Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 54

Flames shot out and the powerful counteracting force pushed the space shuttle to advance further in the starry sky.

Earth and Mars were in the same solar system, and it wasn't considered far in an interstellar travel that used light years as a counter. Therefore, there wasn't a need to use wormholes to travel.

It was also because of this that Feng Lin was able to see such beautiful scenery.

A huge fireball was floating in the dark outer space, emitting endless light and heat. Jupiter, Mars, Venus... all the planets kept on circulating around the Sun. In the distance, the stars were shining brightly, lighting up the dark sky. The miraculous, magnificent, and vast side of the universe was now presented before him.

However, no matter how beautiful the scenery was, one would grow to become sick of it after a while.

Although the starry sky was beautiful, it was too plain. It was hard to sense its changes using human's time as a measurement.

After a while, Feng Lin drew back his gaze.

Right now, everyone in the surroundings all seemed to be very bored as if they were no longer interested in this scene.

Feng Lin blushed a little, thankful that he hadn't revealed any strange reactions. Otherwise, other people would view him as a joke.

It required six hours to travel from Earth to Mars. Feng Lin had sufficient rest the night before, and it was a waste for him to just sit there and do nothing.

Feng Lin looked toward the virtual facilities.

As expected of the luxurious cabin. The facilities were great.

He was still feeling sorry that he hadn't been able to experience the virtual universe yesterday. Now, he had the chance to do so.

Six hours was enough.

One hour in the real world was equivalent to one day in the virtual universe.

Based on this, he would be able to stay inside for six days until he was forced to go offline when the injunction kicked in.

Feng Lin closed his cabin's door and connected to the virtual facilities.

Familiar data currents flowed before him. When he got back to his senses, he had once again entered the virtual universe.

Stepping in void space, Feng Lin contemplated what he should do next.

This was really a problematic question.

The virtual universe was a multivariate world. It contained countless elements, and there were endless ways to enjoy it.

As long as one wished for something, they would be able to do it.

To enter a relationship with the main character of a movie, to physically experience clearing the trials in a game, to explore the animation world... There were no limitations, only absolute freedom. 1,000 people would have 1,000 ways of enjoying this place. There were boundless possibilities.

This was also why the virtual universe was so attractive. One would never get sick of it.

If a person were to explore the possibilities one by one, they would get dizzy from the options. Their entire lifetime wouldn't be enough.

Therefore, there was a need to make a choice.

To enter a relationship with the main character of a movie, to explore the world of a comic, to play games... Feng Lin wasn't interested in all these. It was a waste of effort and time and was completely useless.

It was impossible for him to spend his effort on these things that would be a waste of his life. Overindulgence would prevent one from making progress in life.

The virtual world was just a virtual world after all. It couldn't replace the real world.

However, the virtual universe could serve to simulate the real world.

Therefore, Feng Lin had an idea. He wanted to enjoy the things that were beneficial to him.

In real life, he was a cultivator apprentice. What was there in this virtual universe that could provide reinforcement to his cultivation or strengthen his comprehension?

That's right!

The virtual universe simulated the real world. Did that mean that genes could also be simulated?

The answer was certainly yes.

With this goal, he searched for some information. The virtual universe refreshed itself non-stop, constantly turning the things it scanned in the real world into relative data and then attempted the simulation.

The mythological genes were what everyone in the real universe wanted to awaken. Of course, he wouldn't let it slip by.

However, awakening in the virtual universe was different from that in the actual universe—it was completely based on data. It was like a game where the genes weren't actually awakened but were just virtual data modules.

Players could equip themselves with gene modules to imitate their abilities in real life. They could also change their gene modules to use different abilities.

Feng Lin felt that everything was new and interesting. These gene modules would undeniably allow people to experience the difference in genetic abilities to the greatest possible extent.

But how could one obtain gene modules?

Feng Lin started to search for this information and discovered that the most commonly used method was to pay with money.

As long as one was willing to spend money in the virtual universe, one would be able to do anything. They would even be able to simulate a goddess from myths and legends, enjoying an inseparable life with her as her lover. There were no limits to what could be done.

When the virtual universe was first created and humans were called to enter and create a second world, there was a line from the advertisement that had been passed on for very long. Every Interstellar human knew of this.

"Young man, do you want to stand at the peak of the starry sky, capable of doing anything you wish? Make purchases!"

"Young man, do you wish to be drunk amongst beauties, wielding power over the entire world? Make purchases!"

"Young man, do you wish to obtain battleships and set off to conquer the world? Make purchases!"

It was simple, straightforward, and violent. Humans' desires were all revealed. It was a blatant seduction.

To sum it up, if one wished to make a name for themselves in the virtual universe, there wasn't a need to think too much into it. Just make purchases!

What's the big deal even if you're rich?!

Feng Lin complained in his heart, feeling jealous. It was because he really didn't have the money to make purchases...

He could only choose the second method which was an extremely difficult one—to go hunting in the gene battlefield.

It was a strange space that was separated in the virtual universe. There were all sorts of lifeforms in the universe that were simulated in this place. Humans could enter the place to hunt, experience what it'd be like to fight and kill all sorts of lifeforms in the universe. They would then be able to obtain gene modules on a randomized basis.

Feng Lin didn't manage to find out how exactly the gene modules was obtained.

Right now, his body was still a blank slate, not equipped with any gene modules.

Feng Lin didn't give it much thought. He entered the coordinates and entered the place.

When his figure appeared again, he was already standing in a desolate desert where everything was in dead silence. Sand and dust seethed; yellow wind blew. It was a desolate state.

There was nothing at all.

Feng Lin maintained a tough front. The Interstellar hunting ground was filled with terrifying races across the universe, and he mustn't let his guard down.

Although he could be revived after being killed, it would require money as well.

This virtual universe was really obsessed with money.

Feng Lin didn't wish to waste star coins for nothing just because he was careless.

Squeak squeak squeak!

A series of sharp piercing sounds rang out.

Feng Lin kept on his guard. A sand mound rose up rapidly from the ground and suddenly exploded in the air.

A scorpion that was over one meter tall jumped up, raising its huge claws and its sharp poisonous barb as it charged out toward Feng Lin.

"Good timing!" Although this simulated lifeform's vitality was only at 1 and it didn't have any genetic abilities, Feng Lin's battle consciousness was still present.

He lowered his body, stomping down heavily with his right leg and then used the move "Ascending Heaven's Ladder". His leg was raised up high, and he landed a strong kick on the scorpion's stomach, sending it flying out.

Feng Lin leaped up abruptly and moved like the wind, hugging onto the scorpion's tail that was piercing out toward him like a long spear. Then, he unleashed his explosive powers, lifting the scorpion up and smashing it heavily into the ground.

Bang bang bang!

One time, two times, three times...

He smashed the huge scorpion into the ground like a great hammer, creating many craters in the sandy ground, sending sand flying up.

It didn't take long for the scorpion to be destroyed by the violence. It turned into data currents, dissipating. Then, a light sphere appeared out of nowhere.

Feng Lin received it with his hand, and a row of information appeared before him.


Gene: Sand Gene

Grade: Mid-grade basic gene

Ability: Control sand


This was clearly the data module for the Sand Gene.

Feng Lin's lips twitched.

What was this?

Equipment drops from killing monsters?

No, it should be...

Gene drops from killing monsters!

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