Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 56

Gene modules were assembling on its own!

The more Feng Lin thought about it, the more likely it could happen!

This was definitely a possibility.

Although the virtual universe simulated the real world, it was not bound by the fundamental laws of the real universe. The virtual universe had incomparable degrees of freedom that allowed people to disassemble gene modules as they pleased.

With this, Feng Lin could fully utilize genetic equations to derive genetic formulas. With the ability to freely assemble genes, he was able to experience the essence of different genetic evolution paths and deepen his understanding of mythological genes.

Genetic potential +8%.

At this time, Feng Lin discovered that his genetic potential had also increased. Although it was not much, it was better than nothing.

Even though the gene module was virtual, his body's sensation was real. This was a type of cultivation, thus his potential was growing.

Seeing this, Feng Lin also realized the profound meaning behind the design of this genetic hunting ground. It could allow people to fight against extraterrestrial races and understand the cruelty of battle against them. With that experience, one could cultivate their courage, pretty much achieving the objective of cultivation all at the same time. Moreover, it allowed the person to freely assemble genes to find the most suitable genetic evolution path for themselves.

The one who designed this gene hunting ground was definitely one of great wisdom.

This gene hunting ground was more than just a desert environment. Different environments would have different races. The resulting genes from those areas would also have different varieties.

Feng Lin checked the map of the gene hunting ground and began to transport himself. His body disappeared in a flash, and the next moment, he reappeared on another location.

It was a dense jungle covered in luscious greenery and trees, just like an ancient forest carrying a senescence aura.

"Foreign species discovered! Trespasser of the Secret Forest, die!" The air swelled and fluctuated strangely as dull noises resounded from all directions.

Boom boom boom!

The soil exploded and a huge tree root that was like a poisonous snake tunneling its way out of the ground entangled its way over as if it was an octopus's tentacle.


Feng Lin clasped his hands.


The gale force intensified.

A sandstorm of more than ten meters in circumference appeared, rushing past the forest as the raging winds scattered the thick vines into it.

Feng Lin furrowed his brow, and the gale force slowly lessened.

He noticed that the power of the sandstorm was influenced by environmental factors. The desert environment was a blessing for the ability of the Sandstorm gene, unlike forests which could withstand and reduce the power of sandstorm.

Boom boom boom!

The forest suddenly changed.

Feng Lin looked over in shock. He suddenly saw a group of giant trees stand up from the ground.

Really, they stood up!

Two black holes and a crack appeared on the giant tree. It looked like eyes and mouth. The roots entangled to form a pair of legs. It appeared as though they were a group of treants.

The wrinkled face roared into the sky as sound rippled into the surroundings.

They raised their giant arms that were the size of stone pillars and then smashed the ground heavily. The ground shook causing Feng Lin to lose his footing.

Many treants' branches were like pythons that wrapped around their body. The branches were covered in a thick juice that smelled repulsive. It was definitely toxic.

Feng Lin dodged to one side while clasping both hands. Sand gathered in the palm of his hands to form a long lance. It was as though the lance was covered in gold plating.

It was different from the lance that was previously conjured. With the Sandstorm gene, Feng Lin's control over sand was exceptional. This time, the lance was extremely fortified in strength.

There was a whirlwind that bolstered the blade of the lance, making the blade unbelievably sharp. It was as if it was imbued by invisible wind blades that could slice through anything.

Feng Lin's keen movements continuously dodged any attacks. At the same time, he would pierce and whirl his lance around, leaving scars upon the treants' bodies.

The treant was screaming in pain, as the green liquid was flowing out of its body like blood.

However, the plant species was born with innately powerful vitality. Scars on its body would heal at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

These treants were few in number, but each of them was unbelievably strong. Moreover, they were able to manipulate plants; its power was amazing.

If it was said that the earlier insects were large in numbers but weak in power, then they were only considered as normal mobs in a video game. These treants would be considered as elite mobs.

Feng Lin did not fight it head-on. He was like a flea on the treant's body, jumping about and fiercely piercing with the lance, landing critical strikes consecutively.

The treant roared. With its giant body, its movement was extremely slow. It could not catch up to Feng Lin's movement.

They could only snarl in helplessness. In the end, they fell due to the accumulated damage and turned into data. Three different gene modules appeared.

Plant Gene ×3, Active Gene ×2, Flexibility Gene ×3

Feng Lin took these gene modules and stored them within the backpack in the system. He then saw their information displayed.


Gene: Plant Gene

Grade: Mid-grade basic gene

Ability: Beginner manipulation of plants


Gene: Active Gene

Grade: High-grade basic gene

Ability: Enhance life activity and increased recovery


Gene: Flexibility Gene

Grade: Mid-grade basic gene

Ability: Body strengthening, hard to destroy


Feng Lin's genetic equation activated automatically, utilizing 56% of his genetic potential, receiving the following new genetic formulas.

Plant Gene ×3 + Active Gene ×2 = Tree Gene

Plant Gene ×2 + Active Gene ×1 + Flexibility Gene ×4 = Vine Gene

Plant Gene ×5 + Active Gene ×3 + Flexibility Gene ×2 = Giant Tree Gene

Plant Gene ×6 + Active Gene ×8 + Flexibility Gene ×3 = Ancient Tree Gene

Plant Gene x9 + Active Gene ×10 + Flexibility Gene ×8 = Treant Gene

A series of five genetic formulas.

For others, if they didn't know many genetic formulas, they could only choose the better genetic formula based on its relative power to the other formulas.

However, Feng Lin was different. He would only choose the best one.

Sandstorm Gene was a primeval gene. Even though the environment wasn't suitable, the power was far superior to the lower tiered basic gene.

Feng Lin equipped the primeval gene that would blow away the treants, and he used the prowess of the Sandstorm Gene to suppress the treants.

Soon he had collected enough fundamental gene modules to evolve to the primeval genes.

Feng Lin removed the Sandstorm Gene and put it away. He then installed nine Plant Gene, ten Active Gene, and eight Flexibility Gene to produce the Treant Gene. A transformative stream of data changed his entire body.

This was a type of gene module in which a mini treant was inside, vividly moving about like it was a living object.

Feng Lin could feel the miraculous changes within his body. His body expanded with his height reaching over three meters tall. His skin became dry but tough as though he was a treant, and his entire body was covered in bark-like thick armor. He could feel his power skyrocketed.

Looking at the data, Feng Lin discovered that his virtual body's vitality had broken through the 10 gate, reaching 11.8. He was at the vitality level of a real Interstellar cultivator.

"Gene modules could actually assemble on their own!" He had proven his hypothesis. Feng Lin continued to experiment and play.

Gene hunting ground was like a game's instance dungeon; it had different difficulty levels. There were novice, elite, master, grandmasters, hell, abyss, and many other instance difficulties.

The more difficult the instance, the higher would the requirement for one's battle power and cultivation be.

Feng Lin did not rush to enter a higher-level instance. He was trying to continuously discover basic genes in the novice instance, testing the various gene combinations, and developing his understanding of the essence of gene evolution.

Airflow Gene x6 + Cloudmist Gene x7 + Moisture Gene x5 = Storm Gene

Waterflow Gene x8 + Ice Gene x7 + Tornado Gene x3 = Snowstorm gene

Flame Gene x9 + Rock Gene x7 = Magma Gene


Each high-grade primeval gene's evolutionary formula was tested one after another. Feng Lin was gaining more experience with gene cultivation. With a new understanding, his body's genetic potential was rapidly increasing tiny bits at a time.

Genetic potential +8%, +8%, +8%... ...

Soon, his genetic potential reached 582%. It was closing in on almost 600%; he received 6 more genetic points.

However, Feng Lin was unaware that his activities within each gene hunting ground were being tracked by the system. With his increasing number of kills, his kill data was being recorded.

His ranking appeared within the novice instance leaderboard, rising like a rocket. It gradually caught the attention of some people.

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