Legend Of The Perfect Emperor Chapter 77

Chapter 77: Visiting Li Liling

The walk to the pagoda was not long, but to Li Qinqin, it felt longer than it should have.

She wasn't sure of what to tell Li Liling once they meet, or what expression to make.

Her desire to see Li Liling only appeared after Fu Xuefang showed up to her doorstep, and she had originally planned on just leaving the sect without saying anything.

Li Qinqin was sure that Li Liling wouldn't even notice her leaving, but she didn't want that.

She didn't want her existence to be ignored by Li Liling any longer.

'You don't want to come to see me? Then I will be the one to go visit you! Are you feeling ashamed to share the same blood of someone as useless as me? I was also ashamed of myself, but that is a thing of the past! Today, I shall show you just how much I've grown over the past few months ever since you decided to ignore me!'

Li Qinqin's eyes flickered with spirit, her steps widening with resolve and courage.

Fu Xuefang suddenly halted his steps, and Li Qinqin followed.

She looked at the pagoda in front of her; it was a dream of hers to come here one day when she makes the sect give her recognition.

However, standing here now, Li Qinqin could not feel any excitement only somber.

"Let's go." Fu Xuefang pushed the doors open and walked in.

Li Qinqin followed, and her heart throbbed with nervousness the moment she entered.

At the top of the pagoda, there was one small room.

Currently inside this small room are two figures one was a handsome young man, and the other was a jade-like beauty with features similar to Li Qinqin.

They were both cultivating silently until the door opened and Fu Xueyang walked in.

They stood up together and greeted him. "Disciple greets master!"

Fu Xuefang sighed. "How many times have I told the two of you that you do not have to greet me when you are cultivating?"

"Anyway Li Liling you have a visitor" he said, dumbfounding the two.

Li Liling has a visitor? Since when were visitors allowed inside the pagoda? Even elders were not allowed inside, much less anyone else!

It was at that moment when Li Qinqin walked inside with a calm expression, shocking Li Liling.


"It has been a while elder sister," said Li Qinqin calmly.

"W-What are you doing here?" Li Liling said with narrowed eyes, her expression cold.

However, as cold as her expression was, her voice was clearly shaken by Li Qinqin's unexpected appearance here.

"I am here to say goodbye," she replied, her voice still calm.

Li Liling widened her eyes, but she frowned the next moment. "What do you mean by that?" she asked with an ominous feeling growing in her heart.

"I will be leaving the sect to temper myself as a traveler," said Li Qinqin.

"You" Li Liling became speechless.

Fu Xuefang sighed inwardly, and he glanced at the handsome young man who was also dumbfounded by the situation.

The handsome young man noticed Fu Xuefang's gaze and instantly understood the intent behind his gaze.

He nodded, and walked outside the room with Fu Xuefang, leaving the two sisters to talk privately.

"You want to become a traveler? With your pitiful cultivation at the second level of Origin Realm? You will die before you even arrive to the next city!" Li Liling said loudly in a serious voice.

She was clearly upset about Li Qinqin's decision, even angry.

"Even if I were to die in front of the sect entrance, I am willing to leave." Li Qinqin replied.

"Do you know what I went through just to get you into this sect, and what I had to go through after that?!" Li Liling suddenly shouted in frustration, causing Li Qinqin to widen her eyes with astonishment.

Even she has never seen her so furious!

"The only reason why I even joined this place was so you could cultivate!" Li Liling revealed to Li Qinqin, shocking her.

"And when the sect realized that you have no talent in cultivation, I had to swear my alliance with this place with the Heaven as the witness just so you could stay!"


Li Qinqin turned speechless; she had no idea that everything Li Liling had done was for her.

"I was happy when I saw you cultivate so diligently despite our differences in talent! I truly was! And now you want to leave the sect, throwing all my efforts alongside the trash?!"

Hesitation flashed in Li Qinqin's eyes; her resolve to leave quickly weakening.

"Then why didn't you say so?! All you had to do was tell me, and you even had so many chances!" Li Qinqin said with doubt in her mind.

Li Qinqin, despite usually being hot-headed, is a smart girl and not someone who would instantly believe others.

And after being ignored so much by Li Liling, her trust in her had decreased by a significant amount.

"I" Li Liling opened her mouth, but no words came out! She was made speechless once again by Li Qinqin! Even she did not know why she kept something that important to herself!

Li Qinqin frowned upon seeing her act so stupid and naive; her image of Li Liling was quickly changing. "Elder sister do you hate this place?"

Li Liling bit her lips. "Yes," she said after a moment.


"The elders are always trying to prevent me from meeting you, and if I refuse, Master would scold me for hours and hours as to why I should just ignore you! Even though he knows that you are the reason why I am even cultivating here!"

"Do you have any idea as to how much times they have threatened me to stay away from you by using you?! Too much to count!"

"And that Xiao Fang bastard He's always trying to find chances to glare at me with those lustful gazes! I always worry that he might assault me when Master is not here!" Li Liling sneered in disgust.

Li Liling started complaining about everything she experienced up to this point, dumbfounding Li Qinqin who has never seen this side of her.

"Also, that"

"W-Wait Elder sister" Li Qinqin had to forcefully interrupt her in order to stop her from continuing.

"Mm?" Li Liling frowned. "What is it?"

"Elder sister Do you want to leave the sect with me?" Li Qinqin said suddenly, causing Li Liling's eyes to widen.


Li Liling stared at her with a dazed gaze. "Leave the sect with you?" she repeated in a low voice, sounding astonished.

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