldn't help but admit that Feng Lin's words were logical.

The disparity in strength was clear for all to see. Enough brute strength could overcome everything. This was something no one could change.

They had already done their best, yet it was tough for them to avoid falling into a dangerous predicament.

"Let's get started!"

"This is the only method left."

"I hope that we would really be able to injure the mechanical giant heavily after destroying the wall, allowing our brothers and sisters in the killing formation to destroy it once and for all."


The genetic powers of those in the attacking team were all very powerful ones. Their arrogance naturally exceeded others as well.

They worked together only to be forced into retreat. This made them extremely unwilling to accept this.

Strength, only with sufficient strength would they be able to cleanse the humiliation they received today!

They clenched their fists tightly. Since their formation was already in chaos, they decided to make things more chaotic then. All of them issued even more attacks to vent their emotions.

Particle Blast!

Extermination Bomb!

Pyrolysis Cannon!


The genetic powers combined with the weapons of science and technology, blasting the gigantic wall, shattering the structure within.


The earth trembled.

Spiderweb-like cracks appeared on that originally thick and sturdy wall, and it continuously widened.

The gigantic wall started to crumble.

The mechanical giant's stance instantly became unsteady; its body began to sway.

Everyone found an opportunity to catch their breath. All of them let out respective roars of anger.


Everyone roared together.

Instantly, all the genetic powers converged and blasted into the wall, shattering the basic structure within.

All the particles within were blasted into a fine powder. The shockwaves spread out, destroying everything it came in contact with.

The sturdier a substance was, once it imploded from the microscopic layer, the more frightening would the energy diffusal effect be. It was enough to distort space.

Although the materials were ordinary earth and stones, the explosion was akin to one by the most terrifying bomb.

The energy continued to spread, extending through the ground beneath everyone's feet. It was like adding gasoline to the fire, the tremors spread extremely rapidly.

Bang, bang, bang!

Like dominos, parts of the walls crumbled one after another, blown up by the genetic powers.

The body of the wall that was over three hundred kilometers long had shattered. What concept was this?

The dust and grit were picked up by gusts of wind and scattered through the starry space. They were like storms of sand that flew about, instantly buffeting and engulfing the mechanical giant. Intense collision sounds rang out, resulting in resplendent sparks that sputtered.

The cultivators who were the ones attacking also had faces filled with shock.

"Let's leave quickly!" After unleashing all their strength, the cultivators didn't wait to see the result. They instantly turned and fled, wanting nothing more than to distance themselves away from the exploding wall as far as possible. The gigantic wall turned into cosmic sandstorms, engulfing the mechanical giant. The collision resulted in an extremely chaotic scene.

For a time, the situation was a complete mess. Under the power of the sandstorms, all technological surveillance abilities lost their effect. The scene now resembled the Big Bang. Grey dyed the entire space around here. The scene was truly terrifying to the extreme.

"Has it succeeded?"

"Would the mechanical giant be destroyed just like this?"

"Let's hope so!"


Many gazes were filled with nervousness, staring at the scene here. Nobody could put down the worries in their hearts.


Feng Lin didn't share the naive thoughts of these people.

The body of the mechanical giant was constructed from unknown alloys, and the toughness exceeded the strongest technology of humanity. How could the sandstorms created from ordinary material truly kill it? It was basically insufficient.

The true arduous battle had only just begun!

"It's about time. It's already very difficult for the warriors and students to combine forces and achieve this result to such an extent."

"We can let them return now!"

"That's right. It's about time for us to act!"


The elders of the Great Wall University had their sharp gazes locked onto the sandstorms as they mumbled.

"Wait." At this moment, the Star Battle Marshal spoke, "There's still one team that hasn't acted yet. They have already made preparations to act. If we tell them to leave now, their hearts to battle might be affected and there might be a shadow cast on them in the future, resulting in them finding it hard to advance their cultivation bases any further! These people are all seeds of humanity's future. We cannot neglect this!"

After the other Marshals heard this, they had looks of contemplation on their faces as they nodded.

"Alright then. However, we have to pay close attention. Once the situation turns dire for them, we must act immediately to save them. We cannot afford to be careless." After the elders came to a consensus, they began to pay closer attention to the battlefield.

The sandstorms raged on, and the scene was utter chaos.

Feng Lin stood together with Zhao Yue`e and the others as they observed the situation, not daring to be careless at all.


A golden beam of light suddenly flashed. Its piercing rays were like a long sword that cleaved apart the chaos, illuminating the darkened starry space.

A sturdy figure slowly moved, forcibly pulling apart and wading out from the sandstorms, before standing in front of everyone.

After enduring the intense impact, the mechanical giant's body was full of holes. Sparks emitted from all parts of his body, and the shell on its chest had been blasted off. It was heavily injured.

But even so, a ferocious aura as heavy as a mountain exuded from it, making it hard for people to muster the courage to face it.

Staring at the exposed energy furnace on the chest of the mechanical giant, Feng Lin narrowed his eyes.

One couldn't help but say that the damage caused by the gigantic wall crumbling apart was beyond his expectations.

A ray of hope truly appeared!

In that case, what were they waiting for?

His voice spread out via his spirit force, filled with the battle intent to resist. His words were like unquenchable blazing fire.

"Everyone in the killing formation team, the brothers and sisters in the defense formation and attacking formation have perfectly accomplished their missions. Now, it's about time for us to retaliate. KILL THEM ALL! Humanity would win for sure, humanity would win for sure, humanity would win for sure!..."

He shouted out loud three times, encouraging the hearts of people. His voice reverberated in all directions, creating echoes through the area that lasted a long time.

"Humanity would win for sure!"

"Humanity would win for sure!"

"Humanity would win for sure!"


When fate spoke to a courageous warrior, "You cannot resist the storm."

The courageous warrior replied, "I am the storm!"

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